Don’t Panic

Summary: John rescues the reader from a vampire attack, then tries to teach her how to protect herself. It doesn’t go well.

Word Count: 2100ish 

Warnings: smut, a little angst, reader has a panic attack/ PTSD flashback to her attack

A/N: I was just in the mood to write John. So here you go. Enjoy! Feedback always appreciated! XOXO

“You’re gonna have to go back out into the world sometime, you know.” John’s voice was stern, but not unkind. Which was kind of the impression you’d formed of John himself.

“I know.” You worked at not sounding petulant, but it had only been twenty-four hours for fuck’s sake. You’d think he’d give you a minute to adjust.

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Where Am I // Luke Hemmings AU Smut

I managed to squeeze this out between all my homework tonight, so I hope it’s decent. This was physically painful to write because I love Luke too much. I hope my pain is enjoyable for everyone to read. I also really suck at titling things sooooo hope you can get over that. Inspired by this post. As always, I would love feedback and I’m always open for requests, so send those my way! xoxo

Summary: You go to a party with your friends and wake up hungover, half naked, and in a bed with a guy you don’t know. What happened last night? And what’s going to happen this morning? 

Warning: This isn’t like really smutty but like a little bit so there’s that

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imagine your otp ft. preath, krashlyn and… who? kellex? no i’ve never heard of them *sweats nervously*


-you DON’T NEED expensive art supplies to make you an art hoe
-you DON’T NEED expensive clothes or certain brands /(kanken bookbags) to make you an art hoe
-If you like Some of the more well known artists that doesn’t make you “basic” or “fake”
-If you say you can’t “paint or draw or whatever” that doesn’t mean you aren’t an artist Keep in mind you are your own worst critic.
-It’s YOUR artwork do whatever you want with it Be as creative as you can and if you can’t think of what to do take a break c:
-I love you very very much and you are a precious person and Life is going to be so great for you XOXO ♡

Stay//Jackson Wang

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Pairing: Jackson x Reader

Genre: Angst, Sad

Summary: This scenario is loosely based off of the song Stay by Mayday Parade, which you can listen to here ~

Author’s Note: I haven’t written a Jackson scenario in a while and he needs more love so HERE YOU GO YAY

xoxo Sara

You hadn’t spoken to him for a week. Not even a single glance. Which was very odd for you, as you had loved him more than the son itself.

You still did.

You weren’t the one to fight. You were never the one to fight. In fact, you were the one to end fights as quickly as they’d begun. But he pushed your buttons so far that you couldn’t stand to look at him.

You can’t even remember what the fight was about. It was probably over something trivial, but the way that he blew up at you over the small things made you so upset and angry at the same time, you suggested you two take a break.

And now, there he was, a week later. He sat in his apartment, tired as all hell as he hadn’t been able to get much sleep since the last time he saw you. Without you in his arms, Jackson struggled to fall asleep soundly. He was drunk, and he new it well; he had been drinking a lot since you left.

All he wanted was to be with you. He missed you, more than he could ever imagine, so much so that everyday when he woke up from the hour nap he had considered sleep, his heart ached for you. For your touch, your scent, your smile; he ached for every inch of your being, and he wanted nothing more than to be with you.

He loved you so much. He still does love you, and he’ll love you until eternity, but he doesn’t know what to do with the love he harbors towards you. He knows you don’t want it, not right now anyway. But each day that you’re away from him, each night that you aren’t sound asleep in his arms,  he felt you slipping further away from him emotionally, and he couldn’t let that happen.

He felt himself wobble a little as he stood, only to immediately be pulled back to the ground by gravity as he couldn’t stand up properly. The liquor in his system had him seeing things, and at one moment, he actually believed that he saw you. That you were there with him, waiting for him to crawl into bed with you and wrap his arms around you. He wanted nothing more than to do that.

But on the inside, he was breaking. He was a complete wreck. He contemplated going back to your apartment just to see you, but he didn’t know how you’d react. He didn’t know if you needed more time. He didn’t know if this break were to become permanent, and he didn’t want to.

He sighed, getting up slowly but steadily, gripping on the walls for guidance as he led himself out of his apartment. He thanked his lucky stars that you two lived in the same apartment complex, that’s how you met originally. But once you two began fighting, he would see you getting your mail, and you wouldn’t dare to say a word to him.  It broke his heart, so much so that he never left after that.

