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Because it got to show a real humanity of these guys you know? And a brotherhood in these really dire, horrendous, tremendous stakes of consequences and this, this love that they have for eachother and this is why i love you know, what this whole story is based on of motorcycle clubs and the brotherhood that these guys have and i think that was so, it was great.



Tell me about Chibs’ relationship with Jax and Juice and what we’re gonna see in the new season?
“Well me and Juice, we kinda, you know, we resolve a little issue. Me and Jax, you know, he’s my baby brother. I’ve always loved him, I’ve always looked after him since he was a kid. And I always stick by him. And… we kinda, yeah, we kinda, kinda come and go…there’s a lot of crazy stuff goi- Watch it. Best thing is, is just fucking watch it. It’s great.” [X]

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This is the same interview that has already been released, just from a different angle. We know, we’re getting so spoiled :P


Tommy Flanagan greets fans at Sons of Anarchy Press Day at 2013 Comic Con in San Diego 07/21/2013