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My favorite parts from today’s Chance streaming

My favorite parts from today’s Chance streaming (video) [why the crappy video quality though?? I need to see them clearly, please!]

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Spent today watching old videos taken from when mum and dad visited Perth in 2001-2002 before we eventually moved here. Coolest thing seeing shitty vhs quality footage of freo and kings park and stuff in 2002, knowing that when i watched this back then in south africa at 6 years old i woulda had no clue about perth and now its all so familiar. Found footage of dad visiting his hometown in nz in 2002 as well, visiting his mums grave and only just found out his parents had a daughter who passed away before him and his brother were born. Beautiful film of mt. Taranaki and this huge beautiful park. As well as me as a youngster hiking and chillin

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okay so i've always wanted to use lucky blue as an fc so when i saw that someone from gpn made more gifs of him i was literally so happy. but when i checked the gifs they weren't even good and i just feel like if you're gonna make gifs you might as well do them properly dumbfuck

Oh wow. Thanks for this. Thanks. Let’s blame the shitty video quality and not me. Also somehow I’m the dumb fuck, yet you’re the ass who gets off on sending shitty messages to people? Thanks. Make your own gifs, instead of insulting people who don’t owe you anything.

so i splurged a bit recently on all three of the utena boxsets, and i was gonna post a video showing them off with my comments on them (they’re the ~deluxe remastered~ boxsets) but it was fairly long and also tumblr has a shitty video player, so you guys will have to deal with my phone’s camera quality instead 

pic spam under the cut~

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gahocleric replied to your postdecisions i make at 2:36 in the morning: 1.) i…

1 get a yeti they’re decent mics and fairly cheap 2 do that thing 3 fraps is the easiest solution, but if you check most youtubers they’ll say what they use 4 same here, good luck!

1.) I will definitely check them out! My one problem will be that I don’t have audio software, so I’m hoping to find something that’s going to work with my computer fairly easily. I used to do video production and honestly, my biggest pet peeve in the universe is shitty audio quality ngl. So thank you for the tip!!


3.) Cool, will also check that out

4.) GROW AWAY MY SON <333 thank you! same to you!

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YES they get praised for shitty gifs it's so annoying. yeah I enjoy but it's a little disheartening you know? and the low quality from hq video YES OMG I know of a blog who does that and I'm so ? the video is so quality how does that come out like that ?

yes i understand /sobs but please don’t give up… my first gifset of bangtan had like 80 notes and i still have some gifs/gifsets that has less than 100 notes so, i think is kind of lucky sometimes, that your stuff gets notes because i literally do almost the same with all my gifs (like the same process) but still some get a few notes while others gets more idk after all its just a hobby kind of and something u enjoy to do aND im still laughing because every time i see some lq gif on my dash which i know came from a hq quality gif im like wtf how ahahha but then im like its ok maybe they are just learning ? ?? ?lmaooo

Heres a shitty quality snapchat video of my room. Im so proud of myself, it took such a long time to paint and rearrange but it was totally worth it. I still need some more wall decor, but im so happy with how it turned out! Its perfect! Exactly how i imagined!

ayyyy, im nanditha! :) im from seattle, so basically i get all the episode late and so i livestream them in shitty quality and cry and then watch them in better quality and cry again. im sort of opening up to being a multishipper, which i’ve always been, but just bc i started off as deancas doesn’t mean i don’t ship everything on the show oops

my fave jared beanie moment is from the video where he was like “it’s 5:45 AM and i wanted to let you know that i was thinkin’ of y’all at this crazy, early hour” and he’s fiddling with his stupid beanie and his stupid, cute face and i just die. i actually burst into tears. jared and beanies ughhhhhh