I get a lot of messages from people asking about deities reaching out to them. How can they tell if a deity wants their attention? How can they tell who it is? How can they verify if a deity is reaching out to them? Can they still worship if that deity hasn’t reached out to them? 

And I feel kind of bad, because my answer always come across as a more elaborate version of “You either know or you don’t, but what’s it matter anyway?” So I wan’t to try and organize my thoughts on this a bit.

How can I tell if a deity is trying to get my attention?

It depends entirely on you, and the deity in question. The way any deity approaches a mortal is going to be different from one person to the next. So even with the same deity approaching multiple people, there are differences among each one. With different deities doing the approaching, the differences are likely to be vastly different. Some people experience dreams or visions. Some people just seem to notice a bunch of stuff drawing their attention to that deity. Some people feel a sudden connection and the desire to pursue it. Some people feel like there’s a presence with them, guiding or protecting them. The list goes on and on. 

 Apollo may give you straight up visions because he knows you can handle it and that’s the best way to communicate with you. The Morrigan may cause crows or ravens to appear around your house because she knows it’ll catch your interest. Thor may call to you with an intense feeling during a thunder storm because it’s the only way you can hear him. But alternatively, Apollo may call to me with a field full of wildflowers in bloom and a feeling in the pit of my stomach. The Morrigan may feel like I need to turn my TV to the news just in time to see images of war in order to find my way to her. Thor may call to me through divination because that’s how I listen to entities. It’s going to be different for every single person, and with every single deity.

How Can I tell which deity is calling to me?

Look at the signs. Are you seeing a bunch of ocean related stuff? Might be an ocean deity is trying to get your attention. Storms? Might be a storm deity. You can try divination, but deities don’t always answer. You probably just have to knuckle down and do some research until it clicks. Sometimes it’s clear as day, other times it takes a lot of work and time. I played this ridiculous game of “guess who” with Dionysus for over a year before I figured out who he was.

How Can I verify a deity is reaching out to me, and it’s not just my imagination?

Honestly, you can’t. You can try divination, you can ask others to divine or decipher signs for you, but none of that is proof. This is the same concept that leads back to the famous question of “How do I know that deities are real?” It’s belief, not knowledge. And I don’t think it matters if they’re “real” or not, because the experience we have, the lessons we learn, and the way we grow from the stories, lessons, and perceived existence of deities is real. And even if you’re perceiving signs from a deity where there aren’t any, it can still lead to a fulfilling relationship with a deity. Which leads to the next question.

Can I still worship if that deity hasn’t reached out to me?

Yes. Absolutely. A thousand times over. 

With the only exception being closed cultures. If you feel drawn to a deity from a closed culture then you need to find the appropriate religious leader to seek their advice, and respect their decision on whether or not you can join up.

Beyond that, you do NOT need to wait for a deity to reach out to you. Many people never feel a deity reach out to them. People follow a religion and a deity because it means something to them, not necessarily because they felt divine intervention. Some people experience something that they perceive as a sign, but many more don’t. The idea that you must receive a sign in order to worship is elitist, and a way for some people to put themselves above others. A person who’s drawn to a deity isn’t any more special than one who seeks that deity out of their own accord.

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It's so hard being a little looking for a daddy, there's just so many bad daddies out there that just want the sexual part of being a daddy and telling a little girl what to do. I get so much pressure to send nudes and talk dirty..What's a Lil to do?

Listen. if you feel like you are ever being pressured to do something you don’t want to by anyone, cut them off completely. you don’t need that kind of stuff in your life. secondly, a lot of Daddys out there are fake. its very unfortunate, but it happens. they’re more concerned about the sexual aspects and telling a little what to do, but are not ready or down for taking care of them. But when it comes to finding the right Daddy, it varies. For some people it takes years, while for others it takes days. the only thing I can tell you, is to be open about your needs and desires, and do not settle. you deserve the best Daddy, and only the best. look for someone who will worship you like the Queen you are every day.

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I feel bad for your big sis. She's been made fun of for copying Deo ever since she joined as Mingesu in December... I've seen her stuff ever since she was in the mlp fandom and she really liked Deo, until she got constantly made fun of for being inspired by them. Hell, she was even threatened a couple times. And for being reminded that all she is a "copycat" is just heartbreaking...

