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Hogwarts Headcannons
  • Give me Dean, muggleborn that he is, imitating Steve Irwin in Care of Magical Creatures class, much to everyone's confusion except for Harry and Hermione who are. On the ground. Unable to breathe. And refusing to explain why.
  • Give me Harry, demisexual that he is, realizing that the reason he can't stop obsessing over Draco is because Draco is the one who saw - and subsequently disliked - 'Harry', and not The Boy Who Lived. Realizing that Draco was the only one to first talk to him for HIM, in that robe shop, and not his parents or fame (because even Ron and Hermione did that at first). And thus, leading to him randomly starting crying in the middle of lunch and claiming he's doomed, much to everyone's fear.
  • Give me Seamus, pyro that he is, super happy one Christmas when Hermione buys him a book on fire caution, flammable materials, and elements such as magnesium. Thus afterward, the mysterious fires that have always happened are far more safe and controlled.
  • Give me Luna, wonderful airhead that she is, being stared at as, calm as anything, she waltzes right into the Slytherin common room and starts talking to the mermaids like its absolutely normal. A first year drops a book he's staring so hard, because HOW DID SHE KNOW THE PASSWORD. Draco just sighs, gets up, goes over to her, and offers her tea.
  • Give me Draco. Who looks on as Neville offers Harry rhubarb pie that he made himself, as Harry stares forlornly at his Treacle Tart, and makes and annoyed sound. "Dammit Longbottom he hates bittersweets." The Slytherins stare and Pansy just mutters "How do you even know these things. Merlin, help him realize."
  • Give me Parvati, who is being constantly mistaken for her sister by Ron, who panics and screams "IM A LESBIAN" when it gets to be too much.
  • Give me Ron, who stares wide-eyes from a distance whenever he sees Padma from that moment on for a full week, until Padma flips out too and hexes him. Parvati awkwardly wonders why Ron starts getting scared whenever she tries to approach from then on, since she knows Ron doesn't have problems due to that sort of thing from how he handles Harry.
  • Give me the thirty or so of the school's Muggle-raised, who made the mistake of showing their folks howlers, and react accordingly whenever one of the families sends one that is just a recording of Rick Astley, or High School Musical, or spoilers for Doctor Who. And the Wizard-raised just... staring... in fear... watching their savior and multiple other students as they run around screaming and crying in an absolute panic for some reason even though it was a different student that got the weird howler.
  • Give me Harry, whose hair surprises people by being dark red like his mother's when in direct sunlight. And usually at the Weasley den they're inside, but one day Harry joins them outside for a picnic, and Molly is so confused about where Harry went to then has do do a mental tally of her children.
  • Give me George, who in the midst of the final battle, hit Lucius with an Anaticula curse, so that every spell he tries makes a duck instead. And the Death Eaters are just so confused. "Lucius... is that a duck?"
  • Give me the Gryffindor common room. The new first years suggest Monopoly for game night. The entire room goes dead silent. One first year tries to ask what they did wrong. "Never mention that game again," is the only response they get. "But why-" "NEVER TALK ABOUT SIXTH YEAR. WE NEVER TALK ABOUT SIXTH YEAR." Their brave upperclassman Neville yells, trembling. Hermione starts crying. Harry goes into a panic attack. Ron whispers, "There are many reasons we don't talk about sixth year. If The Incident had been the only thing that happened, we would only not talk about The Incident. Many things happened that year. Thus, we do not speak of that year, or of that game."
  • Give me McGonagall, who struggles to control the cat population, because while students are told to have their cats fixed you know not all 100 students that brought cats did so. Her curling up around a litter that lost their mother to illness. Training them to stalk the corridors. Albus had his ways of getting information, and hers is the spy network of cats.
  • Give me muggleborns singing everything from Phantom of the Opera to Katy Perry in the corridors. Singing We Will Rock You to a pureblood who disses them for it. The purebloods thinking the weird songs and their tunes are some kind of Rite of Passage and fleeing whenever a muggleborn student starts singing. Altering song lyrics. "I throw my ferret in the air some-times, singin EEEEEEEYO, this is DRAAAAAACO!"
  • Give me muggleborns that are really confused about the whole quill instead of pens things, throwing transfigured pokeballs in Care of Magical Creatures, the band students bringing kazoos and harmonicas and the wizrd-raised students that are just so confused as to how those things even work, because it must be some sort of air magic, right??
  • Give me muggleborns making entire conversations out of pop culture references specifically to confuse some Slytherin who just called one girl a Mudblood. "These are not the droids you were looking for." "I'm right on top of that now Rose, I promise." -jazz hands-
  • Give me muggleborns with Patronus that are things like Pikachu, velociraptors, the quiet Canadian transfer student with a moose patronus the size of a SMALL HOUSE, the one whose is a angeled-out Castiel, the one whose patronus is the democrat donkey and another the republican elephant and the two, previously best friends, become mortal enemies rivaling the fame of Harry and Draco.
  • Give me muggleborns hugging each other before break, promising to 'call' each other, trading weird codes, how they can't wait to go for 'sushi' or planning that trip together to 'disneyland' where they can go flying?? But no one's allowed magic?? Or flying?? And the wizard-raised think that somehow, shockingly,<i> these children totally new to our world have developed a way to cheat the system?? Muggleborns are badasses!!</i>
  • Give me muggleborns who are fully aware that the anti-tech wards were made when, like, radios barely even existed, much less cellphone towers and microprocessors, so while they can't turn them on inside the stone school walls there's this group that Harry joins constantly that just sit there in silence staring at these tiny things and sometimes randomly laughing hysterically, and every now and then standing and just running all the way across to the other side of the lake all at the same time with no signal whatsoever. The purebloods are <i>terrified</i> of this frequent happening.
  • Give me Harry, Hermione, Dean, and Justin from the D.A, muggleborns they are, doing a movie night every week to help the D.A. relax and bond. They re-start this after the battles, during eighth year, with several other people such as the returned Slytherins joining in. The entire year they play things like Tangled, The Breakfast Club, Brave, Lion King. But then the last four weeks, they announce they don't want to mislead everyone that everything is all fun and rainbows. The last four movies are My Sister's Keeper, The Shining, Marley and Me, and for the last week, a marathon of the entire Jurassic Park series.
  • Give me Hufflepuffs, who secretly are very relieved to be the 'normal' House. Jocks over there, know-it-alls over there, goth wannabees over there, now lets go camp out by the kitchens we're gonna need it to survive the next seven years like this.
  • Give me Ravenclaws who are so done with the riddles when they stumble back at midnight after having fallen asleep in the Library. "What's the truth?" "THE TRUTH IS THAT I WILL SET YOU ON FIRE IF YOU DON'T LET ME IN."
  • Give me the Trio, who use the Marauder's Map to find the most absolutely ridiculous routes to class, knowing every single one of the shortcuts. It's not odd for them to simply appear out of the ceiling. One day the new first years try to follow them, to learn the school better, but it doesn't go so well because then they try to go through a disappearing wall the Trio just did they instead run headfirst into it, and the next time they do behind a tapestry, down a waterside, around some sort of tower, causally past an entire doorless room full of bats, and somehow come out on the complete other side of the castle.
  • Give me Draco whose just completely had it with Harry's staring and confronts him, like they always do, and Harry just blurts out that he likes Draco's new haircut and can he touch his hair, and Draco so shocked he lets him. "Potter stop treating me like a cat I'm evil remember? Bloody hell have you gone daft?!" "But... it's soft..." "I hate you." But he just can't find any anger over this, so there's like no venom whatsoever in it and Harry can't stop giggling.
  • Give me Ginny, who can't stop giggling as Luna confuses the fuck out of an entire crowd with her way of speaking, and who during seventh year could 100% get away with insulting the Death Eaters because of the way she said things. Who after Luna used said tactic to get her out of a Crucio punishment just clung to Luna, shaking, and realizing that she loves Luna so much for this very reason. That there will never be another person like Luna in her life, ever.
  • Give me Harry, who was not really well educated while living at the Dursleys, who couldn't read very well but was wonderful at sneaking around, little tricks like hiding things, and loved music. He taught himself magic tricks, and MERLIN ALMIGHTY THIS 11 YEAR OLD KID HAS MASTERED VANISHING SPELLS, WHAT, HOW, and Percy, uptight prefect he is, just looses it.
  • Give me Ron walking in on Harry talking to some random snake in their dorm room, laughing like the snake said a particularly good joke, tipping his head and smiling as he responds, the python slowly curling up his arm to rest over his shoulder. Ron freezes, stares, and then slowly backs away, closes the door and stands there staring at it for a full half hour in absolute horror.
  • Give me the rest of the D.A. walking into the Room of Requirement and hearing screaming, Dean shrieking that he's going to murder someone, Hermione crying, Justin cursing like a sailor yelling for everyone to stop, and the rest panic and run around the corner and there the four Muggle-raised students are. With some sort of odd device in their hands. Playing Mario Kart.

