Just wanna say a big thanks to Jack for not being one of those YouTubers who bribes their fans with interaction just for views. I hate when people go “RT for a follow!” or “Like my new video and tweet me proof! I’ll tweet you if you do!” and then they tweet like one person, or none at all. Jack actually tries his best to interact with everyone because he genuinely cares. People who do that really should be ashamed. Taking advantage of your fans like that is not cool! So thanks again, Jackaboy:D @therealjacksepticeye


Thanks to all of you for follow this blog and this AU. 4 Months ago I started with this project, and I never thought that people would like this. I’m so glad for your messages, for your support, for make Underverse!Sans a very important part of my life. I’m so happy working on these animations because I’m learning a lot, and I can entretain you at the same thing…It’s…it’s wow so wonderful!!!

For this special moment, I wanted to make a little video about Cross. I hope that you can enjoy it! (I cried making this, I’m sorry if you cry too)

Thank you again, guys! I love you!!

honestly the green day fandom is one of the least problematic fandoms that i’ve seen. i’ve been on this website for 6 years and for the most part everyone is kind and funny and encouraging, and people can actually have discussions about conflicting opinions without fighting about it. i love that we can make fun of the guys or the music and all laugh about it instead of getting angry and sending hate. you guys are very supportive and hilarious and great at becoming friends with one another and i just love u all

Neglect - Part 8 - Suga/Yoongi angst

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8

… It’s over. I’m actually so sad to end this series because it’s been my favourite one yet :( Thank you so, so much to everybody that has read and enjoyed this, and thank you to the people who maybe didn’t enjoy it! Each note means so much to me and I love it when people message me saying what they thought! You all mean so much to me and I’m so thankful to have such kind followers. Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed! <3

It has been exactly one month since this account was created and to be honest, the first or two days it seemed like this was a waste of time and I didn´t really expect a lot of people to follow me. On top of that I was a bit insecure about my portrayal of Jaylah since she was something totally new to me and we don´t get to know Jaylah too good in Beyond. But now, one month later, there are more than 100 wonderful people of you! It´s incredible to me. And I can tell you guys, it makes me so happy. I love Jaylah and I´m really happy to have all those amazing threads with her. I met some awesome and nice people here and I´m having so much fun here and I enjoy so much being in the amazing Star Trek fandom, I´m just really thankful! Thank you all so much! <3 Everyone of you is beautiful and I really hope to get to know you better! To show that you are very appreciated, I decided to make one of these amazing-followers-list. I may left some of you out, but it´s definitely not on purpose! Just know, that if you follow me, I appreciate you and thank you so much! <3 Okay, enough of this babbling, on to the list!

The Crew  ✯☄ ♗

People who I interact a lot with OOC and/or IC (in no particular order)

@spockiisms, @terminalwelocity, @cxmplexmind, @actoftreascn@darcylewisinaction​, @relativisticphysics, @72-reasons

Classical music  ✯☄ ♗

People I RP with or who I admire from afar because I´m a shy potato (in no particular order)

@game-for-the-young, @gailaa, @bxldlybeyxnd, @thickcrskiin@iillogical, @missadvancedweaponry​, @livelongandprospcr, @russianonzebridge​, @notaweaponspecialist​, @thestarfleethistorian, @ocaptaiin, @starfleetmedicus, @jeanxlowe​, @diditinthree​, @teelathedxmned, @engineerou, @spooninspirk, @counselorbennet, @lapicard, @stubbcrnrussian, @metamorphwren, @xcnoliinguist, @ltcdrbaerenwald, @mccoyskid, @logicavitium, @energeticrussian, @leoiignis​, @i-joined-on-a-dare, @tobxldlygo, @justagutfeeling, @mintjulcp, @lovestheship, @tobebcld, @fearofdeathiswhatkeepsusalive, @verymuchapilot, @jxannamccoy​, @nyotxa, @thegeorgiandoctor​, @emotiionisms, @engineeringparlance

anonymous asked:

Follow up question about how old you are: how do you feel about 23 year old brunette accountants? Because I like the way your brain works :)

Me? I am just 21 years old. How my brain works? All I do is read your submissions and hit the publish button. I am not creative at all. Accountants are an important part of any organization. So I feel like you are doing something that matters. 

so i’m walking down central park south on my way to the train when suddenly i see a throng of HUNDREDS of people stampeding down the street toward me. for a split second i’m confused but then i see their phones with their telltale blue glow

