Looking for SPN blogs

I’ve unfollowed a lot of people for negativity and just because they’ve changed fandoms so now my dash is pretty dead and I need knew people to follow. So if you are:

  • Mainly SPN with a lot of sam and dean and cas too
  • Hate free and mostly positive about the show and not hateful about stuff you don’t like
  • A tagging system (i blacklist a few things so this is pretty important)
  • Wincest shippers and j2 are awesome too
  • Sastiel shippers are amazing
  • Always looking for more mutuals (this is optional of course) 

Then please like/reblog this and I’ll check your blog out!

I’ll promo the mutuals who reblog this to signal boost

It’s that time of year again to spread some love so this is me wishing you all a Happy Valentines Day! To all of my mutuals i want to say i love seeing you guys on my dash you are all so wonderful, even if we don’t talk i still love you so much!! And to all my followers you guys are perfect and i hope you all have a great day full of love even if you don’t have a special someone today, i’ll be here for you ❤

Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s to all my fav mutuals that I love with all my heart. These are mostly the people I talk to the most and the people I just absolutely enjoy the most. I love seeing you all on my dashboard and I hope you all have a great rest of 2016!

@almightygrl, @alritepetal, @amyrkat, @artificiallysweeter, @artzay, @believeinbritboys, @browsofquinto, @citricac1d, @freshprincezjm, @gryphll, @harrydoodles, @harryflowerchild, @harrystylesdickslap, @heybug, @jaegerpilotsau, @jortsfan, @keepcalmandivegotfireforaheart, @layla-inc, @louwie, @lowiy, @marvelousgeek, @maybellemilk, @mybeanieandme, @narry-kisspersx, @nwalmaerx, @parrotiny@paynosdick, @pointlessdonothing, @sunraytommo, @wepush, @xzaidiax@zaynmalikz016, @zaynsfreepalestinetweet, @ziamnerds, and @zolozayno

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HOLY FUUUUCK I CAN’T BELIEVE I JUST REACHED 20K (it_s_been_84_years.gif) sooooooooo imma make a follow forever if y’all don’t mind (also look at that gif omg gorgest) i just wanna say thank you so much for sticking with me and my shit posting everyday i am so happy to have you all in my life byyyeeee //thank you tho, srsly

THE BAES BAES aka ppl i talk a lot, maybe nah idk but i love them

@scottsmccall @shelley-obrien @hollandroden @lydiasdeputy @solanojane @quinnfabrays @ardenscho @crystalmreed @victoria-moroles @deputysbanshee @leofiz @rosasalazar @scottsobrien @maliastate @katmcnamara @maliateta @gamecube @balfe-heughan @stiles-lydia @brosciles @scarlettjohanson @kanted @lockedjohn @octaviasblake @ravenreyus


