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I don't mean to be rude or anything, but why do you always say no one reads your story, yet you're getting fanart and plenty of people saying it's good?

Because I’m paranoid and occasionally feel like everybody are just faking their interest because they want to get on my good side.

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what are some of your theories for this season?

oKOK this might be a little long cause its a recompilation of all the theories i have / have read so if you dont want any spoilers dont read. this might be like 100% wrong like they are just theories ok? ok/.

  • so first, we have the lydia being on eichen house thing. this is the most interesting theory i have read of why is she there and why all the flashback honestly you should read it, it will blow your mind. (x)
  • next, the thing about stiles and how is talking about making mistakes. 
  • i have read theories about stiles killing someone. i really hope they dont go down this road but anyway what i think is gonna happen is that stiles will severely injure or even kill the guy (donovan) that was shown last episode on the sheriff’s office and threatens to kill him. so  i think he will try to go after sheriff  and stiles will defend him in this shot
  •  some people said thats tracy but they honestly look like man hands to me but i could be wrong.
  • another interesting thing is theo!!! a lot of people think he is evil cause thats what they lead us to believe. other people are just like “he is no worse than derek in the beginning” this are my theories about theo (x) the one i am going with is that he is working for the desert wolf. the desert wolf is known to be a professional assassin so maybe he sent theo to keep an eye on the pack. reasons? i dont know. but on wolf watch the guy that plays mason says we will like theo, and an anon told me dylan said in an interview stiles was wrong about him (this i am not sure of) so maybe theo will have a change of heart in the end?
  • a theory for the doctors: this one is really interesting too, but i cant find it. but it was basically about how the doctors are mutating supernatural creatures to see who is gonna be able to take scott’s powers from him. the guy in the first episode obviously failed, so i guess its tracy’s turn.
  • marrish: jeff davis said and i quote: “Lydia may not end up with the person you think she does at first.” what i think its gonna happen is “Hayden’s older sister will sang a job at the Sheriff’s department”. That girl will probably have something with parrish, lets be honest.
  • and last there’s a theory about the stiles car being on fire has to do something with parrish. (x) i wanna add something to this and its that maybe the doctors will experiment on him causing parrish to turn kind of evil? because theres also been a lot of theories of parrish being evil going around

thats pretty much it. i dont really have anything on theo being able to shift wolf full form. if you have any, send them in, i would love to hear them.

Love.exe -- Chapter 16 (LAST)

Convenience store owner Levi & Hacker Eren

the ending to love.exe is finally here after all this time! i’m so grateful for everything and everyone who’s read it, even just a sentence of it. it’s by far the biggest project i’ve ever done and i want to especially thank the people who enjoyed it enough to say really nice things about it. it really means a lot. this story was a journey and i’m probably going to be really sad now that i can’t think of eren and levi doing weird shit in a convenience store. thanks again!

–> AO3

Oh my god… I feel like I’m gonna celebrate finishing this or something…

Pairing: Komaegi (Nagito Komaeda/Makoto Naegi)

Warnings: Deals with break-ups, that’s the only warning in the fic

Additional notes: I wanted to write some soulmate au thing but they were too cliche for me so I messed up with it. Also thanks to kyaksa for proofreading!!

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My Soul-chef

Author: Bubbl3s321

Genre: chef au, teacher au, comedy, romance, supernatural, melodrama

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Sous-chef Do Kyungsoo doesn’t know what’s worse: his terrifyingly strange ability to see ghosts or his next door neighbor Kim Jongin (who thinks his puns are next level). Either way, he’s pretty much f-u-c-k-e-d until someone gives him a definite answer.

