for @highwarlockkareena

it was rare to say the least that alec found himself crawling into bed after magnus had already retreated under the covers for the night. it was so rare that alec couldn’t remember the last time that his eyes were drooping and he knew that magnus would already be curled up under their duvet, his breathing warm and steady. more often than not it was the opposite. alec’s eyelids would be heavy and magnus would still be up, finishing potions or adding last minute details to contracts, settled in with a book or honing his magic, his shirt off, a ball of static energy humming between his fingertips.

normally it was, “magnus i’m exhausted, i’m going to head to bed. don’t stay up too late?” and magnus would hum in agreement, tugging alec in for a soft kiss before he went back to whatever he was doing. then alec would curl up under the blankets, slide into sleep and wake only briefly when magnus’s warm body pressed against him a few hours later, humming appreciatively as magnus’s breathing evened out, sending him straight back to sleep.

tonight was different though, tonight there had been more reports to write than usual. as twilight fell and it got later, magnus ended up being the one to disappear into the bedroom first, but not without sleepy mumbled goodnights and kisses that lingered, leaving alec’s face warm and his chest warmer. still though, an hour multiplied and before alec knew it the loft was draped in a heavy blanket of darkness and the city outside had gone strangely eerie and still that always settled in the middle of the night

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