SO I’m new to the Supernatural Fandom

And it’s confusing as fuck?
I started watching the show about a month and a half ago because I kept seeing all these posts about it on Tumblr and Pinterest (fun fact: at first I actually thought that Destiel was canon because…yeah, just type in ‘Supernatural’ on Tumblr.) and yeah, I finished all eleven seasons in about a month. 
So then several days ago I decided to make a blog dedicated to the show, especially Castiel because he is by far my favorite character (even though he was kinda neglected the last couple of seasons..) and since then I’ve gotten more into the fandom stuff and learned about the different ships and so on.

And I don’t fucking get it?

There are several thing that I really don’t understand. Like for example why almost every popular ship is gay? Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t have anything against it and I don’t hate on them or anything it’s just that I don’t understand. I do realize that for example Dean and Cas have a very strong and profound relationship but I really don’t find it romantic. And Sam and Gabriel? What the fuck? Where does that come from? 
And Wincest?? I don’t get Wincest. Again, I’m not hating, I’m just confused. What exactly is Wincest? What do the fans ship there? Are they shipping the relationship and love between the two brothers because if so, yeah ok I ‘ship’ it too. Or are they actually shipping an incest relationship between Sam and Dean? Like…that’s kind of disturbing? Or am I getting something wrong here?

And what it is with Cockles? Why do you ship the actors? Like, they have wives and everything. I do realize that to the majority it’s just a joke and they don’t really mean it but some do? 

Also, what is it with all the hate between the shippers? Is there a problem that I’m not seeing or are people just being dicks (or oversensitive?) Why can’t people just ship whatever they like without being belittled for it? Why do Destielers hate on Wincesters and vice versa?
I don’t ship neither but still it just angers me when I see a post that’s hating on either of them. And from what I’ve seen on Tumblr this kind of hate seems to be projected on the actors as well? I’ve never been on a convention myself and I’ve only seen a couple of videos from the panels and posts on Tumblr but apparently some ‘fans’ hate on Misha oder J2….so, yeah, I don’t get it.

I don’t mean to be rude or offend anyone, I’m just new to all of this and hope that someone can explain it to me. Please ._.

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lmao okay but if characters getting people killed over their actions is whats setting other anon off wheres the outrage over isabela getting kirkwall sacked by the qunari and countless people killed/injured /almost starting a war over a book? I dunno man, the da fandom has such a boner for criticising characters coded as having mental illness (and also victim blaming but yknow)

I’m pretty sure it’s because even the writers blamed Anders for everything. So when the fucking devs hate a character then it’s no surprise most of the people will hate that character too. (thus the whole slutshaming with isabela, the devs liked to do that also)

The da fandom is the fucking worst. A bunch of jerks packed together in a trench coat. I’m just happy that I’m on the better side most of the time. lol

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So I just started watching Lucifer and all the little Chloe and Lucifer moments were so cute last episode. I want to know when you think Lucifer and Chloe will actually get together (or like actually kiss, cause we all know it's going to happen).

This is basically how I see it going from here:

Next week, Lucifer melts down, comes unglued, tries to push Chloe away, tries to push everyone away, fully believes he is a monster, turns into his worst self, and basically, yeah, it’s not pretty.

But in the promo, she’s already pleading with him to get it together and remember who he really is and so forth. And at some point, I think she’ll get through to him (oh god I so need next week, it’s gonna kill me but I need it). Partly because Episode 7 is where she finds out the truth of what happens to her dad, and this is also the episode where Lucifer is following Dan around trying to be normal (I will die if Dan is actually caring about him and trying to really help and WHY IS THIS HAPPENING I DID NOT ASK TO LIKE GODDAMN DETECTIVE DOUCHE AS LUCI’S FRIEND WHAT HAS THE SHOW DONE TO ME). So it’s gonna be Chloe’s turn to be rattled and scared and angry about something relating to her family, and he’s gonna have to pull himself together. Remember who he is. And be there for her.

Episode 8 is when Mom starts keying into Chloe and Lucifer’s thing. At some point she’s going to find out the effect Chloe has on Lucifer. The fact that Uriel accused Lucifer of loving Chloe more than her (which Lucifer didn’t deny, because he couldn’t) and that as long as Chloe is around, Lucifer is never going to commit to the plan of barnstorming heaven with her. Mom isn’t going to agree to leave Earth without him, it’s pretty clear by now that he isn’t going to force her back to hell, and something’s gotta give.

