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Carrie having sex with Quinn who isn't so mobile as of right now would be revolutionary and very sweet for people like myself who aren't able-bodied. I hope Mr. Gansa allows Quinn to be loved regardless of his physical limitations.

Exactly! And it better be “I’m so freaking hot for you” sex so we don’t get the negative nellies calling it pity sex!

do any of you other asexuals call someone hot and then regret it because people will think it’s sexual but you really just meant that they’re a step up from cute in the aesthetic attraction department? because you both don’t mean “hot” the same way??

Don't just eat her out. Kiss her pussy lips, suck her clit, slurp her juices up, finger fuck her till she drip and make her body shiver while you make that pussy quiver. And when she screams, lick her all over while she creams
Hickeys (Smut)

Request: Can you do a smut where you wake up next to shawn after a hot night and he wakes you up with hickeys and morning sex ? (Obviously you gave him consent to wake you up like this before haha) ?

Word Count: 1,773


I felt the sunlight from the window burn into my skin. Whenever Shawn was the last one to go to bed, he always forgot shutting the curtains. It never woke him up when the room started to become light, but it always ended up pulling me out of my sleep.

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