He hissed at the bright lights of the hallway, slowly making his way down the hall and down the stairs to your floor. He felt the tears sting his eyes as he approached your apartment, hands shaky as he lifted them up to softly knock on the door.

When you opened the door, his heart broke. Even more so than he knew possible. You were crying, and he didn’t know why, but he hated to see you cry. He was crying as well, but he didn’t feel it.

“Jackson? What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” You looked at him softly, wiping your own tears away before you felt yourself being pulled into his arms.

Please…” He begged softly, sobs filling your ears as his arms tightened around you. “Just say it…”

“Say what?” You held back more tears, swallowing the lump in your throat as you patted his back.

“Say that you love me. If you say that, i’ll know everything’s okay. I’ll leave you alone if you need more space. But if you don’t.. i’ll know it’s over.”

You stood there as you felt your heart break. You were the one who did this to him?

“(Y/N),” He cried, “Please, just say it.”

parkingsons  asked:

❛ better get your dad jokes ready. ❜

Brent was quick to place a finger over his lips when Valentina entered the room after a soft knock, gesturing toward the bed with his head. Barbara was finally sleeping for the first time since she had been fully dilated and the nurse would be coming in with Beau to nurse in a couple of hours. He wanted her to get as much rest as she could in the meantime. He stood from the chair and helped his sister place the various gifts that she was carrying onto the counter. Leave it to Valentina to come bearing teddy bears, balloons, flowers and a large box of chocolates. It was a wonder that she had been able to carry it all up to the Labor and Delivery Unit. 

Beckoning his sister to follow him back into the hallway of the maternity ward, he spoke once he had carefully shut the door. “The baby’s in the intensive care nursery.” Before Valentina could fret too much, he assured, “He’s fine, but there was a bit of abnormality with his heart rate so they wanted to keep an eye on his vitals for the first 24 hours.” The new parents had been assured that it was nothing to be too concerned about and that after that period, he could stay in the room with them in a warmer until Barbara and the baby were released to go home. 

He had only made a handful of calls once the baby was born. One to Valentina, another to Ruben, and then the rest to his cousins that he knew would want to hear the announcement from him. “We can go see him, if you want, since it’s still visiting hours.”

Valentina quirked up a brow, shining grin in place. “Is that even a question? What are we wasting time for?”  

Nodding as an acquiesce, Brent started down the path to the nursery. He was tired and ought to try and sleep himself, but there was a swell in his chest cavity that expanded throughout him, an adrenaline that was keeping him awake and aware of the enormity of it all. 

Waving his wrist over the sensor in front of the nursery’s door, his identification band was recognized and the lock clicked. Once they were inside, Brent headed straight to the sink to began washing his arms all the way up to his elbows. He waited for Valentina to do the same before he guided her over to a corner of the room. There were units lined up all along the room, newborns that were being fed or having routine tests run on. The one in front of them was sleeping, a light shining on him to keep him warm, swaddled up tight in a blue blanket. “Valentina,” His gaze kept focused on the baby as he spoke quietly to his sister, finding it difficult to tear his attention away. “I’d like you to meet Beau.”

“Beau?” Valentina repeated as she peered into the warmer, awe coloring her tone. 

“Mm. Barbara wanted to stick to the B scheme. Beau Griffiths.” It was a nice sounding name, pleasant in his mouth when he spoke it. There was none of the harshness that existed in Brent’s own name. It was fitting for the softer upbringing that Brent wished to provide for his son. Severing him from the Nott name was a good decision. It didn’t make Beau any less his son any more than Brent bearing Richard’s name in both his middle and last name had made Richard his father. It went beyond biology, Brent was beginning to learn. From this day forward, Brent had already made the decision that he wold only call Richard Nott by his name, not by Father as he had all his life. Richard was not deserving of the title and Brent couldn’t know if he was yet either, but if the first gift he could present his son with was freedom from expectation then he could only hope he was off to a decent start. 

Brent reached into the pod, gingerly lifting up the baby and positioning him so that his head was in the being supported by the crook of his arm. He then turned to Valentina in indication that he could pass Beau off to her. 