sortagayforhelladays  asked:

hey do you have any fanfictions that are the gayest of the gay and the fluffiest of the fluff while being over 30k ??? p.s. really enjoy your recs !!!!

 oMG Hi Charlotte!! Dude, I’m so sorry it’s taken so long to finish this rec but better late than never, right? Lmao lol. Anyway, please check out the the Fluff Fic Rec because basically everything in there is going to be full of cute and amazing stories, oh and don’t forget the Proposal Rec List as well because they’re all extremely adorable. 

Hope you enjoy reading these!

  • And an Owl Named Romeo - by Rickey (26k)
    Draco breeds owls, Harry’s an Auror, and an owl named Romeo is going to bring them together.
    (I never thought I could see Draco as an owl breeder, but this story just makes it work, you know? Oh, and Romeo is by far one of the most adorable owls ever)

  • Paws of Fury - by Veritas03 (87k)
    Bellow, bluster… your rage is insignificant. No more than the mewing of a kitten. Do not be afraid. He will save you. Calm you. Love you.“
    Harry has a furry little problem – but Draco’s scent soothes the savage beastie. Will Draco be able to save him when Harry’s world begins to crumble? Bubbles, blowjobs, mystery – and something rotten in the place of Grimmauld.
    (This is definitely a go-to if you’re looking for some cute kitty comfort! It’s sweet, fluffy and very silly, and I love stories where Draco is friends with Hermione and Ron as well!)

  • All Must Draw Near - by Saras_Girl (61k)
    Harry doesn’t have time for rumours; he has a shop to run. Which is just as well, really.
    (I loved how Draco and Harry act like an old married couple, so everyone just thought they were boyfriends. The domesticity in this fic was wonderful and yes, I know it’s a Christmas story (and I know it’s not even close to Christmas yet), but the story really does give you a sense of festive cheer while reading it)

  • Unexpected, A Holiday Tail of Mistaken Identity - by amightypenguin (25k)
    After an accident involving a two year old and a wand, Harry much to his dismay is sent to Draco, who believes he’s caring for a pet. A large pet with a bad attitude
    (Dog!Harry is absolutely adorable and omg Draco is the most lovable human being in this story as he cares for sick and injured horses!)

  • Decoy Dilemma - by dysonrules (39k)
    Auror Potter and Counsellor Malfoy return to Hogwarts in order to protect their children from a man who has vowed revenge. Of course, it’s quite a lot more complicated than that.
    (Harry and Draco get to attend Hogwarts once more, but this time they’re going to be disguised as their sons. This story made me laugh, made me smile and really, it was just such a joy to read. It also has a little bonus because there’s Scorbus in here as well!)

  • Uploaded - by leontina (13k)
    Harry and Draco are both up-and-coming YouTubers, and discover a connection when they meet at a YouTube convention. 
    (The fandom honestly needs some more Youtuber Au’s! I loved how unique Draco and Harry’s professions were and the video’s they made were just so them. An awesome story!)

  • Little Red Courgette - by blamebrampton (31k)
    When this season’s purple courgettes are woefully thin, Draco Malfoy thinks it amounts to small beans. Next thing he knows, the Department of Standards is over-run with leeks, Brussels sprouts all sorts of legislative difficulties, and somebody appears to have put a roquette under Harry Potter. Can Draco seize a narrow victory? Or will his plans for peas be squashed?
    All along, Kingsley Shacklebolt finds himself pining for the good old days, when, instead of governing, all you had to worry about were Dark Lords and imminent death
    (This is a story where politics and government issues sound fun. The sheer wit and humour was brilliant, and it was absolutely delightful on so many levels)

  • Sealed with a Kiss - by Faith Wood (46k)
    Harry Potter will fall in love with the first person who kisses him. Draco knows what he must do
    (This story was so cute and lovely! As the summary says, Harry will fall in love with the first person who kisses him. Honestly such a fluffy and charming fic!)

  • Only For The Lucky - by SunseticMonster (73k)
    Things seem to be going well for Draco Malfoy after the war. He’s working as a professor at Hogwarts and makes the papers all the time for his charitable contribution to Muggle causes.
    But when Malfoy is rushed into St Mungos hospital for a psychotic break, Healer Harry Potter realizes that Malfoy’s success is not all what it seems and sometimes luck can have more than one meaning.
    (Draco is addicted to Felix Felicis. Harry is a healer at St. Mungos (and btw, Healer!Harry is one of my favourite Harry’s). Harry will be overseeing Draco’s rehabilitation)

  • The Moon Looks Lovely Tonight - by Omi-Omi (37k)
    When Harry moves into the damp and empty Black house, it doesn’t quite feel like home. And then the first owl moves in. After that, it’s a steep slope leading to bed-sharing, more owls, assorted housemates, strange potions experiments, and terrible cooking. And a bit of waltzing, too.
    (My #1 favourite fanfiction ever, The Moon Looks Lovely Tonight is a true masterpiece! It’s so pure, so sweet and so full of fluff! The interactions between everyone in this fic are beautiful and lovely, and the characterizations and writing were just perfect. So much love for this story!)
Stitching Up the Seams

Summary: Phil can’t help but notice the boy with dead eyes who wears baggy jumpers all the time and barely talks anymore. Not being able to stand how sad he looks, Phil begins to slip notes into Dan’s locker in hopes of raising his spirits.
Word Count: 2216
Warnings: Implied self harm (doesn’t describe it at all, just implied), cussing, depression
Title Credit: Such Small Hands - La Dispute

There is a boy with mocha hair and caramel eyes that turn slightly mahogany in the sun who has a dimple in his pale cheek and has long fingers that shake slightly whenever he talks or even when he reaches for things or writes. There is a boy with dark circles under his eyes who comes to school sometimes with curly hair and wears baggy sweaters that he constantly pulls over his hands like he’s nervous about something.

Phil didn’t know what he was nervous about.

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Three’s a Crowd (Anthony Ramos x Reader)

Heyyyy everyone. Hope you enjoy this fic, I loved writing this it was so much fun. Shoutout to my friend @pumpernickelbae for first reading this fic for me and being so supportive of my writing, and also, shoutout to my friend @omqitsnaya because she was so engaged while reading this and telling me all these thing while she was reading them and she’s just an angel. i love them so much. 

