believe it or not im going to sleep at 11:30 pm. 

today was very long.

  • pledis:*posts something with wonwoo*
  • mom:sHUT UP OMFG

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here’s a better plot for S6

Season 6A: it starts with Allison. Lydia is having dinner at Scott’s and happens to mention Allison to Melissa, who stares in confusion asking who the girl is. Lydia freezes. Melissa has the sweet, understanding look in her eyes as she apologizes for not remembering. Lydia rushes to Scott, tells him what happened and asks if everything is alright with Melissa; what she hears breaks her heart: ‘who’s…Allison?’.
Kira is next. Except she doesn’t just disappear from everyone’s minds, she goes missing. No one remembers her, not even her parents. Only Lydia does. She talks to Scott and Malia about it and even though they listen to her, they think she is suffering from some kind of ptsd after what happened at Eichen House. Stiles believes her though but then…it happens to him too. Fearing he might go missing like Kira, she asks doctor Deaton and Marin for help. Together they learn a new enemy has risen with one single purpose: to tear down the McCall pack once and for all.
With their help and her new powers,Lydia manages to fight back and bring her friends back to safety but there’s one thing she had to sacrifice in order to do so: her life.

Season 6B: Lydia is dead. She knows she is, that was the price to pay for the ritual to bring Kira, Stiles and the memory of Allison back. So why is she somewhat…alive? Is this where everyone goes when they die? because if it is, it’s dreading; everything is dark, the air is thick, taunting; whispers echo in the air and Lydia could almost swear she just got sent into the middle of a horror thriller. She looks around and all she sees are trees. A forest. Fear starts creeping under her skin as she notices blurred shadows moving in the distance and a presence near her. She stays still, ready to fight if any sudden move is made. Until she hears a familiar voice. ‘Hey stranger’ , they say. It can’t be…except that it is.


Meanwhile, the pack isn’t dealing very well with the loss of yet another one of his friends and are doing everything they can to bring her back.

Back in the realm of the dead, Allison isn’t the only dead person Lydia can see. She finds Erica,Boyd,Aiden…and her grandmother who gives her some very helpful advice: banshees don’t just predict death…they can bring back the dead.

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What do you think the Saving Francesca gang would post about if they had Instagram? Would they be themed, artsy, pictures of each other etc??

oh this is interesting to think about!

out of the girls, I feel like Siobhan would be the last one to get Instagram; she’s more of a living in the present kind of person, but after the girls kept pestering her she relented and created one. She usually posts photos of her everyday life for the girls, where she’s been and where she’s going, pictures of buildings and places (and sometimes cute guys sightings at the subway), Euro trip photos. She has an A+ aesthetic game because Siobhan is a flawless Queen of everything.

Frankie would be the type to post candid pictures and videos of her people; the gang getting together, Ned flipping T-bones at Stani’s, embarrassing photos of Luca (and tagging Anabel in all of them, much to his horror), Bob and Mia looking at each other with love over breakfast, cheek to cheek selfies with Will (who hates selfies and almost never stares straight into the camera). The best thing about Frankie’s Instagram is, of course, her music covers, sometimes featuring Luca or Tom on the guitar.

Tom’s Instagram would be basically similar to Frankie’s. I don’t see him posting much on it but when he does, he posts about his people: his women (Jacinta, Anabel, Georgie, Nanni Grace, and Tara), Anabel learning guitar (while Luca hovering in the background) (cropped, of course), Ned lying bleary-eyed on the couch in the morning during one of his sleepovers at Tom’s house, Tara’s cooking attempts, Cards Against Humanity nights with the gang + Ned & Mohsin. Tom’s a troll-commenter tho. He especially likes trolling Frankie’s missing-Will posts.

I feel like Justine’s Instagram would be the most artsy of the crew. For some unexplainable reason, in my head Justine can knit (hahah) so her Instagram would be a mix of display of her knittings, doodles of EP cover design ideas, screenshots of her currently-listening songs (she and Tom exchange new music discoveries), and sporadic pictures of Ben Cassidy. Also Justine’s room aesthetic is A+.     

I also don’t really see Tara posting much on Instagram but when she does, she makes it count. Hers would mostly be on current events happening all over the world, and she writes long, loooooong passionate captions. Tara prefers Twitter to Instagram; easier to do long threads of discussion. 

Jimmy treats Instagram like Blue’s Clues. He posts obscure pictures of the places he’s currently in for the gang to guess (this stresses Frankie out a great deal) and reveals the places later in. Once out of the blue he texted Frankie to keep an eye on his posts and started posting pictures (and exasperated the heck out of her; “This is a white wall. WHITE WALL, JIM. HOW IS THIS HELPFUL?”) until the last one revealed to be her own front door, and when Frankie ran to open it there he was after a few months away, standing on her front step with a big grin on his face. He made her cry.

Will would blatantly refuse to get Instagram no matter how hard Frankie pesters him to because ain’t nobody got time for that. He prefers to send photos to Frankie privately anyway ;)


160707 Aron Instagram Update
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Oh Jesus, give me a break. This whole "As an intelligent person I can't believe that I'm expected to accept that Louis is a dad" thing is so embarrassing. If you're really that pathetic that you need your fantasy to keep you happy, then go and read some LOTR or something but stop discussing the lives of real people. It's creepy and stupid. You're not intelligent at all. You're narrow minded and really gullible. Also, stop pretending like you have "inside" information. Louis is a dad, get over it

I have things to say to this, but first, ooh first let me enjoy the moment when an anti feel like they can use terms as embarrassing, pathetic, creepy, stupid, narrow minded and gullible to describe any other person on this planet. Please, give me a moment to savour this, thank you (not that sending a message like this, with such wording, is something that a slightly decent person would ever do, but the irony of an anti sending a parody ask without even realizing it, it’s priceless)!

Ok, now! I’ve never been able to bear Lord of The Rings for more than half an hour. I tried and tried but I was never successful. I’m having a really good time right now with Captive Prince and TFC, though, have you tried them? Literature in general is very good. I even have a reading advices tag if you want to take a look! Might take some stress away :)

And to conclude this very sad moment of both our lives, I’ve written the post you’re whining about months ago. Now, while it’s certainly annoying and frustraiting for larries that we’re going in circles and four months later they’re hurling on us exaclty the same old crap, that must be striking some nerve in your side, if this is what you come up with when you’re able to make your scattered braincells to some use and realize something might be off. Don’t worry if you can’t find a proper comback to those points, the right answer is that there’s no answer because this is all fake! If Louis being a dad weren’t the whole foundation of your scared, pressed, moronic, likely homophobic existence, you’d be able to see on your own that the incongruities about this whole story have nothing to do with him being gay or in a relationship with Harry. If you were not biased, you’d see that something is very wrong here; if you really cared for Louis, you’d be relieved that he’s not really the kind of person painted in the press or the idiot stuck in this absurd situation. But if you were a better person, you wouldn’t have sent this message at all, so I have no hope for you. 

Oh, just so you know…”inside” information is what some people happen to hear/be told in their everyday life when living or working in certain places. It’s not something you pretend or eat or make little drawings of. It’s also very easy to verify and it takes a second when you’re used to it to spot a lie. But I wouldn’t want to open too complicated topics that require complex mental webs, yeah?

Being a good person is easy and should come to you naturally, get over it.