“He’s so small,” Valentina commented before opening up her arms, Brent settling the baby against her. As his sister began to cradle the baby and coo at him, Brent’s shoulders sagged with an ease that he hadn’t expected to wash over him. There was still a trace of apprehension, of uncertainty, but he wasn’t alone. 

He had a family. Small as it may be, its significance outweighed any other aspect of his life, far beyond his incoming N.E.W.T. scores that would determine his future career pursuits. 

“You and I are going to be best buds,” Valentina assured her nephew, little eyelids fluttering open and a tiny arm stretching outward, mouth opening up in a yawn. There was a fluttering, then, that bubbled out of Brent’s own mouth in a fond chuckle. “And I’m going to spoil you so hard and I’ll read you all the best books…” 

As his sister prattled on to the newborn who couldn’t even begin to comprehend what she was saying, Brent’s visage softened and he swallowed thickly. The future seemed to stretch in front of him in that instance, bright and hopeful. 

Valentina turned her eyes to her brother with a devious smile. “Better get your dad jokes ready.”

He was far from known for his humor and they both knew it. “I think I’ll leave those to you. You will be his favorite aunt, after all. It only seems fitting that you make him laugh.” 


Steamy Summer// Im Jaebum

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Pairing: Jaebum x reader


Summary: Having a summer off meant being poolside 24/7


xoxo Sara

“Jagiiiii, lets go for a swim.”

You had been dating your lovely boyfriend Jaebum for a year and half now, and it has been a wonderful 18 months with him. Though for a lot of the time you have been dating, he has been touring and promoting albums with the rest of his band, GOT7. This summer, though, he was promised a promotion-free vacation, and all he wanted was to spend it with you.

You two had rented out a pretty summer house for the two months; it including a pool, and was only a five minute walk from the beach. Both of you abused the beautiful scenery that laid before you; the warm sun, the cool waves. You two would go out almost everyday to the beach, and those days that you didn’t would be spent swimming in the pool, while he barbecues some meat skewers.

Today, something had clicked in Jaebum. He seemed…. needier than usual, to say the least.

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idk man but when we talk everything just feels good. right. safe. it’s like a soulmate bond but not lovers. just two souls perfectly compatible. it makes better sense in my head. I’m so glad I found you. I’ve never had a boring conversation in the five years I’ve known you. and I’ve never felt like I had to try to keep our relationship going. it just works. even when we’re not talking. for weeks or months. it’s always just, there. I can’t describe it. it’s too perfect for words. even calling it perfect feels wrong. cheesy. it’s not a sappy love story. it’s just us. it’s never felt wrong. it’s just right.


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Prompt: “Ay carrie bar mind writing me an oli white imagine where joe and caspar kidnap you for oils bday so he can go on a date with you? ily xoxo (do it whenever don’t want my bud stressed)” 

(( GifS not mine, found on tumblr ))

You pulled your phone out of your pocket and checked it once again,

0 New Messages.

You sighed to yourself as you put your phone back in your pocket and kept walking down the street, Today was your best friend Olis birthday and you sent him a happy birthday text hours ago and he still hasn’t responded to you.

It wouldn’t bother you all that much if it was someone else, but it kind of stung coming from your best friend. He always texted you back, no matter what, and now he suddenly thought that he didn’t have too. You frowned to yourself as you enter the gas station to pick up some doughnuts, when you suddenly felt strong arms around your waist.

 You pull the hands off you and spin around quickly, Caspar lee stood in front of you smiling from ear to ear. You groan and roll your eyes, “Caspar you dick, you scared the hell out of me!” 

Caspar started to giggle and punched your arm slightly, “Well that was the plan silly, I’m here to kidnap you!” He was still laughing, and then you felt the urge to laugh. The two of you were doubled over in the aisle of a gas station when Caspar made his way to stand up and wiped away a fake tear, he then stopped laughing completely and stared at you with a blank face.

“No seriously, I’m here to kidnap you.”

You stop laughing and tilt your head to the side before Caspar winks and lifts you up bridal style and starts to run out the store laughing. You thrash around in his arm threatening to call the cops. People in the parking lot was giving the two of you worried glances, Caspar hushed their concerns quickly though. “No worries everyone, my girlfriend is just huge drama queen!” He pepped up cheerfully before shooting you a glare. 

