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"Cis People shouldn't play trans people" okay but you have no right speaking for trans people. A trans person playing a trans person could be triggered by the character's past. A cis person can also play a character in the middle of transitioning.

not every trans person is going to be triggered? The fact is that there is so little trans representation and the little we do have is portrayed by cis people who don’t have the life experience to fit the role, regardless of how great an actor they are.

“omg jensen is so selfless and pure for going to sfcon for us even though he has two newborns back home”

solo photo op: $159
j2: $349
autos: $139
estimate: only 300 fans each

$159x300 = $47700

$174.5 (assuming each gets half) x 300: $52350

$139x300: $41700

total: $141750


The serum amplifies everything that is inside, so good becomes great; bad becomes worse. This is why you were chosen. Because the strong man who has known power all his life, may lose respect for that power, but a weak man knows the value of strength and knows… compassion.

anyway i hate transphobic cis gay people more than i hate transphobic cis straight people

like ,, youre gay you know what it’s like to be hated for something you cant control and yet you cant even TRY to not hate trans people ?? what the fuck i hate you

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Is Hartvig Nissen a prestigious school? From google search, it seems like an old traditional school vs Elvebakken that seems modern and progressive? Are they like rival schools? Thanks kind lady.

Hartvig Nissen is located in the borough of Frogner in Oslo. The borough is an area filled with villas and distinguished apartment buildings from the 1800s. Most embassies are located there so ambassadors live in the area. It’s the most expensive residential area in Norway. 

The school was originally a private girl’s school mainly serving the higher bourgeoisie and has the distinction of being both the first higher school and the first higher education institution in Norway which admitted females. It is the second oldest gymnasium in Oslo and widely considered one of the country’s most prestigious, and its alumni include two members of the Norwegian royal family. 

Elvebakken is located in the district of Oslo called Grünerløkka. It’s traditionally a working class district, but from the late 20th century a gentrification process has taken place in the area. Although it is located in the East End, it has a relatively high price level today compared to other East End areas. Grünerløkka is also a popular shopping district, with original design shops and many vintage and second-hand stores. It’s one of the trendiest districts in Oslo and there are several independent art galleries there.