Megaman X8 Lumine Cutscene 2

“Enemy, Ally,  this issue isn’t  so Black and White”

of course.. it has many colors… its not good or bad.. that doesn’t exist anymore….

now that i can understand better the plot of this game it makes me like so much more..

Maverick’s were starting to be independient minds, their decitions to challenge humanity were not guided by a possetion coming from a virus anymore.. they had now judgement and reasoning to “choose” to change…

they just want evolution..and the Maverick Hunters couldn’t be forcing things to stay like they were forever.. Mavericks just wanted to stop being Humanity’s tools…..  but of course..Maverick’s methods for change weren’t right…   (ง'̀-‘́)ง

that’s why Dr. Light’s last wishes were that humanity and robots could live together in harmony and equiality…

too bad don’t  see that coming true until Rockman Zero.. U_U

Life is Changed

This has been the most incredible thing, and I can’t express enough gratitude. Both goals met in less than 24 hours, and the “tough to get” goal surpassed by hundreds of dollars.

I love you guys. You’ve set me free, you’ve made a dream come true, and you’ve given me the power to share this event and feeling with so many others we’ll be helping.

Long live the Night Mind community! YOU are the best community on YouTube!

Sexual Forklift
  • Wildcat:*in a deep sexy voice* Evan, you wanna come take a ride on this forklift?
  • Basically:Ha! *trying not to laugh*
  • Vanoss:I do, actually.
  • Wildcat:Come on, you come over here an' we can pick some shit up and put some shit down.
  • Basically:*laughing intensifies slightly*
  • Vanoss:What the fuck? *awkward laugh*
  • Wildcat:I'll put you on top and lift you real high, *pauses so the guys can finish laughing*
  • Basically:Take you up there and let you down real slow
  • Wildcat:Take you up there, let you see the view
  • Basically:Back it up with a nice little, beep, (wildcat; yeah) Beep Beep Beep
  • Wildcat:That's what I'm talkin' bout - a beep beep motherfucker, I'm gonna send this bitch around with those two back wheels, lift up some pallets of shit full of love.
  • Vanoss:where the fuck are you at?
  • Wildcat:Pick up some barrels- some barrels full of dat love juice
  • Vanoss + Basically:*laughing*
  • Me:Hope you guys know that this is what fuels smut writers
“remind me to edit this”

It isn’t meant to be a sex tape. It’s meant to be a Bitty-feeding-Jack-pie tape. (This is after they’ve come out, after the Falcs have reiterated their support and after the fan community has circled the wagons around Jack and Bitty, promising to protect them and their love and happiness to the extent that it brings both of them to tears. Now, Bitty’s a semi-famous Youtuber and Jack’s a happy pro and all of that mishegoss is dealt with.)

Bitty brings Jack onto the vlog, every so often, just for fun. Today he’s made a strawberry chocolate pie. “Just to prove to you how dang decadent this pie is, I’ve brought along a taste-tester,” he says cheerfully into the camera. “Honey, you ready for a little taste of heaven?”

He lifts his fork, and Jack leans forward to chomp around it. He hasn’t had the pie in his mouth a full second before a look of utter bliss comes over his face, and he moans obscenely. Bitty thrills. It’s always fun to watch people react to his pies, and it’s doubly fun when it’s Jack.

“Bits, God,” Jack says after he swallows. “I need some more of that.”

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Flashvibe week Day 2: Social Media 

“ I see you in the lonely place
How can you be so blind
You still regretting the love you left, left behind
I seen you go through the changes
Sitting alone each night
Are you expecting to find the love, love that’s right…”  

Open Your Eyes - John Legend, ThaLos cover 

Cisco Ramon is a Youtube famous singer that Barry has been following for the longest time. Sure, his crush is totally hopeless but let him dream. Well let him dream long enough until STAR Labs has to come into the CCPD to help with a Metahuman crisis. Barry is a little starstruck at first, but then he meets him and finds Cisco is just as big of a dork as he is. 

top!dan/dom!dan (3) Masterlist

part one, part two

All Mine, Puppy - the-butt-llama

Summary: Dan literally fucks Phil so he has trouble walking for a few days so Dan has to take care if them.