Caspar then opens the door to his car and puts you in the backseat before climbing in with you, “Joe go! We got a wild one here!” You sit up and rub your head, you hit it on the door from where he threw you in, “Nice kidnapping skills boobs.” 

Joe laughs from the drivers seat while Caspar starts to type on his phone, “I better get paid for this, jesus y/n you could of gotten me arrested!” You smirked at him and put your seatbelt. You looked at Caspars position in his seat and called him out, “Put your seat belt on.” 

Caspar looks up from his phone and looked at you with a smirk, “Oh, you mean this seatbelt?” He teased you while rubbing his hand up and down the fabric of the seatbelt. You roll your eyes, “Yes that seatbelt, now put it on.” 

“No, i need breathing space.” 

You reach over and started to twist his nipple, Caspar hissed in pain, “Ok ok ok ok, seatbelt. ok i’ll put it and i promise i’ll never take it off!” You let go of him and he quickly buckles himself up and then shoots you a dirty look. 

You lean forward and tried to talk to joe, “So why did you guys kidnap me?” Joe turns his head a little to acknowledge you, but quickly turns his full attention back to the road; ignoring you completely. 

You lean back in your seat and raised an eyebrow at Caspar, who looked back at you with a wide smile. “Do you care to explain Caspar?” Caspar shakes his head slowly and pretends to zip his lips. 

You roll your eyes at him again and he snorts at you. “If i had a dollar for every time you roll your eyes at us i’d be a millionaire.” Joe laughs at Caspars comment while you just roll your eyes once again.

You rested your head against the car window and closed your eyes, quickly drifting asleep. Completely forgetting all about your little kidnapping.


You woke up from the feeling of being poked at, You opened your eyes a little to see Caspar right in your face with a pen. You close your eyes again before opening them all the way and pushing him off you. “Im up you fucktard.”

Caspar lets out a laugh before leading you into a place you recognized as the park. You stop in your tracks and turn to joe and Caspar, “Before i go any further, tell me what this is.” 

Joe and Caspar exchanged weary glances at each other before focusing back on you, Joe quickly pulls his phone and starts to type rapidly. “We can’t tell you.” 

“Look boys, this has been fun. But i will not go any further if you don’t tell me what I’m here for.” 

Caspar opened his mouth the answer but closed it quickly when you looked over you shoulder, you frown and turn around to see Oli standing behind you standing awkwardly with a bouquet of flowers. 

You stare at him dumbfounded for a moment before he speaks to you, “I got you chocolates too, but they melted in the car.” He looks down at the ground and starts to kick the dirt on his shoes.

You turn around and look at the other boys who were motioning you to go other to Oli. So you mustered enough courage to walk over to him. He looks up at you once you were directly in front of him, he smiles and offers you the flowers. You accept them and smile softly at him, “Oli you didn’t have to! Now i feel bad, i didn’t get you anything.” 

Oli shrugs at your response, “That’s ok, thats actually why i made the two doofs bring you here.” You must of had a confused look on your face because he chucked and scratched his chin;

“Maybe your gift to me could be a date with me?”

Your eyes widen with realization, “Oh, a date? With me?” Oli smiles at you and slowly nods his head, he starts to turn around and walk away but he turned to look at you and held out his arm, “Care to join me?” 

You smile at him and take his hand, he gives it a little squeeze, and then the two of you walked over to the beach.


You and Oli sat side by side in the sand, your head was resting on his shoulder and his head was resting on your head slightly. The sun was starting to go down now, and the two of you just finished eating your ice cream. 

You smile and nuzzle your head more into Oli when you realized something, you shoot up from your position and turned to look at Oli, “I forgot to tell you! Happy birthday best friend!” 

Oli gives you a confused look before understanding what you say and chuckling, “Is my birthday, isn’t? i already forgot,” He looked down at you and lifted up your chin slightly. 

“You made me forget.”

You give him a small side small, “Well dang.” You joke but he doesn’t laugh with you.

He licked his lips and squeezed his eyes shut before opening them again, “I wanna try something, ok?” 

