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I started watching yoi after episode 7 aired because as a queer person I was so excited to see a canon queer couple... So like yeah I kind of started watching it because it's gay but more because it *wasnt* queerbating which I'm so so sick to death of

And that’s okay too :D
I would be lying if I tell you that I didn’t care about it.In fact, I was very happy that they weren’t just teasing the shit out of us because I’m not a fan of that kind of fanservice either.I noticed that the amount of lesbians in anime grew from time to time but I wondered why no gays…
The way they handled it at the end was just 1a

hi im youtube trash and these are never going to look right

So yeah, I started to watch Magi (blame mari-m-rose), I almost finished season 1 by now and everyone is so adorable ldsashkdjashfsd o^o I’m having a really hard time having my top 3 of favorite characters.

But anyways even before I started to watch it, AliMor had a special place in my heart (thanks tumblr).

The general concept of Morgiana lifting up Alibaba with her mega strenght drives me crazy >A< ♥ Of course my first fanart/doodle about them had to be related to that topic.

Hope you like it~♥