@aaronswarner @aarontvelts @aleksanderlightwood @alexkarevs @alexslightwood @allaboutlivin @allisnargent @alyciadebs @alyciadebnamcarey @amandlastenbergs @aprilludgaten @aprilsnardini @argetnallison @ashlerings @atwells @augustuswaters @bansheellydia @barr-allen @barrypatty @bcllarke @bellamy-octavia @bellamyblackes @bellamybutts @biyance @blakesbellamy @bluesgnt @bobbimorxe @bootymccall @braedern @buchananjames @c-isnenegro @capsteven @ccavanaugh @celebritiesandmovies @cerysehightower @charlesxavier @charlesxsavier @chriservans @clarke-grifffin @clarkesbelamy @clarkesbellmy @clarkesgriffin @clex4 @clexasblake @clexxa @codychristian @colfermicheles @colinodonorgasm @comanderrlexa @comandrlexa @comlexas @commanderraven @connorscobalt @conrad-ricamora @crystalreeds @csethcohen @cystalreeds @dallisons @darevdevil @derekihale @derekshale @diannaagronns @dnbarliam @downeyjrs @dracovmalfoy @dvnbarliam @dylsnobrien @eddie-maynes @eddiethawne @emilyvancamp @evelynoconell @eveskeating @f4ithfully @fabrae @farklesrileys @felicetysmoak @finnpoe @ggrinted @ginnywheezys @harrystylos @hastilinski @hedalekza @heidalexa @hittchung @hollandreeds @ian-somer @isaaclayeh @isaaclydia @isaacmccall @jaceclary @jamesawyerss @jaredsleto @jasperjordan @jaureguivera @jenschecter @jessica-jonvs @jessicajonec @jimpam @jonsnows @josh-diaz @kaladandkar @karadanveres @karas-danvers @katesrick @katsmcnamaras @katysperry @kendrasaunders @kesha-rose @kira-yukimura @klainettanas @kol-mikaelson @kylos @ladalecki @ladjsif @lafferti @laurel-castilos @laurelance @laurelsslances @layden @leiaorga @lexagriffins @lexiesqrey @liamdubnars @liamdunibar @liamromeroe @lilycolloway @lincolnoctavia @lizzie-mcguire @lucamayas @lucious-lyon @lukeskywalkers @lupinteddys @lydiamurtin @lydiaopenyoureyes @maisywilliams @malcolmducasse @maliatajte @maliatate @martym @mastersmeg @matthewdaddarioo @mccallsscott @meerareed @meredithgery @montygreeh @muliatate @murphys @nahitsbeckys @natalicportman @natasabucky @nicholashoulty @noahsczherny @nowifipassword @octabell @ohjamescook @olsenelizabet @outcr-space @padimeamidala @pamde @parrishmartin @pegzcarter @phillipgallagh @pierce-berries @pink-chaampagne @piperalex @purebloud @quevinmchale @ravens-reyes @ravensreyas @reyeslexa @reykenobhi @reyskywalkres @ronanlynhc @rottenwasp @rrahl @ruvenreyes @santany-elemon @scottisbae @scottstlles @scottymcalls @selenastiles @shoshanabean @simonjace @solohope @sourwife @sparklejumpqueen @spencerseid @sravenreyes @sslytherpuff @starkfel @starqued @stevarogers @steveandsam @stevebarnes @stevensrogres @stiles-malia @stilessderek @stilestlinksi @stilinskstiles @stora @stylestomlinsn @swandarkone @swanthievery @taylorsuift @tearthatcherryout @teddywestside @thehumanandthebanshee @trish-jessica @tylerdylans @virgofairy @waldooftheness @wallaceboden @wandamaxiomff @wanhada @winbray @winterssoldier


@anti-marrish @ardenchosource @cbssupergirlgifs @crystalsource @dailydcheroes @dailyscira @fyeahbellarke @fyeaheathermorris @fystalia @fyteenwolf @girlsoftw @hollandnews @kirayukimurasource @maliagifs @marrishsource @obrosey-source @parrishdaily @shelleyhennigsource

Hey guys! So recently I reached 6K followers. Throughout the past few months I have met so many great people, who I’m happy to call my friends now. I’m grateful for all the messages I get from you guys about how much you love my blog and all the words of encourage really motivate me to improve on my graphics/gifs/edits/etc. I can’t thank you enough for that, I wouldn’t be here without you guys. I don’t think I would be involved in the FT fandom as much or be on Tumblr itself if it weren’t for all of you. So thank you, I love you guys♡ These are some of the great blogs that have made my experience on Tumblr so much better. They are all great at what they do and just simply amazing people. I strongly recommend you to check them out♡

Bold - Friends (。・ω・。)ノ♡

a - h

@ackercurve | @aeselyn | @akinakami | @angrycucco | @aozul | @archaeologist-robin | @arikafd | @bakaagami | @bakamura | @blamedorange | @bohkutos | @bugie78 | @daiifukuu | @dobengal | @dorkneel-brothers | @dragnoots | @elieg1ory | @elipana | @emichama | @eriboook | @erzuh | @eviichii | @erza-loves-cakes | @fadingsoulss @fairypiece | @fairytailheart | @fairytailwitch | @gajeely | @gifthoki | @giuloxar | @giupear | @grayfullbster ( @emackens ) | @harmonxx | @heartskreuz | @hebihimes | @hera-96 | @hirata-s | @hymad

i - p

@iluvfairytail | @inuyashass | @jellal | @jxlight | @ka-ryuu ( @ienudi ) | @kahimes | @kanekkis | @keiko-chan | @kotaroubokuto | @kotorii | @kozumais | @kurootetsuwoah | @laurentarzan | @lindako7 | @littlemcgarden | @lolohime | @lucy-ft | @lusheeheartfilia | @maberuu | @mazusu | @mira-chans | @mirajanedreyarxever | @missyplatina | @mmakotoz | @mokacheer |@namiiswan | @natsudorkoneel | @ohayocelestia | @oikavah | @ooiikawas | @ootsukis | @orangelightnings | @perceptivewise | @peridooting | @pineapple-fangirl | @planetmilkthings | @ponchizs | @proudtobeaginger