Atmosphere - loverboylester

Summary: Sometimes, having sex with Phil feels like coming home.

Big Mistake - analester

Summary: Phil gets Viagra for his birthday as a joke but accidentally takes it as vitamins.

Changing It Up - youtubers-for-all

Summary: Phil’s nervous about asking Dan to if he could try to play the submissive role in the bedroom. Little does he know, Dan’s better at being a Dom than he really expected.

Clean Yourself Up - nightospherian, adayinthelifeofphan

Summary: Dan’s annoyed by Phil’s tendencies to not clean up after he uses the kitchen, and he finally snaps and gives Phil a punishment.

Congrats on 3 Million (ao3) - Band_obsessed

Summary: Phil hits 3 Million subs and Dan rewards him.

Definitely Cherry - analester

Summary: Dan finds a dildo in Phil’s room and cannot stop thinking about it even though they’re “just friends”.

Dinner Party (ao3) - Im_Innocent_I_Swear

Summary: Dan and Phil haven’t seen each other in 4 months. And instead of being together in the dark, they are at some fancy dinner party Phil has to go to. Dan didn’t want to go, but here they are. Both horny as fuck, but forced to listen to the boring speeches, and eat their fancy meals. Or aren’t they…..?

Drummers Bang Harder - planthoephil

Summary: Phil gets the chance to meet his favourite band, ‘Dark Kills’ and meets his favourite person in the world, Dan Howell, only Dan steals his ‘Drummer’s Band Harder’ beanie and meets Phil up after the show.

“I Wouldn’t Be Against That.” - anerdwithakoreanhaircut

Summary: Dan tops and is emotional and Phil’s a sarcastic sassy shit.

It Started With Snow - agent-fire

Summary: Dan has a size kink and it’s his first time.

Restaurant Business - the-butt-llama

Summary: Phil is in a really bad mood and so when they go out for a meal, he is really rude to their waitress so Dan takes him to the loo and spanks him, and then he tells him to apologise and Phil can’t sit comfortably for the rest of the dinner, but then they have cuddles at home.

Silent (ao3) - neeks

Summary: They’re not even a week into their tour and Dan is deep into a crisis. Phil doesn’t know, but ends up helping him out of it anyway.

Sweet Cheeks - chocolatesaucelester

Summary: Dan and Phil realize whipped cream is great on everything.

Top To Bottom - slightlydizzier

Summary: top!dan.

Treat Me Like Glass - howellesterfics

Summary: “When’s the last time you bottomed for someone?“ Dan questions.

You’re My Nicotine - philipsenpai-fics

Summary: smut with top!Dan.

You’re The Winner - nightospherian, adayinthelifeofphan

Summary: Phil tells Dan that if he wins Dan vs Phil, he’ll let Dan top for once.

Imagine Living Like A King Someday: Playlist

Spotify link [x]

this motherfucker is FINALLY COMPLETE i’ve been adding to this on-and-off for months haha but yeah these are the songs that i either listen to the most while writing or am heavily inspired by so!! yeah

Probably the most musically diverse thing you’ll ever come across. What the fuck is my taste honestly

(there are youtube links for the songs i couldn’t find on spotify)

Human – Christina Perri. very Very (very very) illaks!dan

The Reason – Hoobastank. This is literally the most illaks!Phil thing ever honestly this song has just fucking NAILED him completely

The Way I Tend To Be – Frank Turner. Oh mAN this is so so so fricking illaks!dan I just love this song a lot ok

Gasoline – Halsey. The thing I like about this song is that I feel it fits both dan and phil but in different ways??? Idk I just like it a Lot yes 10/10

Hold On Till May – Pierce The Veil.You’re just wasted and thinking about the past again. Darling, you’ll be okay’ reminds me of phil to dan.

