• Straight person:omg who is your otp ??
  • Me:oh they're from The 100
  • Them:is it bellarke or something i love them so much they have so much chemistry !
  • Me:uhm no it's actually cle-
  • Them:can you believe people ship clarke and lexa ? Ugh lexa is so manipulative i dont like her!
  • Me:*walks aways*
  • Also me:*stalks the clexa tag and watches clexa videos for 3 hours*

So uhm. Wonderful news today

The state of Louisiana has a scholarship program called TOPS that awards students with a high enough GPA and ACT score the price of tuition plus a cute little stipend! So for the majority of public university students, this is how we afford going to universities in state. Including me, because my family is broke, and it’s not worth it to go through engineering and keep up a job.

Today it was announced that the state will halt all payments because of a reorganization of the state budget by the new Gov. Edwards. Which is basically a giant mess left by our last governor Bobby Jindal.

If this goes on long enough (which it will knowing this state) the universities will charge the students for the cost of tuition. Mid semester.
That means a lot of people won’t be able to afford finishing the semester. Or be able to pay and get their degree.
Bottom line


TOPS has become an essential way to help students afford to go to college without becoming thousands in debt through student loans that never leave, even when filing bankruptcy.

Something has to be done. Even if it’s just complaining so the state government gets the point.

You cannot treat higher education as a necessity but charge it as luxury.

You cannot take away a program that provides thousands of students the opportunity to obtain a higher education. Where will we find our engineers? Our doctors? Scientists? Teachers? Chemists? Writers? Technicians? Lawyers? Accountants? Managers? Physicists?
Under piles of debt that will ultimately take away from their spending capacity, thus hurting the economy in turn?
Or will they be nonexistent because potential students lacked the financial ability to go for those professions?

Spread the word.

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Hello hey so uhh I got this little kids that like your blog so much that they wanted me (more like forced) to ask you to tell them a bed time story? (It's really late where I am). You can make it anything you want. Also your hime sama comic thing is so precious!!~

oh! uhm…wowy! 
Once upon a time, there was a little girl, who wanted to see the sea. However she was so young and didn’t know where the sea was! 

She went to the lake (which was the next best thing) and sat down sadly. As she cried her tears hit the lake and it started to glow.

Out emerged a beautiful water witch with flowing blue hair and dark blue eyes, just like the ocean! 

Shocked and awed the little girl sat in silence as the water witch spoke.

“Hello, my child, why do you cry what do you seek?”

The girl quickly spoke. “I want to see the ocean! But I not where it is or how to get there.”

The water witch smiled and made a small conch appear on her hands.

“My dear, you are too young to travel alone.” The water witch said softly. “But one day you shall go to the ocean, and rule it. Till then, this conch will allow you to hear it. It will whisper to you advice and warn you of dangers.”

The little girl, quickly took the conch and thanked her happily. She placed the conch to her ear and heard the waves.  She also heard a soft whisper that said. “See you soon!”

Voicemail  ☎ Blaine
  • Oliver:Hey Blaine. It's Oliver. I got your number from Ali...I hope that's not creepy. If it is, just end it here and forget I ever sent this. So uhm...I had a really good time Sunday, and I wanted to know if you wanted to go on a date? Or not a date? Whatever you want, really, I want you to be comfortable. But uh yeah....just let me know...or don't, if I've creeped you out.

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8. Make out on the floor.

Ender blushes deeply as him and Mei were brought inside the closet, the door being locked from the outside. 7 minutes of making out. He blushes deeply as he pulls off his helmet and looks at her. “So uhm…” He decided to skip right to it as he kisses her deeply but gently and pulls him and her down to the floor.


“I had no idea she could move like that…”

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“Shhh, Sam. It’s okay. I don’t hate you. I could never.”

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*nervous laughter*

Imagine this Hans redemption story, of course Helsa ensues:

Most of everybody still distrusts him, but Elsa has put her faith in him. Two years later, Arendelle is prosperous and peaceful, contentment is prevalent in the kingdom— Hans is king, he is Elsa’s consort.

Then.. Something happens and Elsa dies. Hans mourns, Anna berates him for acting like a drunken fool, “Arendelle needs its king;” Kristoff, whom Hans pissed off for pissing Anna off, taunts Hans and tells him, “Isn’t this what you’ve always wanted? Well you’ve got it. Long live the king.” [I KNOW KRISTOFF IS A CUTIE BUT BEAR WITH ME.]

Instead of retorting or “showing his true sadistic colors” [as one council member had said] Hans instead looks at Kristoff with a grim expression, his eyes haunted and empty, and he says— “I would rather be the ragdoll of my brothers, than rule a kingdom where I am not Elsa’s king,” and then without waiting for a reply, he walks away.

[NOTE: He doesn’t say, “where Elsa is not my queen” this is because Hans acknowledges that although he is king, he is only Elsa’s consort, that her position trumps him, and it is her decision to ALLOW him to rule as her equal (erm, maybe think Prince Albert and Queen Victoria ??)… and so, by using this sentence, I made it so that Hans’s character development shows that he has been humbled by Elsa; that he cares not for the crown, but rather their love.]


And because this shiz deserves a happy ending… (And because I can’t handle any emotional shizzles after finishing Son)

Because people still think that Hans has evil motives and is only still continuously seducing Elsa and making a fool out of her to secure the crown, what actually happened was that Elsa dared them (the council, her sister, Kristoff, everybody who didnt trust Hans) to put Hans to the test.

And two years later [there were a lot of preparations ok] came the test, and Elsa pretended to be dead.[Hans, w/ the help of the trolls was kept out of the loop.]

*something something*

Hans was in front of the council/people, mourning, giving a short yet passionate speech, [he is saying that he’s willing to step down and pass the power to Anna, because she is more rightful than he; he goes on to say that it is because he respects Elsa that he can’t leave Arendelle with an unworthy ruler like himself, and that it’s pointless and painful without Elsa] so most of the people are in awe, surprised, and then from behind Hans came a voice—

“Now do you believe in him?”

And the bitter, antagonistic people have no other choice but to grudgingly accept.

Hans turns around, disbelieving, he just stares at Elsa, his expression is unreadable but his eyes are slightly wide, his brows are slightly furrowed, he’s also slightly slack-jawed, and his posture is stiff.

Elsa dismisses everyone and asks Hans to follow her someplace private, which he does, wordlessly.

Finally, they’re in their room, which Hans had decidedly avoided, for the last two weeks; and before Elsa can close the door, Hans speaks—

“You’re alive.”


“Never do that again,” and with a few easy strides he has closed the gap between then, he kisses her (his anger evident in the passion of the kisses he smothered her with) he roughly pushes her against the door, effectively closing it, he reaches behind her to lock the door and he carries her to the bed— frick fracking ensues because that’s essential.

the end or something.

*runs away and hides in a corner*

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*peers from corner*