So apparently Procreate auto-generates speedpaints from its files, which is kind of cool. So here’s the one for the Newt pic. Watch in awe as I try and figure out how to use the app while I’m, erm. Using. It.


Also: Apologies for the shitty quality. Video uploads aren’t my forte. oTZ

anonymous asked:

My SO and I try to Skype but the quality is so shitty and the calls drop all the time. Does anyone have any suggestions for a better way to video chat?

Skype usually worked so well with us. Sometimes it depends on the internet connection. If it’s good then we don’t have any problem and if either of our internet connection is bad then it will keep lagging and dropped..

Only other thing we use is FaceTime. I’ve heard of other ones but I’m not sure what they are..

Does anyone else have any recommendations?


shitty quality shitty editing and probably it doesn’t fit with the feed but I don’t care ‘cause this four(five) guys are my everything, they made and make my life a little bit brighter and I will never be able to thank 'em enough. I love them more than my own life and with this video they proved me they love me(us) too.

«so don’t let me go, so don’t let me go, we can live forever»