Morgan Brian and Lauren (Cheney) Holiday on their friendship on and off the field:

“Every time I came into camp, she was the first one to talk to me, and make me feel comfortable. I was coming to camps from college and it was kinda surreal to be surrounded by players that you look up to and she [Holiday] always made me feel welcome and made sure I was okay. On the field it was the same thing I remember some girl got a yellow card on me and it was a really bad tackle,” Brian said of a friendly against Canada in 2014. “She [Holiday] was the first one in the referees face. She has another side to her when she gets mad, so everyone calls her alter-ego ‘Shanaynay’, so that came out and I thought it was really cool. ”  

“I’ve told people this before- Morgan is going to be the star,” Holiday said. “I think that you guys just saw a glimpse of what she can bring to the table in the World Cup. I told her a year before the World Cup started, she would be starting in a World Cup final and I don’t think she believed me at all. But, she did and I think she did a great job for us.” 

“Off the field, just having fun, enjoying it and being young. You forget what it’s like to be that player,” Holiday said. “That was me, that was A-Rod [Amy Rodriguez], that was Tobin [Heath] years ago. Just being around her and hanging out with her and getting to know her, I’ve gotten to experience that again and that’s been fun for me.” 

I don’t think this friendship got enough love & recognition.  

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Witch au in the fahc universe

Edit because I should have put this stuff in the post and not the tag:   storm/weather witch Michael who creates lightning to strike people down or a tornado to wreck the streets behind them to help lose the cops

Animal witch Ryan who lets loose animals in the zoo and convinces them to tear apart someone once he’s done with them, it’s an easy way to dispose bodies

Jack who uses her magic to heal them just enough until they can get to Caleb. She’s a white witch and her magic is suppose to be used for good and it is. It helps Geoff when he’s stressed over a heist and Ryan when he can’t sleep. It help Michael control his magic when he’s pissed and keeps Gavin from fainting when he has to use his magic. It helps Jeremy keep from getting too anxious about a job especially in the beginning and herself when things get to much and she needs to keep herself sane and calm. It helps them all from going mad when someone gets captured. 

time/fire witch Geoff who turns back time when something goes horribly horribly wrong and one of them dies and lights shit up when need be

Necromancy  Jeremy who gets ghost to help distract people and bring people just long enough when he’s not finished with them. Jeremy can only bring somebody back for so long before it drains him and they aren’t fully back to themselves they’re, well, a zombie which is why Geoff has to turn back time instead of Jeremy just bringing them back. 

Blood witch Gavin who hates his magic and only uses it when he has to

Garden witch Mica who makes vines grow from the ground to tie people up

Space witch Trevor who creates black holes and stars just hot enough to burn a person when Geoff isn’t around to do it

Eclectic Witch Lindsay who is basically the crew Jack of all trades 

Creation witch Matt who makes new weapons and vehicles for the crew

and divination witch steffie who they all go to before a job to see how it goes

Another edit because something was pointed out by @whatdoyewant :  ryan using mangy cats and dogs, wild forgotten things that prowl the alleys and scrap for scraps. who are starved and half crazed and more wild than any zoo animal. zoos are precious conservation programs with rare species that are well taken care of, and he wouldn’t touch them. He’d summon the cats left behind, the dogs who ran from fighting rings and abuse, the rats that fill every crack of every dilapidated apartment and every sewer.

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365 days of rory gilmore: day 51


“I can’t have any more blood on my hands.”

“Except for your own?”

The Netflix Series of Unfortunate Events is turning out to be awesome! Super stoked for season 2. Loving how VFD members are getting a lot more screen time too! And Lemony Snicket!! And UNCLE MONTY!!!

you know what’s cool about my friend who has major social anxiety? she doesn’t use it to put herself down. she doesn’t use it to call herself weak, or lesser of a person. if i’m going out and i invite her out, all she has to say is can’t, anxiety. and i get it. and i go out with other friends and i see her on her time when she can socialize and not feel like the weight of the world is crushing down on her. when i tell her i’m hanging out in the living room and she lets me know, can’t, anxiety, i’m staying in my bedroom. i get it. and i don’t push her, and i don’t pity her. i understand her. 

all i’m trying to say i guess, is that when things get hard mentally, and someone calls themselves weak, it upsets me. knowing your limits isn’t a weakness. being able to openly say “yeah, i didn’t go to that last week, because you know, anxiety.” isn’t something i’m going to pity a person for, and it certainly doesn’t mean i’m thinking less of you. and it bothers me to see people who have severe anxiety, and other things, equating it to a weakness. being able to openly talk about your anxiety and your depression and your inability to function as what you or society sees as common isn’t a fault. hell, it’s a strength to be able to say, “can’t, anxiety.” and i think it’s an even bigger strength of the person you’re saying it to, to be able to understand that, even if they don’t feel the same way. strength and empathy. that’s all i guess. 

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who's your favorite gintama couple?

I’m actually ashamed this question has to be asked (WHAT HAVE I DONE THAT PEOPLE DON’T KNOW THE ANSWER TO THIS OMG I’M A SHAME TO THE FAM)

Ok but think about new bodyguard Sougo and heiress to a mob empire Kagura (not that she needs a bodyguard because she knows how to kick ass and she kicks them good, but we all know how Umibouzu and Gin can get). She’s so mad at first when she hears about the new arrangement because she cannot stand him so her sole purpose is to make Sougo’s life miserable; he doesn’t have any kind of problems returning the favour, ofc, but when the situation calls for it try touching a hair of her head- he’ll kill to keep her safe.