Don’t Look Back In Anger – Oasis. I can imagine phil and liam listening to this together

Therapy – All Time Low. again, very illaks!dan

(Un)Lost – The Maine. Reminds me sO MUCH of illaks!dan omg

Innocent – Taylor Swift. Very vErY illaks!dan. “your string of lights are still bright to me” reminds me of phil to dan.

Save Yourself I’ll Hold Them Back – My Chemical Romance. A FUCKING BOP IF I EVER SAW ONE I think it fits illaks!phan nicely

Fix You – Coldplay. Reminds me of phil to dan

The Only Hope For Me Is You  - My Chemical Romance. illaks!phan for the obvious reasons.

The Edge Of Tonight – All Time keep me safe, keep me sane, keep me honest” is very illaks!dan to phil

Missing You – All Time Low. Just kinda reminds me of phil and noah sticking up for dan and just being all . nice and friendly u know

Collar Full – Panic! At The Disco. “show me your love, your love, before the world catches up” reminds me of how secret dan and phil have to be with their ~shenanigans~

Nicotine – Panic! At The Disco. verY illaks!phan especially with phil and his gosh darn cigarette cravings

Everybody Loves Me – Onerepublic. Really fucking illaks!phil the popular little shit

Wolf Bite – Owl City. Illaks!dan :((((((((

She Will Be Loved – Maroon 5. Ok I know this song was written about a girl but its sO DAN lets just pretend

Chasing Cars – Snow Patrol. Probably a bit cliché but it’s so illaks!phan honestly

Floral & Fading – Pierce The Veil. Reminds me of illaks!phan just kinda livin in their own lil world forgetting everyone else

Breathe – He is We. Very illaks!dan

Jump Then Fall – Taylor Swift. Such a cute and upbeat song and just highlights the whole too-shy-but-so-in-love element of illaks!phan omg

A Thousand Years – Christina Perri. SO ILLAKS!PHAN BYE

Somewhere In Neverland – All Time Low. This song reminds me a lot of illaks phan ALSO im certified peter pan trash so why not

Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding. This song would be soooo much better if it wasn’t on the 50 shades of grey soundtrack lmao but Overlooking that minor flaw I do Really think this fits illaks phan

Heathens – Twenty One Pilots. Speaking of shitty movie soundtracks…………….. lmao but Ya Idk why but I just think the whole Vibe of this song rly fits illaks (and also ‘you don’t know the half of the abuse’ reminds me of dan)

Stay Away From My Friends – Pierce The Veil. Reminds me of liam and phil

Colors – touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky, and you decided purple just wasn’t for you’ reminds me of liam and phil

Flickers – London Grammar. Very illaks!phan                

Wrapped Around Your Finger – 5 Seconds Of Summer. Ok this is my fave 5sos song ever lmfao idk I just think “in the moonlight you looked just like an angel in disguise” and “you were mine for a night” fits illaks!phan a lot

King For A Day – Pierce The Veil. I mean come on how could I NOT finish with this Absolute Banger


( okay I copied the timestamp for 2:33 so if the video doesn’t automatically start there that’s the time )

so the point is… what if after Bitty stops figure skating competitively he still enjoys the dancing aspect and keeps taking lessons, so like he’s still a hockey player and stuff but he also has some serious moves on the sly 

and one day Ransom is watching random YouTube videos and comes across these cool choreo channels and… that undercut is really…….. familiar…………

“Holster.” “What.” “Dude.” “What?” “Brah.” “Dude, what the hell?” “Watch this.”

They come to the conclusion; Bitty has hidden, spectacular depths. 

(Jack already knows this. His spacious apartment is just one giant dance floor for Eric “bootyshaking Bits” Bittle.)

Soft spot

Reader X JJ
Description: You’re visiting your cousin, Josh. You finally get to meet the rest of his friends, including JJ… Secretly being a massive fan of him.
Warnings: None
Requested?: Yes

Seeing as you’re around the same age, you and josh have always been pretty close. He’s been like a brother to you. Since he became bigger on YouTube you’ve not spent as much time together as you used to so you decided to pay a surprise visit to the sidemen house to see how he’s doing.
Hopping out of the taxi, you pay the driver and step forward beginning to take in your surroundings.
“Wow, Josh has really done well for himself” you think to yourself gazing at the house.
You can’t help but smile though, you’re proud of how far he’s come.