q - z

@quenma | @sabosfire | @sailornia |@saitamay | @sarikos | @secondorigin ( @episode221 ) | @seventhguildmaster | @sexuallyfrustratedjellal | @shadoouge | @shinpapi | @shonentrash | @skydrill | @ssakasama | @stellarmemory | @stxrsupernova | @taiketsu | @taikos | @tartatail | @teamftnatsu | @terushimaas | @the-dancing-squirrel | @trafalgar-dlaw | @umjustkatie | @unisonraidd | @urmilkovich | @urushenna | @uzurume | @vigemus | @warriorsofrave | @weirdolucy | @wendychuu | @xfairydrawing | @yanderechild | @yukandas | @yukine-s​ 


hi!! hopefully this posts the first time i do it, unlike last time where everyone that was mentioned on here got like 20 notifs LOL if the same thing happens again im going to fling myself to the moon. also my banner is shit sorry

but anyways i thought it would be a good time to post a ff since its valentines day and i can show u my love, my blog turns 2 feb 21, and i passed 2.4k followers what in the world!! thank you ily all

ive only really be active for like a year and a half (i think lmao) but im very much amazed by the amount of people i made friends with omg. i just wanna thank all of you for sticking with me even tho i havent talked to some of you in a while and im sorry for that but i hope you know i still love you lots

also!! if i forgot anyone im so so so sorry!! i follow like 380 blogs so its possible for me to miss a person or two but but please kno that i still love u. i love everyone that is or isnt on here pls remember that

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hey guys oh look i made a follow forever! for the past couple of months i have become absolute trash for star wars and being a part of this fandom has been so great, all you guys are so sweet and ily

@clairenovac - dana you are so sweet and absolutely hilarious and i love our weird talks about anakin/anidala it literally always makes my day, also you have a cute face and your eyeliner kills

@officialobiwankenobi - jake you are so sweet and funny and i’m glad we’re friends and every time i see obi wan i just think of you, i literally have to stop myself from tagging you in everything i see about obi wan omg, i also think you’re real cute and your hair slays

yall are all great i love being in this fandom but also thank you to all of you that still follow me despite my going to the dark side (lol i’m sorry i had to) and i wanted to bold all of this but anyways, i love all my mutuals and bolded blogs are my absolute faves and yall are way too cool for me to talk to but i’d love to 

@acciomaraudeers, @aliciajasmins, @alrightanakin@ambroselees, @amidalaskywalkerss@anakinapologists@anakinluke@anakinskywaalkers@anakinskywkler, @anakinspadme, @anakintxt, @anaklin​, @anikinskyswalker, @anikinskywalkertrash@bellamyplake@bellcrkes@bellmxy@bottomanakin@boyegaz, @brave-clarke@bulletsgee@carolineskywalker@casialegacy@choking0n-alifesaver@christensin@courfejac, @daaaamneron, @damnrons, @darthleias, @detectivetrabula

@eggsyunwn, @egertontaron@fandomsallaroundme, @fazcinating, @feistyscavenger, @fredweaslely, @ghcstnoah, @haileesteinfelld, @hansclc, @heydamerons, @itslightwoodoutside, @izzylcwis, @jakku-ghost, @jediknightanakin, @k-chan95, @kenobli, @killmekylo, @kkylo-ren, @kylorentheprodigalson, @kylosvader, @kylotrashyren, @leia-organa-solos, @leialukes, @leiazorgana, @ligtsaber, @literalstarwarstrash, @lukkskywalker

@magnusbanesdauntlesscake, @malecs, @masterrkenobi, @melindarey, @merthurian, @moetans, @mur-dorks, @mxckingfray, @official-ryden@oliverqsmoak, @oscardamnron, @padmaynaberrie@padlmeamidala, @padmesanidala, @poeahdameron, @poedameronsastromech, @poedamerov, @poedamn-sonn, @poesdaemron, @poetreys, @princessleiaorgana-solo

@ravreys, @reguluus, @reylothedeathship, @reymybae, @rosemayhem, @seeliequeens, @sithani, @skyguyaesthetic, @skyswalkr, @skywalkrtrash, @skywalkyr, @smol-bb8, @solopoelo, @ssuccubitch, @starwarsprequel, @stormtroupe, @the-next-skywalker, @theforcefallsasleep, @themortalpianos, @thesonofasmuggler, @unethnics, @vader666, @whyanakin

[Undertale au] Undyne

So…….I don’t answer all asks but I really love Undyne so I decide to draw Undyne’s casual clothes! Plus I drew Understeam Undyne too!!

