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murderking: part deux

it’s here my friends, just in time for the release of trr book two, we are about to board the ss conspiracy yet again,, set sail for…. MURDER

  • so lets talk about the coronation and sis there is LOTS to talk about
  • king constantine?? more like…. king constant murders
  • first off, everyone’s favorite ginger bitch
  • if u poor like me and didn’t buy the scene to follow her, let me fill u in with these screenshots i stole from tumblr
  • so her parents were traitors
  • believable enough right?? i mean this family does not have the greatest track record (read: fuckin luther #tbt to the medieval ages)
  • but like….. why tf would anyone try to start a goddamn coup in cordonia
  • first of all the main export here is apples,,, one shitty winter and there goes the GDP
  • pick a better country fam!!! coup the shit out of like sweden or something, idk!!
  • like really tho what was their supposed “plan” here
  • assassinate the king? uhhh fam he got two damn sons
  • the nevrakis not even really that close in relation to the royal family,, they ain’t heirs!!!! how tf they gonna get this damn kingdom to support them after they overthrow a monarchy
  • cordonia really does it By The Books as we have learned from the ridiculous marriage/coronation law so p sure they would have just crowned leo’s teenage ass and wifed him up
  • and if the nevrakis took him out too then u best believe liam’s royal diaper would be sitting on that fuckin throne
  • toddlers & tiaras whoMST
  • cordonia don’t fux with logic!!!! democracy???? no place for it here!!!!
  • there’s no way that traitor shit is true
  • notice how she only says “King” and not queen or monarchy or royalty, etc….. hmmm yes very interesting….
  • oh also forgot to mention this but all this info is delivered by an ANONYMOUS LETTER?????? With PROOF ENCLOSED???
  • who is out here keepin receipts like this!!!
  • not maxwell!! he’s like fuckin three when this shit goin down; a bich out here concerned about potty training or w/e like he aint keeping a burn book
  • not madeleine!!! i mean she an old hoe for all we know (tryna marry liam’s older brother smh) so what she’s maybe like 8 or 9??? old enough to be shady on the playground but not in the damn palace
  • so who do we have with the means to make convincing old ass royal documents proving an assassination attempt/planned coup as well as the motive to get olivia the fuck out the way??????
  • hmMMmMMMmMmmM i wOnDeR wHo it could bE
  • cLEArLy cordonia is ready to bust a nut for the royals ok
  • bust a nut……. OR……. believe a completely implausible assassination story cop-out??? believe that two members of a prominent family (the nevrakis) were ~mysteriously killed~ for some god-knows-what reason, apparently with absolutely no thorough criminal investigation into the matter???????
  • 👀👀👀
  • more likely than u think
  • ok now we get a plot twist: whos the one who has CANONICALLY been keeping this (bull)shit a secret all along?
  • “i don’t know why he did it” ME NEITHER!!! MAKES NO SENSE!!! PROBABLY BECAUSE IT’S A LIE!!!!!!!!
  • maybe a small mercy for the surviving daughter of [the people he goDtDaMN murDeRD]
  • “maybe because revealing the plot would’ve been worse for cordonia’s stability than covering it up” uhhhh OR HE MADE THAT SHIT UP SIS!!! REVEALING THE PLOT GIVES PEOPLE THE CHANCE TO POKE THE DAMN HOLES
  • tbh she right tho i mean revealing the plot (of MURDERKING) would have been v bad for cordonia’s stability so can’t argue with her there
  • literally why this ominous as fuck final line
  • what the fuck u got this king to thank 4 sis
  • what he ever done 4 u
  • nnnnnnnn get in ur rolls royce and GO olivia!!!!!! run ur bich ass all the way to the POLICE
  • ok so now, from the mouth of the man himself
  • a sappy speech for his son?
  • “always hoped”????? ummmmm sir
  • sir did u forget
  • ur son leo
  • he’s here like he’s not on a damn cruise rn he in ur ballroom fuckin watchin u say this shit
  • miss me with that ivanka/tiffany dynamic
  • “it feels as though this outcome was……. inevitable
  • ok so i added that emphasis but don’t even lie,, u totally read it like that didn’t u
  • do i even gotta!!!!!! like what!!!! this some frank underwood type foreshadowing right here
  • reliable??? steady??? sounds like an excellent pawn to me!! let me just house of cards his ass!!!!!!!!!!! (ʘ‿ʘ✿)
  • “you will be the king that cordonia needs”
  • sir…… u really gotta get them speeches PROOFREAD by ur shady ass wife
  • regina be like uhh take out the part where u deadass reveal the plan maybe?
  • meanwhile liam just :)
  • not knowin shit
  • not helpin our ass for shit
  • w/e i got a bone to pick with liam rn like he’s still a Snack but he’s a Messy Snack like one of those nature valley bars out here leavin damn crumbs everywhere
  • tbh i don’t even know where this is going anymore I forgot my thesis time 2 conclude
  • the king that cordonia needs
  • basically murderking knows that liam is the spineless one
  • LOOK ok DO NOT COME FOR ME liam is a sweet bean and a gentle gingersnap but also he whipped out his dicc for madeleine waaaaay too fast if u ask me,, he been Trained
  • idk what olivia’s parents knew,, some shit probably or else they wouldn’t be worm food
  • but it’s pretty clear madeleine is the Chosen One™ 
  • leo fucked it up so now he out
  • liam ABouT to fuck it up,, so the king got rid of option #1 (mc) and option #2 (olivia)
  • and now madeleine is gonna be the queen, liam is gonna be the king, and constantine has… TRIUMPHED?!?!?!
  • stay tuned biches
  • xoxo gossip sarah

