I Should Go

Pairing: Y/N/Calum

Rating: All

Request: No

Words: 3.000+

Summary: Y/N is devastated after their breakup but it doesn’t help on the misery when Calum decides to come and pick up the rest of his stuff. 

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i jst want to let everyone who reads this know that they r so fuckin completely beautiful and i want you all to know it. beautiful, kind, caring and so freakin intelligent. anybody that knows you is so lucky to have you in their lives because you bring them something they never have and admire that about you. someone is going to be hopelessly in love with you one day or even someone is right now and you deserve that abundance of love. you deserve everything that comes to you! so many people are grateful to know you and i want you to know that you should love yourself. even if one day its hard to look in the mirror, know that every single person walkin this damn incredible planet is gorgeous in ways that people will recognise. y'all dont hear this enough so just know that i god damn love you sis 💓😖‼️
NDRV3 Transcripts: Chapter 2 Part 1

Translation is still ongoing, but I’ve decided to go ahead and upload part 1 of Chapter 2! I know a lot of people have been waiting on a full translation of the game and currently @shinjiroaragaki, @ne0dym​, and I are working to bring you all one!

A huge thanks to @hajimikimo​ for helping us out with this project and providing us with the special events! Anyone who hasn’t yet read a full English translation of the prologue and Chapter 1 should check out her translations, which were subtitled with permission by Thelifeliketextube on YouTube. You can watch here.

If any of you could help spread this around, reblog, link to it, etc., that would help a lot! All of us are working very hard to bring you a full translation, and it’s been a really fun undertaking so far.

Anyway, please enjoy! I can’t possibly include the whole chapter here on Tumblr, so it’s Google doc only this time. I won’t discuss spoilers here, but there are (obviously) spoilers for Chapter 1, so read at your own risk!

More translated transcripts.

(I was chatting with my SO the other day and then picked up my story notebook in the middle of it to jot down a random idea.)

SO: Are you putting this dialogue in your sim story?

Me: No, but it wouldn’t be that out of place.

SO: So if I read it, would I recognize situations and conversations from our life?

Me: Oh yeah, I would say you’d recognize some parts for sure. You know I’m mining it all for good material.

SO: “And then Zeke went out and bought some (specific and hilarious sexual misadventure of ours)…”

Me: Haha! No, not that one, though maybe I should have? I don’t usually take things that directly, just bits and pieces. I’d say you’d see bits of dialogue and things like that more than anything.

SO: Ripp! His name’s Ripp, isn’t it? Not Zeke.

Me: Yep.


Noah: What about you? Are you happy?
Eliana: I’m getting there… I’m just trying to enjoy my life, find the beauty in everything. I’d love to live in a super tiny house one day, plant a garden and just read books all day.
Noah: I’d love to do that too.
Eliana: You should! Your house is so big. I can picture you in a small house. Oh! With a sun room where you could write your books! That sounds amazing!
Noah: Yeah, that sounds great. Harper isn’t the downsizing type though.

What’s this? Art? What???

Yeah no I just finished reading @hufflepufftrax‘s “Homesick” story (which y’all should read if you love fluff and jacksepticeye) and I was so inspired I just had to draw something!

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You should really try to write your articles when they are relevant and not old news, im just saying. And try to write about something that people would actually care about too. Like you going through with a lobotomy, id read about that shit all day, you would be so much smarter afterwords i bet

Having timely articles is something that is legitimately difficult for freelancers and I would love to talk more about it except the article I wrote today is about something that happened yesterday so I literally do not understand what you are talking about in this case.

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Hey, do you have a few good book recomandations for a fellow INTP? Because last time I asked some one I know here personally they said that I should try out Twilight. I was near to trowing up because of all the chessyness (but read the complete series anyway) So you have any idea for a good book to read?

Oh, honey …

Oh, you poor thing.

Oh, yucky, icky Twilight. I always feel a little ill just thinking about it. I’m a snob. What can I say?

I am a particular fan of mysteries. I love matching wits with the author and trying to figure out what’s going to happen. So, pretty much anything by Agatha Christie makes a good read. There are other mystery authors out there, of course, but Christie is the best and she has 86 books out, so I think that should keep even the most avid of readers in books.

If you are more into fantasy, I would highly recommend Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive or Megan Whalen Turner’s Queen’s Thief series. If you like a mix of fantasy and dimension-hopping, Diana Wynne Jones’s Chrestomanci books are lots of fun.