“what’re y’all chasing???” i yell. (apparently “y’all” enters my vocabulary when confronted with a group that size.) “A DRAGONITE!” they yell back. but it’s back at lincoln center and only has three minutes left; i’ll never make it, so i continue on.

i get to grand army plaza, which is basically pokemon hq in the city, but it’s unusually empty with most people off looking for the dragonite. i get to sit on a bench and everything. i catch a dratini and a slowpoke and then figure, ok, i should probably at least be following one of those rare spawn twitters. so i do and within minutes i’m notified of a spawn just blocks away

“hey, who’s up for a kabutops!” i call out. “sweet! where?” people say, jumping up, and i lead a small army to park avenue, where we triumphantly claim our prize. there are high fives all around, and then someone gets word about a vileplume and the hoard moves on to its next conquest while i finally head home

anyway, playing pokemon go in manhattan is still ridiculous

oshiokiyo’s garage sale!

Hello everyone!

As probably all of you know already, I am officially homeless and in desperate need of money…

So, I rolled up my sleeves, searched through my storage unit, and found a few more things to sell (and will keep adding more when I am able!) I will be updating this ad on and off today (I have access to the internet right now) so keep checking back! Hopefully there is something to interest you all!

If you are interested in purchasing any of the following, please send a message with your name, address, and the item you would like, and I will send you my PayPal address. After I receive payment, I will mail off your items and send a confirmation that the item was shipped and the expected delivery date.

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hey y’all! i’m ~finally~ doing this!

thank you guys so so much i love you all and i really hope i didn’t miss anyone. these are some of my favorite blogs and my favorite people (in bold) and -again- thank you guys SO much xx - tati

A - C

@astralsivan, @astroyed, @azultroye, @benjpierce (i’m also including the obvious ones like ben j, connor, troye, etc) @blueneighborhood, @blueneighborhoodisnotonfire, @bluesneighbourhood, @bott0mtroye, @commoncon, @commoncultroye, @connorsivantaa, @consivanqueen, @coolfools, @crownsivan, @curlflop @connorfranta

D - H

@darlingtroye, @easysivan, @eclipsesivan, @fawntroye, @feelingfranta, @foryou-troye, @frantasworld, @geministereo, @heartshapedwhirl

I - O 

@iamtroyesivan, @lovesicksivan, @marvelfranta, @maybeyouremybluemoon, @nycfranta, @oi-troye, @oktronnor

P - S

@palebluetroye, @palesivan, @pastel-troye, @pinkfranta, @poctroye, @poeticfranta, @progress-ive, @quiet-troye, @rooftopsinnings, @satansivan, @significantsivan, @sivanaddict, @sivansweetheart, @sivns, @sliceofsivan, @sparkletroyeboy, @sweatercon, @sweetheartsivan, @swimmingtronnor

T - Y

@tipsytroye, @tokkymellet, @transparentroye, @trickytroye, @tronnor-sunsets, @troyeboyish, @troyeboynutella, @troyeboyysivan, @troyeconfetti, @troyecurls, @troyedaily,  @troyes-passion, @troyesburritos, @troyesglitter, @troyesivan,  @twinsivan, @venussivan, @vhstapetroye, @vibrantroye, @walkingg-travesttyy, @wildtroyesivan, @wildyouthfools, @xxaveryjoyxx, @youthdaily 


favorite blogs 💓

okay so, here is a list of some of the greatest blogs i have seen and followed in my entire life. i have a love for all of them and the girls behind them are just so wonderful and so sweet and, seeing their posts appear on my feed never fails to brighten my days so, feel free to check them out!

justin blogs (* = currently have imagines)












shawn blogs (* = currently have imagines)





feel free to send me more wonderful blogs to follow! i’m not saying that these are the only ones but, these are the ones that i have seen and love so much!

this will be updated as i find more!

last updated: august 29th, 2016

Ryan Ross

It’s so hard for me to put in words what I feel about Ryan Ross. All of you who follow me have seen my long, elaborate posts about Ryan Ross, and honestly, even though those were the longest posts I’ve ever made on this site, they still don’t sum up or even explicitly describe what this man means to me.

I don’t personally know Ryan Ross. It is a huge possibility that I will probably NEVER personally know Ryan Ross. However, that does not lessen the way I feel about him. I started writing music because I fell in love with the way that he wrote and the metaphors he used. I started dwelling into older music because of the bands and musicians that influenced him. I started reading more poetry and more books because of the things he wrote.