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x Reader

Summary: You try to figure out how to tell Anthony you’re pregnant. With triplets.

Word count: 2086

Warnings: Just cursing, a cute Anthony being really oblivious to everything

You were having triplets. The moment the doctor said it you could hardly believe it.

Excuse me?” You asked, your voice rising to high decibels.

The doctor turned to look at you. “You’re having triplets.” She said with a small smile.

You sat there, feeling shocked. When you were in the car, you were still shocked. When you got home, you were still in a state of complete shock. You and Anthony were going to have to take care of three babies. You didn’t think you could even handle one baby, and now you found out you have to take care of three.

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When can I stop thinking about Jumin Han? ….Probably never

💋We Need To Talk [Part 2] (Grayson x Reader)

Read Part 1

Summary: imagine being pregnant with Grayson’s baby and you go to stay at your parents house since it’s Christmas and as you lay with Gray you get horny just looking at him and the hormones and you try to convince him for sex since he believes your parents would listen to you but eventually he does as what his wife wants

Warnings: Smut, fingering, nipple play, and daddy?

A/N: So this was requested so I felt it worked great as a part 2 for We Need To Talk so I hope you guys like it and remember requests are Open :) Like before Y/D/N-Your daughter’s name

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“How many more days until santa gets here?” Your four year old daughter, Y/D/N, asked as she helped nana and I put the tinsel on the Christmas tree.

“We have 5 more days until Santa comes sweetpea.” My mom says to Y/D/N as she untangles the tinsel.

“Why does Santa come so late?” She asks as grandpa and Grayson come from the kitchen.

“He has to make sure all the boys and girls stay good until close to the end of the year so he can reward them for being good all year.” Dad says and I laughed and looked at Grayson who was extremely sweaty. Dad and him have been outside working all day on repairing Ethan’s motorcycle and working on the family boat. He was wearing work jeans and a white muscle tank. His skin looked so golden against his tank. He looked incredibly sexy. I snap back into reality and I see Grayson is looking me in the eyes. He mouths ‘are you okay’ which I nod and give him a thumbs up. He returns the gesture smiling.

“My look at the time. Come on sweetpea I’ll read you a story and then we can go to bed. Tell mommy and daddy night night.” My mom says to Y/D/N. Grayson gets on his knees and opens his arms wide for our little girl to run into him for a hug. He wraps his large arms around her and holds her tight.

“Goodnight daddy. Goodnight mommy. I love you.” She says hugging Gray and I and she turns to walk down the hall with nana.

“Goodnight princess. We’ll see you in the morning.” Grayson said as he took my hand in his which made me blush.

“Yeah I think I’m going to hit the hay myself. I’ll see you two in the morning.” My dad said giving us a hug and going down the hall himself. Grayson turns his head to me with narrow eyes.

“Shall we?” He asks gesturing down the hall to go to bed. I nod and he leads the way down the hall to our room. I take off my shirt and pants and Grayson does the same. I throw on one of his hoodies since for some reason it’s always cold at my parents house. He was wearing his maroon boxers and he looked incredibly sexy. The way his jaw was structured like he could cut glass. His hair still styled so perfectly even though he has been outside all day in the hot sun. His skin looked so golden and he just looked so incredibly sexy without his shirt on. These hormones are absolute driving me crazy, but damn he just looks so good.

“Babe? You okay?” He asks as he caught me staring at him. I didn’t know what to say so I just kissed him. He kisses back soft and gentle. I loved soft and caring Grayson, but right now I wanted hard and aggressive Grayson. I want him to pin me down and kiss all over my neck. I wanted him to place gentle kisses from my neck down my stomach to my waist. I want him to kiss me in between my hips and then show me I’m his. I move over and straddle his lap. He pulls away from kissing. “Babe what are you doing?”

“I want you Gray. We haven’t done anything since we found out I was pregnant. My hormones are going crazy.” As I was talking I slowly started to grind myself against Grayson as I felt him getting harder. I lean in and gently kiss his neck.

“Y-Y-N d-don’t do that. What ab-about the b-baby?” Grayson asks as I feel him grinding back. I place my hand on the headboard as I grind harder into him earning a grunt from him.

“Sex won’t hurt the baby Gray. Sex actually rocks the baby to sleep. It’s quite relaxing for the baby.” I lean into his ear while arching my back “and the mommy too.” I whispered as my warm breath sent shivers down his spine. I felt his hands move from his sides to graze up my body and down just lightly resting on my butt. Our lips gently brush against each other before he pulls away again. I sighed in annoyance at him.

“What about your parents?” He asks. “The last thing I want them to hear is you screaming my name.” Grayson says cocking a side grin at me. His hands then slide up his hoodie over my bare breasts and he gently pinches my nipples and I throw my head back in pleasure as he pinches my nipples and squeezes my breasts.

“I’m 2-25 years old. They know w-we have needs.” I stuttered along with a moan. I grinded against his hardening dick and I moan again feeling the friction between the cloths of our underwear rubbing together. Grayson then peels the hoodie off the top half of my body leaving me in my underwear. I arched my back as Grayson’s hands pushed my back pushing my breasts towards him. He gently sucks and tugs on one nipple with his teeth ever so gently earning a moan from me. I rubbed myself harder against him as he buried his face between my breasts squeezing them and sucking on my nipples. I slid my hand down my underwear and started to finger myself at the thought of Grayson making me feel so good. I felt a strong grasp around my wrist and I look to Grayson who has one of my nipples in his mouth.

“Baby I want to make you feel good. You’re the one having our baby. Allow me.” With that he loops his finger through my underwear and he pulls them down in one swift motion. I arch my back more stretching my chest towards him and using his legs for support as I gripped them. I then feel Grayson slowly insert a finger inside me which made me suck in a sharp breath. His free hand was holding me steady on his lap while he fingered me and sucked on my chest which I knew would leave purplish bruises in the morning. “Damn baby girl you weren’t kidding. You’re so wet just for me.” Grayson says as he puts a second finger inside of me and curls upwards making me buck my hips. “Patience baby girl. Let daddy please you.” That was the first time Gray ever used daddy sexual in the bedroom and to be honest, kinda turned me on even more. Grayson spreads his legs and I fall in between his legs. He lies me down on my back and I knew he was getting so hard to the point that it hurt. He pulls his boxers down with one hand while he still fingers me.

“Grayson when did y-you get into daddy?” I asked as I rocked my hips to the movement of his fingers. I bit my lip as Grayson places himself above me. He then places his lips on mine kissing me roughly and his fingers deepen inside me. I pull away to moan and his face goes straight to the crook of my neck. “Fuck Grayson.” I moaned and he stops fingering me and looks me in the eyes. His typical hazel eyes were now clouded dark with lust.

“Call me daddy babygirl.” Grayson says as he starts to finger me again.

“Well damn daddy. What else do you have up your sleeve?” I asked and Grayson cocked his head. He then started to kiss from my neck, down the valley between my breasts, over my belly to right above my crotch. He looks up and smirks before placing his lips on my clit and sucking hard. “Fuck!” I screamed as I gripped the bedsheets harder. “Grayson stop. I’m gonna cum.” I said and he pulled away.

“Damn really?” He asked feeling satisfied. I nodded and I slowly sat up, but he pushed me back down. “Lie down baby. Now it’s time for your treat.” Grayson then slowly inserts himself inside of me causing me to throw my head back in pleasure. He slides in and out a few times and then he starts to speed up. He kissed my jaw and sucked on my collarbone which I knew again would show in the morning.

