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I actually talked to my nutritionist about an hour ago and she chewed my dad out. She said they can't lock the kitchen door, losing weight has to be my choice. I don't know what's going to happen but it looks like things will get better? I'll keep you updated. Thank you so so much Becca. But in case it does get bad again, I live in the state of São Paulo.

RE: lady in abusive household where father was keeping her from eating by locking kitchen doors

that’s honestly so great!  I hope he does heed to that advice and listen to her because she is so, so right.  

“What is this place? What was the place I was in before this?” I ask her, desperate for answers.

“Well, this is the afterlife. The place you were before, that was kinda like limbo. It was just the place in between here and there.” she answers.

“Did the door show you your memories too?” I ask her.

“Only one.” she says. “It showed me a memory me and you when we were children. I instantly realised that when I moved on from this place, I would get to see you again. So, a golden light lifted me, and took me here.” she says, gesturing around. “And then you took forever to get here! Why? What did the door show you?”

“It showed me everything.” I say to her. “ It showed me us, it showed me the bullying, it showed me you and Mum grieving, it even showed me my death.” 

“Oh, that’s horrible!” Vivian says. “But you’re here now. There is no pain here. You’re safe.” 

“And i’m with you.” I say to her, and I hug her again.

I reached 200 followers!!!

Thank you all so so so much!

Because of this, the first three people to submit a request to my inbox will get a free sketch!  Or possibly more depending on how carried away I get with it, lol.

Thank you all again so much!

this was really fun and went so nicely but, yes here are the results!! thank you all again so so much and if you didnt get in, there will be more!! i love you guys!!!!! xo

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can i just say i really enjoy job satisfaction even though it's still fairly new? DEMONSsszzzsz SIGN ME U p

AAAHH gosh thank you! I’ve been so exploding with the NEED to get it going again while I’ve had to focus on moving and settling in to my new home. Hopefully this week! I’m so glad you’re already into it this early on. I’m sitting on such a secret mountain of worldbuilding and character development that I can’t wait to show.


So approximately 1000 years ago, chapter11 tagged me in a six selfies thing and like a butt I never did it. But here it is finally Kam!

First two from today. Cut the sleeves off my mass effect 3 shirt. The rest are random snapchats I saved. Some of my followers I have on snapchat have probably seen these already but now you get to see them again idk

Ok so I’m gonna tag some peeps, you don’t have to do it, it’s just a thing I gotta do haha. Tag me if you dooooooo

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Ahhhhhhhhhh it’s been almost a year since I’ve started badly drawn ! I appreciate all the follows, messages of kindness and encouragement I’ve received, and yes.. The memes. I still get so happy to see people laughing at the badly drawn content and hope people will still continue to do so. Glad I could make you smile !!

i love you.

i love you all so so much. honestly, i do. everything that has happened since i made this blog is just so amazing. and honestly, i owe a lot of it to you. i’m definitely so much happier than i was to the point where i can truly say that i love being alive.  

i appreciate every tag and reply you put on my posts, as well as every ask i receive so much. seriously, thank you lots!! 

i’m going to stop before this gets even more emotional i’m sorry 

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Some people are having a hard time getting it lately so here it is again:

You can be Christian and pro-choice. Pro-choice Christians are alive and well. In fact, I’m right here in front of you. God is okay with abortion. Jesus is okay with abortion. The Holy Spirit is okay with abortion. Every aspect of the Holy Trinity supports people who have abortions.


The Spoon
  • Sherlock:*desperately ruffles his hair, waving a plastic spoon* Okay. How about I pretend it's a police car racing to the scene of a crime?
  • Baby Holmes:*in her high-chair, blinking at him*
  • Sherlock:*hopeful* Or Dad-da and Uncle John running to solve a crime?
  • Baby Holmes:*giggles*
  • Sherlock:*pouts; defeated* Mama and Dad-da working?
  • Baby Holmes:...
  • Sherlock:*exasperated* Oh come on, you eat for your mother! *talking to himself* How? How does she do it? *glances at the baby food* Substitute it for chocolate? Sprinkle it with fairy dust?
  • Baby Holmes:*lifts her arms* Dad-da...
  • Sherlock:*hesitates* No, you need to eat this or you'll get me into trouble.
  • Baby Holmes:*pouts* Cuddles, Dad-da.
  • Sherlock:...
  • *LATER*
  • *lying in bed*
  • Sherlock:*smug* I figured out your secret. How you get Scarlett to eat her dinner every night. And you thought I wouldn't get it.
  • Molly:*snuggles up to him* Oh, well, it was nice while it lasted. I thought I hid it well, too.
  • Sherlock:...
  • Molly:*yawns* Scarlett's favourite spoon. The only one she'll eat from.
  • Sherlock:...
  • Sherlock:...
  • Sherlock:Ah.
  • Molly:*sleepy* What?
  • Sherlock:*shrugs* Well, unless baby food is harmful to adults, we have nothing to worry about.