Exactly! I haven’t been around as long as you, anon! However, I can say she really is so kind, hence myself calling her my older sister… and she really feels like one too! I become VERY protective of my friends and family, so when Mingesu is attacked, I become protective… I want to protect her so much, anon, you don’t even know. I want to keep my big sis safe, y'know? It’s not fair that all these people go on anon and compare Ming to another artist! Especially when she comes up with her own ideas! It’s gotta go the point where I’ll find anon hate about Mingesu IN MY OWN ASKBOX. She doesn’t deserve the hate. She doesn’t deserve the threats. On the other hand, Mingesu deserves kindness, support, and love. She’s an amazing person. She shouldn’t have to put up with those nasty anons.

  • Thor, on a date:So how do you feel about Loki?
  • Them:Oh, the bad guy who tried to take over New York? God he's so evil I hate hi--
  • Thor, shoving breadsticks in his purse:I'm sorry I have to go right now immediately
On Fanfiction

I think when it comes to fandom, fanfiction is something that’s very much taken for granted. There are lots of text posts that talk about reading fanfic in general but while my dashboard is dominated by fanart, I rarely see fanfics unless I go into the ship tag or if one of the writing blogs that I follow posts something. I’m not saying fanart doesn’t deserve the attention it gets - I admire artists because it would take me ages to get good at drawing/lining/colouring/etc and it would require a lot of dedication on my part. It’s something people have put a lot of work into to get to the level they are at now and they still are striving to get better and/or produce more artwork. It can take several hours or more to produce a piece of artwork and there are always obstacles such as art block or lack of motivation. 

I love seeing fanart of things I like.

Writing is something that should also be celebrated. In most cases, a single picture can be looked at in less time than it takes to read a piece of writing. Fanart can usually be enjoyed quicker than a fanfic, and sometimes people don’t have much time or patience to spare. That’s understandable but it does lead to writers often questioning why they don’t seem to have many readers/fans. Like… is it because what I write isn’t good? Do people not enjoy it? Does hardly anyone care? It’s disheartening, as you can imagine, when you spend a long time creating something that ends up getting little response. People write for a variety of different reasons, whether it be because they want attention or they enjoy writing or they want to entertain people or something else. It can be any or all of these reasons and none of those reasons are bad, but writers are united in that they like knowing that people enjoy what they do.

For example, several people have spoken to me about one of my recent fics and how they liked it (even if it made a few people cry), which made me extremely happy to hear, but on AO3 it has received 11 kudos. That’s not a big number. To leave kudos on AO3, and show the author appreciation for a fic, you just need to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the kudos button. No sign up is required. To leave a comment, you don’t need to be a user either. And of course, when it comes to tumblr, you can like or reblog a post or send an ask to the blog to show you enjoyed it. These all mean a whole lot to writers. When I see that something I have written has a lot of notes or kudos, I get incredibly happy. I love getting feedback so, so much. Comments on my things are great to see and read.

But this isn’t just about me, though others might share my views. It’s about fanfiction in general. A small post like this won’t make much of a difference but I think if more of us supported writers, or supported other writers, then it would make a number of people happy.

[on a more personal note, I’m aware that some people are hesitant to show support for fics that are about unpopular ships. As a writer of a ship that the fandom gives a lot of flack, I think in this situation with this particular ship that the hate says more about the person hating than the person being hated on. However, on AO3, you can leave kudos and comments as anonymous, so that’s always an option.]

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Do you feel bad when people call your posts embarrassing, like that witness me gamer salt one?

Hmm, no. I mean, maybe there was a time when I would have been but I’m pretty unapologetic now. I’m allowed to have emotions and I try not to feel bad about them. When people refer to it as a tantrum I try not to distance myself from my emotions, because I am so used to having to appear calm in order to be taken seriously. 

But, like, I get angry. I want better representation for all kinds of women and it matters to me and I think it’s ok to be angry about it. Sometimes I get silly and playful and that combines with my anger and I make those posts. 

I don’t care if I make silly boys cringe, I’m like a lemon that way. I don’t care if you think I’m throwing a tantrum, I’ll burn your house down …with the lemons!

I’m a feminist, I want women to be better represented, I want them to feel safe in the gaming community, when they aren’t I get angry. I’m ok with that. 

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Do you ever just feel bad for Christopher Marlowe? I never thought about it until I was the only person in my A-Level English class where we were studying Shakespeare and his historical context who had heard of him. I can't help but wonder might have happened if he hadn't died so young.