You nod your head slowly with your breathing slowing down, He closed his eyes and ever so slowly started to lean forward. You close your eyes shut and you felt his hand land on the back of your neck, pulling you a little closer. 

Finally you had enough of the tension and you pulled him close to you and connected you lips together. It wasn’t long it was short and simple, but you both pulled away breathless from it. 

“Is that all you wanted to try?” You whisper to him. 

His hand found yours and started to make meaningless traces on your palm,


You bring your other hand up to cup his cheek and your thumb started to rub up and down. “What else?” You say scooting closer to him, leaving barely any room between the two of you. 

Oli takes a deep breath and closes his eyes and whispers to you, “I think I’m falling in love you y/n.” 

You mouth slightly falls open but soon goes into a smile, you lea forward and peck his lips; letting you forward rest on his gently. 

“I know I’m in love with you.” 

This is shit and I’m so sorry best friend ok, please don’t hate me. I’ll definitely redo it for you! REQUESTS ARE OPEN!!

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I Loved You Through Everything ~Jack Gilinsky (Part 2)

a:n// I’ve had multiple people request part 2 so here you go loves!! hope u enjoy xoxo

It’s been 2 weeks since Jack left be for another girl. I would be lying if I said that it wasn’t a big deal. For the first week, I spent the entire time in bed, watching The Titanic over and over again, tears and tissues around me, yelling at the TV about how boys weren’t worth it. I guess you could say it was pretty pathetic.

I didn’t know what to do anymore. I had no desire to do anything for myself. The only reason I did anything before was because Jack was involved with it. In all honesty, I didn’t know if I had a life without Jack.

But as the week progressed, I started gaining back my confidence and life back in a way. I started taking long hot baths, relaxing in a way I never could before. I did everything for myself, making sure I approved it. Soon, I get like a new me. A me that hadn’t gotten there heart broken before.

It was week #2 since the breakup and I could say I was doing ok. I was currently in my living room, scrubbing the floor since I smelt something really bad. It was 9pm, and I was tired enough to go to bed. I heard a knock on my door and I got off my knees, wiping my hands on my pants. I made my way to the door and opened it, revealing none other then Jack Gilinsky.

“Jack? What are you doing here?"I asked.

"I’m have to tell you something"he said, making his way inside. I closed the door and turned around to face him, crossing my arms.

"There’s nothing to talk about"I muttered.

"Us Y/N. Us-”

“No Jack! There is no "us” anymore. You were the one who took that name away"I scoffed.

“And I fucked up! Ok? I’ll fucking admit the fact the I fucked up!"he yelled, folding his hands behind his neck and turning around, like he didn’t want to see me. I bit my lip, waiting for him to say something before I could. He turned back around with tears in his eyes.

"You have no idea what it’s been like without you Y/N. I’m miserable, and I need someone to love me"he said.

"You have someone for that"I whispered.

He shook his head.

"Well you can’t just come in here saying you miss me and shit thinking I’ll be stupid enough to take you back. You broke me already and I’m healed. Don’t come around here fucking up my emotions. You already have someone"I said.

"Don’t you understand? The reason that I though I needed someone else was because I haven’t seen you in so long. I haven’t been near someone who loved me as much as you did. I needed affection, and this random person in my life was the only one I was able to see. I need you more than you need me. And I know I didn’t admit it before, but I need you 10x more than you need me. I didn’t know what love is. I had no idea. But it’s you. I love you more than words can explain, and I know your probably mad at me right now, and I understand that. I just need you more than anything right now. I need nothing else, no one else besides you. You’re the only one Y/N. You’re the only one I want to see when I wake up in the morning. You’re the only one I want to go to sleep with at night. You’re the only one I love Y/N. Please, please, I’m begging you with all I have left, please take me back"he said, tears were downing his face.

I’ve never seen Jack so emotional before. Even when his grandfather passed away, he hasn’t cried as much as he did now. I was able to tell he truly cared. He truly needed me.

"Jack I-I don’t know what to say"I stuttered, at a lost of words for what he said to me.

"Then don’t say anything"he whispered walking towards me. Suddenly my lips were pressed against his, his hands pulling my waist closer to him. I closed my eyes and relaxed into the kiss, pulling his neck towards me. I ran my fingers through his hair, tugging my fingers at it.