“Mmmm daddy.” I moaned as I dug my nails into his back as he slammed harder into me hitting my g-spot. “Fuck Grayson!” I screamed and Grayson’s lips latched to mine harshly which I knew he was trying to quiet me down. His hand went and kneaded my breast which drove me crazy. I arched my back and I felt Grayson twitch inside of me. “Cum for me daddy.” I moaned against his chest as he thrusted into me a few more times before he shot his cum inside of me. I shortly came afterwards. Grayson and I both lied there panting and we just laughed together and cuddled.

“Yeah your dad will be very confused when he wonders why you were screaming daddy at midnight.” Grayson says kissing my temple.

“Why do you have to ruin everything?” I asked causing us to laugh and cuddle closer together.


It was Christmas morning. Everyone hd already opened their gifts and we were all getting ready for Christmas dinner. My dad apparently had a talk with Grayson the next morning and since then Grayson won’t touch me. Which I understand, my dad can be a scary man. “We have some news for everyone!” I said clinking the glass. The whole family was here for Christmas so Gray and I decided now was the time to tell everyone we were having a baby. We have both known for a few months I was pregnant, but since Y/D/N wanted a sibling we decided it would be a good Christmas gift. Everyone quiets down as we all sit around the kitchen. Nana was holding Y/D/N. “As you guys are probably aware Grayson and I have an adorable 4 year old baby girl named Y/D/N.” We gestured towards nana and her and she covers her face while the family laughs. We wait for everyone to quiet down in the kitchen. I look to Grayson who was smiling at me. “We’re pregnant!” I announced and the room is silent but soon filled with cheers.

“What?” Y/D/N asks confused.

“Mommy and daddy are having another baby sweetpea. You’re going to be a big sister!” Nana says and she looks even more confused.

“Where do you get a baby?” She asks and Grayson’s eyes go wide.

“Yes nana I would love some Christmas ham.” He says attempting to change the subject causing everyone to laugh at him.

XX Thanks for the request :)

Hermione didn’t like girls. She was straight. And in love with Ron. The red hair she saw in her dreams was most certainly his and not Ginny’s. The sick feeling she got in her stomach when she saw Ginny and Dean together was just everyday concern for her friend’s happiness.

All of this would have been perfectly fine…

…if a single part of it was true. But it wasn’t. And Hermione couldn’t stand lying to herself the way she did everyone else. So she accepted it as best she could and tried to move on. She was doing a wonderful job of it too–that is, until the Christmas Party invites went out. Between inciting dangerous thoughts about her closest female friend and forcing her to spend time with McLaggen, Slughorn’s social events would be the death of her.

Now, Hermione couldn’t stop fantasizing about the soft curve of Ginny’s waist in her hands as they danced–the way those glossy lips would curve into a mischievous smile just before darting in for a kiss. These fantasies also wouldn’t be a big deal. Except that Ron had just won them the Quidditch match ( with the help of Harry’s Felix Felicis, Hermione thought irritably) and she couldn’t care less, which did nothing to keep her cover.

Ron was currently snogging Lavender, so Hermione went out in search of Harry, hoping he would be a bit more conversational. She spotted him just as he ducked out of the portrait, following without a second thought.

The corridor was chilly at night, but there was a faint buzz of sound resonating from the Gryffindor common room. A few portraits were complaining about the noise, and a handful were missing their contents entirely. Hermione wondered if there was a special frame to serve as a refuge for dislodged portrait characters. There was nothing about one in Hogwarts, A History , but she’d learned over the years that the book was more of an overview. It would take a few thousand more pages to cover all the castle’s secrets.

Hermione shadowed Harry’s footsteps, rounding the corner just as they stopped. The spectacled Gryffindor sat on the steps, glassy-eyed and staring daggers at the wall. Hermione wrapped an arm around his shoulders in a tight embrace when she joined him.

“Harry, what’s wrong?”

“The Christmas Party is stupid.”

“That’s all you’re upset about?” Hermione let out a sigh of relief. “Harry, we’ve already talked about this. If you’d just ask whoever it is to go with you, I’m sure they’d happily oblige.”

“Hermione,” Harry sighed, “I know you’re trying to help, and I’m grateful, really, but it’s not working. So if you could just leave me alone for a while, that’d be great.”

Hermione didn’t take the hint. She just leaned her head on his shoulder and revelled in the idyllic moment. Only a few cheers here and there could be heard from the party down the hall, and pale moonlight streamed through the gothic windows.

“Whoever it is must be really special,” she said finally. It had to be Ginny, but part of her couldn’t admit out loud that she was in love with her best friend’s crush.

Harry swallowed, collecting his words. “They are.”

Hermione studied the stones of the wall for a long time before speaking. “Since neither of us can go with the people we want to go with, what if we went together? As friends?”

Harry looked at her in surprise. “That’s a great idea, Hermione. But Ron would totally go with you if you asked.”

Hermione looked at the ground, the truth threatening to burst out of her. Instead, she said, “Sure he would. As soon as he’s done snogging Lavender, I’m certain he’ll come after me.” A snort escaped her. “Honestly, she’s ghastly.”

Harry’s jaw clenched. “Tell me about it.”

Hermione didn’t understand his reaction, but her own emotions drew her attention away from the puzzle. Her heart raced in her chest as she added, “Anyways, I don’t want to go with Ron.” If asked, she knew she’d share her secret now. Her walls had already been broken down. There was no hiding anymore.

Harry glanced up in confusion. “But fourth year at the Yule Ball–”

“Harry, that was ages ago,” Hermione said, rolling her eyes. “I was naive and hadn’t accepted myself yet. You were into Cho, so Ron was just the only boy who was accessible.”

Harry fidgeted with his wand. “I wasn’t into Cho. I think–I think it’s a lot like you with Ron.”

“You kissed her,” Hermione reminded him.

Harry grinned. “I didn’t come back with the most resounding commentary, did I?”

Hermione laughed. “No, I suppose not.” Then, gathering her courage, she asked, “Is it all girls then? Or just Cho you didn’t like?”

Harry seemed surprised at the question. He opened his mouth as if to answer, but his response was a new question instead. “Hermione, who is it you want to take to the Christmas Party?”

Bile rose in her throat. “You first,” she whispered.

Harry took her hand in his, squeezing it tightly. “Both of us. On three.”

Hermione nodded, and trepidation built in her stomach.


She wondered if it would kill her to say the name out loud.


It probably would. Maybe it would be better that way.


“Ginny,” Hermione whispered at the same time Harry said, “Ron.”

They stared at each other, wide-eyed. Even the airborne dust particles seemed suspended in that moonlight for a few breathless seconds. And then the two Gryffindors burst into laughter.

“Sorry I didn’t see it earlier,” Hermione said after a while.

Harry snorted. “Not like I predicted your response either. I’ve spent months feeling guilty for liking Ron when I thought you did too.”

“I’ve felt the same about liking Ginny. Are you going to ask him?”

Harry considered. “I–I think so. I was terrified of losing both of you before, but keeping my feelings to myself now is just cowardice.”

“I think I’ll tell Ginny how I feel. She’s going to the Christmas Party with Dean, but maybe after all this nonsense is over.”

Harry nodded. “If Ron kills me when I ask him, you’re in charge of my funeral.”

Hermione grinned. “We are gathered here today to commemorate Harry Potter, a terrible dresser with hair like a disgruntled hedgehog. He had many flaws, but his true downfall was falling in love with the wrong Weasley.”

