okay so ya girl has been reading a lot of Hockey RPF because my soul is sin but anyways I’ve been seeing a lot of age regression tropes?? like is that a sports fic thing when people get stressed out they magically transform back into a babby for a few days. because if so then imagine Jack Zimmermann, still in Samwell, turning into his chubby kid self near finals week, very self-conscious over his body image and freaking out because he doesn’t know what’s going on and there are a bunch of adults staring at him like he’s grown a second head

Shitty, of course, along with the rest of the SMH team, still think Jack’s the cutest thing to ever grace the earth. So imagine their shock when Jack starts sniffling over his half-finished plate of chicken tenders and Shitty coaxes it out of Jack that he’s upset because he knows he’s not like his mom or dad and that he has a vague idea that the media thinks he’s ugly, and that he thinks Shitty and everyone else is making fun of him when they call him a “freakin beautiful mothereffer.” 

Honestly I just want the team to give baby Jack a bunch of love, hugs+kisses, and support. Shitty has about 50 photos where it’s just Holster and Ransom coddling Jack and taking him skating, or letting Jack ride on their shoulders. The others are all Bitty baking with him and Bitty is just melting when Jack asks if he can lick the spoon Bitty used to stir the peach filling. Baby Jack is sweet and must be protected. 

Art Student!Laurent and Jock!Damen AU

They’re head of the student council of their respective faculties and are constantly at each other’s throat over funding and the horrendous sums payed to coaches vs. the leaky window in the main studio.

(under the cut bc I just typed out 1.300 words instead of studying)

Laurent paints angsty oil pieces, dark colours, faces distorted and unrecognisable. He paints bc of Auguste, who died a few years ago (it was sth mundane - a car accident maybe? Laurent couldn’t understand how someone so radiant, so special and so full of beauty could die in the ugly yet ordinary remains of a piece of metal and plastic) and who was a brilliant artist with a great career ahead of him. They called him a genius, his first exhibition at only 14 years. Laurent’s art is too dark for a lot of people to understand and appreciate, his heart too heavy for the bright colours and glimmering lights his brother used to paint.

Damen comes form a family of athletes. His grandfather once won a medal at the Olympics, his dad was the captain of his school’s football team. He could’ve gone pro, but then his girlfriend at the time got pregnant and Kastor was born… later, he was Damen’s coach in little league and when he died of a heart attack shortly before Damen’s first game as a player for his college team, Damen thought the world would end. Kastor is the head of the funding program of Damen’s university. He’s also fucking Damen’s (ex)girlfriend.

It’s their junior year and they LOATHE each other. Like Laurent seethes when Damen is even vaguely in the same area as him and Damen nearly explodes any time Laurent looks at him with those cold eyes and his better than thou attitude (sometimes he wonders why it also turns him on a little, but he’d never admit that to anyone but himself). They take this “rivalry”TM ting very seriously and their friends are all exasperated. Nikandros, -who’s definitely a ringer I don’t make the rules!- offers to strangle Laurent himself on more than one occasion just to stop Damen from going on and on and on about how insufferable and terrible and pretty and hot he is and damn Nik have you seen those legs????they’re almost as long as his eyelashes  he’s such a huge asshole omg I HATE HIM! Laurent might stab a picture of Damen in the student newspaper with his spatula. He might go out to get more than one issue. But no one saw him so it didn’t happen.

Anyways, at some point Kastor comes up to Damen and tells him to find an agreement with Laurent over some funding programm that’s supposed to be split between the artists and the athletes and Damen begrudgingly agrees to it (bc he’s a pacifist at heart ok). Kastor knows very well that they hate each other so he counts on the two of them fucking this up. So Damen walks into the art building, and into the studio (the one with the leaky window and it’s seriously cold in here Laurent wasn’t kidding when he said they work in their coats in winter). And Laurent didn’t hear him yet, he’s too focused on his work, aggressively splashing blacks and blues and dark greens on a canvas on which you can just barely make out the features of a handsome young man with blond hair and a nose just like Laurents. And at some points he sags forward and goes on his knees, breathing heavily and Damen is…sort of shocked? Ice cold Laurent having an emotional outburst in front of his easel? And then he sees the painting and like…it speaks to him? Bc he understands the pain and the desperation of losing someone and he knows nothing about art but he understands these colours and the rough strokes and the anger and heartbreak. And afterwards he couldn’t tell you why but he goes over to Laurent and puts a hand on his shoulder and Laurent is so out of it he doesn’t protest, not even when Damen guides him to a chair and tells him to stay put while he goes out and gets him a cup of tea (peppermint, it’s Laurent’s favourite and don’t ask Damen how he knows that he’s not ready for this conversation ok). They don’t talk and Damen leaves after a short while but sth is different now.

They actually manage to come to a satisfying solution for both faculties and when they’re done arguing, Laurent gives Damen a small but genuine smile ans tells him he’s impressed by his fairness. Most importantly though, Damen tells him how impressed he is by Laurent figuring out that there’s a gaping hole in the records of the program which indicates that someone misappropriated money from the fund - so much money in fact, that both faculties could have been funded appropriately.

Laurent and Nikandros agree that it’s most likely Kastor himself (and this is the first and last time they agree on anything). But pure lovely Damen doesn’t want to believe his brother would do sth like that. So, they start working together to figure this out, look through years and years of records during the night. They might share a bottle of wine at some point, and when they stop looking through long lists of expenditures, they might start talking about other things, about Auguste and Laurent’s dad, about their fears and their dreams. And maybe Laurent’s face cast in the dim light of his bedside lamp, all soft angles and long lashes, tugs at Damen’s heartstrings a little too violently. And maybe Laurent falls asleep with his head resting on Damen’s massive shoulder one night bc he was too tired to keep his eyes open for one more second and Damen is a solid and steady weight against his side. Eventually they see that the irregularities started the year Kastor became head of the program and Damen has to face the truth that his brother, the last member of his family, is a thief.

They give their information to the school board and Kastor is fired, sued and ends up behind bars.

Damen and Laurent kiss a week later in Damen’s dorm room, in a blanket fort he built to impress Laurent (somehow that worked, can you believe it).  And maybe Lauren’t paintings become a bit brighter, the colours a bit more daring and the stroke of his brush just a tiny bit softer…

(Also at some point there’s body painting sex, let’s be real)

!!!Bonus!!!: Jord is Laurent’s best friend. He makes tiny sculptures out of metal. When he proposes to Nikandros a few years down the line, he made the engagement ring himself (Nik says yes. But he’s pissed bc he wanted to be the first to propose and make ‘an honest man’ out of Jord - he’s a bit old fashioned ok).

Nicaise is one of those students who were so brilliant they started attending uni at like 14. He’s arrogant af and a menace but also endlessly talented. His speciality is very delicate glass work and intricate light installations, combined in a way that you think you’re walking right through fairy land.

Erasmus is a ballet dancer, him and Torvald get together after Damen dragged him to an artsy party non of his other friends wanted to attend (he definitely wasn’t there to stare longingly at Laurent nope - only to see Torvald, that handsome af swedish exchange student, hit on his boy Laurent). Anyways, when he introduced them, little did he  know that right after graduation, Erasmus would move to Sweden to be with his boyfriend after three years of long distance and become a massive star in the European ballet scene.

Jokaste calls Damen after three years. She left Kastor and arranges sth with her lawyers who take matters into their own hands and make sure Damen gets at least a part of his inheritance. Laurent and Damen use the money for their first apartment after they graduate.