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Lesser known blogs you'd like to shout out?

Haha, I’m assuming you must have sent this message twice because I have another anon asking almost the exact same question, which would be a creepy coincidence if it wasn’t you :p But yeah, if you thought I was ignoring your last question because I posted stuff afterwards, just know that I queue posts to go up over time. So I wasn’t online since you sent the last message! :) Just as a heads up to everyone out there who may message me. :)

I don’t really keep tabs on how “known” my faves are, so some of these might be really popular, but it’s just easier to give you my faves. In no particular order.

Some of my current active favorites:

- @themagicinmypen
- @theironpaladin
- @teacup12
- @tarrasheree
- @allanegory
- @mentamorphisis
- @the-original-b
- @chucklingpecan
- @snuffyart
- @jadeonn
- @smokeandsonder
- @wind-some-light
- @black-and-whitephotographs

I probably forgot like, 80 people that I love. There’s so many. Plus there is a lot of inactive poets lately. Some of my all time faves haven’t posted in months. :o

Also a big shout out to anyone who takes place in the #Pardyprompts, especially the regulars. You guys are all fantastic, and I really recommend checking the blogs out that are listed above, as well as anyone I reblog for the prompts. All great writers and great people to be in touch with here on tumblr. :)




i’m just showing the different things i’m gonna offer for commissions gonna add cell and soft shading as options for commissions soon

speaking of, i might be changing prices of it soon too……. i’m worried abt underpricing and i feel like i am…. i guess??? how much is my art worth let’s be honest

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Do you have any valvert fic recs? I think I've read all the really long multi chapter ones, do you have any more recent recs or one shots?

HEY! [just in case you haven’t seen my last valvert fic rec post here’s a link: ] 

Okay so idk there’s been a lull in the fandom recently [which needs to change guys] so this might not contain too many recent fics but these are some I’ve enjoyed in the last monthish?:

Ripples in the River by TheLifeOfEmm

A Reflection of Starlight by AutumnGracy [definitely not short or a one shot but AAAA if you haven’t read please destroy yourself with it]

Cinnamon, Chocolate, and Flour by Esteliel

Tea and Nonsense by Verabird

Solitary Creatures by Sir_Bedevere 

also i mean hahah casual self-promo but uh here’s a link to my les mis fics lol what




You Belong With Me

 This idea just came out of nowhere lmao but this imagine is inspired by Taylor Swift’s song of the same name so that might give you an idea about what this is about ;) i left the ending open for a part 2 so if you want one pls send me a message :)

Peter Parker x Reader

Send in prompts from this list!

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“Hey, Pete.”

I greeted my best friend, sliding into the seat next to him. The cafeteria was buzzing with the sounds of teenage chatter and utensils hitting plates. I noticed that Peter still hadn’t greeted me back. My pulse raced as I took a good look at him. His elbows were placed on top of the table. He leaned forward, hair slightly falling over his eyes and mouth opened. He was staring at something. Or someone. 

I followed his line of sight and saw that he was staring at Liz Allen. Most popular girl in Midtown High. I sighed. 

“You better close your mouth before you get drool on the table.” I said.

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okay so!!! i just realized that my last submission was not in the right mode and stuff!! (┛◉Д◉)┛i haven’t been on here for half an eternity idk how things work now

tumblr has changed a lot aaaaaa

so this is like a sequel-ish thing to that one thing @4ntarctica and i did ayyyy ;)

- submitted by @zzzsleepycreeper, who is potato

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hey guys! i might make another, nicer post later, but due to a few circumstances I thought I should go ahead and mention it…

I’ve started college recently and haven’t been getting as many hours at work, and these last two weeks I haven’t gone to work at all - they’re changing a LOT of the systems and reorganizing tons of things, so they’ve been putting my hours elsewhere. I just got a text saying I’m not working this week either, which is kind of an issue, because I’m running low on spending money :’)

so…! I just wanted to go ahead and say I have a donation button on my blog, and anything you may have to share would really helpful and appreciated ;v;

it’s not a HUGE issue, I don’t live alone or anything, but I use my own money to buy food or personal expenses, so I like having some on me if I can. 

If you’d rather get a commission from me instead, that’s fine too! You can look at my information here.


Cruel Part I

Cruel : (Prologue, 1, coming soon)

Word Count: 1680

A/N: My laptop and my wifi has been acting up recently so I apologize for the late post. Also, I will be travelling to South Korea for the next few weeks so updates might be late.