Admin N’s notes: Woooowwww look at all these genres - DOESN’T IT JUST MAKE YOU DROOL HAPPILY :Q__ Plus, this is inspired by Master’s Sun (one of my FAVOURITE KOREAN DRAMAS, if you haven’t heard of it you should check it out too!). It’s just one chapter posted but I’m so eager for more. I would expect no less from the author since the way she writes makes me feel like I’m watching a real k-drama  *_*


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have you read anything by Sarah mccarry? all our pretty songs is the first book in a trilogy based off of mythology but like it's SO original and hypnotic and cool and there's a lot of poc representation and basically you should read it if you haven't

Oooh sounds really good! Thank you! <3

Phan Drabbles

All the phan drabbles I wrote last night/today based on the songs you guys submitted, thanks so much for that!! This was real fun, we should do it again sometime ^_^

1.  “Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have without Taking her Clothes off” by Panic! at the Disco

2. “You Found Me” by The Fray

3. “Screen” by Twenty One Pilots

4. “Fourth of July” by Fall Out Boy

5. “The Divine Zero” by Pierce the Veil

6. “3005″ by Childish Gambino

7. “Lost Boy” by Ruth B

((I highly recommend listening to the song when reading))

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I just want to say I really admire you and your confidence. Seriously just reading anything about you saying how amazing you are makes me feel better. I struggle a lot with not liking myself and trying to get to that place where I'm not disgusted by my own body and your self confidence really helps for some reason. I think seeing another girl just be so unashamedly proud of herself and they way she looks is really important for females in our society. Please never stop

thank you so much. i always try to help the fam out when it comes to confidence. we all bomb as fuck beauties. we should be unashamed of our bodies and the way we look. any time someone tries to put me down im just like ok, your opinion is wrong, you have no facts. i am cute as fuck? and i hair flip and walk away. we should all do that. anytime someone thinks they have some kind of right to put you down for your body.just bitch pleaseeeeee, you fucking THOUGHT i wasn’t you, but you MISTAKENNNNNNNNNnnnnnNNNNnnNNnNnnNNNNN!!!!!!!!

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I look for this kind of blogs to laugh at you miserable people and your neverending stream of faulty accusation. Asian people have no big problem, but u Murzyns should get back to Africa and see what kind of shithole you've been saved from, Jezus. After reading through this shit I got to realization that I should go for PoS-Person of Slavia, yeah, I think u heard that before fuckers, but segregation was rather milk and butter in comparison to Soviet Union, and guess fuckin what-Slavs are white

So I know you’re from Poland (I have my ways)… So you a Polish person, go out of your way to find social justice blogs that center around American issues for what??? Got nothing interesting to do in Poland?? 

You know whats really interesting about people like you? You ALL show your ignorance about history and lack of knowledge about everything. Trying to compare Asians to Black people… Only problem Black people and Asians have totally different history, and have been treated differently throughout history and present day. Now of course I can expect someone like you to know that, now can I. :) 

Thank You

I am very grateful for all of you kind people who read and comment and like and reblog my scribblings. I’m not a writer by training or by hobby, it is only this tall infuriating intelligent man who draws the words from me, and I know what I offer isn’t beautiful melodic prose. There are so many talented writers here whose creations should be at the top of best-sellers lists, who take readers on a journey of perfectly crafted phrases and paint with such varied and delightful hues of language that it leaves me feeling like a preschooler scratching out a mess of crooked lines with a crayon.
So thank you for smiling upon my unrefined pictures and making me feel like someone thinks they are refrigerator worthy.

Kent has everything: a record breaking hockey career, his name on the Stanley Cup, a cat and…

Well, almost everything.


1. Centuries - Fall Out Boy | 2. Run This Town (feat. Rhianna and Kanye West) - Jay-Z | 3. Gold - Imagine Dragons | 4. Miniature Disasters - KT Tunstall | 5. I Got Money Now - P!nk | 6. Homewrecker - Marina and the Diamonds | 7. …Baby One More Time - Britney Spears | 8. The Con - Tegan & Sara | 9. Are You Happy Now? - Michelle Branch | 10. So What - P!nk | 11. Shake It Off - Taylor Swift | 12. Marchin On - OneRepublic

Partially inspired by softbrah and sparklyslug‘s excellent fic, the heart not to lose it, which you all should read.

