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We found her hanging out around our house in Kitchener/Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) and she kept on meowing at our window. We’re feeding her and have two other cats and everything needed to take care of her, and shes a really nice cat, but I’m guessing she belongs to someone else.

So if you’ve lost a cat or know someone whose lost a cat that looks like this one (and are somewhere in the area) then please message me!

Note: I’m not sure that this cat is a she, and the collar we added because she didn’t have one

appreciation post for trees (live)

as soon as you hear the first few notes, it starts. the cries of thanks belong to worn out individuals in the crowd, and you can hear by the desperation in their cracked voices that the “you saved me”s and “i love you”s are raw and genuine. when tyler starts to sing, there’s no screaming or shouting. everybody is singing in unison and the voices of the people around you fill up and echo through the entire venue, sending chills through your body. if you close your eyes you might just be able to evaporate into the sound. the words are drawn out and they slightly run into one another but it doesn’t matter because you’re all here together, not merely existing, but alive. before you know it, tyler and josh are on the crowd, and everybody is giving them all the energy they have left, and you suddenly feel okay. for a rare moment, you’re thankful that everything that has happened to you has led you to this moment. when the show is over and you’re stumbling out of the venue hand in hand with your friend, your throat is sore, your ears are ringing and your vision is slightly blurry, but your heart is bursting with everything you haven’t felt in a long while.

in the words of tyler himself, “this is music. this is why we’re here. this is why we stayed alive.”


a few klances and a klunk i never finished

  • Montparnasse: If I could write you poetry I would. But I can't. So here, have this 16th century leather bound handwritten book by a bunch of dead poets instead
  • Jehan: This is so romantic and beautiful. I'm going to show it off to everybody!
  • Montparnasse: Yeah don't do that I stole it from a museum and for some reason they're pretty pissed about it.