I pulled back and our foreheads touched, able to feel each other’s breath on our face.

"Is that a yes?"he asked, a hopeful look on his face.

"That’s a yes"I smiled, and he grinned. Soon, his arms embraced my body, and he held me in his arms.

"I will love you through everything"he whispered, pecking my forehead.

That was when I knew, I could take him back. Two weeks ago, when I wanted to be in his arms, this is what I meant. Nothing but love (and a little bit of tear) surrounding us. It was only a matter of time before we realized, we needed each other more than any one could explain. We were the only one’s that could love each other, even if there were a few bumps in a road.

hope u all enjoyed this as much as I do!! I love you guys! don’t forget to request some more stuff!!

Jealousy (Kyungsoo Smut)

So guys here comes a nice smutty story of Kyungsoo :3 She also asked it to be looooong in another ask so here you go! I hope you guys like it! Xoxo, Admin A~

I was new in town I was moving in because it was my dream to study college there and it finally came true. The problem was that I didn’t have enough money to have my own place and I only knew two people in Korea who could let me live with them. My aunt, who lived in the outskirts of the city, and my best friend, Kyungsoo. I didn’t know if I should tell him, I thought about it for months. He was my best friend but somehow I thought that things could change if I moved in with him. He also was busy all the time and I really didn’t want to bother him with anything.

But somehow he heard I didn’t have a place and even without me telling him about it, he took me to his flat after he picked me up in the airport. Kyungsoo was not only my best friend, he was my first love, but I never told him. Sometimes it felt awkward being around him because those memories would come back and an irrational need to kiss him emerged. I have to admit that his place was amazing. So spacious and simple, just like him. “You don’t need to worry about anything Y/N… everything mine is yours. I want you to feel at home”. He knew I wasn’t very comfortable, he gave me that angelical smile of his and then hugged me tight. “Welcome to Korea Y/N… I missed you a lot”. He whispered while having me in his arms.

A month passed and somehow he got a lot of free time to spend with me. He took me to a lot of places to get used to the city, we also went to some parties and I got to know some of his friends. When we didn’t feel like going out, we stayed home and talked for hours, like in the old times, or watched a movie or something. If life had stayed like that, I wouldn’t have complained. But somehow, things started to change. They changed slowly but you could notice them by the way we started to act towards each other. It wasn’t awkward… but close to it. 

At the beginning I didn’t mind, I thought it was normal because we never lived together even tho we were really close. I mean, we had stayed at each other’s houses but just a few days, not months, not years. But then it was not only this weird feeling, a sense of possession appeared. When we met someone and a guy tried to flirt with me, he would act like my boyfriend or even say he was. I didn’t mind because he was protecting me “like any brother would” or so I thought. But this began to confuse me, because of the past feelings I had and memories coming back all the time. I wanted to think he was just being protective but it didn’t feel like it. It was more like jealousy, and jealousy always comes with more complex emotions.

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Reunited feels (Harry Styles)

Hello there beautiful people. I am back!!! I’ve got a couple requests and thought I should make them happen. I got a bit carried away and short blurb turned into a long story that I might make a second part to (which would be filled with a lot of smut… I mean a lot…)

It was suggested by this lovely lady and I hope you like it. ;)

“ Hi! My name is Alyssa and I was wondering if you could write an imagine where Harry is on tour and you miss him so you decide to surprise him and go visit him on tour? Thank you so much! xoxo!! “

So…. Let me know if you want a second part and send me some requests dirty or fluffy and I’ll try to make them happy. I’m in a mood of a little bit of Harry. 

Love - G

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Being in a relationship with Harry wasn’t easy, it came in a package deal. You loved him more than anything else in the world but having the career he does came with some down sides. Especially right now. 

You were getting ready to go to your friends wedding but unfortunately Harry was on the other side of the world working on their tour. You put a beautiful long dress and some matching heels. As you were all set and ready you decided to call him before they go on stage. 

“Hey beautiful, I miss you. I’m sorry I can’t be there with you. I know you’ll have fun.” - hearing his voice was like a huge wave of emotions. Maybe calling him was not the best idea ever as you felt even more alone. 

