But listen, Lilo & Stitch Roadrat au
Obviously Roadhog is Lilo and Junkrat is Stitch
Reaper is Nani because he’s a bad, sad dad (he’s probably Mako’s godfather in this case)
Soldier76 is David
And Winston and Tracer are Jumba and Pleakley 

Instead of a pet, Gabriel wants to adopt another child, which he hopes will solidify their odd little family and make his godson less lonely. However, he wasn’t exactly expecting Mako to choose the extremely hyperactive “kid” with two metal limbs and tufts of burning hair as his new brother.

Sorry about my lack of ability to make comics, but I had to draw this immediately


Root x Shaw | The Intensity Of Their Gaze In The Most Intimate Moment…

…Speaks Volumes.

Shaw’s Emotional Vulnerability x Root’s Steadfast Reassurance

That is why Root is Shaw’s SAFE PLACE….

…Consciously AND Subconsciously.


not pictured: the delightful aftermath wherein I returned to my desk to find that the fucker had dISAPPEARED WHERE THE FUCK IS IT THIS HAPPENED LIKE 10 MINUTES AGO AND I AM VERY MUCH ON EDGE

*I guess this is goodbye everyone… forever, because we won’t meet again. It’s been lovely to meet you all and we hope you’ll all stay safe, thank you for all the times we’ve shared, you were all wonderful and even though times were difficult, you never gave up on us and always showed us what wonderful people you are. We love you all very much, take care of yourselves, goodbye.

- Frisk.




Today’s News: Julie Tries to Go to a Social Event and It Ends in Tears! (Also: Water is Wet).

So basically my brother was like “come to the concert in the park with me!” and I was like “AHHHH!” but I wanted to go because my bro is awesome but also I didn’t because people+crowds+loud+germs+PEOPLE but I decided to go anyway because I was going to be BRAVE dammit, but then we got there and we sat in the middle of this huge sea of obnoxious people and there was just so much stimulation and all I could think of was how much I wanted to be at home, so I left after 15 minutes. And then I cried all the way home. Yay.

BUT I had a really stellar outfit on and I didn’t want it to go to waste, so ta-da! (Don’t mind my cry face. But I thought it would be good to document the cry face so one day I will look back on this post in 2020 when I can eat food without washing my hands first and I can sit next to strangers without internally cringing, yay)! Sigh. Anxiety sucks. But I’m on some great medication and I’ve got a super supportive family who thinks it’s great that I’m writing a book. 

To all my anxious peeps out there, giant hugs for making it through the day. There are good things out there.

i-gwarth  asked:

how is stranger things? Should I watch it?

Stranger Things is a beautiful beautiful beautiful work of art that I am 90% sure is getting a season 2
I will copypaste my tags because my feelings on this have not changed

#such a good aesthetic #old family photos meet the wonders of modern special effects #and the unbridled confusion of netflix originals #like over the garden wall plus doctor who plus supernatural #Stranger Things

and the kids are so young but such good actors and its just so life-like you forget theyre even acting at all