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Someone on my dash just said they “can’t imagine” GRRM writing Jon and Dany having sex and lmao, he already did.

Lying abed in her narrow bunk, she found herself wondering how it would be to have a man squeezed in beside her in place of her handmaid, and the thought was more exciting than it should have been. Sometimes she would close her eyes and dream of him, but it was never Jorah Mormont she dreamed of; her lover was always younger and more comely, though his face remained a shifting shadow. (Daenerys II, ASOS)

And then made a callback to it later on.

“Every man who walks the earth casts a shadow on the world. Some are thin and weak, others long and dark. You should look behind you, Lord Snow. The moon has kissed you and etched your shadow upon the ice twenty feet tall.” (Jon VI, ADWD)


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“That is going to suck. […] Trust me. I know girls I can converse with who are way more annoying. I will take ‘tinkles’ over ‘we need to talk’ every time.”

requested by @harryspaceshipmchale !! (I kinda decided against my own idea and just went wholly with yours lol)

Oh joy. Just had to deal with an hour long meltdown from my anxiety-ridden youngest. We had a great night solving puzzles at the museum and swimming at the YMCA, but we had a fight because he refused to walk his dog then threw a paper at me. Which, yeah… I don’t deal well with acts of aggression, so I sent him to his room so we could both cool our tempers… where he promptly skyped his dad to complain about me… which led to his dad saying something about taking me to court so they could live with him.

Holy panic attack, Batman. Q freaked the fuck out about ten minutes after he hung up. He doesn’t even want to spend a weekend with his dad, let alone live with him. His dad is physically aggressive and short tempered and lacks predictable discipline strategies. He yells all the time. We’ve had conversations, the three of us, about how scared Q gets when my ex loses his temper, and how it makes him not ever want to visit. My ex is almost six feet tall, 350 pounds, and terrifying to my little 10 year old.


We talked, and I calmed him down, and Q decided he’s going to stop complaining to his dad and start writing in his journal instead. I told him that’s fine, though he could call Grandma too if he wanted to vent. Which, everyone vents about their parents, so it’s fine. I told him I’m not mad, and if he actually wants to live with his Dad, I would not be mad about that either. But he said the kid equivalent of hell no, and that was that.

Sheesh. Parenting.

a bachelor au where the star’s best friend is cast as one of the contestants. maybe the bff is secretly in love and signed up without telling bff or maybe the star is secretly in love and begged the bff to sign up. maybe it was a production mishap. either way, the two decide that that the bff will act as a spy and help the star to choose a winner. but then it gets down to the final few contestants and there’s no avoiding it- the star wants to choose their bff… so they do.



I’m bringing this back

We’ve all see this image so many times but I keep coming back to it? I think it’s my favourite canon picture of Yuuri and Viktor. 

It’s just so pure??? 

The way Yuuri has his eyes closed, symbolising such relaxed trust. 

The soft glow of the lighting 

The slight blush on Yuuri’s cheeks, and the soft smile 

Viktor’s obvious gentle and precise attention to Yuuri’s hair

Just the way Viktor is looking at him? With such pure love and affection? I can literally imagine him thinking ‘this man is my forever’ 

Long story short, this makes me incredibly emotional. 

namseok’s newlywed life

namjoon: i asked you to marry me…
hoseok: haha
namjoon: so would you like me to feed you some of my food?
hoseok: hahah it looks so delicious!!!
namjoon: right?!?!
hoseok: mmm! [caption: j-hope, he’s waiting to be fed too]
namjoon: shouldn’t i get something back?
hoseok: hahaha! what would you like to eat? would you like to drink my coffee?
namjoon: no~ no~
hoseok: then what?
yoongi: you have to feed, you have to feed him!
namjoon: wouldn’t it be good if you gave me something healthy/for well-being?
hoseok: well-being? 
namjoon: mhmm
hoseok: i really don’t know…
namjoon: you don’t, really? ok, well coffee is good 
hoseok: [realizes] oh, it’s the same thing!!!!
hoseok: success? dingdong! 

& (trans by me)

this is a WIP for this garbage trash im making with an almost 10 year old meme because I think the idea of Riku  getting really upset about the concept of sand and absurd large amounts of it  (anakin skywalker style) is that funny