It’s hard to feel bad for Christopher Marlowe because the guy was like a freakin’ hurricane on two legs but I know what you mean. Honestly, there’s a whole collection of early modern playwrights that everyone ignores in favor of Shakespeare. And since I’ve been reading a lot of them lately in preparation for my master’s degree, I’ve been thinking a lot about why that is. Because most of the plot devices are the same–Hamlet is, structurally speaking, kind of indistinguishable from all the other revenge tragedies of the day. So why is it the most famous play of all time? Why do we lionize Shakespeare? Why is it that his one writer is still quoted every day when the rest are largely forgotten?

I think it’s because Shakespeare had simply mastered the English language both poetically and materially in a way that his contemporaries had not. His plays are eminently quotable; when I sit down to read any given Shakespeare play, I find myself marking lines in every other passage that are utterly striking because they are both beautiful and profound at once. This combination is not necessarily unique to Shakespeare, but when I read the other playwrights of his time, I find myself arrested by this combination of lyricism and pansophy so much less often. You and I are in agreement about this, though: had Marlowe lived a little longer, he might have been Shakespeare’s greatest contender. His work, curtailed though it was by his untimely death, shows some of the same flashes of brilliance which made William Shakespeare so famous. 


 sorry that the pictures are kind of dark, i just watched the flash and can’t form any coherent thoughts about it (also, I’m bad at taking screenshots)

(this upd8 gave me all the feels. all of them.)

i’m really happy hussie used “do you remem8er me” (coincidentally, i’d been listening to it and savior of the waking world)

gosh just looking at all the ghosts waking up just gave me so much…nostalgia? idk it just reminded me of all my time reading homestuck. the only time i’ve ever felt this much from simply reading homestuck was probably from [s] john. rise up? 

i wonder what the ghosts are all going to do… didn’t [s] game over just happen to them? it’s like they’re waking up after a bad dream or something

ahh vriska and terezi are finally meeting and they reconcile (i guess?) after that fl1p stuff (which was what, 4000 pages ago?)

…whelp…time for the omegapause :’(

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Hi, great blog btw, i wanted to ask you how you, as a teacher, would feel if u got a hate email from a student in the middle of the class saying that noone cares about anything u say and just calling you names and stuff? That recently happened to a teacher and lots of students dont like him but i actually feel so bad for him. Would it hurt you or wouldnt you take it too seriously because it was sent by a teen in the middle of puberty and stuff? Should i try to cheer him up? Would it be weird? xx

Oh, this hurts my heart for that teacher, and I applaud you for being kind enough to consider reaching out to them to help. The answer is both- I would know intellectually that it’s not entirely personal and that age plays some role in behavior like this, but it would also hurt. As much as I’d try to rise above it, it would still be there. It’s HARD to get up in front of classes every day with students that are often unmotivated, even unwilling, and pour heart and soul into engaging and teaching them. It’s exhausting planning lessons and grading papers in the evenings to be ready to do it all again the next day. So much work already goes into it behind the scenes that is never acknowledged, so to have failures pointed out so brutally in the classroom is unfortunate.

There would be somewhat of an exception to this if I received it from a student/class that I knew I had done my very best for, that I knew had circumstances beyond school that caused them to lash at safer targets, etc. But you mentioned that many students feel this way toward this teacher, so it’s likelier that the teacher is genuinely struggling- possibly personally, possibly from being newer and gaining experience, possibility from no support from admin, possibly for any number of issues, but regardless, they’re human, and no one tries intentionally to suck at their job, and no matter what- being hateful does nothing to help them improve the situation. It won’t magically make them a better teacher. It just knocks them down even more. Thats lose-lose for everyone, and it’s also the part where age can’t fully explain this behavior- puberty causes moodiness, impulsiveness, and insecurities to surface. It does not cause hatefulness. That’s learned.

It would mean a lot to me to get a note that I was appreciated if something like this happened. It would take some of the sting out of the criticism. You’re lovely for being willing to step up to that.

