darling, you look at the sea like
     it is waiting to drown you
     it is waiting to swallow you and turn your whitened bones to sea foam
each splash of wavecrests flays you like a whip

you look at the stars like
     they are waiting to condemn you
     they are waiting to catch you on your darkest night 
each flicker of their light strikes you like a gavel

darling, this is how you have survived, i know
but darling, this is a way to stay alive and no more
you cannot live like this

i know the world has not been kind to you
the waves have washed up
     more shattered memory fragments
          than gleaming seaglass 
the mornings have brought you
     more thunderstorm fury 
          than sunrises over the horizon

but darling, i promise you this
the moon will watch over you not to condemn but to comfort
the mountains will rise around you not to cage but to protect
the sunlight comes not to press a blade against the line of your veins
     but to caress your tired eyes
the currents come not to drag you down to the cold dark depths 
     but to cool your aching feet 

darling, i promise you this
no uncertain dawn will wash you in red again
no shattered earthquake will break you down again
no wandering tornado will tear you from me again

—  I would like to see them try ( j.p. ) ||
sea, morning, uncertain for @chromapulse
Why Is This Canadian Mayor Blocking Black Activists on Twitter?
Instead of engaging with Black Lives Matter activists who want #JusticeForAbdirahman, Jim Watson is blocking them.

If you take a look at the Twitter account of Jim Watson, the mayor of Ottawa, Canada, you’ll notice how involved he is in his community. He is known for attending the most hyperlocal community gatherings. In interviews, he comes off as approachable and easygoing—a quality that translates into many of his tweets. He can even appear unusually woke: In 2014 the mayor went viral for supporting gay athletes at the Sochi Olympics.

Canada’s race problem, meanwhile, seems tame compared to the United States.’ The country famously prides itself on rejecting cultural assimilation in favor of a more accepting “cultural mosaic.”

So why has a twice-elected mayor, who’s been a leader in both the municipal and provincial government for the last 24 years, been blocking black Twitter users pleading with him to address racism?

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this Korean group cover of Zootopia’s Try Everything is so cute!

So Long Been Dreaming: Postcolonial Science Fiction (2004)

“So Long Been Dreaming: Postcolonial Science Fiction & Fantasy is an anthology of original new stories by leading African, Asian, South Asian and Aboriginal authors, as well as North American and British writers of color.

Stories of imagined futures abound in Western writing. Writer and editor Nalo Hopkinson notes that the science fiction/fantasy genre “speaks so much about the experience of being alienated but contains so little writing by alienated people themselves.” It’s an oversight that Hopkinson and Mehan aim to correct with this anthology.

The book depicts imagined futures from the perspectives of writers associated with what might loosely be termed the “third world.” It includes stories that are bold, imaginative, edgy; stories that are centered in the worlds of the “developing” nations; stories that dare to dream what we might develop into.

The wealth of postcolonial literature has included many who have written insightfully about their pasts and presents. With So Long Been Dreaming they creatively address their futures.

Contributors include: Opal Palmer Adisa, Tobias Buckell, Wayde Compton, Hiromi Goto, Andrea Hairston, Tamai Kobayashi, Karin Lowachee, devorah major, Carole McDonnell, Nnedi Okorafor-Mbachu, Eden Robinson, Nisi Shawl, Vandana Singh, Sheree Renée Thomas and Greg Van Eekhout.

Edited by Nalo Hopkinson, Uppinder Mehan

Introduction by Samuel R. Delany

Get it now here

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namilovespocky  asked:

Hey! I've been thinking about this a lot lately so I decided to finally tell you that seeing your art makes me incessantly happy. It's kinda uncanny that seeing your little sketches of these goofy skeletons can bring me so much joy. I just wanted to let you know (even though you probably already do) that all your hard work is making tons of people smile! Keep up the amazing work! (⑅•͈ᴗ•͈).:*♡

well shucks, friend, you’re much too kind thank you! it means a lot to me to know that my work can make others happy, or help brighten someone’s day even just a little bit, and it makes what i do all the more meaningful~ 

i don’t always feel so great about my art, so getting kind messages like these from time to time helps keep my spirits up ;v;

anonymous asked:

...I can't help you. I'm sorry about that. I've always felt that music was a blessing and not a curse, and I'm sorry you won't be able to experience it. But...while you still can, I suggest you pick up your violin and play. Good luck, Conan

Something someone could live with out is someone else’s entire life.

(something like this)