What if the person in the tank is real Jeanne and the Jeanne we know isn’t Jeanne??
In the last pixie we can clearly see that Jeannes hair is longer than her arms and the person in the tank also.

Maybe there are two Jeannes? Because we know Jeanne as the warrior with the ultra soft side, yes this is a very good character right here but. I think Ruthven forced her to go to that date (look at her face in the last pages, amelia doesn’t know from who the little piece of paper is). Now there’s the question:

Does Jeanne actually know about Ruthvens - let’s call it - plan? Because well, maybe, but not fully because shed never be OK with Luca being killed off. So uhm…?

I know this may sound weird but think about it, what if there are two Jeannes or the real Jeanne is in the tank and what we know is just like… a clone with short hair? (Why would she even cut this hair omg her hair is so beautiful omgggg)

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The real question: y is Doyoung so good looking??? Uhm??? Rude??? Stop that?? My heart cannot handle???

I feel you, he needs to stop before I have heart failure from how attractive he is 💕🌹

uhm,,, guys,,,, 

so in the trailer we have this scene with coran looking a massive wormhole/blackhole that closes and he is looking shocked almost his position is that of someone who knows whats happening,, and you can see an enemy ship going through it

and immediately after

we see the blue lion falling alone, on a barren planet into a cavern of ancient structure of some point, clearly offline,,,,, 

and jeremy a while ago stated lance was going to “die” and y’know seeing someone go through a wormhole like that, or sacrificing themselves by getting the enemy through it might lead the team to think they are dead….

this scene could be the result of lance going through that large worm hole with the enemy ship,,,, yall i swear to god,,, 


hi so uhm im rly proud of this

So, Hard Candy makes this “iridescent pearl highlighter”, and I was piiiiiiiissed, because it ended up just being somewhat satiny, pinkish-white pressed powder that only showed up as shimmer/glitter over really dark shadow or with tons of mixing medium.

But, uhh, once the translucent/“pearl” powder part settles into your skin, it’s straight up blue and pink glitter, y'all.

And so you shouldn’t, uhm, like as an example that maybe a total dumbass might do, shrug and just use it to set your whole face hoping it’ll just make you vaguely dewy.

Because it’s definitely glitter. And your whole face will be blue and pink teeny shimmers as far as the eye can see, and considering you’re caked in glitter, the eye doesn’t even need to see that fuckin’ far. And, uhh, if you were to, like, hypothetically do your makeup in your bra, there’s a lot of fallout. Not, like, the sexy robot detective kind, but the My New Name is Glittertits Cullen and I’m Here to Party kind, so. Hmm.

There’s nothing I can do– I mean, there’s nothing I can THINK of that an IDIOT WHO DID THIS could do, to fix it.

I am a business casual disco ball and I no longer fear death. This concludes my makeup review. Use my coupon code “AW DUDE FUCK FOR REAL WHY THIS” for 20% off all Hard Candy products.

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So uhm about that vampirematsu ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっWhich is the best boi in the set

Anon-chan…….Have I not displayed my bias at every opportunity? I think it’s easy to guess even in this set Churro takes my heart. His wavy little emo swipe is just too cute????

I’m actually really fond of Jyushimatsu and Karamatsu in the set as well–something about Jyushis hair and Karas fingerless gloves are so good to me…

Also, I don’t often mention it (since the opportunity doesn’t really come up often.)) but for AUs wherein the boys change drastically I like to head cannon their heights change too.

In the vampire set I like to think Choro is the shortest~

His outfit, posture and appearance just kind of make me think “This guy would be a Napoleon type character in this world.” IDEK.

((That. And it’s cute <3))

Happy birthday to the amazing @yaxxm

thanks for always being there to bust meme’s with me and scream about klance!!! keep making amazing art and being an amazing person <3 <3 <3