Reading Problem #1:

When all the books on your enormous to be read pile look fantastic and you can’t focus properly on the one you’re currently reading because you start to panic that you will never find time to read all the books and then you just end up going on tumblr instead, but then you find even more books you want to read. 

Do u ever see a book and think,
‘your so beautiful,’
But then realise you have no money so you give it a loving glance, brush your fingers over it and whisper,
'I’ll be back for you my love,’

well since you all think this is nothing to be ashamed of, I’m going to brag:

I almost did this post in the format of a shoplifting blog and then I thought better of it so. Obviously, all of my books are paid for. Legally. Proudly. I love my books. Take a look!

Starting small: some childhood favorites (except the middle one, which is just by a children’s author I adore)

Some great adventuring and swashbuckling - adding to and finishing up a couple favorite series:

Brian Jacques. Always.

The Invention of Hugo Cabret and Wonder Struck. ^_^

I now own the entire Squire’s Tale series! *squee* If you have never read these books, please don’t let the awful cover art fool you. They. Are. Amazing. I flippin love these Arthurian retellings. (Also, please do not confuse Gerald Morris with Gilbert Morris. Gerald’s writing is better. Just my two cents.)

Christian Fiction of the type that is actually worth reading: The Warden and the Wolf King is a gift for a friend, since I already own the whole series myself. XD I still do have a soft spot for Donita K Paul. And Andrew Klavan is phenomenal. Crazy Dangerous is a little freaky for my tastes, but the ending is excellent.

Aaaaaaaaaand, saving the best for last!

NOT ONE BUT TWO BRANDON SANDERSON NOVELS!!! My sister found Firefight for me, she already owns a copy. ^_^ *squee*

That’s it for the books. I have some other non-book finds too. I’ll brag about them in another post. But here’s the whole haul:

Cost to moi? About $50. The two Brandon Sanderson novels alone would be that much new. Score!

I just found paradise and it's a used bookstore in rural Vermont

Okay, so while I was visiting relatives and checking out a college in Vermont, I came across this place.

Looked promising from the outside. The books on the shelf to the right of the door were free. And then I stepped inside.




What was behind this chained-off space? A portal to another dimension?

And what was behind this door????

Found this cute little box of books right next to the entrance.

^^^ And this was just really goddamn cool.