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rabbit dad i'm getting a bunny myself, i've read up on how to care for a rabbit and what they need, is there anything i need to know beforehand so it doesn't surprise me? like surprise health problems, certain food brands they should/shouldn't have, etc.

Shout out to all those out there considering to get a rabbit or about to get one, this is kind of lengthy…

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Out of curiosity, I find myself in favor of the Marrish ship but I do find myself wondering why people who enjoy the ship are going to such great lengths to argue the legitimacy of their ship? I don't see why one should feel the need to defend what they find personally enjoyable, certainly not to someone who expresses steeled dislike against the subject. Why not just enjoy the ship as it is enjoyable to you and if not move on?

This applies to all ships, not only Marrish, but you’re right.

We just want to defend them because the arguments against the ship are often so far fetched it’s ridiculous. I once read a post saying Marrish was abusive because Parrish pointed a gun at Lydia’s direction in season 4. Not only is that a terribly wrong way to use the word ‘abuse’, it’s also a ridiculous statement.

Another argument would be the age difference, while the most popular ship on the show probably has the same age difference. So not much of an argument there.

Idk, I think we all try to stay in our lane, but when people come at us through asks, the marrish tags or reblogs, we can’t help but defend ourselves and our ship.

thanks so much sophie ( sophisnotaturkey ) for tagging me to do the 20 beautiful people challenge tag thing! ^.^ and btw all you guys should go check out her blog, it’s one of my faves!!

I’m tagging anyone that sees this because all of you are beautiful!! <3

So YOU. yeah you. The one reading this post. You’re beautiful. <3 and accepting that will make you love yourself even more!! ^,^
(Sorry for making this so cheesy it sounds like a hallmark card but it’s important that we appreciate ourselves!)

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So I'm just reading about royal baby #2 christening and I have the craziest but best idea possible: since you're so good with all the fic sceneries and details you should totally write harry royal au!!! But make him commoner and ofc the princess (english ofc so she can have william and harry as brothers) :D I'm going now to keep on dreaming (but seriosy CONSIDER THIS !!!) xx

Hmm. I am considering this very seriously. Obviously, I’m a little royal obsessed. Maybe a oneshot?

an apple a day keeps the doctor away

…okay actually I don’t want to keep him away, more on the contrary - in other words, I’m considering reading some biography on Mengele. There seem to be quite a few of them tho, and ofc I don’t want to waste my precious time on some low quality shit. SO ALL YOU GUYS WHO HAVE READ MENGELE BOOKS - WHICH ONE/ONES WOULD YOU RECOMMEND? AND WHICH ARE THE WORST BOOKS ONE SHOULD TRY TO AVOID AT ALL COSTS? PLS TELL ME AND HELP ME I’M DESPERATE

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Hey, can you recommend some Alex x Piper fanfics? :) Thank you

Sure! Ok, so first some writers that are just amazing so you should really just read all of them, it’s a 100% worth it. This is all btw, kinda hate ao3′s page so I avoid it.

jacklavigne (her Better Than Paris fanfic is just beautiful and my go-to when I need something happy to lift me up)


AnonymousWords (Shells will forever be in my heart. It’s amazing).

waterpaint (seriously, this girl is amazing)

also, TheNarrative, that has a lot of awesome oneshots

Now, individual stories that I loved…

Parkslope (funny as hell and I’m reading the rest of this author’s works and they’re really good too so, enjoy)

Walking Backwards by garganta

Girl in the coffee shop by MeganBellaRoseBlack

Crossed by firstadream

Falling is like this by angstbot

andddd They Asked Me To Rise (So I Fell And Did) by WickedFan97 (reallyreally good and long)

hey guys, i added a pixel family to my blog!! you all should check it out yo!! even some of my friends who don’t read homestuck are there aha, so i just corresponded their pixels to the character i think fits them!!