I was avoiding the subject but now I feel I should say something.
I will NOT reblog/post/edit any kind of paparazzi pics that were clearly taken without the targeted people consent. I don’t care what you think, unfollow me if you want.
I will also unfollow anyone who reblogs/posts said pics.
“They are celebrities so they have to deal with it” is as bad as saying “she was raped because she asked for it”. I’m sorry if this sounds harsh, but it’s my personal opinion. Let’s not forget they are people.
This isn’t new from me either. Search my blog all you want you don’t find pics like that. I took this position last year when I saw a video and some photos going around of Tom on LAX.
That said, I hope Tom had a nice evening apart from that :)

“The group looked amongst themselves, some of them obviously not planning on going in (like Mali and Kelly) while Luke and Ashton kind of shrugged at each other. Calum however was side-eying Mikey hard because thanks asshole love you too.
“Well Calum knew before me so why not him?” Karen spoke looking at her son confusedly. Out of all people she figured Mikey would want Cal nearby.”
Michael kinda looked between Cal and his mom, feeling bad he didn’t suggest Calum. But to be fair the ground between them had been so shaky he had no clue what Cal wanted.
“That’s up to him, if he wants to?” He posed it like a question, not sure if Cal would reject him or not. Would Cal want to be with him after this? Or was that too much.
Mikey was so confused with everything going on between the pair, they were acting like they hated each other and it was conflicting as fuck.
“Like no pressure dude” he mumbled, not looking directly at Cal at all.
Mikey struggled with being able to tell apart someone’s current actions from how they actually felt about him overall.
That’s why he wasn’t great about critism, because he assumed that if someone criticized one thing about him it means that they hate that thing and him completely.
So Mikey kind of felt like Cal completely hated him right now. He knew logically that wasn’t true, but it didn’t stop him from being an insecure shit about it.

I had so much fun writing this one. Seriously. Fluffy Loki is the best Loki. Thank you to jeffersonstarshiips for this request - apologies for taking so long. I have the attention span of a baby rabbit. I feel kind of guilty about writing Pietro as this much of a bad guy but then I read the last line and forget about it. Enjoy, not just the story but also that gif, my darlings, because my Gods. Look at that lil’ face :3

Prompt:  Reader gets hired by Bruce and Tony to help them out with stuff. While working she falls her Pietro, but their relationship ends horribly. Loki her friend/ex finds out and comforts her while unleashing hell. loki fluff plz 

One-Shot: No Apology Necessary

“Morning!” You called out cheerily as you walked into the lab. To passers-by, the room would look empty but you had worked there long enough to know better.
“(Y/n)!” Tony shouted as his head appeared from behind a countertop. Bruce was nowhere to be seen.
“Yes, hello? What are you doing down there?” You chuckled, dropping your backpack by your desk.
“Duck!” He cried and you followed orders, just in time to see a machine fly over your head. It looked like a metal snail shell with two jet boosters either side. The boosters moved in order to propel the gadget through the air and you quickly realised they were moving again, propelling it towards you.

Leaping forward, you narrowly avoided the machine. Tony reached out and grabbed your hands, pulling you into his hiding spot.
“I’d thank you for that but I’ve got a feeling this is your fault.” You panted and Tony chuckled.
“Bruce wasn’t here.”
“Evidently.” Peering above the countertop, you watched the contraption search the other side of the room slowly. As you watched the device lazily float around, Loki appeared in the doorway. Thor had brought him down to Earth to try and earn the pardon of its defenders last year and you were one of the first to forgive him so you’d managed to build a strong relationship. Often he’d come down to the lab to visit you and this was one of those days.

“Loki!” You hissed, gesturing for him to move. His head whirled around to the sound of your voice and he smirked when he saw you hiding.
“Am I that bad company?” He chuckled, stepping fully into the room. Almost immediately the snail-bot hummed and turned to face him. Bolting out of your hiding spot, you threw yourself at Loki and pinned him to the floor as the machine sailed over you.
“Idiot.” You snapped and Loki smirked. The trickster God was lying flat against the floor and you were sprawled over him, hands pinning his arms out.
“Hissing my name isn’t a warning, you know.” He smiled, neither of you moving.
“It’s not my fault your brain didn’t engage. Why did you think I was hiding?” You mirrored his expression smugly. However, before Loki could reply, you were interrupted.

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Request from thedawnsky. Gahhh I had so much fun writing this :>

Characters: Yoongi x reader

Genre: smut

Request:  a yoongi fluffsmut where he is a badass boy yet my hero bestfriend who helped me curing my broken heart


This was surely not your day. Once again. Once again your so-called boyfriend was an ass. Why were you with him at first? Maybe because he reminded you of your best friend. A best friend who you had feelings for and you knew that he wouldn’t accept them. Cliche stuff. 

Your best friend was one of a kind though. Although he was one hell of a badass and had a really bad reputation he was the most cute and caring person on the inside. That’s why you had fallen for him all along. And weird as it is you had found it in your boyfriend, too. Even if he wasn’t so good in the end.

