so... new miniseries!

cn staff member: hey boss……some adventure time episode leaked…what should we do about it?
cn, sculpting a wax figure of the ttg logo: adventure time? hm…..*pauses to admire work* just say we released it intentionally. i mean we keep doing it with what is it……stevens’s universe? yeah.
cn staff: ok so what about the new miniseries coming out? elements?
cn: the what? uhhh…..put it on itunes. these goons ate it up last time and we’re running out of money for fuck’s sake. have u seen our new series? it’s just old shit. anyway, what do u think of my sculpting? this is my first time working with wax

akhenaten ur drunk

Akhenaten joins a cult and other tales of the Amarna Period

So there’s this new Spike miniseries coming out next year, and it’s all about the life of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. Or, you know, a very fictionalized version of it. Leave it to a network more remembered for that Deadliest Warrior about zombies vs. vampires than prestige programming to actually cast people of color as people of color. Of course I’m going to watch it, but it got me thinking: why is that everyone likes to obsess over King Tut when his batshit crazy alien father was so much better?

You heard me right. Batshit. Alien. Father.

I come in peace, Earthling.

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So, I’m starting a new miniseries of quick digital paintings of my favorite YouTubers! If you haven’t seen markiplier’s channel yet, he does gaming and sketch comedy, and raises tons of money for charity. This guy is a huge inspiration to me, and such a cutie too! :D

Markiplier’s YouTube:


Led through the mists by the milk light of moon

All that is lost is revealed

Our long-bygone burdens, mere echoes of the spring

But where have we come, and where shall we end?

If dreams can’t come true

Then why not pretend?

How the gentle wind beckons through the leaves

As Autumn colors fall…

Something that I’ve been obsessed with for the past day or so is a new cartoon miniseries from Cartoon Network called “Over the Garden Wall.” It’s a series that brings together the best of 19th century fairy tale storytelling and cartoony hijinks played out by the characters. The story follows two strangely dressed brothers named Wirt (older) and Greg (younger) and their newly acquired talking bird friend Beatrice as they try to find their way to Adelaide through the mysterious forest of The Unknown. However, there are many distractions along the way, and they are warned time and time again by the woodsman to avoid “the beast” that is following them.

Despite the dangers surrounding the forest, the cast of adventurers finds time to enjoy the company of the people they meet along the way as they try to find shelter and ask for directions. They even sing! And that’s what I want to focus on in this post.

The music in “Over the Garden Wall” is some of the best written music in visual media I have experienced. It remains true to the style of the show, giving the perfect period backdrop to each scene. Today’s song, Into the Unknown, is the song that plays at the very beginning of the series for the title card and the montage of people the trio meet in their journey. If you want a cartoon that is a masterpiece of storytelling, comedy (that isn’t reduced to fart jokes), and music, with a bit of horror mixed in, this is the show you need to watch. We need more cartoons like this.