The health club (and by extension Blythe Harbor Lite) is finally done! Aaaaand I may have put too many trees downtown. XD

I just have to test the save a bit to make sure it installs correctly, then take pics and write up my post. Unfortunately it’s already way past my bedtime tonight (gotta get up in 5.5 hours for work, yay), so it’ll have to wait until tomorrow evening. Sorry to keep anyone waiting! I really wanted to have it done earlier in the week but I’ve been busy as heck lately. 

I’ll post some more pics of the health club shortly.

Some people are saying “please someone leak alone at the sea”
please think before writing, I can’t believe people still can’t undertand that leaks are BAD, I’m starting feeling so bad about all of this and the last think I wanna see is THAT episode being leaked.
Please don’t be childish, the episode should come out tomorrow at 7 pm so you’ll wait until 7 pm. Respect the other’s work.

We just had like a really really strong thunderstorm like an hour ago… and it took out my wifi adaptor before i could upload the suga gifs. Now I’m outside coz i went to the store to buy a new one. I’m so stubborn cant even wait until tomorrow hahahha

Gamer Problems

When you are in a tough boss battle and your keyboard becomes unresponsive so you end up dying and letting the party down.
Life is cruel.

Rain and Cherry Blossoms

I want this scenario to come true because it’s cute and Tae is cute and I want to see cherry blossoms so if someone could make this come true that would be awesome.

Request: Can you write a fluffy scenario where tae wants to propose to his gf in a really beautiful place (idk a flower filed or something) but it rained and thought it wont work out, but he still did it anyways. Pretty please~ ^^ 

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You clapped excitedly as you sat next to Taehyung on the plane that had just landed on Jeju island. You were here for the Cherry Blossom Festival and you couldn’t be more excited. It was late March and the two of you were excited to see the beautiful blossoms. On top of that you had always wanted to go to Jeju island together so it felt special.

“I am so excited! Do we really have to wait to go see them until tomorrow?” you asked Taehyung but there was no response. You turned to look at him and saw him lost in thought. You poked him lightly in the arm to get his attention.

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things I’m crying about today:

  • the amount of pain I’m in
  • the fact that the clinic that’s most convenient for me to go to about this and that I feel most comfortable going to doesn’t have any doctors on staff today so if I’m gonna go there I have to wait until tomorrow
  • a comic I saw where mimikkyu and ditto were friends

I miss my dog so much he’s in the next room over sleeping but I can’t hug him bc I don’t want to wake him up he is so peaceful I can’t wait until tomorrow morning to wake up and pet him

OK, a correction;

Timeshift for the P5 stream won’t be available until tomorrow, so my video on it will have to wait until tomorrow night as well.

Terribly sorry for all inconveniences. I know I’ve been awfully behind with this stuff lately. 

Seriously, Captain Jackson is the best thing ever!

And I really loved this line in 1x07 (because it’s so true): 

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I’m very anxious to watch the season one finale but I’m sticking with one episode a day. So I’ll have to wait until tomorrow. At least I’m planning on watching it in the morning because I’m going to a concert tomorrow night so I won’t be able to watch it at my regular time. 

anonymous asked:

I didn't hear the full song yet, but I heard a snippet on ig and I can already tell I'm going to aggravte the hell out my family- I'M GOING TO BLAST THAT SONG ALLDAY-EVERYDAY or at least once a day

Okay me I’m highkey thinking about going into my parents room rn with my speaker and playing it but they’re black and will beat my ass because it’s almost one so I’ll wait until tomorrow 🤔