friendly reminder that my blog is probably gonna be a huge emotional teen wolf mess tomorrow so if you don’t want spoilers or don’t care then remember to blacklist my usual teen wolf tags

i can’t believe there are still people who want to 100% blame sam for what happened between her and dylan

both of them were at fault in different ways for their marriage breakdown, both of them have acknowledged that, and really if only they’d have learnt to communicate and been open about their emotions none of it would’ve happened

their relationship was never as straightforward as “we were happily in love and she cheated”, not even from day 1. there’s so much more to it than that

Requests Closed

I have a lot of requests, and I’m working on a different project for the blog right now. I don’t want to disappoint anyone, because they could request something that they really, REALLY want to see and I don’t/can’t draw it. Just posting this makes me feel like I’m disappointing a ton of people. So, I’m sorry; and I’ll try to finish them ASAP so I can take more requests! 

i have this age old headcanon where two or so years after the blight morrigan agrees to rendezvous w the warden(+ love interest) so they can meet kieran for a day