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Jung Hoseok | 02181994 | Seoul, Korea | The Scream ™

  • Major: Dance Education
  • Job: Floral Designer at the same art store Jungkook works at
  • Extracurricular: Pres. of gardening club, Street Dancing Crew
  • Social Media: IG- Hobihobi, Snapchat- Horseshoe (courtesy of autocorrect and a drunken night), BTS Chat Handle- Hoeshook
  • Relationships: Namjoon and Yoongi’s college best friend, Jungkook’s coworker and roommate, Tae and Jimin’s good friend, Jin’s future friend

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So I have just reached 500 followers and I wanted to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for following me and sharing and just being a badass/awesome fandom !! I’m not really good at those type of stuff…So please know that I appreciate each and everyone of you and you have all made my journey in this fandom a complete and utter delightful / amazing / exciting experience ! 

I’d like to give a special big fat thank you to my dearest @magnusandalexander (I fucking love you my dear <3), @sfjessii (I fucking love you too Jess ^^lol), @sharona1x2, @peachyjellybean, @theallpowerfulone, @warlocks-nephilim, @magnus-cat-eyes-bane (for always, always reposting my art <3), @pesetaer, @mauniverse, @banescanary, @alec-s-arrows, @magnusbaene, @ofiasay, @featherpheonix, @highwarlockkareena, @alexander-darling, @capitanhardycandy, @raph-bane, @fara1903, @softmagnuslightwood, @blondini-the-new-houdini, @le-morte-d-arthur

If I have forgotten people in the list, I do apologies in advance…But know that I am grateful to each and everyone of you ! <3

Thank you all again !!! =D

f4llen87  asked:

57 pretty please

“just get home as soon as possible, okay?!”

Robert gritted his teeth in frustration as Aaron’s mobile rang out yet again, going straight to voicemail for the third time in ten minutes. The weather outside was absolutely ridiculous - it was thundering down, and Robert had started to panic when he saw the first flash of lightening.

Aaron was driving back from Birmingham after a scrap deal, which he’d normally be fine with (Aaron was a good driver, he was) but this sort of weather put a knot of worry into the pit of his stomach.

“Aaron, it’s me. Again.” Robert sighed into his mobile, glancing out the window. “This weather is insane, I’m worried about ya. Will you give me a call back so I know you’re okay before I go totally mad?”

Letting out a shaky breath, Robert continued. “Just, get home as soon as possible, okay? I love you.”

He hung up, tossing his phone onto the couch before he began pacing their flat again. Robert hated feeling like this, he hated not knowing where Aaron was, or how he was.

They were constantly in contact. It wasn’t even intentional at this point, they just were - if either of them had to drive for a meeting or a big deal, Robert would be constantly texting Aaron mindless updates on his day, and Aaron would send him a constant stream of snapchats - of the yard, of Scrappy, of whatever gross looking sandwich he’d picked up while driving.

It had been radio silence for an hour now, and it was making him feel sick. 

What if something had happened to him? What if Aaron had crashed the van? 

Before Robert could work himself up into a complete tizzy, he heard the front door opening, and he practically ran the length of the hallway to find Aaron there, shaking the worst of the rain from his hair, as though he was a dog. 

“Aaron!” Robert exclaimed, not caring in the slightest that his husband was soaked to the skin as he threw his arms around him, hugging him tightly. “Aaron, thank god you’re okay.”

Aaron raised an eyebrow. “Why wouldn’t I be?” 

“You weren’t answering your phone, and this weather - I was afraid something had happened to you,” Robert admitted, pressing kisses against Aaron’s rain damp cheeks. 

“You’re daft, you know that? My phone died.” Aaron pulled him in for a proper kiss. “I’m fine, Robert. You don’t need to worry so much.”

Robert just hugged him tighter. “I always worry about you, you know.”

anonymous asked:

am i the only one who hates gardienne/Erika? she's so stupid

cut her some slack the poor girl has been imprisoned, lied to, used as a bait, almost chocked to death by a psychopathic plant, nearly drowned and died and she just lost her family and friends and her whole life basically bc the people she trusted betrayed her in the worst way possible


At this point I have to assume that even the book is frustrated that Syaoran isn’t getting it and is just fast-forwarding out of sheer spite. 

I can’t decide if I’m surprised that Syaoran can figure out how the SPONTANEOUS MAGIC BOOK HE HAS NEVER SEEN BEFORE works after only seeing it work twice but can’t figure out who the people in front of him are even after hearing an entire conversation. 

But I AM surprised that Baby Kurogane manages to get EVEN CUTER WITH EVERY PASSING PANEL OH MY GOD.