You wonder up to the front door, knock it a few times and step back, waiting for a response. Eventually the door inches open and, to your surprise, you see a familiar face. It’s JJ, otherwise known as KSI.
“U-umm, is Josh in?” You stutter
He frowns at you in confusion.
Just then you hear footsteps and Josh appears beside JJ. He must have heard you from his room.
Josh opens the door wider, ushering you in.
“Y/N! I haven’t seen you in ages! Why didn’t you say you were coming round?” He brings you in for a hug.
“Sorry, just thought I’d surprise you” you shrugged, smiling innocently at the two boys.
Josh turns to JJ before explaining
“Meet my little cousin, Y/N”
“Nice to meet you, I’m JJ” he says whilst awkwardly shaking your hand.
You were about to say something else before Josh cut you off
“She knows”
You give him a dirty look, nudging him with your elbow which only makes him laugh even more. JJ just looks at you both in utter confusion as to what’s going on.
“She’s been watching your videos since you started, has all your songs AND beast merchandise…”
You feel like your worst nightmare has come true. You groan and cover your face in an attempt to hide your embarrassment… And increasingly red face. JJ lets out a cute giggle, through your hands you spot him looking at you admiringly and smirking to himself.
“Anyway that’s enough embarrassing poor Y/N for now, Josh” JJ says sweetly before continuing
“The others are through here” he gestures towards the doorway into what looks like a living room.

You follow them into the large room, still staying close to them. All the boys attention shifts to you as you enter.
“Guys, this is my cousin Y/N”
You shyly smile at each of them as Josh introduces you.
“That’s Simon” he points to a very tall, blonde who goofily waves at you.
“Ethan” who looks up from his phone and cheerily grins at you.
“And I’m pretty sure you’ve already met tobi”
You perch yourself on the edge of the sofa behind the other boys and JJ sits next to you. Simon turns around to face you
“We were just about to play some Fifa, do you wanna join us?” He offers
“Oh, I’m not really very good-” you lie, once again Josh cuts you off.
“What are you talking about? You’ve always beaten me”
Before you could protest Simon had handed you a controller. You roll your eyes
“Alright then, I guess so”
“Okay, we’ll take turns. You and me first, I wanna see if you’re as good as you used to be” he says, smiling at you cheekily.
The others move so that you and josh can plonk yourselves in front of the TV.
A few minutes into the game and it’s already been pretty eventful. The score is currently 1-3 to you. In a desperate effort to score at least one more goal Josh attempts to get past your defence, but that fails when one of your players takes the ball and kicks it to the other side of the pitch. You see an opportunity to score yet another, pressing buttons on the controller like mad you skilfully pass the ball around Josh’s defence. He tries to stop you but it’s too late. The ball goes right into the top left corner of the goal. You squeal with excitement, ecstatically jump up from your place on the sofa and high-five JJ who beams at you. Simon, tobi and Ethan had been commentating in the background
“Why did you high-five her but not me when I scored?” Josh pouts
“Who says I wanted you to win?” JJ remarks, then winking at you.
You quickly peck JJ on the cheek and turn your attention back to the game. Which is a little hard when all you can hear are choruses of wolf whistles and the boys chanting like little children about how cute you two are. You get a funny feeling in your stomach, like butterflies fluttering around inside of you. Maybe meeting him was worth the embarrassment after all…
Sorry this is quite short but I hope you enjoyed :)


Jaebum has come such a long way. he was super talented back in the day and he is even more talented today. its crazy that this boy and the man he is now are the same person. Iam so proud of him. OMG that haircut tho