Summary: The last thing you needed in your life as a trainee was a distraction. But when entertainment companies decide to collaborate on an event to challenge their trainees, you were faced with more than just the struggle to debut as your past, present, and future were suddenly hanging on a thin and breakable thread.

Reader x ???

Features: BTS, Got7, VIXX, Monsta X

Cruel Part I

“Audition?” Wonho placed an arm over your shoulders as he took a seat beside you on the couch. His expression was clearly that of worry, “If you make it through, what’ll happen to us?”

You gave him a soft, reassuring smile, wrapping your arms around his waist as he pulled you closer to him, “If I make it, will you wait for me? I’ll work hard so I can debut faster. So that I can be with you faster.”

Wonho frowned, relishing the moment while you were still together, “You know I will wait for you. I’ve never been more in love with any one than I have been with you. And I most certainly won’t be the one to keep you from reaching your dreams.”

“Thank you,” you adjusted yourself so you could place a gentle kiss on his cheek. You loved everything about Shin Hoseok. You met him back when the two of you were going through your rebellious phases, going out each night, unsure of where you wanted the world to take you. You went through tough times together and as weeks turned to months turned to years, your relationship with him never wavered and you were certain he would keep his promise to be there no matter where your audition took you.

“I love you,” you whispered, combing your fingers through his soft, dark hair.

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The atmosphere was awkward as you sat in the same car as Yoongi and Jungkook. The first car could not accommodate for all eleven of you, and because you had volunteered to wait for a second car, your two supervisors chose to stay behind as well. You made a few attempts to start conversations, but their replies were kept brief.

You knew Jungkook was timid when it came to the opposite sex, and Yoongi was always portrayed as the lazy grandfather of BTS, but you didn’t think it was this bad. Not even ten minutes into the car ride, Yoongi was already knocked out on the passenger seat, leaving you and Jungkook to yourselves in the back seats.

“Director Hyung gave us your profiles yesterday,” Jungkook’s voice was quiet, his hesitation obvious from the pauses in between his words, “Feels weird supervising a noona.”

The heat rose to your face out of embarrassment at his observation. You quickly looked down in an attempt to hide your face. It was true. You were older than him, but not that much older. He was still a senior to you in the music industry and the amount of respect you held for him didn’t change just because of his age.

“Are you excited?” His gentle voice immediately had you looking back up to meet his chocolate brown orbs.

A shy smile curled on his lips and you couldn’t help but smile back, “Yeah. Our company director never told us we were his top trainees. He was always supervising the male trainees and only ever came to us during our monthly evaluations.”

Jungkook couldn’t help but be amused. He recalled back when he was still a trainee, the director couldn’t even remember their names, but from what he had told them after the meeting when the girls left, he had nothing but high praises for them. You were going to be Big Hit’s first girl group, and this collaboration workshop would determine your debut.

Your conversation was cut short as the car came to a stop. Yoongi immediately woke up from his short nap and turned to the both of you. You looked at Jungkook and met his eyes before you burst into fits of laughter from his already puffy face. The drive was short, but the fact that his face could look so swollen was amusing to you.

After short apologies, Jungkook slid the car door open, while you followed behind him, stepping out of the car to be greeted by what looked like a small, modern village. There were two story high apartments lined up, each with a similar design. Across the wide road was a few restaurants, cafes, and shops. There were also a few larger, multi-story buildings that you assumed would be where the studios were located.

“Wow!” You looked over to Ruby, who had just stepped out of their van, “Is this seriously where we’re staying?” You, too, were amazed by the size of what would become your temporary home for the next six months. Each trainee group from each company were assigned their own apartment, as were the idol groups. Bangtan’s apartment was to the left of yours.

The rest of your roommates stepped out of the van, followed by exhausted looking members of BTS. You couldn’t help but laugh, certain that their drained expressions were due to the loud and never-ending energy of the girls.

“Yoongi!!!” The sound of a male voice had you, Jungkook, and Yoongi turning to the apartment to the right of yours. Immediately, you took a few steps back, recognizing him as the main vocalist of Monsta X. The two friends greeted each other, but your eyes could only focus on the sleek, black van behind him where the rest of his members were slowly coming out.

Unconsciously, you took hold of Jungkook’s hand, catching him off guard. You didn’t notice the way he looked at you with a confused expression, but he noticed the look of fear in your eyes.