“I want to break up with you. I can’t stand it anymore” you turned to leave but your boyfriend grabbed your wrist forcefully.

“You? Break up? With me? How cute~” his fist clenched around your wrist, making you flinch.

Without understanding how did this happen, an arm punched his face with so much force that he was knocked down.


“Let’s leave princess” his hand found yours and caressed your wrist.

As soon as you arrived in his apartment that’s when it happened. You broke down. Tears started falling from your eyes and you kneeled, cupping your face with your hands. Even though you didn’t love your boyfriend for quite sometime, you couldn’t deny that he made you feel warm and safe. At least for the first months.

Yoongi kneeled down and held you bridal style, whispering soothing words in your ear while he made your way to his bedroom. Gently, he lied you on his bed, letting you cry your heart out. He lied next to you and stroke your hair as you talked about all the things you did with the guy who hurted you the most in the end.

“I know you have to talk about all these stuff but please don’t. I feel like punching him again!”

“I-I’m sorry..” you looked down.

“No! I didn’t mean it like that! I just- aaah!” 

The next thing that happened was Yoongi’s lips pressed on yours in a passionate kiss.

Your eyes were wide opened as you slowly proceeded on understanding what was just happening.

He crawled on top of you, pinning your hands on top of your head. His mouth moved to your neck, where he sucked and licked it, claiming your moans as he sucked on your sweet spot.


With one swift move he removed his shirt along with yours, leaving you exposed in your lace bra.

He unclapsed it and began working his tongue in there, too. He sucked your nipple, as his hand found your other and started teasing it. After finishing sucking your left breast he began to give the other the same treatment. 

Your moans filled the room and your core dripped wet with anticipation.

Yoongi kissed his way to your shorts and pulled them off, throwing them somewhere on the floor.

He bit the hem of your underwear and pulled it past your knees. You kicked it off the floor, letting it join your other clothes.

Yoongi crawled on top of you again and kissed you slowly as he removed his jeans and boxers.

You traced his abs and lost yourself in his kiss as his hand started playing with your womanhood.

One of his fingers insterted in, slowly pumping in and out, earning moans from you. Not only because you enjoyed it, it was a hint to show him that you didn’t feel full enough.

A second finger joined and you felt a light pain which soon turned into pleasure.

Yoongi’s lips pressed on the lobe of your ear.

“You know, I won’t fuck you now. I will make love to you. Something I wanted way too long.”

His words were the confirmation on what you needed to hear all this time. Your feelings were mutual.

After pumping his erection Yoongi placed the tip of his cock in your entrance, slowly moving his way in. That’s when tears started forming in your eyes.

To soothe your pain, he kissed you while tracing his tongue on your lower lip. You opened your mouth and his tongue worked magic battling with yours. Soon, you forgot about the pain and Yoongi fully entered you.

He started in a slow pace at first. You locked you legs around his waist. An action to pull him closer to you.

Yoongi got the message and his thrusts began to get faster and deeper.

You were already a moaning mess and his growls and heavy breathing didn’t help at all. Soon, he found your g-spot, earning a huge gasp from you.

Desperately you bounced your hips to meet his thrusts and pleasure you to the very end. Your walls clenched around him.

“Y-Yoongi.. I’m-” before you could finish your sentence your toes curled and you released all over his cock, clenching your fists to the bed sheets.. Yoongi let out a loud moan as he was about to cum, too.

With one loud call of your name he realeased into you, making you hiss from all the warmth inside you.

Pumping slowly to make both of you calm down from your highs, he removed himself from you and lied next to you, pressing you firmly against his chest and stroking your hair one more time.

“Would you be my one and only girl?” he lifted your chin and your eyes met his, only to see the sincerety in them.

You knew you would be with him forever.

Shyly smiling, even though you gave yourself to him, you burried your face on his chest and muttered the word ‘yes’.

Yoongi hugged you tighlty and you could imagine his signature gummy smile as he stroke you back and forth. Soon, you both fell asleep in each others’ embrace.

I hope you liked it ^^

Also I think it’s really ironic that Dave is the only person to think it’s fucked up for them to keep someone locked in a fridge regardless of who it is.

Dave, the kid so was abused his whole childhood.

Dave, who didn’t even know what refrigerators were actually for until he saw them on TV.

Kind of makes me wonder if Bro ever locked Dave in a fridge (or other cramped space)?

Either way it’s clear Dave feels bad for Gamzee being in that fridge, so far he’s the only one. Twice now. 