I hope you like her design.<:3c

Always Thank you and Love you!!!

Your Hearts, Reblogs and Follows Cheer me a lot!!

Thank you!!!!!!!


Oh and Check all characters of Joseontale!! You will love this!!

[Joseontale]<Click this!

And If you like Steampunk too.

Check my another AU [UNDERSTEAM]<Click this

And Last If you crazy about Cat!!

Please Check My last au [Cattale]<click this

Well, it’s definitely been a while since I’ve done one of these! So I figured I’d do one in celebration for my upcoming birthday and the new year (Although I’m very late and so much has already happened in one month of 2016 lmaooo). It’s also Valentine’s Day though, so I’d thought I’d somehow send my love to some wonderful people this way ^^ Basically, this is my way of saving thank you to everyone who’s made my time on tumblr a fun and lovely time, whether we’re mutuals or not, whether we’ve spoken many times or never, or whether I’ve only been following you for like a week, you all are wonderful and I just wanna say thank you and I love every one of you ♥♥ (NOTE: I’m sorry if I missed anyone! Know that I still love you lots)

PS. Is there really a reason for the letters of the alphabet to be in a particular order goddammit

Italics ~ Favourite blogs/wonderful people I admire from afar ♥



@3dank5u / @6th-magnitude-stars@a-baka-fangirl@akagaeru / @akamiido / @akirishimas / @alibwabwa@anime-diary / @aominecchis / @aominecchisexual / @arminthelittledork@asano-gakushoe / @astralstarchild@ayanashiii / @baesuoka / @banannabeth / @bee-pd / @bertssweatybuns@bisexual-nishinoya@bisexualchocolate / @blackandredbeings@blackhoppingbunny / @blue-mcfishy / @bokuto-n0-pico / @bokutoskneepadstho / @bokvro / @brokutokoutaru / @caramiriel@cieluh / @classyknb / @closethipstercomplex@dancing-with-decim / @daruxe@demonpoxeverywhere / @disengage-txt / @dramatical-shipping@drowninginthefeels / @eternal-mako@feelfreetokisumi / @feyrune-kun@fire-lark / @firetruckingnarwhals / @flowerman-shuu / @flyinggoatcorn / @foolbrite@freakoutwolf / @freealltitans@fullmetalviolinist@fvckoffok


@gecko-butt / @gencjar / @genoiz / @hello-scaryteenagers@hyugajumpei / @i-am-mrs-arlert@illvilja / @iruvanime / @jaeger-bombastick@jaegers-and-kaijus / @jeanneedsfreckledjesus / @judalbelike / @junmyeonpng@just-a-hobo@justarandomamanda / @kageyllama@kajillian@karasunope @kartrashiann / @kawaiimilkcartonn@kenmz@kisecchinosedai @kouhasbuttcheek / @kuraicchi / @kuroko-seijuuro@kurxko / @laceylovitt​ / @lancecorporal-heichou@le-ghoul@lefreshman / @levi-cleans-my-feels / @lovely-lady-p / @lucinasbrand / @lyra-ly 


@magi-sheba / @makohar-eau / @makototachiban-a / @malfettooru / @marioikawa-gold / @megane-shits / @metaphorical-cello@midotakao / @milk-bread-tooru / @misaki-mae@misuya-kanata / @murasakibaratitties / @my-fourtris-heart / @my-youngjae@nekomais / @nezumean@nocturnal-neko / @noraneko-chan / @oikawank@perfectlymisha / @phangirlingoverereri / @pinacoloudaa@pinkxjoy / @pocketkeiji@praisesuga@pumpkinpudding / @queen-of-kawaii102