“Are you alright, noona?” Jungkook leaned down to whisper in your ear.

Your grip on Jungkook’s hand tightened as Wonho stepped out of the van. His pale skin and blonde hair contrasted against the black shirt and dark jeans he wore. He was still beautiful, even more beautiful than how you remembered him to be. The way he held himself from his posture to his movements were more elegant prior to him becoming an idol.

The air around you seemed too thin as he turned his head in your direction. You immediately looked down, afraid to meet his eyes. Did he recognize you? Part of you doubted that he would, as it’s been almost four years since you last saw each other. If he did recognize you, he probably would pretend like he didn’t know who you were. The last thing an idol or an idol in training wanted was the possibility of a controversy brought up.

“Y/N!” Ruby’s voice pulled you out of your thoughts. She wrapped her arm through your free arm, noticing the tight grip you hand on the youngest member of BTS. She raised an eyebrow, not because she wasn’t aware as to why you were holding onto him, but because he didn’t let go. In all the years the four of you spent fangirling about your seniors, he was known as the most timid around females. “Jin Oppa already started unloading the luggage, if you want to help us out.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry!” You finally let go of Jungkook, immediately turning to help the others unload the trunk. You sighed, relieved for the time being and thankful for Ruby for bringing you back to reality.

Throughout the duration of moving into the apartment, you forced yourself to remain distracted. It was challenging, especially given the fact that your ex-boyfriend would be staying next door. What were the odds?

You didn’t have much to carry. The place was fully furnished. All you needed were your notebooks, electronics, and clothes. There were two bedrooms, which meant you would only be sharing with one other person. After an extensive game of rock, paper, scissors, it was decided that you and Ruby would be rooming together. You didn’t mind, you were close enough to all the girls that it didn’t really matter who you got paired up with.

You were sitting on the polished, wooden flooring of your temporary bedroom, attempting to get your clothes organized to put inside the closet. Ruby was humming softly as she rummaged through her suitcase. It was a soothing sound, but it wasn’t enough to keep your mind occupied.

After about fifteen minutes, you realized that you had been folding the same shirt over and over again. It was then that Ruby finally crouched down behind you to pull you into a comforting embrace. Your throat felt swollen, unsure if you were about to cry. Your heart felt constricted, as if all the emotions you’ve been holding back the past few years were suddenly surfacing. You thought maybe it was the pressure of training for so many years to become an idol, refusing to believe that what triggered you was the man you promised your entirety to. Or maybe you were just overreacting, because it seems as if he’s already moved on, while you stayed behind in his shadow.

It’s been four years. Four years that you thought was enough time for your wound to heal leaving behind a faded scar. But after being so close to him again, the memories felt fresh and the cut was opened once again.

“You don’t have to say anything. You’ve been through so much worse Y/N. You can’t let him drag you down again,” Ruby’s voice was gentle, but there was an underlying harshness in her tone. “We promised we’d debut together. If one of us fails, we all do. We’re here for you, so if you ever feel cornered, you know we’ll come to you if you need us.”

You could only nod, gently tapping her arm that was wrapped around you to reassure her that you were okay. The lump in your throat refused to go away and you felt you weren’t strong enough to voice out your thoughts just yet.

“You’re going to be alright, Y/N,” Ruby gave you one last comforting hug before she stood up, “Get ready. You can’t meet up with our seniors looking like this. They said they’ll be waiting for us.”

“Waiting for us?” You took a deep breath, your legs shaking as you tried to regain control over your emotions.

“They asked us to meet them at Got7’s apartment. Something about Jackson whining nonstop until they finally said yes.”

A/N: Sorry I haven’t had time to edit this yet, but i will when I get the chance.

Side Effects

I was going back through some of my old MH posts, I started thinking about Jessica, I accidentally a thing. Idk don’t really know what this is.


It’s three in the morning and you’re still awake. 

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Figure I might as well post this just cause.

Last night was a really fun night in Pathfinder, and decided to draw crude depictions of my favorite part of the night every time we play. Cause like drawing 6 characters doing something crazy would take way too long to try and make it look good, so here’s the gang luring a cockatrice from its cave using a newly learned siren song via the blue mage, and everyone ambushing while the gria crit mega hard. Also the cockatrice had a huge penis because it petrifies people by peeing on them. Thanks DM. And thanks Bad Dragon for helping me know how to draw a cockatrice penis.

