so... thats happening

Mono has got me so emotionall because I can hear Namjoon growing up from RM but having been a fan for so long , I can here myself grow up. RM suits me at 14-15 and mono resonates with my current 18 yr old self so much. That what’s so heart wrenching about listening to the mixtapes back to back, I hear both Namjoon and myself grow up.


Goryeo’s Best Dressed: Hae Soo as the King’s Woman

Ravenclaw: I’ve been binge watching old tv shows, and I think I’ve confused fanfiction with what really happened.

Hufflepuff: How did you do that?

Ravenclaw: Honestly, the fanfiction was better.

We have a plumber showing up “between 10am and 2pm” (love the vagueness) to come try and fix our water heater.

Anyone want to start placing bets on what weird shit he’s going to find like every other tradesman that’s ever come to the house?

Bad Day
  • Harry, the first time Draco has a bad mental health day after they start dating: This calls for a night of pizza, ice cream and bad romantic movies.
  • Draco: No romantic movies please. I’ll cry.
  • Harry: Well I’ll cry first.
  • Draco: Oh you’re on, Potter. I’m the most emotionally repressed person you’ve ever met, I’ll cry a river before you even have a tiny pond.
  • Harry: Yeah, but I grew up believing I was unlovable and now I have you so I'll probably cry before the movie even starts
  • Draco, already tearing up: You weren't supposed to get real with it!
  • Harry: No I wasn't! Now I lost, dammit
  • Draco, hugging Harry: Oh shut up and let me love you you idiot
  • both: *gross sobbing while watching 27 dresses*

scrooge but like, 10x more wild n senile


“And I have been ash turned to dust to dirt, “ 
       “-and from the earth I will grow again.”

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