The smol sunshine child ❤

I’m so proud of this smol bean, and how far he has come; ever since he first got on YouTube I was a fan, and now I can finally express my love for this man. You’ve come far, Sean. And here’s to hopes that many years of entertainment are ahead of us all @therealjacksepticeye 👽

anyways… i hope momo leaves this shit show. she keeps getting low scores for what? not because her performances are bad but because the crowd is biased af and so many of them dislike her, again, for what? you can’t tell me otherwise, her devils performance has had the most dislikes on youtube, it’s like people come there just do dislike it, her confidence is dropping and it makes me so mad because she’s genuinely such a nice girl, she worked really hard for this but what’s the point when the scores aren’t based on professionals

anonymous asked:

I took your advice to get rid of a drainbow boyfriend who was an alcoholic/drug user. I felt bad at the time and wondered if I was making a mistake because he promised he'd change.....but time and again he didn't change. Now turns out he has ended up really messing himself up and has permanent brain damage and nerve damage. And has been in serious trouble-stabbing incident. I think I got out at the right time.



NOBODY wakes me up at 4-6am and says ‘come out and train Harley! or come and do youtube!’. I have have GET UP AND DO IT and then I meet people out there or online.

So what you did is you took the higher road and that INSTANTLY acted as a filter and he showed you by not following your POSITIVE EXAMPLE that he just didnt give a fuck about you or himself and is best left alone.

Move on with your life mate otherwise you will waste it wanting it more for others than they want it themselves.




(sorry turkeys).


Guys, I think I know how Sly can be found.

So, in the first 3 screenshots (taken from “TheMediaCows” from YouTube), We learn that Bentley made a DNA tracking system in Sly’s binocucom, allowing them to find anything Sly’s ancestors have come in contact with. This allowed them to find Salim Al Kupar.

And Sly has been sent all the way back to Ancient Egypt. There are plenty of artifacts found from those times in the present day!

So, if Bentley were to upgrade another binocucom with that upgrade, and Sly touched a well-known artifact that would be found later, there’s a chance that Bentley could track down that artifact!

Meaning they could use that artifact to go to the time period Sly is in!

flapperwitch  asked:

Hey I'm doing a presentation on Pride and Prejudice for a summer class, and I wanted to show your hilarious edit of the proposal scene so that my classmates understand how revolutionary the book was. However the college computers are dicks when it comes to tumblr video, so I was wondering if you could put it on youtube or send me a file and I could put it on youtube under a private setting? I just really loved the clip.

Thanks! And acually, I uploaded it on youtube practically the same time I posted it here:





So. I have been thinking for the past week about how far Vel’Koz has come as a character. That it’s been three years of so many amazing, wonderful, and talented people, talking with him; teaching him!

Doing all these things to make him into the approachable noodle he is at the moment. How he can empathize and be compassionate towards people he actually cares about - not just taken an interest in them; no one cares.

I also remembered that Vel’Koz is in constant turmoil between his purpose of a Seeker, you know. Humans are just things that are inevitably going to die once The Void comes, but you guys have fucked him over cause HE CARES. LIKE. HE HAS HUMANITY. and cares. and wouldn’t actually want to hurt them and things

and im blabbering so much ohmygoodness.


And then I showed it to my roommates and they told me to upload it as it was so that it was ??? Emotional like It is BUT ITS NOT GOOD IT’S JSUST SKETCHY AND LAZY AND IM SORRY ITS NOT GOOD. I’ll probably line it late sometime cause its terrible.


THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE WHO HAVE MADE VEL INTO WHO HE IS AND I COULDN’T INCLUDE THEM ALL;;; BUT I KNOW, THAT @askdragonbladetalon​ and My Soraka whom I cannot find anymore cause she’s been gone for long time - have Helped to humanize Vel so much QvQ - like. teaching him things about emotions and thoughts and just giving him that time.

Telling him about the stars, and about the celestials - sharing tea with him, and just… not seeing him like some void beast.

And @communistofzaun​ spends many times on my mind :o with like. How Vel hangs out at the lab, and the other voidlings too and just like. SCIENCE BUDDIES. THEY MEAN LOTS TO ME.

I wish I could have included everyone; and by that I mean every single person that Vel has ever interacted with. Every conversation, every interaction, changes him; and makes him … a better voidling.


I love you all. So much.