Reasons why Hannibal/Bedelia makes perfect sense:

  • he feels protective of her.
  • of all the psychiatrists he could have chosen, it was her. There’s something about her that intrigues him.
  • she has the capacity to do Very Bad Things, which is something Hannibal knew before she did.
  • he refused to accept her resignation and she chose to accept his refusal.
  • he covered up her murder as she covered up his involvement.
  • she’s the only person besides Will Graham who knows and understands him.
  • he opens up to her about his innermost thoughts and feelings to a degree he hasn’t even done with Will.
  • she’s suspected that he’s dangerous for a while but continued his therapy regardless because her professional curiosity in him was too great to resist.
  • she’s one of very few people who saw him for what he is and survived it (in part through her own intelligence, in part because he cares about her to a degree).
  • she made the conscious choice not to kill him and instead chose to join him because again, her curiosity in him is too great to resist.
  • he allowed her to go with him instead of killing her right there, when he had already left everyone else to die (Hannibal is a social creature who enjoys company and Bedelia is a familiar force in his life he feels trusting of).
  • she’s drawn to the criminal mind, Hannibal’s in particular.
  • she’s no innocent bystander; she’s complicit in his crimes and while terrified also fascinated and participating in them to a degree she hasn’t anticipated but is undeniable.
  • they have very similar tastes; Bedelia’s house closely resembles Hannibal’s and they listen to the same kind of music. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume Bedelia enjoys the environment and life they have in Italy as much as he does (apart from the crimes).
  • she’s an unconventional psychiatrist, like him, which doubtlessly drew him to her and makes her therapy with him about as unhealthy as his with Will’s.
  • she’s intelligent and capable enough to see through him and manipulate him to a degree, making her more an equal than a victim.
  • she never sugarcoats things and is always extremely frank with him, despite knowing what he is, and he reacts to those moments with almost childish petulancy, not anger. She’s much more of a guiding force in his life than he would probably like to admit.
  • he wanted to be her friend and she shot him down, stating that they’re colleagues but not that – because he doesn’t show his true face and hides behind a veil. The veil is now lifted and they share an openness and honesty Hannibal has never had with anyone else except to a degree Will Graham.
  • from what we’ve seen, her life is somewhat depressing; he’s her only patient, she’s alone in the house, and apparently nobody missed her when she disappeared. Hannibal can offer her excitement and intrigue, which she seems to be interested in, judging by her continuous involvement with someone who she knows to be dangerous.
  • them posing as a married couple is no coincidence; it’s Hannibal’s way of enforcing commitment, ensuring her loyalty. If she truly wished to betray him, a ring on her finger wouldn’t stop her, but somehow Hannibal seems to think it would – marriage clearly means something to him, and he chose her to do it with.

Dear Taylor,
hey beautiful! So I have some really exciting news - I get to see you again in 13 days!! MetLife partayyy. My mom and I are going to be suns because of the Out of the Woods lyrics and because you’ve been my sunshine for so long. I haven’t been able to walk without a cane for about two months now. I’m not going to share everything online but I had a benign tumor in my hip and they removed it twice but I guess it likes me too much to leave. This has been going on for so long that I don’t see a point in constantly being upset about it, but recently my doctors have changed their positive outlook to more of a ‘listen, you might have to always be in pain for the rest of your life’. I’m not even 18 so I simply refuse to believe that. Anyway, you’ve been motivating me and distracting me and just being there for me through all of this, and I’ll never be able to thank you enough for that. I’m so excited to be your sunshine for a night!! Even if you don’t see this post I hope you see me during the show. :) I love you angel, and I’ll see you soon!!
xoxo, Isabel