Harry cracked a grin. “See, this is why I put you in charge. I don’t want any of that sentimental rubbish. Tell it like it is.” He paused. “Is my hair really that bad?”

“Worse,” she laughed, knocking him to the side.

He pushed her right back before placing his arm around her shoulder. “I’m glad we’re in love with the wrong Weasley together.”

Hermione smiled, resting her head on his shoulder again. “Me too.”

They stayed like that, arms wrapped around each other, until the sounds of the party died down.


Hope ya liked it! Read the rest here :)


Modern AU

Lafayette x Reader; ft. Hamilsquad

Author(s): Lil Laddie

Words: 919

Warnings: Knifes, pumpkin guts, mentions of nudity, PDA

“We’ve got pumpkins!” You yelled, struggling to carry multiple pumpkins.

“Mon cher, I told you not to grab so many pumpkins at once!” Laf sighed behind you, his breath warming your neck.

“I didn’t want to make two trips though.” You said, dumping them on the kitchen counter.

“I’m ready to carve!” Alexander bounded into the kitchen.

“Who said we bought this pumpkins for you to carve?” You quirked a brow.

“But…” Alex’s smile dropped off his face.

“Yeah, we were planning on carving all of them ourselves.” Laf smirked, putting his arm around you.

“Ew, stop doing couple stuff!” John walked into the kitchen, covering his eyes.

“We’re barely touching.” You protested, watching him blindly walk around the kitchen.

“PDA!” Hercules screamed, covering both his and Alex’s eyes.

“We’re not touching anymore!” Laf yelled over their whining.

“But, Laf-” You began, before he put his finger over his lips and winked.

“You can uncover your eyes.” Laf said, the boys hesitantly doing so.

Once all the boys had opened their eyes, they took their time turning to look at you and Lafayette. When he had all the boys eyes on him, Laf pulled you in for a deep kiss. As you kissed you heard screams and groans from the boys.

“Can we start carving the pumpkins now?” Alex asked, horror all over his face.

“Sure.” You smiled, walking over to the counter of pumpkins. “I don’t get why that terrifies you guys so much.”

“Because you’re our best friend, kissing our other best friend.” John turned from his pumpkin to smile at you.

“Nah, I feel like she’s our little sister that’s kissing our best friend.” Hercules protested.

“Touching moment and all, but can you shut up! I’m trying to focus!” Alex said. He was carving quick jagged lines into his pumpkin. Somehow he already managed to scrape out the insides.

“How did you do that so quickly?” Your eyes widened.

“Can’t talk. Must carve.” He mumbled, never once taking his focus away from the pumpkin.

“Don’t worry, mon ange. He will tire himself out quickly.” Laf grinned, moving your head to look back at the pumpkin in front of you.

You and the rest of the boys, besides Alexander, began scraping out the insides of the pumpkin. You started to pull out the guts of the pumpkin. The cold slimy feeling made you shiver.

“Brains!” John shoved a handful of the guts in your face.

You screamed, latching yourself onto Laf’s shirt. He put a firm arm around your waist making sure you were okay. It wasn’t long till you noticed that you had covered each other with pumpkin.

“Sorry.” You laughed, trying to brush off the goop on his shirt, as he tried to do the same for you.

“Aw, how cute!” John cooed, watching the two of you.

“Not as cute as my pumpkins going to be!” Hercules exclaimed, sticking his tongue out as he carved it.

“What are you carving?” John tilted his head to look at it.

“Are you carving a bunch of vegetables?” Alex asked, shuffling away from his pumpkin to take a look.

“I don’t get it.” Laf said in confusion.

“Oh.” You said, your mouth dropping in shock. Unlike the boys, you picked up pretty quickly what he was carving.

“It’s a french girl.” Hercules said smugly, showing it off to the rest of you.

Laf quickly covered your eyes, walking you away from the pumpkin. You giggled as he muttered french words under his breath.

“Laf, I think I should be the one covering your eyes.” You laughed.

“No, mon amour. I have seen a french woman before, you have not.” He protested.

“Then how come I recognized what it was before you?” You smirked, prying his hand away from your eyes.

“Go back to your carving.” Laf rolled his eyes, picking his own carving knife up.

“What are you carving?” You peeked over Laf’s shoulder, only to have him turn the pumpkin away from you.

“Hey! That’s not fair!” You cried.

“Why is it unfair, ma moitie? Because I want it to be a surprise?” He quirked an eyebrow up at your pouting face.

“You know what I’m carving!” You pointed at your half carved pumpkin.

“And it is simply wonderful. I just want you to be surprised by what I’m carving.” Laf smiled at you.

“Fine.” You huffed, continuing to carve your pumpkin.

In the end, Alexander had carved three pumpkins, each had a different face on it. John had carved a hoard of turtles on his pumpkin. He had spent ten minutes naming all of them. Herc had carved a french woman that he loved very much, to everyone else’s horror. And you had decided to carve the face of Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

“Okay, Laf, we have all revealed ours. It’s your turn!” You bounced in excitement, wondering what he had put so much time into carving.

“Ta-Da!” He exclaimed, turning the pumpkin around to show all of you.

He had carved both his and your initials in the pumpkin. They were carved in what seemed to be perfect cursive. Underneath the initials he had wrote the word forever in the same curly cursive as the rest.  

“Awwww,” The boys all cooed in unison.

You laughed, walking towards Lafayette and pulling him into a hug. “That was cute. Really cheesy, but cute.” You smiled up at him.

“I try.” He leaned down to kiss you, much to the protest of the boys.

Merry Christmas everyone!! i don’t know what time zone you guys are in but it’s currently the 24th of december in Sweden, which is the day when we swedes celebrate christmas, for some weird reason…? i’ve been working really hard on this drawing, because it’s my christmas present to these fandoms/communitys! i was originally gonna add more people but i had no idea how to fit them all in so this is all i got. i hope you all have a wonderful christmas, and if you don’t celebrate it, i hope you have an amazing day nonetheless. Merry Christmas weirdos!

You'll Always Have Me (Tony Stark X Reader)

December 20th, 1991

“I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to the funeral,” you started, looking at Tony. “My school just started vacation, and my flight got delayed” Tony just looked at you and shook his head. “It’s fine, you wouldn’t have liked it anyway. There were so many flowers you would’ve sneezed your way to China by the time my mom was lowered into the ground” Tony said, as you both watched a group of children playing around Central Park.

“I don’t care about that, Tony. Screw my allergies, you’re my best friend. I should’ve at least been there for you when you needed me” you said, slightly shivering at the cold breeze blowing against your red cheeks. “Don’t feel bad, my dad will probably haunt you, but my mom will just follow you around” Tony said, as you let out a little laugh.

“My mom loved you, so much” Tony said, looking down at the frostbitten grass, covered in a thin layer of snow. “She would always ask me, ‘Tony, she’s beautiful, she’s smart, she’s nice, why don’t you just date her already?’. I’d tell her, ‘I’m trying mom, but I don’t think she wants to sleep with me just yet’” Tony muttered as you let out a small chuckle, and you saw your breath hang in the air and quickly disappear.

“My parents are having a Christmas party.” You stated, turning your head to look at Tony. “That’s amazing! Ohmigod!” Tony said, trying to imitate the sound like an excited teenage girl, making you laugh. “I mean, do you wanna come? I’m probably just going to stay away from everyone, with a bottle of vodka in my room, so I was wondering if you might wanna join me” you offered, as he pretending to think about it.

