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tbh i see dnp as more of older brother figures (/possibly father figures but thats like yeah they had a baby at 14) and sometimes when like 13/14/15 year olds rb pics/gifs of them saying sexual shit im just like???? no??? they're literally twice you're age???

ok listen up story time w/ nora here - i was raised an only child, however i do technically have half siblings i just don’t see them more than maybe twice a year. they’re all around dan and phil’s age (my sister is phil’s age, my oldest brother is just older than dan and my other brother is like just younger than him) and they all kinda remind me of dnp? idk they’re just all fucking nerds and all we do is insult each other. but yeah so somehow when i started watching dnp i just immediately felt the same familiarity with them as with my siblings kinda? so now i’m like. yes. you’re my brothers now. cool.

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I started watching yoi after episode 7 aired because as a queer person I was so excited to see a canon queer couple... So like yeah I kind of started watching it because it's gay but more because it *wasnt* queerbating which I'm so so sick to death of

And that’s okay too :D
I would be lying if I tell you that I didn’t care about it.In fact, I was very happy that they weren’t just teasing the shit out of us because I’m not a fan of that kind of fanservice either.I noticed that the amount of lesbians in anime grew from time to time but I wondered why no gays…
The way they handled it at the end was just 1a

So yeah, I started to watch Magi (blame mari-m-rose), I almost finished season 1 by now and everyone is so adorable ldsashkdjashfsd o^o I’m having a really hard time having my top 3 of favorite characters.

But anyways even before I started to watch it, AliMor had a special place in my heart (thanks tumblr).

The general concept of Morgiana lifting up Alibaba with her mega strenght drives me crazy >A< ♥ Of course my first fanart/doodle about them had to be related to that topic.

Hope you like it~♥

hi im youtube trash and these are never going to look right


I said I would do a cute thank you drawing so yeah ;u;

But yeah I started watching osomatsu-san when a bunch of shit was happening in my life but this show honestly helped me deal with the stress and gave me Mondays to look forward to :’)