#don’t try and tell me that Padmé “gave up” or “she died of a broken heart" #she was strong #she knew there was some truth to Anakin’s dreams #look at her face #look how worried she is #and how she moves her hands to cradle her stomach #to hold her child #she loved that baby #she wanted it to be safe #she was so excited to be a mom #she was planning where she would raise it #if it was a boy or a girl #she would have never purposely gave up and left her baby behind #she asked Anakin to leave everything and run away with her so they and their child would be okay #yes Anakin broke her heart #but she did not die because of that #she did not give up on her children


I was very productive and maybe a little sinful during the layover and flight back to Singapore. v( ̄∇ ̄)v These are ideas I have been playing around in my head (along with other AUs to fill my already large list of ideas). First one is simply Adrinette wearing each other’s favor through accessories. Second one is an epiphany I had about apples cos OMG they come in RED and GREEN so let’s do the love square why the heck not (it accidentally got a little sin towards the end too). Last one is a sin-up series ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)    Sin + pin-up get it? UGGHH *facepalm* Chat get out of my head and please do not fall into the gutter along the way. Mosaic-ed just in case. Now that I got this out, I will resume my Cinderella AU soon~ ( ᐛ )و


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