I’m posting from my phone, which makes formatting hard–and apparently I can’t post more than one image?? Oh well.))

So–last year I was in a very, very bad place for a while. If you want to know the nitty-gritty, just shoot me a message and I will tell that story. Anyway–we have a Barnes and Noble fairly close, and despite the community being extremely LDS/Mormon, there is a decent section of occult/witchcraft/Wicca books. I was flipping idly through some of these, searching for anything that might spark insight–and I found this.

The book is 365 days of tarot spreads, and something that would interest me anyway. It was so strange, though, to open a new book in the bookstore and have this fall out into my hands.
Now–I know the language here is very general and could apply to hundreds of people, but there are allusions in this that had extremely specific applications at that point in my life.

I have NO idea who wrote this, or why it was in the pages of that book (which I subsequently purchased). So–I need your help. This was in Orem, UTAH, and I really would like to know from whom this originated. If you could reblog so that this could reach as many eyes as is possible, I would very much appreciate it.

Please, whomever left this message–I would like you to know how deeply it touched my situation.

Imagine meeting the Originals

Hi, hello, bonjour !
So this is my first fanfiction/imagine (that I actually post on line). It’s an idea that I have been working on for like a week now and last night (or very early this morning) I wrote this and I would like to know what you guys might think.
Imagine you, little human, befriending the Originals.
I decided to make a series of it so this is actually just the first part, and if you guys like it, I’ll continue. I think it’s more of a fanfiction than an imagine but… I try.
Please note that I’m French and so English is not my first language so there might be some grammar mistakes here and there.

( (Y/N): Your Name)

Originally posted by originalhbicrebekah

Imagine: Rose and Trevor kidnapped you and Elena. Reader x Elijah

So, vampires were real…and witches… You were having a hard time believing in the situation you were in. You just wanted to give Elena’s phone back to her and now you were in a dirty old house, with two vampires called Rose and Trevor and the Gilbert girl who, you weren’t surprised, didn’t even know your name.
“Don’t worry” she said. “Stefan and Damon are coming”.
How she knew that was confusing but apparently, Bonnie Bennett was a witch.

Yeah…All that made perfect sense.

Rose left the room a few moments ago, leaving Elena, you and Trevor alone. You were scared and in pain. Your head hurt, you must have fell when the vampires took you.

Rose came back with a man, you assumed was Elijah. You’ve heard them mentioning his name earlier. He looked right at Elena, you weren’t sure he even saw you there.
Suddenly, he was in front of Elena. You jumped, scared. He was so fast you didn’t even see him move. You don’t know how you stayed quiet but you did. Though your heart was pumping so loud even you could hear it.
“Human. It’s impossible” were the first words he said. “Hello there”.
Then, his eyes laid on you.
“Who is this?” He asks.
You’re too afraid to say anything, you just look at him, trembling. You were feeling dizzy. Rose spoke up.
“She was with the girl when we took her, she wasn’t supposed to be here, we had to take her with us”
“Well, we have a long journey ahead of us” he says.
“Please, don’t let him take me” Elena beggs Rose.

Me? Okay, she already forgot about you.

“One last piece of business, and we’re done” says the vampire before turning around towards Trevor.
“I’ve waited so long for this day, Elijah” the vampire says, obviously terrified.

Okay, the fact that the vampire that kidnapped you was scared of the one they were delivering you to, was not reassuring.