Not to mention Chloe needs to find out about the deal with God/him killing Uriel to save her/the truth of this whole devil thing. That is A LOT. And when she does, I can imagine it’s going to rock her. To say the goddamn least.

As I made a post about before, I have a lot of thoughts about the end of the season/Mom making her last stand/dragging Chloe into hell so if she can’t have what she wants, at least she’ll get this human distraction away from her son (probably even thinking she’s doing Lucifer a favor). But before this happens, everything will have come to a head, Chloe and Lucifer will finally admit they have feelings/there will be a kiss/we will die. Because she’s the one thing he is never going to compromise or sacrifice on, and that’s going to overcome what Mom is trying to do, and as much as it is gonna hurt him, he can’t have them both. And Mom is going to force his hand, and betray him one time too many.

I don’t know whether Mom is going to sacrifice herself to save her kids (as I think she might, as after all she’s not completely unsympathetic) or if something else is going to happen, but I do think the end of the season is going to be a screamer in terms of her finally showing her demonic nature/trying to put her plan into action/deciding to get rid of Chloe so she’s no longer a distraction, and that is when I think Deckerstar will goddamn finally get together/kiss. Before Chloe is dragged into hell happy wait for season 3 motherfuckers.

I mean what.

Hey Rhink fandom, could you ever so kindly send me to your Rhink weekly roundups please. Because I want to see the gay but I don’t wanna watch it all and need to update myself. If you could, that would be very much appriciated, thank you.

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I had the biggest crush on zak when I first started watching a few years ago and now it's like a love hate relationship. I hate him but he's so funny i love it

Yeah I feel the same. But I’m not sure why he’s still taking up a portion of my mind on a daily basis


Please tell me I’m not the one who noticed the similarities~

Also here’s a bonus (kind of a stupid comparison but w/e)

Purple Tuesday

I was home watching TV and cutting up a steak when I got the call at 8PM. A friend of mine worked at a famous hotel in LA and one of the guests made a last minute request for a DJ to play the hotel bar. Someone that could get there and start playing in an hour. The bar frequently had live bands play, but never a DJ. So with little to no time, my wise and generous friend thought to throw a gig my way.

“Yeah, I can get there in an hour. Am I getting paid?”

“Yes, you’ll get paid.”

“What kind of party is it? What am I playing?”

“Someone’s renting out the bar for a private party. And that someone is… The Artist… formerly… known… as… Prince.”

That sentence was not real to me. Still not real. I had no time to really think or say anything but, “What? You serious? Yes. Be there as soon as I can.” Got off the phone and my stomach turned. Only a handful of people in the world have imprinted their music that much in my brain. And couldn’t he just call up any of the best DJ’s in LA to come play for him? Why’s he gonna trust someone who is by all means an unknown? I’d been DJing parties and bars for years but going from that to Prince is an Olympic leap.

The next half hour felt like a panic attack. I made a list of songs to play for Prince and his private Prince party. Ok, no Prince songs. He doesn’t want to hear himself. No MJ. I don’t want to insult him or anything. Didn’t they have beef in the 80’s? No hip hop. Can’t picture him rocking out to Kendrick. I thought of who he was influenced by and dragged some James Brown and Stevie songs into the playlist. Isley Brothers, Curtis. Great. 8:20PM. I still have to get ready even though I could spend the next month picking songs. I quickly close my laptop and get dressed. Pack up my turntables, mixer, cables and run them all to the car as I’m sweating through this black suit.

I get to the hotel with about five minutes to set up. The bar is completely empty aside from a couple of servers and my friend who made the call. And the room is almost lit exclusively by candlelight. I’m told to set up my turntables on the grand piano, which is also covered with candles, making me feel like hip hop Liberace. A waitress tells me there’s like an 80% chance Prince doesn’t show up. He just likes to rent out the bar in case he and his friends wander through the hotel and feel like stopping in. “But you should start playing music anyway in case he comes in. Who knows.” So I start playing songs to the very empty bar. The anticipation is a killer. My friend gives me a much needed glass of whiskey before taking off.

A giant spread of appetizers is covering the bar and getting sweaty. Spring rolls, cheese, orange juice. An hour goes by. Then another hour. A no-show. I’m kind of bummed out but also very relieved. I don’t know how I’m going to react if he walks in that door. So I’m just playing the set of my life to nobody. It’s like I’m getting paid to practice and listen to whatever I want on the bar’s sound system.

At 12AM the door opens and some guy walks over to me and without a greeting he says,

“Hey man. He’ll be here in 15 minutes. What are you gonna play when he walks in?”

