Just a head’s up

I know I’ve been a bit out of the loop with posting and such over the last few days, {certainly feels that way!} but I might not be able to post and/or get things together for tomorrow or Tuesday.

Rambled a bit, so I added a cut in case you didn’t want to read a lot on the weekend haha

{Sorry mobile users!}

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Help Please

I’m sorry to be making this post but things aren’t okay right now. My family is in a really tight situation money-wise and things might have just gotten a lot worse on that end. Regardless, we almost had our water shut off last month and this month is going to be even tighter. I don’t have the ability to work due to the lack of available jobs and an inability to get into town on a regular basis. I hate to ask but I really need to know what to do money-wise. Like, is there anyway I could make some money? I am really bad at judging my own skill and worth so I’m basically asking for feedback before I make any post solidly asking for things.

I guess, to those I’ve done divination for, do you think I’m maybe good enough to charge at least a couple bucks for divination? And if so, how much could I charge?

And, could I possibly do artwork on commissions for people? Here’s my latest piece which is my first acrylic painting ever:

scanner ate the colors a bit but it’s fairly nice-ish in person. Idk. I’m sorry. I’m just really stressed over this right now. Any feedback or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Just a quick Peridot/Lapidot shitpost I drew last night because I was having frustrating drawing problems and just wanted to get a post out. Now that I have done this I have to focus on a couple of things I need to get done (so posting might be slower?), and hopefully I can get it done quick enough to make some more decent/rendered art I’ve mostly been doing doodles lately.

The party butt thing is an inside joke, lol. Touch the party butt.

Nightwish, at least on the first leg of the North American EFMB tour, didn’t have fitted shirts, only normal t-shirts. I got one of those, but normal t-shirts always have the unfortunate effect of making me look like I’m wearing a potato sack (this is not a look I enjoy). 

But there was a post that went around a bit ago by maslenitsa-pancakes that she could do alterations on shirts into dresses and oh 


GOD this is so cute

Look she even used the bottom piece from the shirt to make a little bag

And the skirt’s all flowy so I can do cool things like pull a scale (completely cold don’t judge me) while wearing it

Moral of this story is that if you’re into comfy, cute dresses (or fitted shirts/tank tops, she can do those as well) that don’t fit like potato sacks you should order one from Halsa. 10/10 would order again.


Another Zelda thing!

I felt a bad that my last post on Zelda was a badly drawn joke, so I wanted to practise some traditional colouring techniques. It somehow ended up being a Diptych? Because the original composition just sucked. Also didn’t want it to end up so dark but… ok…

More likening to Hylia and Demise I guess!

lol what are backgrounds? why is zelda/hylia bigger than gan/demise?what is my life?


Hi, everyone! This will be my last post of the night because I have work in the morning :)

I made this for a few of my friends after I graduated and they were leaving sophomore year to become juniors! 

I call it The Ultimate Success Plan, and you don’t have to follow it exactly, but I figured it might help some of you out. It’s basically just a timeline of how/when to do things so that you don’t forget anything during the college admissions process!

I hope some of you find some use for it :)

blogrates ayye

i reached 600 followers last week, but i might as well say this is for 700 hundred because that’s certainly closer to where my follow count is right now! so, have a celebratory blograte!


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  • send me an ask saying which hp book is your favourite and why; who your favourite character from hp is and why; or which character from hp i remind you of most!

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lesliesbknope asked:

one of my absolute best friends and i just shared our four-year friendiversary last month. to celebrate, we each bought "shaking the trees" for one another as a gift because we adore your work so much, and i think it might've been our best idea to date. it's such a beautiful masterpiece and you should be so proud of it. i carry it with me everywhere. thank you so much for your gorgeous words!

I’m posting this message because I love you and I love your friend, thank you for supporting me and thank you for enjoying my writing you sweet little strawberries!!!!

breakawaybosque replied to your post:

[pm] Lines I can do. [d: Have you /seen/ my sketchbook? Like I literally spend hours just drawing.] So… What would I need for a pretty basic lasting ward since I guess chalk is out?

[pm] Charcoal might do you one better. Paint, for sure. 