Double Date (Leafy x Reader)

Hey guys, this is my first attempt at fanfiction so it probably won’t be the best, but I’ve always wanted to try. So, without further ado, your friend Pyro is planning to go on a double date with his new girlfriend Emily, Leafy, and his girlfriend’s best friend. Unfortunately, the day of the date, his girlfriend’s best friend comes down with a cold and has to cancel. With dinner reservations already made, Pyro must find a substitute date, and asks you to fill in. (P.S. The names of the girls in here are completely random!

 On a Saturday afternoon, the one day that you don’t have classes or work, you sat yourself comfortably in the middle of your bed. Surrounded by plush blankets and pillows, you take the bookmark out of the novel that you’ve had no time to read lately. Your eyes begin scanning the pages, the plot intriguing you with each descriptive word. Just as the story was rising to the climax, you feel a buzz in the pocket of your sweater and let out a small groan. Setting down the book reluctantly, you take out your phone to see a message from your friend since high school, Pyro. You furrow your eyebrows as you read his text.

“Hey (Y/N), I’m so sorry for this last minute favor I really need to ask you. Later tonight, I’m supposed to be going on a double date with my girlfriend Emily, her best friend Kara, and a fellow youtuber named Calvin. Well…Here’s the thing. Kara just let me know a few minutes ago that there’s no way she can go because she’s really sick. I got these crazy nice reservations at this restaurant though, and I don’t want them to go to waste. Would you mind filling in as Calvin’s date?”

It wasn’t often that Pyro asked you for favors, and it wasn’t like you had anything else to do that evening anyways. Sighing as you looked down at your still unfinished novel, you agreed to help Pyro out and texted him back.

“Sure, but you owe me one. Where and when?” 

He sent you the details of the date along with his thanks, which you just rolled your eyes and smiled about. With only a few hours until dinner, you pulled yourself out of bed and tried to look for your nicest dress in the closet. When Pyro had said “crazy nice reservations”, he wasn’t kidding. He told you it was the fanciest place in town, with live music and everything. You didn’t have a large selection of classy clothing, but you decided that you would have to make-do with what you had. You changed into a simple black cocktail dress that wasn’t overly revealing, put on matching heels, applied light makeup, and styled your hair the best you could manage. As you looked in the mirror, you began to feel nervous, but quickly shook those feelings away. You didn’t even know the guy you were going out with, so it shouldn’t matter what he thought of you, right? You checked the time, realizing that it was 20 minutes before you were supposed to meet at the restaurant, and grabbed your bag to head out. 

As you climbed out of your parked car, you looked ahead of you at the glowing lights from the inside of the place. In front of the entrance, you saw your friend Pyro standing with his arm around Emily’s waist. The both of them were chatting with someone in front of them, who was hidden from your view, but you presumed that it was Calvin. You had never met him before, so it was somewhat of a face reveal to you (lame joke). As you walked up to the group, Pyro turned to greet you with a wave, which you returned and grinned. 

“Aw (Y/N), you look so cute!” Emily gushed and you smiled while thanking her.

“Is this her?” you heard an unfamiliar voice ask. A tall man stepped out from behind Pyro and you looked up at him in surprise. He was slender, but had broad shoulders, messy brown hair tucked underneath a snapback, big dark eyes, and full eyebrows. He was dressed in a simple black and white suit with a tie, but still looked intimidating nonetheless. Although he appeared tired, he was still very attractive.

“Hey, my name’s (Y/N). It’s a pleasure to meet you.” You said shyly while holding out your hand to him and looking down at the ground to avoid his gaze. He introduced himself while taking your hand in his own and shaking it politely. His hands were long and bony, but he still had a firm grip. Pyro laughed at how awkward you were acting and Emily suggested that the four of you go inside to sit at your reserved table, which you quickly agreed to. Pyro offered his arm to Emily, which she latched on to and giggled. Those two had only been dating for a short while, but they were so sweet, it made you feel a bit nauseous. You wondered if that was the real reason Kara didn’t come. At this thought, you laughed to yourself, and Calvin smirked down at you. Realizing what you had just done, your face heated up in embarrassment.