@rachkin@raphaelsxntiago / @realbokuto / @refresh321 / @reverselightning@ronnie–chan / @rosebrde@ryoutadaiki / @ryoutakuroko / @sammystark / @sariche@shiiroganes / @shirohyasha@shosta-bro-vich-is-my-name / @shuu-trashiyama@slippingwithsirens@snasy@sosuke-san / @sophieicchi / @spacechildhowell@spicyasscrack@stairwaytoeruri / @strippedsweaterweather / @sunshinehinatas@surveycaptainlevi / @taiga-tetsuya@tanerdka / @teadrinkiniggy@teagooglycoffeemeat123 / @teenage-ish / @tetsuboob@thefriendyouhate / @theinternetsnavy / @thesparklygoddess@theswedishfangirl / @thewhitehairedanimeboy / @thinkanamelater@tillthestarsgoblue / @tobio-h / @tobiokageyaoi@tobiors / @tommy-wollfram / @trashykawa-h / @tremendousdinosaurhideout@ughharu / @ultra-ugo / @utanogay-sama / @unzan@violinist-tsukki / @vivienne-midwestwood / @whenmikasacriesicry@w-i-n-t-e-rrrrr / @wrockercamohoney / @yacheese / @xingkari / @yaegrs@yumlish

PS. This was an alternative edit I made for my follow forever title (I’m so sorry)

Hello, lovely people!

Since apparently this is a thing on Tumblr and I’ve reached my 2K 😱 I figured I’d do one. It’s taken me an awful lot of time, hence the title. So… without further ado, 215 blogs later, I present to you my follow forever.

Blogs are featured in no particular order except in each category from longest I’ve been following to shortest basically because that’s how they appear on the following tab but I still love every single one of them all the same.

Thank you for bearing with me!

All the love, x.


aka 99% of the posts in my personal blog, @justalittlecupoftea (Didn’t thought it through when I created the 1D blog in the first place) 😅

@disneybound - @infinite-rainbows - @iamnamelessgem - @wordsnquotes​ - @stripedskirt​ - @fetchful -​ @a-littleinfinity - @mytwoships - @the-relatable-post​ - @lethimfly - @alwaysmilingdear - @florribleandmisrabella - @regulatings​ - @bluejoplin​ - @welcome-to-the-soul​ - @dreamingaboutadventure - @magics-secrets - @avagold - @wnq-writers - @totheedgeofmydesire - @wanderlustxprincess - @just-shower-thoughts - @whatever-its-disney​ - @voguenthusiast - @disneylaughz - @princesconsuela​​ - @waltdisneysdaily​​ - @brunettefrenchgirl - @charlieyasmin

A Little Bit Of Everything

The URL pretty much gives away what the blog is about

 @hazzzlou - @haroldsparrows - @dirty-haz - @thisiswhyihavethefeels - @irelandking - @craicalaic - @5sosisnotpunk - @calumermaids - @giggleharry - @craycray-for-onedirection​ - @jamesniall​ - @snogsniall - @ashtonscurlies - @theselittlethingsmatter - @comelyniall - @holymolypayne​ - @liamworld​ - @paynoforlifex​ - @productoflessonslearned​ - @spoonfulofgifs - @littlebittyharry - @onedirectionisinmycloset - @harrydylan - @fvckinnarry - @ziallmalibu - @knightchanges - @harrymakememoan - @lirrypaynes - @got-niam​ - @payneobsessed​ - @imissliam​ - @liamfalsettos​ - @zayniepaynie​ - @mytinylou​ - @niamsillusion​ - @adoreliam​ - @paywnes - @horankeepsmeupallnight​ - @5sos-au-writing​ - @liamisperfection​ - @zaynsbus1tattoo - @louieurl - @fuckinialls - @niallsexyback

Deactivated But Still

@1directionscenarios - @1dpreferenceworld - @1d-preference


@bizexualliam - @loszayngeles - @narreyh - @makeintheam - @banginghoranbang - @craicthatniall - @jamesniall - @the-floral-owl - @niallhorantheirish - @1dgifforthat - @ot5talk - @thatguurlalmighty - @ashleyrguillory - @thisdayin1dhistory​ - @since-he-was-eighteen - @louvebite - @dresslike-1d - @loueish - @liammix - @allthatniall - @louvbite - @harrymayi - @broders - @twinkedlou - @secretly1d​ - @harrehmadness​ - @zaintheunparalleled - @zrincezayn

Preferences & Imagines

@the-1d-nina - @just-a-digital-love - @its-molly-and-sierra@perfprefs1d - @preferences1-d - @mzerry1d - @neunini - @1dgifforthat