“Hi I miss you too. Of course I’ll have fun, all my friends are going to be there. I’m just sad I won’t be able to show how hot my boyfriend is to everyone” - you tried to act fine. 

“Oh don’t worry love. I think the whole world knows I am yours and you are mine… I have to go now. I’ll give you a call after the show. okay?” - you could hear voices behind him calling everybody on stage. 

“Love you, have a great show”

“Love you too, make sure nobody steals you away from me”

“Never” - and with that you got up, looked at yourself one last time and left the apartment.

The wedding was absolutely beautiful. Everything was surrounded by white flowers and fairy lights across the sky. You sat at a table with your girlfriends and were having a blast. You cried when one of of your best friends actually got married and needed Harry at that moment. But after a couple of glasses of champagne the emotions kind of faded away. You were sincerely having fun with a smile from one ear to another.

You left the wedding after midnight and walked into your dark apartment. And then it hit you…

All the love you’ve seen all day and all the glasses of champagne made you crave Harry. He didn’t call you as he promised and you weren’t worried about that. Your relationship was easy in that way. You didn’t need to know exactly were both of you were. You trusted each other more than anything in the world.

But you just needed him to hold you right this moment. You needed Harry to survive. But unfortunately he was only coming back home in a month and four days. That is way too long for you to wait. You needed him.

All the alcohol made you a little bit dizzy. You took your heels of the second you walked into the apartment and took your dress off as you walked into the bedroom to change. There was no point in wearing clothes as you were completely alone so you opted for one of Harry’s shirts which once again was not the best idea at this stage.

Only one thought was running through your mind and it was Harry.  You were never the clingy one, neither was Harry. Don’t get it wrong you were completed in love with each other and one touch from Harry could heal anything. But you knew he needed to be away to do what he loves and you couldn’t come with him as you were going strong with your own career. Everything was great and you both were usually quite good at managing this long distance thing. But there were moments…

When you couldn’t think about anything else, move or breath without his name on your mind. It was like he was your air. Everything in your apartment reminded of him. His crazy shoes that you sometimes hated and made fun off, his laptop on the couch, which reminded you of those days when he would write songs and make that cute focused face, his shampoo in the shower, that you casually used to make your hair smell like Harry. And the worst one, your bed, in which you’ve spent all those love filled nights, it didn’t matter if it was filled with sweaty sex, when you finally were together and the only thought going through your minds was how to make it last, or the naked cuddles, when you could feel every inch of his body attached to yours, and your hearts beating together.

And now as you laid in that bed, it was killing you not to have Harry’s arms around you. You just couldn’t function. You quickly turned the bed light on and got out of bed, just to realize how drunk you were as everything went white for a moment. You wobbled downstairs to pick his laptop up and brought it back with you to bed. This was a moment of weakness and you knew it. You immediately searched for the next flight which will leave tomorrow evening, and bought it. That was it.

Next day when you were all packed and ready to set of you realized Harry doesn’t know it yet. You are going to see him just a long flight away. Maybe it was a good idea to let him know so he doesn’t have any plans as you are ready to feel every part of his body melting into yours. You aren’t going to share Harry.

You tried ringing him three times and no answer. You left him a quick message and left the apartment.

“I miss you”

You got onto the plane and got ready to suffer a long flight with a prize at the end that’s worth millions of these stupid flights. You quickly drifted off to sleep as your hangover was taking all your energy away and you will definitely need all the energy in the world to do everything with Harry that’s been running through your mind.

You woke up as the plane was landing and felt much better and ready to finally see him.

As you sat down into a taxi you realized that you don’t know where to go. You quickly remembered Harry mentioning the name of those fancy hotels they usually stay. With the hope of finding him there you drove off. You quickly searched for your phone and turned it on when you realized that Harry might have called you back. And you were right.

There were five missed calls from Harry and a couple of messages. With a smile on your face you read them all.

“I miss you pet, please call me. I need to hear your voice”

“Hey kitten, are you alright? Can you please call me I’m a bit worried?”

“Y/N I haven’t heard from you in a day please call me back I’m very worried now”

You stopped reading and immediately found his number.

“Hey pretty boy”- you said when he answered the phone, with a grin on your face that you only wish he could see.

“Hey kitten, you didn’t call me back, I was worried. Are you alright?” - the innocents and relief on his voice just made you wanted to scream out his name.