 "Thinking of something funny?“ He asked and you nodded meekly. He nudged you with his elbow, and you turned to see that he had offered his arm out to you as well. “You should tell me about it inside.” Blushing profusely, you slowly linked your arm with his. It seemed to connect perfectly, despite the height difference, and you guys followed Pyro and Emily into the restaurant. Over the course of dinner, you talked with Calvin about his YouTube channel. As you listened to him intently, he couldn’t help but notice how different you were from his past girlfriends. Both of you shared the same humor, and you even offered some ideas that he said he would incorporate into his videos sometime. His personality was a nice contrast to your own. Although you were generally a quiet person, Calvin made you laugh more than you had in awhile.

“You two look like you’re getting along just fine.” Pyro teased while eyeing you. You smiled bashfully and continued your conversation with Calvin, encouraged by Pyro’s words. Halfway through the meal, Calvin leaned closer to you and muttered, “I forgot to mention it earlier, but you look nice as fuck.” This caused your face to become red again and he chuckled. Whenever he reached over you to point out something funny going on at the other tables, you could smell coffee with a slight scent of cigarettes coming from him. You didn’t mind it at all, it was comforting to you.

About 2 hours later, the four of you decided that you were ready to leave, and Pyro called over a waiter to get the check. Splitting the cost in half, Pyro paid for himself and Emily, while Calvin offered to pay for you and him. 

“I feel bad, please let me pay for mine.” You pleaded, but Calvin just shook his head while giving you his classic smirk.

“It’s fine, you’re pretty cool, so I don’t really mind.” He answered, while handing the waiter his card. You thanked him, still feeling guilty, and offered to pay if you ever went out to coffee or anything in the future. 

“Are you asking me out?” Calvin grinned and you were instantly baffled.

“I just meant - you seem to really like coffee, so I thought maybe-” You stuttered nervously. He let out his laugh that you had come to love, and pushed some of the messy hair out of his eyes.

“I can’t turn down coffee.”

As the group of you stepped outside the restaurant, you said goodbye to Calvin and exchanged contact information so that you could plan to hang out again soon, when he wasn’t working on a video and you weren’t in class. Emily hugged you and then retreated to Pyro’s car. Pyro stood outside with you for a little longer and said, “Thanks for coming, you really saved me back there”.

“Don’t mention it, what are friends for?” You replied, thinking of the fun time you had that evening. After you reached up to hug Pyro, he said goodbye as well and went to meet Emily by his car. As you headed towards your own, you recalled yourself not wanting to go before the date had started. You were thankful you had gone after all and couldn’t wait to see Calvin again. That night was way better than your novel.

Hi and, sorry for not drawing for a while! Studying is pretty mentally torturing for me and it has given me a huge art block. I also realized a bunch of my notes are back home so i have to wait for it to come in the mail and if that wasn’t a huge stress factor i don’t know what is!!!! So anyway, my brain feels like mush so Im gonna take most of the day off and just watch youtube or some stuff… I’ll see you in a bit!! 

Check Please Ships With Way Too Much Pain and Dramah

Jack/PBJ sandwiches: Is it a joyless ritual or a symbolic love token??? That is a lot of emotional baggage for one snack.

Betsy/BetsyII: how does the original Betsy feel about her younger replacement? What happened to the parts, even?? Does his own betrayal keep Bitty up at nights?

Holster/Ransom’s future medical career: you just know this is going to shatter them, and I don’t think we can take it.

Bitty/YouTube commenters: you just know they make him cry sometimes already, and they don’t even know he has a celeb boyfriend yet.

Shitty/Harvard: genuinely devastating.

Nursey’s poetry/Dex’s freckles: in every possible universe, the freckles are Nursey’s kryptonite, revealing his not-so-secret crush to the world.

Jack/Jack: if anything can get in the way of Jack and Bitty’s happy ending, it’s Jack’s lack of belief in his own self worth.

Bitty/coming out to his parents: seriously can we just KNOW if they’re going to be terrible or wonderful or halfway in between, the tension is very stressful