“Yep, I’m available..?” “Christmas Eve” you responded, as he smiled. “Yep. I’m available!” He exclaimed, making you laugh. You let out a sigh, and leaned in closer to him, absorbing his warmth. “You’re such a warm person” you mumbled into his thick jacket, as he wrapped his arms around you, and let out a deep breath. The feeling of his chest suppressing made you both relax, as you continued to observe the children screaming and laughing while climbing monkey bars.

“Tony, you know if you ever need anything you can come to me, right?” You asked, as he looked down at you. “What do you mean?” He asked. “Like, family wise. If you just want someone to talk to, you can always go over my parents’ house, they love you as if you’re their own son!” You exclaimed, sitting up and looking straight into his eyes. They were glassy and looked if tears were about to fall from his eyes.

“I feel like I have no one,” Tony whimpered, laughing as he anxiously tried to pull himself together “b-but I have you!” He said as you grabbed him and let him rest his head on your shoulder as he broke into tears. You wiped his tears off with the soft pad of you thumb. “You’ll always have me, Tony” you whispered, running your fingers through his soft hair.

Tony had mixed emotions coming to your family’s Christmas party. Even though you kept insisting that some friends were there, he still was nervous if he would get thrown out, because even though you told him your parents loved him, your father still had his doubts about him. Tony quickly mingled with your relatives, and made his way to your room, noticing the door was cracked open.

He walked into your bedroom, taking note of all the posters and pictures on the wall, and he investigated the room that hasn’t changed since high school. He picked up a picture of you as a baby, and smiled, before you walked into your room and gasped. “Tony! What are you doing up here?” You asked, trying to grab the picture from his hands, but it didn’t work since he was faster than you.

“I’m admiring how adorable you were, do you see this? This should be illegal!” Tony smiled, and you quickly frowned. “Okay, then let’s go to your house and look at your baby pictures, you were the best looking baby, ever!” You exclaimed, as Tony put your baby picture down, and looked at you. “You really think so?” He asked. “Oh, I know so” you said, as you two looked at each other for a moment, not saying a thing.

“I got you a present” Tony blurted, quickly walking over to your bed and sitting on it. He pulled out a tiny box from his jacket pocket, and handed it to you. You delicately opened the box, reveling a golden necklace with your name written in script. You gasped, and covered your mouth, before looking at Tony. “You did not do this” you whispered, as Tony smiled. “But I did do this, hold your hair up, and turn around” Tony said, as you did as instructed, and he gently wrapped the necklace around your neck, and clipped it.

You both looked in the mirror, and you admired it, before looking at Tony. “I hope you know, I didn’t get you a present” you said, turning around, and hugging him. “That’s okay, being here with you makes up for it” he said, as you smiled. You let out a satisfied hum, and just stayed hugging Tony, for the longest time. Even though he wasn’t much taller than you, you loved the way you felt in his arms, you loved the way he smelled like various colognes, you loved him, and you were for sure that he knew it too.

As for Tony, he loved you the same way, and it was hard for him not to lock lips with you. Every time he saw you, he could feel his nerves explode and his mind race, and his heart always came to a stop. You both looked at each other, leaning in closer, before Tony placed his hands on the back of your neck, and finally smashed his lips onto yours.

While you were kissing, sparks flew everywhere, and you could feel the butterflies in your stomach flutter around, before you both pulled away to catch your breath. “Wow,” you spoke, laughing as Tony shrugged. “I think, I just got the best Christmas present, ever” Tony smiled, as you smirked, and shut your door and locked it. “Well, it’s about to get better” you said, as his eyes widened and he wiped away a fake tear. “My mother would be so proud!” He said, kissing you one last time, before pushing you on to your bed. Let’s just say it was a very merry Christmas that year.

Hello! This is secret santa for @mellifluousbable!

Their request was for “ereri fireside chats; Eren, Levi, and friends have a secret santa gift exchange” and well… here you have the precious boys exchanging gifts by the fireplace with Hanji and Armin (and let’s just pretend that Mikasa and the others are grabbing drinks and food from the kitchen or something, haha).

I hope this is to your liking, and I wish you and everyone a warm, fun, safe, and wonderful holiday season!


Christmas Miracle

(Sebastian Stan x Reader)

A/N: Guess who’s back, back again! Hello everyone I know I haven’t posted in months and I am so sorry! I have been so overwhelmed with school and everything that I’ve had no free time but that’s life. I’m happy to be back, at least for now, and can’t wait to talk to you guys again. I wish you all a happy and safe holiday season, lots of love! (Ps please send me requests!!)

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” Sebastian sings joyfully as he prances down the stairs.

You raise your eyes from the newspaper to see your goofball husband posing in front of the breakfast table, dressed in none other than a Santa Suit.

“Hello Mr. Claus, how are the reindeer?” You ask jokingly, playing along with whatever is going on right now.

Sebastian chuckles in his best St. Nick impression, “Well hello there young lady, I heard you’ve been very good this year.”

You simply laugh and shake your head before returning to your bowl of cereal.

“Don’t you remember Y/N?”, Seb questions while removing his curly white beard, “Today’s the day of the neighborhood Christmas party?”

“And you’re playing Santa, I remember now!” You grin reaching out to hold his hand, which was covered by big red glove.

“And I’m playing Santa!” He exclaimed enthusiastically, “I can’t wait to see the looks on the kids faces when I walk in.”

A few hours and a lot of red velvety material later, Sebastian was ready to give the neighborhood kids the best surprise ever. The Christmas party was being held just a couple houses down from yours, so the two of you decided to walk.

“Seb did you feel that?” You gasp looking up at the sky.

“Feel what?” He inquires, his voice muffled slightly from the added facial hair.

“I think it’s snowing”, you whisper as a small snowflake lands on your nose.

“It’s an almost Christmas miracle!” Sebastian laughs as you approach the brightly decorated home.

The minute you walk through the door Sebastian is spotted by young children.

“Oh my goodness Mommy it’s Santa!” One girl exclaims commencing a burst of happiness and chaos from all the others.

You knew from that moment on that Sebastian was no longer yours for the remainder of the evening so you went and spent time with some of the other adults.

“Man he’s really good with kids, you’ve got yourself a keeper Y/n.” Your close friend says as her child sits on your husband’s lap. “Do you two plan on having kids?”

You always get flustered when people ask that question, but tonight was cause for extra flusteredness. Little did anyone know, but the two of you had been trying to get pregnant for months and the pregnancy test you took yesterday came out as positive. You were waiting for the perfect time to tell Sebastian all day, but you had finally decided to tell him after the party. It was getting late and all the kids needed to go to bed, meaning the party had come to a close. ‘Santa’ wished everyone sweet dreams before walking home.

“Seb I have something to tell you.” You state when you’re about halfway home.

“Is everything okay Y/n, what is it?” Sebastian asks you with a worried tone in his voice, stopping to face you while grasping your hands.

“Everything is fine, actually everything is better than fine. We’re finally pregnant!” You exclaim looking into his beautiful eyes.

“Are you serious? I’m going to be a Daddy!” He yells with tears in his eyes, dropping to his knees to kiss your belly after pecking you on the lips.

“I’m very serious, and very excited.” You say happily tearing up as well, helping him back up off the ground.

He can’t wipe the grin off his face the rest of the night, “Now this is an almost Christmas miracle if I’ve ever seen one.”

anonymous asked:

I played the Christmas DLC and I got Saeran's ending!! It was really good, but at the end when MC gets taken away, I was wondering how they would react. How would RFA + V react to MC disappearing/being kidnapped?

I loved Unknown’s route. Him and Seven and Jumin will forever be my favourites I stg;; But I shall put this under the cut in case spoilers for Seven’s route

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It’s the holidays and during the holidays you express your thanks and love for things that are important so

here’s a list of bug fics that make me physically stressed with their greatness, and to which I would like to say thank you.

