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’ “It’s you. I can… smell you,” Hinata said, a little awed, and Tobio realized the reverse was true as well. Whatever he was smelling, that hot, smoky scent—that was Hinata.

Tobio bowed his head to rest his cheek against Hinata’s forehead, breathing deep inhales of his skin. He had never done this before, never. Not only because of the enormous breach of social conduct, in casually letting a Wolf who had professed no interest in courting him scent a Lamb like him this way; but also because he had never met one who had ever found his scent pleasing.

Hinata thought he smelled good?’

There was a little village where a Wolf smith kept a forge,
And a Lamb with hair as black as night came one day through its doors.

The smith was kind, his smile was bright, like iron shaped by fire,
And the Lamb felt for the first time a strange yearning, a desire.

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Chapters: 5/5
Rating: Explicit
Relationships: Hinata Shouyou/Kageyama Tobio
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Medieval, Slow Burn, Sexual Tension, Scent Kink, Blacksmithing, Master/Apprentice, A/B/O-lite, Omega Verse, no non/dub con, Kageyama has self esteem issues, Masturbation, Blow Jobs, Rimming, Third Gym (Haikyuu!!), First Time, Porn with Feelings


……the King went up to the Queen’s bed, and said to her, “Madame, you have fulfilled my wishes and those of France: you are the mother of a Dauphin.” The King’s joy was boundless; tears streamed from his eyes; he gave his hand to every one present; and his happiness carried away his habitual reserve. Cheerful and affable, he was incessantly taking occasion to introduce the words, “my son,” or “the Dauphin.”

Memoirs of Marie Antoinette - Madame Campan