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ten years later, Brushy has changed her life, managed to break her contract with the devil and start her career as an artist, becoming a sought-after and recognized artist
She left for an inkwell time to promote herself in other islands with her husband Ludovico

Yes, this is old brushy ♥

Ludovico belong to @vinvinnybon

Barron belong to @allforcartoons

Bettie belong to @izmemomo

A little update~

Okay, since people like those updates, here’s another one:

I have another surgery planned next month which means I currently have to take some pretty shitty medications leading up to it and they give me horrible headaches.
I really wanted to release Shinigami no Koi next week but I have to translate another 88 pages for it and I don’t think I can make it. Yesterday it took me 5 minutes until I came up with the word “people.” A friend of mine wanted to help me translate the rest but she has too much work on her own right now. :/

So unless I find a kind soul helping me out until February, there won’t be any releases expect Ashita Asatte Sorekara Itsuka CH2 which is already saved as a draft and will be released soon.

But the good thing is that I might no longer be blind in one eye anymore after the surgery and that I won’t need another one for a very long time.

Ugh… it took me like 23 minutes to write this little text ;A; My head…ouch.