I have social anxiety. fuck off. 

i’m not a ‘fragile egg’, i’ve not got soft skin, i’m not lacking a backbone

i’ve got a mental health illness that affects my ability to deal with confrontation and situations that make me uncomfortable. So yes. I’m incredibly uncomfortable with all of this. the asks, the call-out post, the fact that this is generating attention at all. even typing this is making me shake and my heart pound. I hate doing this. I hate this with a passion.

You’ve shown time and time again that you can’t be respectful of people’s choices & decisions, i’ve been told by MULTIPLE people to avoid you & block you, so do we ALL lack backbones… or are YOU the problem?


Okay I honestly did too many of these but I was tagged to do the bias selfie tag thingy. I hope these are good lol.. He’s so good looking I look like a potato next to him lol.. but I tried. I think that last one is my favourite!

Thank you @chlexcer for tagging me. My capstone is literally kicking my ass right now..

This also kinda.. gave me a reason to be back on tumblr for a bit, which made me happy ^^ so anyway..

I’ll tag @cupcakekibum @ikeya @jjonghunk @choirichan @zanarkandmp4 @jinkirella @saraimt @i-feel-shinee @jjongbling @happyshawol @gujilgujiled @moretoyouthanjustanothergirl @usuallydreamin (of course you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to..)