A quick doodle of were!Mccree finding a helpless & passed out young!Hanzo. (damsel in distress)

He likes the smell of this human and decides to take care of him like a good alpha that he is. Also, he rolled Hanzo into a burrito so that he doesn’t get cold.

lol fuc k

  • someone:i don't think we should be applying sexualities to children
  • me:i agree! plots for children and even young teens shouldn't hinge on crushes or love when they're so young, they should-
  • someone:no i mean a kid can't be gay
  • me:stamps "gay" in caps on a child's forehead
chensung!couple au

i have such an awful writer’s block im so sorry i havent written anything im sorry


-these two are so young they dont even know what love means

-they have the best friend type of relationship where you barely know theyre dating

-they dont do ANY type of skinship

-like, chenle always tries to hold jisung’s hand but jisung nOPES OUT OF THERE

-chenle probably tries kissing jisung’s cheek 50 times a day only to have jisung run away screeching

-cue chenle’s “oh my gawd!!11!!11!1!!”

-these two probably have secret dance practices together where they both just fool around for 95% of the time 

-theyre like closeted high school jocks


-”yeah bro”

-”i think i love you man…:”

-”lol that’s gay”

-”lol we’re gay”


-”lol ;)”

-jisung probably asks chenle to sing him to sleep

-he likes calling him at late nights to do so bc chen’s voice is always so soft and quiet and rough at late times

-and he can always tell when chen’s smiling sleepily and jisung’s heart just tightens and he feels like he’s about to die

-but in the best way possible

-theyre literal children who just joke around like kids but there’re those times where everything seems to slow down and all they can see is each other and they both live for those moments

-their dates consist of ice cream and video games aHH

-when jisung is really tired, he’ll rest his head on chenle’s shoulder and that’s like one of the only times he’ll let chen kiss his forehead/cheek


-they don’t feed each other bc awkward™️ but they just eat off of each other’s plates all the time 

-psttt chenle is jisung’s personal cheerleader 


-"pls leave chen”

-cheerleader!chenle x basketball player!jisung

-ok so chenle has a dog right

-and like, when he showed jisung his dog, jisung sCREECHED

-jisung probably likes his dog more than he likes chenle honestly

-one time jisung was running towards chenle and his dog with his arms open like he was gonna hug chenle

-but last second he falls down and hugs his dog instead

-jisung and chen are like the same height ut jisung will go on his toes so he can rest his elbow on chen’s head

-chen finds it cute so it’s ok smh

-excessive use of ‘bro’

-”chen is you say oh my god one more time im going to make u swallow that tree over there”

-”jisung you cant dance battle that pigeon”

-”it was looking at me funny!!”

-one time, chenle sang “you are my destiny” obnoxiously loudly every time jisung walked into the room which made jisung immediately nope out

-jisung likes watching chen perform but he likes seeing chenle practice even more

-he likes seeing the determination light up chenle’s eyes and he likes seeing how concentrated he is

-it’s why he fell in love with this dweeb in the first place

-everybody else found out jisung liked chenle before chenle did

-jisung always had heart eyes whenever he looked at chen and this lil bby was slick about it either

-he spent FOREVER confessing bc he kept thinking chen had a crush on ren or smth

-he ended up trying to get over him

-but he couldnt which made him really sad

-lovesick lil puppy </3

-jisung didnt even confess on purpose

-he like, half confessed

-so like before they were a thing

-chenle noticed how different and weird jisung was acting

-so in the middle of the night, chen snuck into jisung’s bed

-and he knew he was awake bc jisung immediately tensed up


-jisung wanted to d i e 

-”yeah chen?” 

-”what’s wrong?”

-”what do you mean?”

-”well, one, you wont face me and two, you havent been yourself lately”

-jisung didnt know how to respond without his feelings spilling out into a word vomit so he bites his tongue and shuts up

-”sungie, you can tell me what’s wrong-”

-”no, no youll hate me forever and you wont wanna be friends anymore”

-”how could that ever happen? jisung youre one of my best friends-”


-at this point tears are stinging jisung’s eyes and he’s trying to melt into the bed

-”jisung… i care about you so much, why cant you trust me…?”

-”i do trust you and i care about you too but in ways you wont understand”


-”im so fucking in love with you and it hurts so much”

-chen is literally so speechless, he cant talk and jisung takes it as he doesnt wanna be friends anymore

-so jisung chokes out a sorry and he gets out of his bed but chenle finally registers what’s happening and gRABS HIM BACK


-dweebs that do homework together

-whenever they go on dates taeyong and the rest of the chensung protection squad™️ stalks them bUT OUT OF GOOD INTENTIONS ♡ 

-tl;dr the smollest and cutest couple on the block protect them  

New Fever

Several anons and @notgivingafucksince1992  requested Tulip Fever.               GIF is not mine and originally posted by @fychristophwaltz  

It had been over a year now since Sophia had left him for that painter. The pain of her betrayal had faded somewhat over time, but he still felt the pain of it in his heart every now and then. That being said, since he was already an older man he wasn’t getting any younger and he needed someone to help him maintain his new home. He had moved out of the city into the country side to get away from all the people and gossip. A few months ago he had gotten a servant to help him with the home. She was a lovely young woman with so much energy that it amazed him at how fast she worked.

“Mr. Sandvoort?” She called out making him look up. “Your dinner is ready sir.” She said politely.

“How many times must I tell you to please call me Cornelis.” He insisted coming up to her.