“I’m truly, very sorry”
“Oh, you’re apologies aren’t necessary” Elijah says.
For a moment you think that he would actually let him go, that he was scared for nothing.
“Yes, yes it is.” Trevor insists.
“You trusted me with Katerina (okay who was that girl everyone is talking about ?) and I failed you.”
“Oh yes you are the guilty one. Rose aided you because she was loyal to you…
Where was your loyalty ?”
Now, you’re starting to get worry again.
“I beg your forgiveness”
“So granted” Elijah says.
You let out a breath of relief you didn’t even realize you were holding until Trevor’s head ended up on the floor and you gasped, terrorized.
You heard Elijah telling Rose she was free, before you lost consciousness.
You were about to fall on the floor when Elijah caught you. He put you on the couch before turning towards Elena telling her to come.
When you woke up on the couch, you were alone. You called for Elena, for anyone, but no one answered. You thought that Elijah took Elena and left you there because he had no use for you, at least he didn’t kill you the way he did Trevor, whose head was still on the floor not far from his body. Just looking at it you feel like you might pass out again. You get up and run to the entry. You had no idea where you were but that didn’t matter, as long as you could return home, safe. When you arrived at the entry you saw Elijah pinned on the wall and you screamed. You had never seen a dead body before this day, now, you’ve seen two. You were feeling really dizzy. Your legs failed you and you fell on the floor. You couldn’t move. A couple of minutes later you finally get up and go sit on the stairs, where you tried really hard not to cry but you start to sob.
So Elena was gone but he was dead? Maybe Stefan and Damon came for her like she said they would. Did she forget you ? Did she leave without you ?
You weren’t mad, a little sad maybe. But you didn’t have this kind of feelings. You thought it was pathetic to be angry at the Gilbert girl for leaving you here, you weren’t surprised at all that she forgot you.
Suddenly, you see movements coming from Elijah. You scream again when you see him move. His body who had turned grey were coming back to normal.
“Oh my God” you say a little louder than you meant to.
The vampire looks at you, curious. Surprised to see you standing there. He doesn’t say anything.
“You’re alive, I’m so sorry I thought you were dead !” You say. Without a second thought you were rushing over him to help him remove the really big piece of wood that was stuck in his heart. He let it fall to the ground and looks at you curiously.
Now, you’re getting scared again. Did you just help a man that was going to kill you ?
“Thank you” he says.
“Uh… You’re welcome” you say, unsure.
You keep staring at each other. You, scared and him still curious.
“I’m Elijah…what’s your name?”
You don’t say anything for a few seconds and then you say in some kind of a whisper
“What are you still doing here, (Y/N)?” He says, readjusting his sleeves.
You heart was calming down a little. You didn’t know what to answer because you didn’t know why you were still here.
“I think Elena forgot about me, I woke up on the couch a few minutes ago, I almost had a heart attack seeing you on the wall I thought you had taken Elena and that I was alone…” You say.
He stays silence, still looking at you. That’s when you start looking at him back, really looking at him. He was, well looked, young. He was wearing a suit and you had to admit that he looked charming and was really handsome. When you realize that you are staring at him, you blush and look down at you feet, thinking about how you must be looking terrible right now.
Suddenly, a thought pass through your mind.
“Did… Did Elena…” You didn’t finish your sentence gesturing him, the wall and the wood stick. You feel silly asking this, you knew Elena couldn’t have done this, not alone.
He let a little laugh escape his mouth.
“The girl did not do this, her vampire friends did” he says, getting a little angry at the thought of it.
You nod. You stay silence for a few seconds. Damon and Stefan, of course, so she did leave without you.
“I’m sorry, about… It must have been painful” you say, again gesturing to the wall.
Elijah wondered if your apologizing by fear he would hurt you or if you were actually sorry. But you looked genuinely sincere, which made him even more curious about you.
“Elena must be a very bad friend to leave you here alone”
“Elena is not my friend” you say. You can’t help but wonder how he is still alive. You clear your throat before speaking up again.
“So, I just learn about the existence of vampires that day and I’m sorry but I have to ask… The stake in the heart doesn’t kill vampires ?”
He chuckles.
“It does, it just won’t kill me”

Great. He’s a super vampire or something, you’re in luck.

“Oh… Okay…”
“What do you know about Katerina Petrova ?” He asks.
“Who ?” You have never heard this name before.
“Never-mind, do you live in Mystic Falls ?”
“…I do” you answer, unsure.
“I suppose I could drop you off, then. I’m heading there.”
You stare, surprised, you were kidnapped the day before and now, a vampire who literally just chopped off some guy’s head in front of you were nicely proposing to get you home. You weren’t sure if it was a good idea but you didn’t want to upset him. Besides you had no idea were you where or how to go back home,
“Uh… Sure…” You answer…“Thanks…”
He leads you to his car in silence. It was dark, you didn’t know what time it was, you took your phone to check, it was nearly 9 PM. You get in the passenger seat and stay quiet for a little while. He is the one who breaks the silence.
“I must admit that I was surprised to see you there when I came back… And even more surprised when you apologized and helped me”
What could you say, you were surprised yourself.
“Well, if I knew that you weren’t dead I would’ve get you off that wall earlier… You seemed dead…”
“I was dead, I just can’t stay dead”
“Right… Cause you’re a super vampire of some kind ?”
He laughs. You laugh with him. What you said was really stupid and you knew it, but you were getting curious.
“I’m one of the first vampires, an Original, nothing can kill me”

Oh, great, he’s the boss of all vampires… How reassuring.