Hello new followers! There’s a lot of you, so it’s time for another short introduction~

I’m Kazoo! Or at least, that’s what I like to go by~ This blog is where I post things such as kazoo remixes, song covers, voice acting, compositions, and more! Basically, anything that I like doing will probably end up here x’D

You’re always free to send requests, just be aware I might not get to them right away (or at all 8’D)! Anon hate is either deleted or mercilessly ridiculed depending on my mood~

One last thing! I have some memory issues, so if you send me something and I respond once but not the second time, it’s VERY possible that I forgot to! You can always message me again - I promise, you aren’t going to annoy me~

Ooookay! That should be everything. Nice to meet all of you! ^^

It would have been so easy to lean down and kiss her, he realized. And he seriously considered it, watching the light in her eyes tremble ever so slightly. For a moment, it almost looked like she might feel what he felt for her, even just a little. Enough to maybe want him, too.


Arin stealing Danny’s phone one day and taking a shitload of selfies making some of the grossest faces a human could possibly make. Danny walks in on Arin’s self-paparazzi moment like “What are you- is that my phone??” And attempts to snatch it up but Arin just laughs and moves it out of the way so Danny stumbles and falls onto the couch. Arin, of course is capturing the whole moment shutter by shutter, holding the phone high in the air. Danny practically pounces on Arin, knocking his knees into Arin’s back, and flailing his arms in attempt to rescue his phone. Arin laughs even harder. After several more attempts Danny gives up and flops onto the couch, wheezing with laughter, saying, “come on, Arin. I’m gonna have to delete all of those!”
And Arin caves and gives Danny’s phone back and- “oh my god, 672 pictures?” They sit close with their legs touching and look through every single one together giggling at the amalgamation of limbs, hair, and Danny’s determined faces in the last 200 pictures. They take their time because they don’t want this moment to end. And Danny doesn’t delete a single one.

koi019 asked:

RE: Credits Speculation post: the end shot looks a lot like Parrish, as opposed to Derek. I'm no experts but the body type looks right and we've all seen him totally blackened by soot last season and the flashes at the end of 501

Yeah, I realize it being Derek is most likely just my mind wanting Derek back so badly I’m willing to project him onto a supernatural experiment.. not healthy… and for those wondering, this is in relation to this post

And yes, Parrish makes more sense. I’ve been speculating for a while now what he might just be part of their experiments. The fact that they can’t figure out what he is, might be because he’s a blend of different kinds, just like the werewolf with the alpha-spark sucking talons. 

I also found it interesting how that “hybrid” recognized Parrish as “something” but not werewolf. Almost like a kindred spirit. And he did give him a chance to live, and even though Parrish refused to give up Scott, he still didn’t hit him with a blow that killed him instantly. 


In a comment on one of my work wife’s posts on Facebook, I said the Confederate flag is rooted in racism.

One of our coworkers said my comment was rooted in ignorance.

After my last foray into defending that position, which led to nothing but my cousin’s new husband unfriending me and refusing to acknowledge what I said by deleting the post entirely, I didn’t feel like defending myself in the comments again. I figured I might as well state it outright.

So, if you are on my Facebook and wanna go show me some love, feel free. I just made a post and I’m pretty sure my family is going to lose their collective shit.

desiskipper replied to your post “Bastards”

Is she leaving him behind ��?

Sort of, but it’s not as bad as you think.  It’s rather lovely.  Obs open to a movie and/or s4.

Totally my theory - I reckon Jack was so devil-may-care about obeying the Commissioner in the last ep he might be wondering whether a break from the force is in order?  This is just my wild speculating you understand.

  • I have four months worth of vacation
  • I just literally wasted 2 months
  • Life has been so tough I’m not really doing good but I wanted to post something just to give a heads up
  • My social life ended about 2 months ago
  • Just in case you guys didn’t know (well of course you don’t, I’m inactive as fork) I just turned seventeen this summer
  • I am soooooooo lazy my bumming game is too strong but I might post a few snaps from the concert and maybe some gifs too but my hands were too shaky to take nice videos
  • Here’s some random anatomy sketches because why the fuck not
  • Oh and here’s a selfie of me with glasses because I just got back in the four-eyed club! I can see everything in HD now I wanna cry I haven’t had glasses since I lost my first pair (that was last year LOL)
  • I’ve been told that I look 14 without glasses and older when I wear them but idgaf because yoloswek