“Sorry sir, old habits.” She blushed as he followed her lead into the dining room. She had been his only company ever since he hired her and he also insisted that she eat with him. Her long curly brown hair was tied up in a bun as usual but he spotted a few strands had escaped from her activities. They ate in silence for a few moments and he noticed she never spoke first, probably out of respect given that he was her employer. So as usual he spoke up first.

“I will be going into town tomorrow and will be gone for most of the day.” He spoke up between bites.

“A business trip?” She asked curiously.

“Yes, nothing special. Don’t bother making dinner for me as I will most likely be returning home late.” He added.

“Of course Cornelis.” She said kindly. Dinner seemed especially flavorful tonight and he savored every bite. It seemed every night she came up with a different dish and dinner with her was becoming the favorite part of his day.

“Dinner is lovely tonight.” He said. “A family recipe?” He asked curiously.

“I can’t tell you the secret ingredient.” She teased with a small chuckle. “My parents taught me how to cook from an early age. I was fascinated by how they made everything. We didn’t have much, but every night seemed like a feast.” She explained.

“You certainly inherited your parents cooking.” He said with a nod.

“May I ask you something sir?” She asked nervously. He knew she was serious with her cautious tone.

“Of course.”

“They say you came to the country side only a year ago. May I ask what happened in the city?” She asked and he took a small breath before answering.

“I’ve been married twice now. I’m a widower you could say. My first wife died giving birth to twin boys, who not long after died from sickness. A few years later, a younger woman, not unlike yourself, named Sophia. She left me for a painter.” He answered sadly.

“That’s awful. Cornelis I’m so sorry.” She said sincerely and squeezed his hand. “Oh my goodness, you’re freezing!” She gasped. He blinked in surprise as he hadn’t noticed. She got up and added more wood to the fireplace in the room and made sure it was blazing strong before she came back to the table. “Are you alright Cornelis? You’re not getting sick are you?” She asked concerned.

“Oh no I’m fine. To be honest I hadn’t noticed that it was cold. Thank you for the concern.” He said. She made sure he finished his plate before she cleaned up. He had to smile at her thoughtfulness. He made up his mind to come home with a present for her tomorrow.


It was nearly midnight by the time he came home from his trip to the city. Dinner with his fellow stock friends had taken longer than usual. He came into his home and had to smile as she had left him a plate with some bread and cheese for him. He quietly checked her bedroom and found her sound asleep so he quietly closed the door behind him and retreated to bed. When he woke up he got dressed and came out into the living room.

“Oh there you are!” She called out happily. “I didn’t even hear you come in last night.” She said as she placed down the plates for breakfast.

“I got home around midnight.” He explained.

“How was your trip?”

“Uneventful, just mostly business.” He answered as they sat down to eat. “What about you?”

“Uneventful, just mostly business.” She teased repeating his words and they both laughed.

“Oh I do have something for you.” He said retreating to his room for a moment.

“Cornelis, you didn’t have to do that.” She sighed as he handed her a small box. She was blushing as she opened it and gasped at the sight of the lovely bracelet. “Oh it’s beautiful.” She smiled as she took it out and happily put it on her wrist. She hoped the bright blue gems were only crystal as it seemed to sparkle in the light.

“I’m glad you like it.” He said sincerely taking her hand. She smiled at him and she felt tears coming to her eyes. “Don’t cry. Why are you crying?” He asked confused.

“No one has ever gotten me something like this before. It just means so much to me.” She answered quietly. He gently wiped her tears away as she continued to smile at him. He was such a sweet man. Why would anyone want to hurt him the way his last wife did? Yes he was older and richer, but he didn’t use that to any advantage. He was like everyone else in that he just wanted to live his life and be happy. She didn’t know what came over her….or rather she did, but she wouldn’t admit it just yet, as she leaned in and gave Cornelis a gentle kiss. They were both silent for a moment and she feared she had lost her position. Instead, he quickly regained his senses and kissed her back eagerly. His hands gently caressed her face as they kissed without a care in the world. When they parted she looked at him nervously unsure of what to do.

“You’ve made me so happy these past few months.” He whispered. “I’d surly would have gone mad by now if I hadn’t met you.” He chuckled.

“I’ve enjoyed your company too Cornelis.” She whispered back. He took her hand and held it firmly enjoying the touch.

“Please don’t go.” He begged suddenly. “I can’t stand the loneliness anymore. I’ve moved on now. I want to explore this new life with you.”

“Me too.” She said happily.

He pulled her into another kiss and he didn’t want to let go.  

Realest Fucking Panic! Lyrics Ever
  • i need a little sympathy to sore my insecurities
  • our consciences are always so much heavier than our egos, i set my expectations high so nothing ever comes out right
  • should’ve known right from the start you can’t predict the end
  • and being blue is better than being over it
  • you could tell me secrets that i’ll probably repeat; i’m not trying to hurt you, i just love to speak
  • fought resistance nearly my entire life
  • it’s better to burn than to fade away, it’s better to leave than be replaced
  • girls love girls and boys and love is not a choice
  • i want to complicate you, don’t let me do this to myself
  • in the sickness of you, i’m just a white blood cell fighting like hell for you
  • all of trade mistakes
  • you are taking me apart like bad glue on a get well card
  • all of the calendar lmao that whole song’s a masterpiece
  • how does a heart love if no one has noticed its presence and where does it go
  • wake up to despise a world i once loved
  • if i wake in the morning i only need two more miracles to be a saint, everything i promised everyone i’d be well i just ain’t
  • can’t take the kid from the fight, take the fight from the kid; sit back, relax, sit back, relapse again
  • talk to the mirror, oh choke back tears
  • im cutting my mind off, feels like my heart is going to burst
  • things have changed for me and that’s ok