It’s Miraculous Ladybug, just to clear any confusion.

This fandom is the first to drive me to actually read fanfic and B O I let me tell you, I have had a fantastic time. Anyway have a list of fics that I love very, very much, so much that I scream at my friends when they update and sometimes stop reading in the middle of chapters because I don’t want them to end.

  • (The) Adventures of Adrienbug and Chat Mari by @wintermoth
    • kwami swap kwami swap kwAMI SWAP NEED I SAY MORE
    • sick ass kwami swap and rewrites of eps as well as summer bonding origin goodness
    • the cutest design of a chat noire suit and super great powers and characterization
    • several parts completed, most recent is ongoing
  • Broken Hearts Club by @frostedpuffs
    • another fantastic fic from the beautiful bean who brought us Truthful Scars
    • basically the receiving ends of love confessions turn the other down and sadness ensues
    • there’s only two chapters right now but oh dang get ready for the heartbreak and then the MariChat bonding I am very excited
  • Cohabitation (And Other Disastrous Ideas) by @bullysquadess
    • I cannot believe that this is the first fic I’ve read by Bully bc she is a fantastic writer you bet I’mma binge all of TLATB this break I’m super pumped BUT ANYWAY
    • roommate aged up best buds to lovers is there anything more you could possibly want I mean come on
    • four chapters so far and they’re short but super sweet and great
  • Hacking the Ladyblog by @quicksilversquared
    • a one shot but let m e t e l l y o u
    • I am all about the kids on the social medias okay
    • which is not exactly what this is but it’s still fantastic Adrien is spot on and everyone is clueless as usual
    • if someone knows if that au where they run twitters and such is an actual fic please tell me what it is
    • the one where ladybug makes all the official accounts and they’re inactive for a year and then they post for the first time and the public loses their shit that one I can’t find the post
  • Have Your Cake (And Eat It Too) by @loosescrewslefty and @miracufic
    • basically what sold me on MariChat as a Love Square Favorite and good golly it is so good
    • Love Square shenanigans and baking fluff that has somehow become heart wrenching angst hoW DARE
    • top notch characterization and the two different writing styles mesh together really well
    • fifteen chapters, ongoing
  • Keep It In Your Plants by @reyxa
    • OKAY. O K A Y S O
    • fluff galore, flower shop au, coffee shop au, now a freaking fake married au, it’s just domestic garbage up and down it’s so good
    • aged up friends to lovers awkward adorableness with cats and flower language and pu r i t y
    • like seriously if there is any fic on this list that you MUST read it’s this one because I swear to whatever that you will not regret it
    • also that title like come on
    • seven chapters (cries), ongoing
  • Lucky Us by @geek-fashionista
    • okay so I might have lied a little bit bc this is also a must read
    • again I do not have the w o r d s to expressssssss
    • more aged up domestic fluff I think I’m noticing a pattern but anyway this is a bakery au
    • which is kind of redundant bc wow yes it’s Marinette’s bakery BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE
    • IT’S EMA I L
    • AND TRY TO SET THEIR BFFS UP AND IN THE PROCESS GO ON D A T E S (fake dating au, hell yes)
    • also sold me on Adrien Chloe best friend stuff because that’s some good shit
    • eleven chapters, ongoing
    • the recent one killed me but that’s every chapter let’s be real here the dialogue is to die for
  • Satisfaction Brought It Back by @siderealsandman (NSFW)
    • one of the first fics I read, went in cautious and now am extremely emotionally invested
    • aged up, very humorous, excellent characterization, dialogue level through the roof, and every plot point and surprise s l a y s
    • hanging out bonding to hanging up bondage ya know what I mean
    • but seriously you could just read for the plot and still be sent rampaging about these kids I swear I just need Marinette to have financial and residential security frickin
    • twenty one chapters, ongoing
  • to you, i thee wed by @miraculousturtle / @megamegaturtle
    • see, this one, this is a real tricky one
    • bc it’s like a fake marriage au
    • but it’s r e a l
    • more aged up domestic fluff wow definite trend
    • the premise is a bit hard to understand at first but then it’s explained and you’re whisked away to a wonderful fluffy awkward married acquaintances to friends to feelings to lovers and I just
    • I love it
    • seven chapters, ongoing

Wow this post is much, much longer than I expected it to be but that’s okay I really needed to say thank you to these amazing writers for these fics. They’re all so fantastic.

May everyone have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!

Please bear in mind that I have literally 40+ tabs open on my phone of unread fics, as well as a bunch of bookmarks, many of which include The Big Ones so if there’re some missing that you think should be on here, that’s the dealio.

All My Idols Ch 20: Night With EXO

“Oppa,” I deadpan glaring at the handsome unicorn.

His stern face doesn’t falter, he just continues holding the massive bundle of meat and rice held together by a piece of lettuce to my mouth. “One more.”

I groan but open my mouth to let him feed me once more. I cover my mouth while I struggle chewing, trying not to blush with all eyes on me. After I finally swallow it I open my mouth with a big sigh. Of course Lay tries to feed me yet again only to have the man on my other side push it away, a glare fixed on the younger man. And across the table the three youngest of the group are glaring as well as their hyung tires to spoil me with attention.

“You can’t just keep stuffing her face like that,” Xiumin scolds, “She could choke.” He places a warm hand on my back as he leans closer to scan my face, worry is obvious on his, “Are you okay?”

My heart stops in that moment, it takes all of my strength not to jump up and run away with excitement at the fact that he just touched me. I force myself to take a deep so I don’t end up screaming in his face but end up having to just nod, I don’t trust my voice enough right now.

“So are you going to be heading home for Christmas this year?” Suho wonders from across the table on the other side of a still glaring Kai.

I shake my head and wonder why everyone is suddenly so interested in my travel plans. But then I remember that it’s normal for people to go home and see their families on holidays, I’m just one of the weird exceptions who spent every holiday when I was in the states at work. “It’s was not in my budget this year.”

“That’s a shame. I’m sorry to hear that,” He looks down at his plate as if he’s embarrassed to have asked such an insulting question.

“So what are your plans instead?” Baekhyun wonders eagerly from the other side of Xiumin.

I shrug, “I’m not sure yet, I’ve worked every holiday for the last eight years, I don’t know how to handle it.”

Kai asks, “Have you told Big bang about it? I’m surprised they haven’t claimed you on that day.”

“Nope, I don’t have the heart to. They get so upset when I discuss anything involving me not being able to afford something.”

“They could afford it you know. Why don’t you just ask for a loan?” Suho is resting his elbows on the table.

“I’m not asking anyone for money. I can’t stand the idea of asking any of my friends for money, regardless of whether or not they can afford it. I can barely stand it when they pay for my food.”

“Our princess is so strong,” Lay coos next to me, ruffling my hair a little.

“Are you guys all heading home for the holiday?”

Suho shakes his head, “We’ve got a lot of things on our schedule going on around that time so we will be spending Christmas together like usual.”

“You guys work so hard you’d figure they would give you that one day off.”

They nod in agreement. I watch them pick up a more cheerful conversation topic, Chanyeol and Baekhyun are throwing food, though I’m pretty sure Chen started it from the cheeky grin that spreads across his face when Suho starts scolding them. The five that surround me are talking about performances; Kai is critiquing the other’s dancing, mostly poor Kyungsoo, who is the weakest link of the five. I shift into a more relaxed position since my legs are falling asleep with me sitting on them, I stretch my legs out in front of me. As much as I love old style restaurants where we sit on the floor it can make my back and legs ach sometimes.

