So Yoon Lym (Korea/USA) - The Dreamtime

So Yoon Lym is a Seoul born, North Jersey based artist. At age of 15, he has spent his summer studying with Korean exiled painter, Ung No Lee in Normandy, France and discovered how art was inextricably tied to nature and his life. He pursued his interest in art school in Rhode Island and graduate school in New York City. Following his formal education, he has been textile colorist, adjunct professor and art educator. He is currently building a new body of work as part of his Lower East Side Printshop Keyholder Residency.

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So Yoon Lym, The Dreamtime

“The dreamtime is inspired by the Aboriginal stories and visions of creation. Each braided pattern is a map of the ancient universe, a topographical palimpsest of the world in pattern: valleys, mountains, forests, oceans, rivers and streams. The painter and the hair braider lay down their marks like their predecessor creator beings, carving and inscribing, creating and being, in turn, created by their labor.”