Learning about the things he went through, reading about them, hearing about him talk about them in interviews and such, he made me feel like there was nothing I couldn’t overcome. He made me realize that there’s more out there than just what you’ve grown used to. He made me look forward to having a different future than em what everyone assumed I was destined to have.

Even writing this right now, I’m tearing up and having a hard time putting into words exactly what I want to say. I want to write down how my heart flutters when I hear him talk. I want to explain how, every time I hear him sing, and it’s just his voice echoing in my ears, I feel blood rush to my face and a smile etch its way onto my lips. I want to perfectly elaborate on how, whenever I see his smile, my pupils dilate and my heart rate increases.

It sounds like I’m talking about someone I’ve been in love with for years, and honestly, I am. I’ve been in love with Ryan Ross since 2006, since I first heard of Panic! At The Disco and saw their live performances and music videos. I fell in love with him before I even knew what being in love felt like. There’s so much more that I could say about Ryan Ross, but words would never be able to justify what I feel for him.

So, here’s to you, Ryan. 30 years down, and forever to go.

Happy birthday.

I recently reached 3k followers on Tumblr and 10k on Instagram, I still can’t believe how amazing you are! Thank you so so much for your support and for all the love <3 It really means a lot!

Some months ago someone suggested that I can make a printable of my doodles, I thought that this is the perfect time to do it! To get the file click the image or this link Hope you like it!

Thank you so much again! *^* <333


More like a 700+ followers gift since I was late getting this done due to vacation and all. Thank you so much! It feels like not too long ago I was making my 600 followers gift.

So I have a very visual kei (namely Versailles and such LOL) set of conversions~ There are two outfits for adult male, both literally Versailles-inspired in that they are Hizaki’s dress and Teru’s outfit by @karzalee converted from Sims 4 to Sims 2. Each comes in four colors; swatches are included in the .zip. No morphs; dress appears in formal category as well. Teru’s outfit was initially just a top, so, to complete the look, I converted @venusprincess-simblr‘s male rompers and BMV’s Amy Sorel boots from Sims 3. It’s fullbody, though. 

Then there are four accessories! @pralinesims‘ Edna and Monolith chokers converted 4t2 and S-Club’s hat and crown converted 3t2. All are for teens~elders; males and females. The chokers each have four recolors.

Thank you again for encouraging me~ so please enjoy my gifts!

DOWNLOAD: SFS | Mediafire


I got an ask today from someone who has a problem with the way I talk about Snape in the tags. They were really polite about it and explained why it bothers them and I respect their feelings. Even though we may have differing opinions about Snape, I don’t want to say anything that could hurt them. So since some people may also be bothered when I talk shit about Snape, I thought I’d let you all know that I will be using a new tagging method. Since I often voice my opinion about all characters mentioned in the headcanon, I will be using “em’s opinions” before I start talking. If what follows involves Snape, I will also use “snape hate”. If I’m complaining about another character, I will probably do the same but with their name instead, so it’d be: “____ hate”. That’ll be your warning to read at your own risk.

okay first things first thank you all so much because like wtf this blog is just over a year old and had two pretty massive hiatuses in that time and there’s still 500 of you here???? what are you all doing????
anyway – i’m eternally grateful for that because when it boils down to it, Rukia is my absolute favorite to roleplay, i love her so much and have so much fun doing it!! that being said: a whole bunch of you need a massive shout out so here we go!

literal baes

@yaseiii | @ichxgo | @ryusxnka | @kenpxchi | @cessatiio | @hanabiira | @madhxttcr | @the13thcaptain | @lunaeterea | @auburnhealer | @ichikakuchikiabarai | @wintxrfcll | @tetsunohebi | @sncwwhitequeen | @odellschwanck | @a-exitium | @kyxraku | @flashkitty | @mysteriousshopkeeper | @siierou | @apriicitas | @henjiin | @izuru-ru | @orbitiisms | @kazeshinigami | @i-abarai | @fleetingpeace

and literally every single one of you who follows me and puts up with my crap i love you all <3


there will be three winners!!

3rd Place:

                         a promo banner!

2nd Place: 
                        a promo banner
                        a fanmix (with graphic)
1st Place: 
                       a promo banner
                       a fanmix (with graphic)
                       a theme background


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