“Oh I got some stuff lined up. Some older Stevie Wonder, the JB’s.”

“Yeah. Yeah, he likes that. Anything like that, Earth Wind & Fire, Chic.”

“Yeah I got Chic! I’ll play that.”

“And he wants to hear Janelle Monáe when he walks in. You got that?”

“Yup. Yup. Janelle Monáe.”

“Cool, he’ll be here in 15 minutes.”

I didn’t have any Janelle Monáe. I ran out to the concierge desk in the lobby to get the wifi password, ran back and started downloading a bunch of Janelle Monáe off of iTunes. Right on time as I cue up the track, the door opens and I catch a quick glimpse. Full on afro, turtleneck and a gold chain. I want to say he had a cane, but I was trying not to look directly at him. I didn’t want to throw him off or maybe infuriate him by making eye contact. Prince was in the room. I was just musical wallpaper. He and a friend sat down at a couch about fifteen feet away from me.

The grand entrance song blended straight into James Brown’s Talking Loud and Saying Nothing. I played Ike & Tina Turner, Charles Wright, Omar’s The Man, and Gust of Wind by Pharrell. My head was pretty much glued to the turntables, sticking to my no look philosophy, but I could hear bits of conversation. Hearing that Prince voice in person was something strange. It just belongs on record or on microphone. I start dishing out some other favorite tracks of mine, Think Twice by Jay Dee and Alicia Myers I Want to Thank You. There’s zero reaction to the songs I play. I’m still worried I’m not playing what he wants to hear. Is he gonna throw a spring roll at me?

A little later that guy from earlier comes back into the bar and walks straight over to me.

“Hey man. Just want to let you know, they love your music.”

“Oh really? Thanks. Do they want to hear anything in particular?”

“Nope. Just keep playing what your playing.”

Oh it’s on now. I can finally breathe and I’m getting props from the man himself, or from the middleman himself.
And then it hits me. There’s only two people in there. Prince and a girl. I’m not there to DJ a private party. I’m there to DJ a date. Prince is on a date and I’m the entertainment.

I saved my set list from that night and I don’t remember playing half the songs on it. All I know is I was in deep concentration, mixing out of my mind. Messenger man came in one more time and said Prince might try to play the piano. When it was time, he would pop his head in the door and give me the cue to stop DJing. I had never seen Prince perform, so a private piano ballad to his woman and myself sounded alright. I stayed looking at that door for a while until Prince’s date walked over to me.

“Hey, so what’s the name of this song? He likes it and wants to know.”

“It’s a Smith’s cover. This Charming Man by Stars.”

She sat back down and relayed the info, to which he nodded his head. Now I’m stumping Prince with cool music. I play another track. She comes over to me again and asks, “What’s this one? He wants this on repeat.” Blacker 4 The Good Times by Ballistic Brothers. So I play that song a couple more times in a row. It’s now 4AM and I’m just a little delirious from being on my feet DJing for 7 hours. And I’m running out of music. My song selections are all over the map at this point. Esperanza Spalding, ESG, Broken Bells.

At around 4:30 Prince gets up off the couch and walks floats right over to me. He looks me in the eye, starts shaking my hand and says in a deep Prince voice,

“Thank you. That was very enjoyable.”

“Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it.”

In my mind it was that smooth but there’s no doubt I was speaking gibberish.

And just like that he left the room with his date. He didn’t put any moves on her in the bar, but I like to think I helped him out by setting the mood for whatever happened next. I stopped the music and the lights went on.

And that was the best night of DJing I ever had or ever will have.

Playlist from that night.