We Are The Bestest 

aka mutuals

@an-okay-blog ~ @loveispaynefulll ~ @premiumniall ~ @imafangirlsblog@breakherlikeapromise ~ @forever-5sos-1d ~ @fabulouswonderwall ~ @livingwithfeels ~ @cre-m  @georgiahoranxx@beecachu ~ @donttemptmeiknowyourmother​ ~ @miss-enchanted ~ @chloshette ~ @narrysonething ~ @blissziall ~ @goneforbananas ~ @crazyirishmofo94 ~ @lovebuginlove ~ @5sosoverwifi ~ @im-not-just-a-teenager-baby ~ @ashvonirwin ~ @ackles-got-snackles ~ @trueliampayne ~ @thepayneoflilo ~ @endlesslove–forever ~ @your-heartattack ~ @siriustwilighter ~ @elvendoork ~ @iamsonotpunkrock ~ @id5951 ~ @zouis-slut ~ @perksofbeingvalyssa ~ @1976mak ~ @liiampayneful ~ @dreamingaboutadventure ~ @thosechesirecurls ~ @avagold ~ @floral-lou ~ @beyondaboyband ~ @lukesreject ~ @viveleharreh ~ @etoileziam ~ @kaayyylllla ~ @with-love-kaytah ~ @just-a-dash-of-nutmeg ~ @tearslikediiamonds ~ @lovinlollipops ~ @dreamingnarwhal ~ @wereallmadeofglass ~ @larrysupernatural13 ~ @hetookachonce ~ @1dtilltheendd~ @lukeismybatman​ ~ @dedicatedlarrylover​ ~ @nopeanuts1​ ~ @secret-rendezvous1d ~ @liamakabatman ~ @iblamethecurlyone​ ~ @tonixcrazed ~ @grlalmiighty​ ~ @igotonedirectionswag​ ~ @larriesvip​ ~ @adultfansofonedirection​ ~ @justanotherpaigeinthechapter ~ @welivebywhatsunwritten ~ @lemonstyles~ @outerspacenjh​ ~ @foolsharold​ ~ @elzaisnuts4narry​ ~ @brunettefrenchgirl​ ~ @canihave1d-withasideoffeels​ ~ @pretty-irish​ ~ @ill-have-harrys-babies ~ @niallsotherside

Little message to all my mutuals: 

I had no idea I had so many, some of you were a BIG surprise to discover were following me! Most of you have been here since forever so thank you! And to those who haven’t, thank you too!

Girls Almighty 

[aka mutuals I actually talk to and love very much]

@blamedimples ~ @prettysmilesforstyles​ ~ @love-life-recklessly@alwaysmilingdear ~ @lonelyknucklehead ~ @underyourskies ~ @dirajunara​ ~ @littlebombshell​ ~ @lethimfly ~ @welcometothewire​ ~ @ldj772 ~ @blualua ~ @nerdypostuniverse

And last but not least, I wanna give the biggest of shoutouts to:

@blamedimples ~ @charlieyasmin ~ @an-okay-blog & @prettysmilesforstyles because you were my very first followers ever.

To go back on 2004 people and see your URLs are still on the following list is amazing.

And to all of my followers that I don’t follow, you can come talk to me anytime you like, yada, yada, yada you know that, I say it a million times!!

Thank you so much to everyone for making the Tumblr experience an awesome one.

so i may have hit 1k?? why do you all follow me like serioulsy im such a nerd omg. i started this blog nearly a year ago and its always been trash tbh


Here are some people who are v great and make me happy when the come up on my dash/notifications! 

(Italics-some of my favourites! Bold-friends/extra cool people/ily)


@2022howell @actualenjolras1832 @amazingphanisnotongames-crafts @amazingsuggisnotonfire @angeliclester @aphanofmanythings @aurorasmist @bookishlester @bowties-are-yellow @brieflyholydragon @buttercreamphan 


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Hey guys! So I know I just did one of these about a month ago, but incredibly, in that short amount of time, I’ve reached a major milestone, a milestone which officially makes Abby my most followed active RP blog. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to all of you. Honestly, I was so scared to join the 100 RP fandom ( and the 100 fandom in general ), but you all have been nothing but welcoming and supportive, and for that, both Abby and I thank you.

To everyone who has ever said they like my portrayal, or that I’ve changed the way you think about Abby, you have no idea what that means to me. Abby Griffin and Paige Turco are both very important figures in my life and being able to share that is truly a gift.

Okay, since I know most people don’t read these things anyway, let’s get on with it, shall we?

*Billy Elliot voice* Love you foreeeeeeever,


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