soa 14


14. "Take. It. Off .“ 21. "He’s a bad kisser."  27. "Oh, fuck off.” JUICE

“What the hell is Gary doing here?!” I asked, looking over my boyfriend’s shoulder.

“Who’s Gary?” Juice laughed.

“Y/N’s ex.” Tara said, from the other couch.

“Shut up, Tara!” I said.

It was beyond embarassing, the story of how I got with Gary.

Juice’s belly jiggled as he laughed hard, “You dated… a guy… named Gary.”

I wiggled in his lap, digging my tail bone in. “Yes.” I grumbled.

“Ouch!” Juice said, while still laughing.

It seemed one of the Hang Arounds invited him to the party.

I dated Gary about 3 years ago and it was awful. He thought that he was God’s gift to women when he was far from it.

“He’s a bad kisser.” Tara said, laughing.

“Oh he is?” Juice asked.

Some of the humor seeped from him though. Jealousy was about to make an appearance.

I shuddered, “The worst. Don’t worry baby, you,” kiss, “are hands down,” kiss, “the best.”

It still didn’t do much to soothe the green monster.

“Gotta piss, baby. Let me up.”

I stood, but folded my arms, giving him a look. “Don’t do anything Juan Carlos.”

“Pssft. Please, I’m not that stupid.”

“Yeah, he is.” Tig said, walking by with Venus.

I gave Juice a pointed look.

He put his hands up, “I swear!”
I saw Juice come out of the bathroom and head over to the bar.

Gary was over there, talking to his friend and I knew this wasn’t going to end well.

It wasn’t long when Tara tapped my shoulder and nodded in Juice’s direction.

The muscles in Juice’s shoulders were bunched and I could tell he was about to punch Gary.

“Shit!” I jumped over the back of the couch and ran over to Juice.

“Juice, baby. C'mon.” I said, putting my hands on his chest.

He was severely pissed. Nostrils flaring, eyes wide and chest heaving. To see him like that in ass kicking mode, was such a turn on.

Gary busted out laughing, “His names Juice? Oh man. I can see you hit rock bottom, babe. That’s okay though. I had first dibs on that sweet pussy, and man, let me just tell you,” Gary leaned in, “it was so tight and tasted so good.”

I gaped at Gary, not believing what he said.

Juice rushed at him, but I jumped in front, not wanting a fight to break out.

“Juice, baby, no!”

“You’re just gonna let him say shit like that?” Juice barked at me.

“He’s not worth it.”

Gary wouldn’t shut up though, “Best tasting poon tang.”

I whipped around, “Oh, fuck off!”

I just couldn’t stop there, “You couldn’t even get my bra off, you can’t kiss worth shit and you came before you even got undressed!”

“Fuckin’ bitch!” He yelled.

I looked to Juice and stepped to the side.

“Get him, baby.”

One swift fist to the face and Gary was down for the count.

Juice gripped my hand, yanking me to him dorm.
He slammed me against the wall, but he wasn’t using a whole lot of force. Just enough to jostle me a little.

He slammed the door shut, stripping out of his clothes.

Juice was completely nude and standing at full attention.

“Take. It. Off.”

Juice watched as I stripped out of my clothes. As I pulled off my bra, he gripped his hard length and began stroking, his breath coming out in puffs.

Once fully nude, I leaned back against the wall, waiting for further instruction.

He rushed over to me, spinning me around, and bending me over the chair that was right next to the door.

Gripping himself again, he ran the tip of his hardness up and down my slit, making me even more wet.

“Just do it, Juan.” I moaned, looking at him over my shoulder.

He pushed inside, sliding in without any problems. Grabbing my hips, he started to fuck me hard.

I threw my arms around my back, knowing that when he got possessive like this, that he liked to pin my arms down.

He hooked his arm through mine, pulling my torso up and my ass in the air to take him deeper.

It was hard, deep and quick.

All it took for me to come was for Juice to whisper in my ear,

“Who do you belong to, baby?”

My eyes rolled in the back of my head as he hit my gspot.

“Come on, baby. Let everyone hear you.” He grunted as he bent at the knees for a new angle.

“You do.”

“Who?” He grunted, his hips slapping against me.

I finally fell over the edge, screaming his name, “Juice!”

“Oh fuck…” He grunted, as I felt him fill me with come.

Juice let go of my arms, wrapping his around my torso to hold me up.

We gasped as we moved against one another, riding out the aftershocks.

We started to giggle as we heard the club yelling and cheering Juice’s name.

“Shit, baby.” Juice said, in my ear.

I reached up, running my fingers over the back of his scalp and neck. All I could do was moan lowly and enjoy the sensation of him holding me.

I was going to be sore in the morning. I knew that much.