One genre that I think is rather neglected nowadays is the swashbuckling romances which were reallu popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Don’t be weirded out by the fact that they’re romances. They tend to have some deeper substance that many current romance books have, plus they generally have plenty of wholesome swordfights and evil villains and heroic main characters. I like these books when I have plenty of time to be cozy and comfortable on a rainy day. Anthony Hope’s Prisoner of Zenda, George Barr McCutcheon’s Graustark, and E. Phillips Oppenheim’s The Great Impersonation are some particularly good ones in this category.

If you like dry British humour, read P.G. Wodehouse. His books are absolutely hilarious, although you have to enjoy some dry humour to really like them.

I also like Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, which is a much more serious book told from the perspective of an axe murderer in 19th century Russia.

Also, if you like science fiction, read Asimov’s I, Robot.

I also love Trenton Lee Stewart’s books. He’s a current children’s author, but his books are very well-written adventure stories.

So, hopefully there’s something there that will spark your interest. These are just off the top of my head. I have more.

Happy reading!

lose inhibitions/give exhibitions

JustSimplyMe: Ginny getting roofied at a club and Protective!Mike.

Okay, so I tweaked this a little bit, because roofies make me really squeamish, but I think this is still in keeping with what you wanted

read it on ao3

Something strange is going on. 

Mike’s not sure if it’s been like this all night or if it only started recently. He should’ve been watching more closely, should’ve known the minute that something shifted. It doesn’t matter that he’s spent most of the evening within arm’s reach, he still should’ve known

What should be a laid back night out with the team has got a knot of worry eating away at his gut. Because something is… not right. But he can’t put a finger on what.

Okay, he can. It’s Ginny. 

(When isn’t it Ginny?) 

He just hasn’t figured out why she’s acting so unusually and it’s starting to drive him crazy.

She’s not sloppy. In fact, Mike doesn’t think he’s ever seen Ginny even get drunk on team outings. Tipsy, yes, but rarely drunk. She tends to keep such exacting control over herself. 

So, while she’s drunk more than she usually does, it’s not anything to raise eyebrows. Well, anyone else’s eyebrows. But there’s definitely something different about her tonight. 

She’s… looser. Freer. 

She’s all over him. 

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oh my god you guys. i’ve reached 500 followers and im still shook. you guys are so great. i can’t. thank you so much for following me. you guys are all amazing. such amazing writers i follow and rp with. i cant even. imma get lovey af so click the read more. everyone mentioned below, you should go follow because i love them all v much. i’m probs going to leave out a bunch of quality blogs (especially if you’ve changed url’s and i didn’t know) but just know i love every single one of you and i love seeing your presence on my dash. again, thanks so much for following me !! 

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Cmon u didnt need to call that anon ignorant now, she/he asked at least kindly. Its the problem with so many third world countries when people only visit the tourist part they dont see the real country. Its a shame but ppl just want their luxury oh so badly ((((:

so you read that entire heartbreaking story about how my grandparents struggled in poverty under a communist regime, and how they had to leave all their possessions behind because they were seized by the government, to live in a Cuban ghetto in New Jersey where educated people had to work in slave–like conditions for pennies, and when my grandmother visited Cuba again she saw first hand the desperate conditions the people were living in and how lucky she was to have escaped even if she was poor she was free.

So you read all that, and all you got from it was that I should have been nicer to the white person who told me they didn’t understand why I say that Cuba is a 3rd world country? Kindly fuck off

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Renora: "So... this counts as 'together-together,' right?"

“So… this counts as ‘together-together,’ right?” She sat down on the bed next to Ren who was still reading, wearing one of his shirts as a nightgown. 

“What, us?” He looked up, confused.

“Don’t be stupid, we’ve been dating for a year now. I meant Yang and Blake.”

“…I think you should ask them.” 

“They hang out together all the time. Sleep in the same bed. Cuddle when they’re drunk. Wear each other’s close.” 

“We did that before we were together-together, Nora.” He sighed and laid his book on the nightstand, wrapped his arms around her to pull her close. 

“Yeah, okay. But I saw them make out behind the trash cans yesterday.” 

“Okay, we didn’t do that before we were together-together.” 

“Told you so.” She smiled and pulled him close to kiss him. “They are totally dating.”

