so... don't be very hard i'm trying to learn

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(Pt. 1) I'm sorry if this seems like a rude or stupid question. I've been raised in a Catholic household and I feel like my parents like to pretend other religions don't exist. I've been trying to learn more about religions out of genuine curiosity.

(Pt 2) and I was wondering a few things. Like the difference between Islam and Muslim. And what exactly Ramadan is. Sorry again for my ignorance. I live in a very sheltered and Christian area and it’s hard to learn about other cultures sometimes.

so Islam is the actual religion and Muslim is a person whose religion is Islam (like Christianity and Christians)

Ramadan is a month we have every year where we fast every day (no food or drinks/water or gum or such) from sunrise until sunset. The point is for us to learn patience and to be able to relate to people who have no access to food/drink worldwide. We also donate money during Ramadan, and usually make food for orphans and those in need. 

But if you’re pregnant, sick, on your period, travelling, etc, you’re not forced to fast. It’s not about making you suffer, it’s about making you develop as a person.