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Rolling around at the speed of sound-

I redrew Mae as Jacksepticeye because I wanted to try and get a bit more comfortable with the style 

So this is more of an edit instead of a piece of art :D




REDRAW OF THE TWO BEST BOYS (or is just a draw bc there’s no colour in the orig.. ANYWAYS) i had . way 2 much fun w this

gio gio giovanna!!

cropped this MOB-U out and colored him in to use as icon bc hes like the fav mob Ive ever drawn 

feel free to use if you want to


exCUSE ME TUMBLR this should show in the serirei tag like fuck you
im reposting to fix that glitch and extend my offering to all the others starved for serirei stuff

but yea still doing these for sorta counterbalancing/celebrating my fic

so that this isn’t too empty a repost, have a serirei-feelsy song i listened to while drawing:

And I love that here you live with me
Gives me the greatest peace I’ve ever known
‘Cause I’ve been too long a lonely man
Yes, I’ve been too long a rolling stone

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anonymous asked:

Connor kenway relationship headcanons? I love your blog❤️

Ahhhhh, thank you!!

Alright so I have a lot of feelings about this man
—He will literally just engulf you in his arms if you ever fall asleep with/near him. You can not escape.
—The heat he emits is unreal. Like, in winter you don’t need a blanket no matter how cold it is, it is incredible. Summer is less enjoyable though.
—If anyone ever-ever-makes you noticeably upset or uncomfortable, all it takes is a look and you’ll probably never see them again.
—He’ll call you so many pet names in his native language, but probably keeps most of the meanings to himself (especially if you’re tiny)
—This man is so weak for your puppy eyes. Like, even if they’re not very convincing, he caves so easily.
—If you ever get sick, he will coddle you to the point that it’s almost infuriating.
—Do not doubt the power of his own puppy eyes, because if you do it’s already too late, you are doomed.
—Its nearly impossible to argue with him, because he’s practically the perfect boyfriend (totally husband material). The only thing that would probably cause an argument would be worrying for each others’ safety.
—DO. NOT. CRY. He is so confused, but he tries to be so helpful. Most of the time it works, but he gets so upset when he sees you cry.
—He’s so good with kids and animals and it’s the most heartwarming thing.
—I totally headcanon he brings stray animals home all the time.
—Your family loves him almost instantly and you’re really surprised, because how?
—Like, you walk into your family’s home expecting glares from your father/mother/siblings/whoever, but they practically immediately warm up to him.
—He’s so sweet and he loves you so much, he would do anything for you.

Tabby my darling, please forgive this yoongi loving, puddle sinner. I was feeling some type of way hahah but I toned it down some~~

I tried to use your color palette (bc i love it) but it didn’t come out that good…