Whereas everyone else is just like “who cares it’s gamzee, he’s a bad person.” and it’s not torture if the person you’re torturing is “bad”, right??

No of course not, everyone knows its not real abuse if the person you’re abusing is unlikable and doesn’t have anyone to stick up for them. Totally true. 100%.


oh. my god. I love you so much. your messages.. they made me cry and holy hell, thank you so, so much, my day has actually been amazing after the horrible morning, but your support.. it honestly means the world. I can’t even put it into words how grateful I am.
so much love 💛

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Hi! Can i have a what will reaction? what will jin/jhope/jungkook 's reaction when you're ignoring them because you we're really in a bad mood? thanks

hello :)

jin //
gosh I picture jin as a perfect boyfriend. he’s so kind and considerate to other people’s feelings. that being said he might give you a little time to cool off. while you’re cooling off though he’s going to be in the kitchen making your favorite dish. by the time you get comfortable in bed he’s going to bring you your food in bed (jin pls marry me) and slowly ask you why you were ignoring him and listen to why you were in a bad mood

jungkook //
lmao this boy. i can see jungkook doing 2 things, either not bothering you the whole day because he wouldn’t know what to do or trying his hardest to cheer you up (he called one of his hyungs btw) he would probably ask you if you wanted to cuddle or listen to a playlist he made you to make you feel better. if you still ignored him you two would just sit in silence because that would be the end of him trying lol

 jhope //

“my hearteuuuu~ why are you ignoring me?” aww this ball of sunshine would be so worried to why you are ignoring him. He would try his absolute best to cheer you up and stop you from being so quiet. He would do that dance he always does (you know what dance, the one on asc) and you would crack a smile and burst out laughing because nobody can ignore the jhope charm

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- admin kay <3

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Platonic cuddling with rapper line + Tae I need this so bad.

I feel like for all of them platonic cuddling would all kind of be done in the same fashion, but some more like… into it and affectionate and playful than others, you know?

The cuddle thing would probably be something a little more goofy- maybe your legs over his or you literally just lazily flopped over him or on him in some sort of way. Literally think of a really weird cuddling position with whatever member, and there you have it- yes, even if it ends up with you hanging halfway off the couch.

For the most part, Suga and Rap Monster would be the less goofy ones, would just kind of cuddle for the heck of it, but J - Hope and Taehyung would make it as fun and awesome as possible– Like I can see them going “Hold on hold on what if you did this-” and kind of trying to invent a cuddling style that was unique to your friendship? 

- Darby

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Hey so I know this doesn’t really fit what I usually post but I’d like to say stuff. Ok so apparently (IT IS A RUMOUR AND IS VERY LIKELY TO BE UNTRUE!!) dance moms star/chandelier dancer Maddie Ziegler has had her iCloud hacked and had shirtless pictures released.
1) this is child pornography and people taking these pictures are doing incriminating acts
2) she’s only 12 and these are very extreme rumours and it is very rude/bad for her public image for this to happen.
do not tweet her, dm her and whatnot asking questions ect!! Leave her be!! This is most likely nothing HOWEVER if true is very serious.
If you hear people discussing inappropriate things concerning maddie, report them.. she’s a minor, this is terrible.
I know nothing about the American justice system for these kinds of cases so if anyone has something to add or if I’ve got something wrong here then feel free to add!!

God, my alone feels so good, but lately I’ve craving something more, something deeper.
I want love. But not just any kind of Love, no, I want a love so deep it’d make the ocean jealous.
But I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude. You must love me for everything I’m worth
and then some.
Start with my eyes, look into them like you want to know all the good, bad, and anything beyond. From my eyes go to my mind, love me for everything I know and love me just as much to teach me what I do not.
Hold me in your arms, and love me for everything I am, from my breasts to my thighs, and even the
scars that others have left behind.
But tell me if you’re not up for it…Not that you don’t want me but rather you can’t handle me.
And please don’t say, “I won’t be like those other dudes and break your heart.”
You see my solitude has always been sweet, and during that time I learned to love myself before I
could learn to love anyone else.
Give me the love that I’ve been craving, make the ocean jealous. Fall for my eyes without knowing me just yet
And then kiss me like you want to be loved just as much.
Remember that I want to be loved as deep as the ocean, but remember that I am like the ocean
I can slip through your fingers, but manage to hold up an army of ships.
Kiss me, hold me, love me, but tell me if you’re not up for it.
I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude
—  “Solitude” by Warsan Shire