so. damn. excited

// So my cosplay is officially finished, but it may be a day or so before I post pictures — it was such a nightmare I’m having a hard time wanting to look at it at the moment.

I haven’t kept up with progress pictures on here, but you can find them on my !nsta/gram account (@heavymetalrobot)

It’s hard to believe here in a few days I’ll be standing next to some of the most beautiful people on this planet…

Before the ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’ trailer was released everybody seemed (and still seems) like “OMG the new Jeagers! The Jaegers! Omgomgomg!”

And I was (am) just like “OMG Newt and Hermann! Newt and Hermann! Newmann! Omgomgomg!!”

Don’t get me wrong. I’m excited for the new Jaegers as well but that’s nothing compared to my Newt and Hermann and Newmann feels. And I know there’re a lot of people who feel the same but sometimes I’m just like

“Wow, everybody is so excited for the Jaegers and I’m just so damn hyped and excited for these two scientists who love each other way more than they want to admit. Is that crazy..? Maybe it is.. Naah, I don’t care!”


Specifically for Overwatch over the past year we’ve been really cognizant of that, trying not to oversexualize the female characters. We want that to be part of who we are, what our brand is. It’s something we’re very cognizant of. We want girls to feel kick-butt. Equally represented.

–  Chris Metzen,  Blizzard Entertainment.