“Yeah sorry love, I was a bit busy at work. What are you up to now?” - you asked him as you needed to know his plans to surprise him.

“We are just heading back to the hotel now. Baby, I really miss you… Like really…I need you…” - you felt your stomach roll over three times inside.

“I know Harry, I miss you too and you have no idea how badly I need you. We will be together soon”

“Not soon enough” - his voice was so beautiful you just wanted to reach him through the phone and kiss those lips that travelled every inch of your body.

“We will see each other in a blink of an eye. I promise… I have to go now I’ll talk to you later.” - you quickly said your goodbyes as you realized you’ve arrived at the hotel.

You entered the hall of the beautiful hotel they were staying. As you reached the reception you felt your body start to fill up with nervousness.

“Hello, miss can I help you?” - the lovely lady asked you as she saw you standing all confused, lost and awkward.

“Hi.. um.. I am looking for Harry Styles, he is staying in this hotel.”

“Yes, he is staying here but I am afraid I can’t let you up as he is currently out and due to security reasons I cant’t show you his room without permission. But feel free to wait him out, they should be arriving soon” - she gave you a smile and you felt like one of those fan girls that find where the boys are staying. You thanked the lady and headed straight to the bar to sooth the shivers going down your body.

As you were drinking a cocktail you heard a lot of movement happening in the hotel lobby just meters away from you. And then you saw him. Your body froze and you tightened your hold around the glass. You were finally in the same country, same city, same room as him and the only thing you wanted is to run up to him but you felt frozen. You didn’t move as they reached the desk and security walked with the boys to their rooms but Harry still stood there talking to the lady that helped you out. The confusion on his face was absolutely beautiful. He didn’t have a clue you’re here and  ready to show him how much you missed him. Harry turned around and your eyes met. Those green eyes were staring down at you sitting all alone at the bar. He quickly thanked the lady and walked up to you not losing eye contact. You felt your body float into the air and accidental moan left your lips.

“I can definitely say I was not expecting this, but it could be one of the best surprises of my life” - he said quietly as he stood in front of you, his hands on your legs and that stupid smile that did wonders to your body.  

“We will see if it’s the best after tonight. I got a couple surprises for you” - the grin on your face said it all. His touch on your body was making your knees weak, hell no, your whole body weak and you were thanking gods that you sat down.

“Oh do you now? Well I think I’ll just have to cancel all the plans for tonight and find them out?” - he was running his hands on your legs a bit too close to your aching center to do this in public.

“Are you going to invite me up or are we going to sit here all night?” - you couldn’t wait anymore, it felt like centuries since you last touched him and having him right there was working on your nerves.

“Someone is eager” - he gave you his hand as you hopped off the chair. he picked your bags up and walked attached to your side. You both smiled at the lady behind the desk, as if to say this guest is more than welcome to stay.

Your heart was beating a bit too quickly for Harry not to notice. As you stood leaning on him with his hand around your waist in the elevator you looked up at him just to find out he is completely focused on your face.

“I told you we will see each other soon” - you said breaking the silence and you felt his hand tighten around you.

“You are very sneaky kitten. But I can’t complain, I really needed you… And from your heart beats I can tell you are pretty glad yourself to see me.” - that grin… oh no… You both knew at this point how this night is going to end, and non of you said a word of complaint. You looked down to hide the blush creeping up on your face.

You finally arrived to his floor and walked to his room. You stood behind him as he opened the doors and you walked in with your bags. The second you heard the door closing you were pushed against the wall by his body.

“Now kitten… I think not telling me was a very bad idea. You got me all worried and scared. That was not nice.” - he was using that voice again. That voice that could tell you to do anything and you would without even a blink of an eye. The amount of nights that started off with this voice….You opened your mouth to say something but froze as his lips quickly attached to yours without even a warning. You completely melted into it. Everything you wanted, everything you needed all this time is finally here. He broke it off when he felt you dozing off with no air in your lungs.

“And I might need to punish you for this unless you can make it up with the surprises you’ve got for me now kitten…” - in two seconds flat you were once again ruined by Harry. You knew tonight is going to be something to remember and you were looking forward to every second of it.

(Let me know if you want part two)