You say nothing. Processing the news. The guy becomes more and more scary but also more and more interesting.
“Are you okay ?” He asks after a few minutes of silence.
“Yes” you answer. “I just… Have… So many questions…”
You’re hesitant. Would you dare ask any of them ?
His eyes are focused on the road but once in a while he checks on you out of the corner of his eyes.
“Can I…” You stop. Your curiosity would kill you one day.
“What do you want to ask ? I will answer” he says.
You take a deep breath.
“I’m sorry, it’s just so rude of me to ask…”
He grins. He knows what you’re going to ask. It’s what they all ask first.
“I’m around 1020 years old” he says.

Well… At least you didn’t have to ask…

“Wow” you say out loud.
He chuckles.
“So you’ve been around for like… All the interesting stuffs !”
You loved history ! It’s actually your favorite subject in class.
“How do you mean?”
“Were you in Paris during the French Revolution ? What about the discovery of America ? The War of Independence ? Have you met any Kings or Queens…?” You go on and on but you stop when you hear him laugh.
“I can’t answer all this questions at once” he says.
“I’m sorry” you apologize.
He’s nicer than you thought he would be. Your head is still on your shoulders and you recognize the road to be the one leading to Mystic Falls.
You spend the rest of the 3 hour drive moving from times of complete silence to him answering some of your questions. He tells smart jokes about history and you find his voice very pleasant to listen to.
Finally you lead him to your house, where you were sure your stepfather didn’t even notice you were gone. You thank him for answering your questions and you apologize for being so curious.
“Don’t be sorry, I quite enjoyed this time with you. Before I let you go I must apologize.”

Apologize ? For what ?

He sees your confusion and continues.
“I’m sorry you got caught up in this situation. I understand you know nothing on this matter and that it doesn’t concern you in any way”
You smile.
“Don’t be sorry, it was nice meeting you Elijah”
You say, and you mean it, even though you will probably have nightmares for the rest of your life because of Trevor. Elijah seemed surprised by your statement but smiled anyway.
You get out of the car. Once you locked the door behind you you wonder if you should text Elena that you’re safe back home. Until you remember you don’t have her number, and that, if she did forget about you, and you were pretty sure she did, you didn’t want her to think that you were angry. You should be mad, but you weren’t the kind of person getting emotional over things like that. You were used to being left out. You tried to be nice to everyone, even to those who weren’t nice to you. You just didn’t have it in you to hate. It took strength that you no longer had.
You walk in the living room and you see your stepfather passed out on the couch. You imagine he is drunk, seeing all the empty beers on the floor. You start cleaning up. An hour later you had finished cleaning after your stepfather, who was snoring very loud, and you decided to take a shower. You were exhausted. It didn’t take long for you to fall asleep.

A Letter to the skeleton clique

Dear friends,

Hey there! How is your day? As you are reading this I am at my very first twenty one pilots concert. I know you might be getting tired of me mentioning it, I’m sorry I don’t mean to flaunt it in your face, it’s just that I’ve never been so excited in my life. I couldn’t sleep last night because I realized tonight was the night and when listening to the their songs in the early hours of the morning I began to cry because I realized I am going to hear those songs live tonight. I don’t think I can adequately express all the feelings I am feeling towards this show. I’ve scheduled to have this post at 9, which will be right in the middle of the concert. I wonder how it is going? I wonder how many times I will cry tonight haha. I wonder how many clique members I am going to meet? Gosh I am so excited. Finding your favorite band is such an impossible tasks. There are so many genres, so many different lyrics, so many different time periods. I’m lucky to exist as the same time as my favorite band. I’m fortunate and thankful to be able to see them.  Seeing my favorite band has been a dream of mine since I can remember. I don’t think I ever thought I would see the day would come where I would find my favorite band let alone  see them live. It’s been a far away day circled on my calendar for as long as I can remember. For those of you who haven’t found your favorite band or haven’t seen a twenty one pilots concert before I hope you see them before you die. Stay alive for them. I’ll go with you if you have no one to go with. If they are important to you they are important to me. I started this blog two years ago as a small twenty one pilots blog, and I never knew where it would take me. I want to thank you each and everyone of you. You are just as important to me as twenty one pilots. I will be thinking of you guys tonight. Stay alive |-/


the pantaloon (Nicole)

PS.  Tell me your first twenty one pilot concert experience! I will read through them when I get back. Thanks!