I’m kind of in my own world when I feel someone’s leg against mine, at first I thought it was an accident, until both legs came back and tangled them with mine. To be honest, I don’t mind, I love skinship, but when I look to see whose legs they are I’m surprised to find Sehun staring straight back at me, as if daring me to say something. I’m going to have a heart attack by the end of the night with the way he’s staring straight into my soul, oh my god when did he get so attractive. I force myself to look away, but I know he’s still staring from the way he chuckles when a blush spreads across my face.

“It’s getting late,” Suho kind of complains as he stares down at his phone. “We should probably get Charlie home.” The whole table lets out a chorus of cute whines and I find myself joining in just for the hell of it. I’m having fun, regardless of the face that my heart is going to explode from all of my internal fangirling I don’t have the courage to hang out with the loves of my life that often I mean Xiumin.

“Come on Hyung, we don’t have schedule until after lunch tomorrow, lets have a little fun,” The youngest of the group begs, his legs wrap around mine tighter, something I find undeniably cute.

“We don’t know if Charlie has plan,” Suho reminds him.

I grin at him, “I’m free as a bird.”

Suho tries his hardest not to smile as sighs as if he’s caving to some unreasonable request, “Alrighty, but nothing too crazy.” We let out a loud cheer, most likely earning the attention of the people on the other side of the sliding door separating us from the masses. My thought is confirmed when our waiter pokes his head in a minute later. “Soju please.” The boy nods before rushing off to get it. When he comes back shot glasses are passed around and liquor is poured.

“To friends,” Chanyeol beams at me, we all clink glasses before downing the little cup of disgusting liquid, our glasses slam back down on the table.

“Why do I feel like getting the princess drunk is a bad idea?” Suho says as the voice of reason who is quickly quieted by the group surrounding him.

“If you think this is such a bad idea hyung, you can just sit back and baby sit,” Baekhyun sticks his tongue out at the older before basically climbing across Xiumin to clink his glass with mine and downing the shot. The two men on either side of me take turns pouring me drinks and ignore me when I offer to return the favor. I loose count on how many little green bottles are scattered around the room after a few more hours. Suho, who is undoubtedly the most sober out of us all, and that isn’t saying much, finally calls it a night when the owner tells us that most of the patrons have left. The 10 of us leave the restaurant is a fit of giggles and slurred Korean. It’s only 10 but I feel ready for bed and from the yawns coming from the boys around me I figure they are too.

With a giggle and a bit of a stumble I bow to them, “Thank you guys for dinner and a good time.”

“Let us take you home,” Lay slurs cutely.

I shake my head, “It’s fine.”

“We are not letting you go home on your own when you are this drunk,” Suho says.

I click my tongue at him, “What do you expect me to do? We can’t all get a cab there and these boys can’t be left alone like this and I’m ready for bed,” I add with a little pout. “It’s not like you expect me to spend the night at your dorm.”

“Yes!” The beagle line basically screams.

“Sleepover with the princess!” Kai and Sehun happily join the cheer.

I bust into a grin, “Lets go!”

“Hold up a minute,” Xiumin stops the six of us from skipping away. “I don’t think that is a good idea.”

I pout cutely at the oldest man, forgetting about my fan girl side for awhile and decide to flirt up a storm, “Oppa don’t you think it will be fun? Or do you not like me?”

“Of course I like you Charlie, but-“

I cut him off by hugging him tightly, “So it’s settled we got the oldest hyung’s approval!”

“Did you just call me Hyung?” The cat like man grins.

“What do you prefer, Hyung or Oppa?” I tap my chin as I spin in circles. A pink-cheeked Kyungsoo, who looks really cute right now, catches me and I can’t help myself!

“Kyungie oppa! Why do you have to be so cute?” I whine and place my hands on his cold cheeks.

“Huh?” The pour owl boy looks to his hyungs for help but they are too busy laughing at his embarrassment.

“You,” I huff at the cute man, “You always mess up my list, always switching with Lay oppa for second place. You, young sir, just need to stay in your lane.”

“Okay, Princess, lets get going,” Sehun decides as he hooks his arm threw mine and begins dragging me down the street. Kai catches up and hooks on to my other arm.

“Where are we on this list of yours?” Sehun looks down at me with a pout. Glancing up I realize how short I am compared to the two handsome boys.

“To be completely honest, beyond where Kyungsoo oppa is at third place the rest of you are a um….cluster fuck.” I say the last two words in English, not sure what the right words would be in Korean so I try again, “I don’t have a set list past that.”

“Why not?” Kai is whining this time making me laugh.

“Because you are all so amazing that whenever I see a lone picture of any of you I’m like, ‘Wow he’s really hot’.”

Sehun chuckles, “Do you really?”

“You should see my tumblr,” I pause for a minute, “Wait no never mind, no you should not!” They let out a chorus of laughs at that. Our fun is interrupted by someone’s arms wrapping around my waist from behind and pulling back, away from the two boys. They turn around and glare at the giant holding me off the ground like a little doll.

“Hyung!” The two whine cutely. Baekhyun appears in front of me with handsome smile that makes me blush.

“We get you know,” The older man decides as he signals the giant to put me down. They each take my hand before walking right past the two maknaes, dragging me along.

“So any chance you could give us a hint on who is your number one?” Chanyeol asks me with his best aegyo.

I shake my head, “Not a chance in hell Oppa. You guys can figure it out on your own.”

“How are we supposed to know? Come on, give us a hint!” They both beg, making me laugh.

I pause as I try to think of the most vague hint, “We touched tonight.”

Baekhyun huffs as he stares down at our interlocked hands, “You’ve touched everyone tonight.”

“There are two people I haven’t touched.”

“One more hint!” Chanyeol coos.

Feeling a bit daring with the alcohol in my body I give them one more, “He was in the room when we ran away from super junior.”

They share a look as they try to think about the possible answers, I’m thank full they didn’t hear my earlier conversation with the youngest two that could have narrowed down their guesses. After a couple minutes of them thinking to themselves we reach their dorm. They two puppy like men lead me inside eager to show me their dorm. Twenty minutes later, after a full tour of their dorm we find ourselves on the living room floor laughing as Sehun tries to open another bottle of soju. We are sitting in a large circle, as expected Xiumin and Lay are on either side of me, while Sehun and Kai try to turn this into an oval by scooting closer to me.

“Take the hint,” I snatch the bottle out of his hand and give it to Suho.

“Hey,” The drunken maknae slurs with a scowl. “I was going to drink that.”

“I think you are done,” I snap back sternly.

“I think you are done!” He pouts.

I laugh at his cuteness, “Oh Oppa,” I coo as I try to crawl across the floor to reach him but I’m caught by Lay’s hands on my hips pulling me back to my spot.

“Where do you think your going?” Lay is pouting now.

“I just want to hug the him,” I slur.

“No, only I can hug you,” Lay suddenly wraps his arms around me and basically pulls me on to his lap.

A blush spreads across my face when the sweet man tucks his face in the crook of my neck, “Oppa.”

“Yixing,” Xiumin whines, “You can’t just hog her to yourself, you’ve been doing that for awhile now. It’s unfair. I want to see the princess!” My face is on fire at his words, he’s just drunk. He has no interest in me other than that I’m the princess.

“No Hyung, you can’t have her, that would be unfair since she already likes you the best!” Yixing glares at the older man.

I want to scream when the words are out of his mouth, I want to cry and run and do anything I have to do to get out of this place. How could Lay do that?

“I’m her what?”


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