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Headcanon : Hobi has a key to Yoongi's studio.


So when Yoongi just throws a key at Hoseok one day (a key that Hoseok very nearly almost drops) he is Very Confused. But when Hoseok asks what it’s for, Yoongi just gives him The Look that says he OBVIOUSLY should know EXACTLY what the key is for (sometimes Hoseok thinks Yoongi does this type of stuff just to fuck with him; other times he knows Yoongi does it to fuck with him) . So for most of the day he tries it on random locks: the small chest in Tae’s room, the random closet in their dorm that no one uses, the door to their manager’s car (probably shouldn’t had tried that last one while said manager was standing right next to him, but oh well) and coming up with nothing. 

But later that night when he goes to ring the bell on Yoongi’s studio door (Hoseok teased Yoongi relentlessly when he got the doorbell installed, but is now looking for one to add on his own studio’s door. He pointedly ignores the smug looks Yoongi shoots him as he scrolls through hardware store websites.) the thought occurs to him. And when the key slides into place and the lock clicks, Hoseok’s heart jumps into his throat. The door swings open to reveal Yoongi standing with his arms crossed. 

“About damn time.”

And then! Hoseok hugs Yoongi long and hard, because he knows what this means, what it means to Yoongi, what he’s trusting Hoseok with. Yoongi’s studio is more than a work space, it is his sanctuary for his thoughts and emotions to flow freely and an environment Yoongi retreats to when he feels stressed or overwhelmed. And by giving Hoseok a key, Yoongi is saying: 

 “I love you. I trust you. With all I have.”

Tl;dr - Yoongi’s studio is Yoonseok’s makeout den Confirmed™

So what if the Shimada bros are half-brothers

I think it would explain more of the differences in their childhoods. Because I don’t think the canon shows enough to justify the sheer polarity in parenting. I mean as far as we know Hanzo and Genji are Sojiro’s only children. That should mean that Genji should’ve been raised in a similar manner as Hanzo, in case he died. After all they are yakuza and there is a possibility that rival clan would target them. Essentially Genji should have been raised to be able to rule the clan if the need arose.

So what if Hanzo is the son of Sojiro and his wife. A wife that I believe was chosen for Sojiro, doubtlessly for political reasons. I think Hanzo’s mother was most likely strict, aloof, and graceful, a cold beauty. She would not have had a maternal bone in her body. She’d have little interaction with Hanzo outside of his education and even less with Genji.

Genji on the other hand would be the son of Sojiro and his mistress. She would have been the woman Sojiro fell in love with. I imagine she was caring, beautiful, and positive. She was probably an employee in the estate, that was allowed to stay on staff so long as she was not acknowledged as Genji’s mother. She of course would see Genji and treat him lovingly. However she would also try to be just as kind to Hanzo. Hanzo in turn probably would think of her more fondly than his own mother.

Sojiro, himself would not purposely treat them differently. He would be just that much more affection or lenient with Genji. This over time combined with the open secret of Genji’s parentage and Hanzo’s mother would eventually create a huge gap in their rearing.