so... precious

So I stood up on the car seat, and not just stuck out my head but squeezed half my body through the sunroof, then shouted, “Hey, I’m in that! I’m the princess!”

This certainly caused some interest, ranging from the scornful “What an asshole” variety to the “Do you think it’s really her?”

“I’m in that!” I repeated for those who hadn’t heard me the first time. Then, suddenly realizing what I had done and quickly fearing that some of these moviegoers might identify me, I slid back down into my seat and said to my friend, “Quick! Drive!” So she stepped on the gas and sped away.

– Carrie Fisher, The Princess Diarist


170222✨A Madtown appreciation post✨

“Regardless of the numbers, I’m so honored and thankful to be able to share our music with our fans.” - Buffy

As it is an equal privilege to have your music touch our lives, and bring together madpeople from all corners of the world. We truly cannot appreciate enough the beauty and power of YOUR music.
Madtown ♡ Madpeople and Madpeople ♡ Madtown very much.