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hi do you or anyone have any book recommendation about pornography? I know the industry of pornography is trash bc of all the abuse women face but im looking for something that also talks abt amateur porn. Basically the idea of sexual footage idk if that makes sense? basically i read something once that said that intimate relations are "intimate" lol n should stay thatway n thats why porn is a "bad" thing. Ik that sounds simplist but idk how to feel abt it so yea id like to read abt it thank you

anyways here’s the question in case anyone else has a clue

@chihayami & @dyuukirp ; ♥

Must have been horror to read a lot of my negativity pouring out my heart but, your allowance for me to speak out all the poison inside me allowed me to earn my normal temper again. Thank you, not everyone is kind enough to sit and listen to a stranger.

Yes I changed my signature and now it’s based on my favorite number: 7.

I also started to think that my son Gin is so pretty I should use him as a slut and draw bishie pictures of him.., hm…

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What's a good way to speed up my note taking process? I'm in high school and I have lots of classes that I'm determined to pass but my slow note taking abilities really limit this... I'm behind on my notes and it makes me feel like I'm slacking honestly

the notes that I take in class are always way different than the “pretty notes” found all over studyblrs; I don’t think anybody has time for that in class tbh!

What I usually do is abbreviate and make sure I write down key points; bullet points, never complete sentences. Your notes should be quick but legible and still organized so you can actually read them! A lot of my teachers also put their notes/slide shows online which allows me and other students to catch up if we weren’t able to finish the notes in class. My math teacher even makes videos of himself talking through and writing out our lessons and posts them online daily, which is super helpful! If your teachers don’t do any of that, you can always ask a classmate if you can borrow their notes or if you can take a photo of their notes to copy down later.


“ We don’t know each other very well but I’m so sorry about everything that happened. Ulrike was just my roommate and if I had known what she was capable of then I would’ve done everything to stop her”.

“ What are you talking about?”.

“ When I was packing up her things I found her diary. I brought it with me so you can read it. She was not the person we all thought she was. Her dark side really scared me”.

“ She was my best friend”

“ I know. You and Joaquin must not blame yourself for trusting her. I lived in the same house as she did and I didn’t see what kind of person she was either”.

“ Why didn’t you bring this to the police?”.

“ The police told me they closed the case. I don’t know if it helps you find your daughter, but I think you should read it”.

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heads up on 13 reasons why & it's a spoiler but you should know about it so it doesn't catch you off guard: they GRAPHICALLY show a suicide in the last episode. like all of it.

Yeah I’ve heard about it.. honestly it does bother me that they chose to ignore the professional advice they were given..  It’s not something I’d want my younger self to watch.. it’s not something for an audience of impressionable teens and kids and that bothers me. Now I don’t mean naive or easily influenced.. but idk when I was a depressed teenager (still depressed - but it’s much different now)  I would listen to and watch things that made it worse. I hated it but also romanticized my own depression..  

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I know this is not Camren-related but can I just say, Faberry made me feel alive during the first few seasons of Glee especially when Lea and Dianna were roommates way back when and were so close. The Faberry fanfiction were also really awesome. For me, it actually has a better selection of stories compared to Camren. I'm dreading the day Camren will be as dead as Faberry.

I was Faberry and Achele as fuck, the obsession didn’t go as far as Camren but it was definitely a good time - and the fanfics are indeed incredible, “Should Have Asked For Directions” (#fuckyouJaney) is the best fanfic I’ve read to this day, all ships included 

If you want to check it out, trust me you won’t regret it! You don’t even have to know Faberry or Glee to enjoy it

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3 so there's the story. please help me i dont know what to do! i care about her so so much and don't want to make her feel out of place but it broke my heart to see it. what should i do

Okay darling, first of all, I read your whole story (sadly I’m on like, tunglr app rn so i can’t copy-paste it).

Well, for putting other fruity goo’s in context (is kinda needed here tbh) this lil cutie has a problem bc one of their pals is cutting (self harm) and they want to help but they don’t know how to start the conversation or if it would be something, y'know, appropriate to do.

Well, this is my silly personal opinion, I think you should ask if she is doing fine but like, when NO ONE else is there, three’s a crown often in this kinda topics and it can make everything even more awkward, try to be alone by the moment you talk with her about it.

Please try to NOT comment on her scars so much, though, people who cut usually have some self-conscious issues with them, in chase of commenting on them try to like, not sound grossed out by them.

Third, for the love of the goddess DO NOT PUSH HER TO ANSWER, darling i know you want answers but pushing people into telling you something is not the best answer much less in this situations. Go slow with her if she is overwhelmed, believe me, is worth the shot.

Remember to be nice with her in this kind of situations, ask her softly, remind her that she can trust and vent on you, thats super important!