This was part of an AU of mine where they’re working undercover and they have to move to China during some months to dig up some info in order to stop a mafia (apart from Gin, nobody else knows about Kagura’s past) and things get shady. This scene takes place in a gala they attend. Kagura is pissed and Sougo is so done.


Angela Who?

//GET IT TOGETHER. Listen, I’m here for Jealous Liv. Angela can stick around in my book. Angela seems genuine, and she even asked for Olivia’s permission before pursuing Fitz. I hate the people who support Zilla’s crazy ass “Feminism” that results in Fitz being traumatized. All Fitz did was love Olivia’s ungrateful ass and she broke his heart so many times. Olivia can’t get mad when she was fucking Jake’s lame ass even after he choked her out and participated in the killing of Fitz’s child. There are so many things wrong with the
Olake ship. Jake is a fucking serial killer, and she chose him over Fitz. Fitz built her a Mansion, got a divorce for her, and he even declared WAR for her. Maybe Angela deserves to he a recipient of that love until Olivia gets her act together. She’d better hurry it up. She’d better hope Fitz doesn’t fall in love with Angela. Her time is running out because I bet you that Angela would drop everything and move away to go be with Fitz. I love Angela’s character, and I hope she will give Olivia a shove in the right direction. She needs to see that Fitz won’t be dangling by her finger forever. I am a HARDCORE Olitzer, but Fitz deserves happiness atleast until Olivia wakes up.

Pidge is a she/her (Be nice)

Quick reminder to all the voltron peoples who keep using different pronouns for Pidge/Katie besides she/her, Pidge literally announced to everyone that she was a girl, it’s a canon thing. Don’t get me wrong, you can write her anyway you want to, but she’s canonically a girl, so don’t get mad when people use she/her pronouns. Another thing though, don’t hate on someone because they use other pronouns besides she/her for Pidge. The can do them, you can do you. Chill. Just respecting what someone believes in/says isn’t the same thing as agreeing with it. Keep that in mind.

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Can I request a fluff with Yurio and his S/O about Yurio catching a cold and his S/O is there to keep him company and cater to his needs despite his possibly grumpy state or any way he would react?

“Yuri, you need to take your medicine, otherwise you’ll never get better.”

“But it tastes horribly.”

(y/n) looked at the grumpy skater with an annoyed look. This was probably the fifth time they were having this discussion. Why did Yuri have to be so grumpy when sick?

“If you don’t take your medicine, I won’t cuddle with you for a week!”

At that, Yuri paused a bit. Yeah, his medicine was disgusting, but was it really worth it…?


Yeah, it was totally worth it.

(y/n) looked even mad at that.


Fortunately, Yuri isn’t stupid. He knows that when (y/n) gets mad, she gets mad

So he quickly shut up and swallowed the medicine.

When that happened, (y/n)’s face changed immediately, the scowl morphing into a smile.

“There you go! That wasn’t too hard, was it? I think you should eat something… I’ll get you some soup.”

Yuri sweatdropped, watching her go. She really was a scary person sometimes.

I was inspired to try and find the oldest piece of writing I hadn’t deleted and it’s from right after I turned 14. It… is the most pretentious thing… omfg. I was so proud of this shit. It was my featured deviation, back when the dA lit community was active and cool. I thought I was a fucking prodigy. At least I can confirm that my obsession with girls who have boy names and kiss girls has been ongoing for at least twelve years.

INTP–INFP Just Chill

INFP: Ohhh! I just remembered that I forgot to pick my classes, oh god!

INTP: Oh, did you just get eligibility the other day?

INFP: Yeah. I was going to stay up until midnight so I could pick them, but I chickened out and fell asleep! D:

INTP: You’re such a nerd.

INFP: ಠ.ಠ

INFP: You don’t know what it’s like! Now, I’m never going to get the classes I want!

INTP: Dude, it hasn’t even been a day, you’ll be fine.

INFP: NO. Just imagine it first.

INFP: You get the opportunity to choose. You miss the chance. You wake up the next day and everything you wanted is gone. AND THEN YOU’RE REALLY STRESSED OUT FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

INTP: Except that didn’t happen to me because I already picked all my classes, and got the ones I wanted.


INTP: But guess what! I didn’t stay up until midnight, either! I actually completely forgot about classes. And then the next morning, I remembered, went online, and I picked them.

INFP: Well–

INTP: And I got everything! And it was fine!

INFP: You don’t un–

INTP: It’s going to be fiiiiiine, INFP.


INTP: Fiiiiine!





INFP: Fine.

INTP: That’s the idea!


AnimeNext 2016 was AMAZING!! 💕

(just gonna ramble in the tags :3)

I hate when people say Snow White was dumb because the first thing she does is clean the dwarves’ house. Like okay yeah she went into a stranger’s house but to be fair the house looked abandoned and her only friends (forest animals) led her there because they believed she would be safe there. Not only that but she THOUGHT THEY WERE ORPHANED CHILDREN so she cleaned and cooked for them. If you found a house in disarray and you thought 7 orphaned children were living there alone, would you just walk on by and not care? No! Her actions were totally justified. Being giving and compassionate is not a crime, yo!

my english teacher wanted us to come up with a story theme before writing the story and creating the characters,………….how