PSS. I just want to thank everyone that I tagged for helping twenty one pilots in their journey. Each and every one of you means so much to the band. Thank you, thank you thank you!

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ok, wow. caught up an hour ago on lauren zuke drama and have been pretty upset since, talking to other artist friends of mine.

this is disgusting, to chase such person off social media sites over goddamn shipping. i understand some people might be upset with their ship not being canon (i mean, been there done that tbh), but this is an entire new level of entitlement these people have. artists don’t owe you anything. you can dislike what they’re doing, but you have no rights to this behaviour.

and you know what, it’s scary. it’s scary, and it’s awful, and it’s terrifying knowing that tomorrow someone on the internet could dig up something idiotic about your work, misrepresent it, and send an internet mob after you. you don’t understand potential effects of such behaviour, ESPECIALLY when it comes to younger artists still developing themselves as artists and trying to start their careers.

this goes for people who are ~RIGHTEOUSLY CALLING OUT younger artists who are drawing smoky quartz “not fat enough”, who are still learning to draw different bodytypes, and are obviously trying their best. don’t discourage them from learning, posting their art online, and improving. they will learn.

what this whole bullshit entitled culture is doing is not making the world better in any way, it’s just ruining it.

respect creators.

Holiday Hiatus + Thank You!

It’s like 12 hours til I go on my America holiday now and since we’re leaving my sister’s laptop with my Grandad so he can Skype us with my exam results (welp), this will be my last post until I get back early September. There might be an occasional text post if I manage to get wifi and the time here and there, but I won’t be uploading a story until I come home. 

But I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who’s read/liked my stories and followed me in the 9 and half months this blog has existed. I never thought I’d be able to share my writing with so many lovely people from all over the world but here we are and it’s just so amazing to think that I’m able to make people happy with my stories. This blog has become so much more than I ever hoped it could be and it’s helped me to improve as a writer and also to meet some lovely people who I do consider to be my friends.

To every single follower (all 2,310 of you…wow!) I give you my biggest thanks and gratitude - and I can’t wait to hear from you all, and continue writing, when I get back! (I’ll be getting a new laptop soon thank goodness.)

Much love 💖💝💖💝

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@urlane tagged me to post 10 facts about myself (some of these might be more like stories?)

  1. My hair is green. I mainly just like it green, but it also serves as a useful intimidation factor to freshmen, and a handy way to communicate with other Gays
  2. I run a college radio station bc I drew a name out of a hat. A bunch of people wanted the work study positions at the radio my freshman year, which there weren’t many of, so we drew names to decide and i got the last one. But then the old station manager and like every other employee just stopped showing up spring semester, and I was the only one who still came in and did things, so the campus activities lady hired me to just like. Run the entire station. It’s been a time. I often feel like i do a shitty job but in reality i’ve done a lot. im just hard on myself
  3. I volunteered as an aquarium docent when I was in high school which is where I learned how to do the Customer Service VoiceTM 
  4. I’m pretty good at lifting (lil out of shape right now but I generally Get Fit doing more physical work over the summer)
  5. My mom and I have had so many weird pets. Probably my mom’s fault bc she worked at an exotic animal vet when she was younger and loves funky animals even more than I do. Ferrets, chinchillas, rats, birds, dogs, frogs, snakes, numerous kinds of lizards, tarantula, salt/fresh water fishes & coral. My mom actually breeds day geckoes now. I think the only pet we’ve never had is a cat (and like farm animals)
  6. I have three tattoos- two manta rays, the frog between all the chapters in BPRD, and Atomsk’s symbol from FLCL
  7. I keep all the fortunes from my fortune cookies
  8. I don’t drink coffee. or any hot drinks really bc I live in Florida and it’s hot enough here.
  9. I’m fairly handy when it comes to fixing stuff. Another thing I got from my mom- she’s a very “if it’s broken just fix it yourself” kind of person. She gave me a toolkit as a graduation present (which i use a lot actually)
  10. I really enjoy driving. It’s really relaxing if you’re alone, and if you’re driving with friends it’s a nice way to bond/make memories. The car is also where I listen to most of my music.

if you wanna do the thing go for it !