Janelle Monáe - Q.U.E.E.N. ft Erykah Badu
James Brown - Talking Loud and Saying Nothing
Billy Gardener - I Got Some
J.B.’s - Givin’ Up Food For Funk
Ike & Tina Turner - Bold Soul Sister
Charles Wright - Express Yourself
Johnny Hammond - Tell Me What to Do (Whiskey Barons Rework)
Pharrell Williams - Gust of Wind
Omar - The Man
Steve Arrington - Weak at the Knees
Belle Epoque - Miss Broadway
Chic - I Want Your Love (Todd Terje Edit)
Ethel Beatty - I Know You Care (U-Tern Edit)
Curtis Mayfield - Give Me Your Love
Mayer Hawthorne - Just Ain’t Gonna Work Out
Jay Dee - It’s a Man’s World
Jay Dee - Think Twice
Alicia Myers - I Want to Thank You
Positive Force - We Got the Funk (Larry Levan Re-Edit)
Rene and Angela - I Love You More
Stevie Wonder - That Girl
The Isley Brothers - Tell Me When You Need It Again
N*E*R*D - Run to the Sun
Beyonce - Blow
Hall & Oates - I Can’t Go For That
St. Germain - Sure Thing ft John Lee Hooker
Tom Tom Club - Genius of Love
Bernard Wright - Who Do You Love
Tina Turner - What’s Love Got to Do With It
George Benson - Give Me the Night
Junior - Mama Used to Say
Stevie Wonder - Do I Do
Fela Kuti - Opposite People
Claudja Barry - I Wanna Dance
Janelle Monáe - Dance Apocalyptic
Joe Coleman - Get It Off the Ground
Flight Facilities - Crave You
Nu Shooz - I Can’t Wait
Stars - This Charming Man
Aretha Franklin - Rock Steady
Edwin Birdsong - Rapper Dapper Snapper
Ballistic Brothers - Blacker 4 The Good Times
Ballistic Brothers - Blacker 4 The Good Times
Ballistic Brothers - Blacker 4 The Good Times
Esperanza Spalding - I Can’t Help It
ESG - My Love For You
Jimmy Bo Horne - Is It In
Floating Points - Love Me Like This
Broken Bells - After The Disco
Tornado Wallace - Don’t Hold Back
The Mohawks - Champ

(story continued HERE)


One Piece 30 Day Challenge

Day 10: Favorite Filler: Episode 384 - “Brook’s Hard Struggle - The Difficult Path of Becoming a True Comrade?" 

(you already true nakama Brook)

Yoongi As ‘Ju-On’s The Grudge Japanese Version in NOW3 Theory

BTS Theory Master List

So with BTS’ NOW3 being officially released, I’ve already been sent quite a few photos. However, some immediately stuck out to me in a really obvious and creepy way.

Thank you to @ainizams for sending these to me c:

There’s these photos that feature Yoongi dressed completely in white with a whitened face and more than usual dark eye makeup.

Once I actually looked at the photos and the way he was positioned, I knew instantly what exactly he was trying to portray. 

Toshio Saeki. Also known as the boy from the original Grudge movie that was later adapted into the American version.

For those of you who don’t really know what this movie is about, Takeo Saeki, convinced that his wife Kayako was having an affair with another man, murdered her, their son Toshio and Toshio’s pet cat in a jealous fit.

The spirits of the deceased haunt the location, killing anyone who encounters the curse by any means, such as entering a cursed house or being in contact with somebody who was already cursed. 

The curse gathers in the place where that person has died or where they were frequently at, and repeats itself there.

According to Ju-On, when a person dies with a deep and powerful rage, a curse is born.

Hmm, sound familiar??

Could this prove that this instance of Taehyung killing his father did really break apart all the boys and start this curse?



  • Hinata:If I run and leap at Kageyama, he will most certainly catch me in his arms. Coming in!
  • Kageyama:NO! I'm holding coffee!
  • Hinata:*jumps*
  • Kageyama:*drops coffee and catches him*
  • Hinata:Yatta!
  • Everyone else:*facepalms*

Sandstorm HYPE - Twitch Livestream | Mad Max Part 4 & Stream Finale! (OSD Stream)

“Here we go. Let’s fucking do it… I misclicked because I’m dumb. There it is.”


I miss Anders, I said. I’ll make a custom Hawke, I said. It’ll be fun, I said.

@losebetter and I nearly suffocated from laughter doing this. MODS - NOT EVEN ONCE.


what a weekend! (continued from this part

NGL this one was just an excuse to draw more stupid faces.

Part 5 Here

ALSO FAIR WARNING TO PEOPLE FOLLOWING THIS AU: It’s gonna start getting some (tagged) NSFW content soon, so…yeah. Watch yourselves.

Also if anyone wants to know more about this AU feel free to ask/message! 


So, I’m in Canada for a summer camp thing, and I just facetimed my dad for the first time since 1D exploded, and the first thing he asked me was “What’s up with 1D?” So I immediately sighed and started assuring him it was just a PR stunt and she isn’t pregnant, but he interrupted me and was like “No I mean are they really gay?” And I just like froze because my dad watches the news all the time, but never entertainment news, and so basically to people who don’t give a shit about One Direction, this isn’t a pregnancy scandal, this is an “oh there are gay members in One Direction?” scandal. I don’t know if the plan is backfiring or working perfectly jfc.