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matsuhana for the ship ask? :3

who is more likely to hurt the other?

this probably happens a lot in practices. Mattsun would try to stop Makki’s balls and he’d get hit in the face a lot. Makki freaks out but Mattsun tells him he’s all good, even though he’s got a bloody nose going on

who is emotionally stronger?

Mattsun is. he doesn’t crack as easily at makki. now I can’t stop thinking about the Karasuno-seijou match

who is physically stronger?

Makki most likely trains as hard as Iwaizumi, since he’s a wing spiker. he’s most likely strong enough to lift Mattsun off the ground (and probably drops him after laughing too hard at Mattsun’s shocked face haha)

who is more likely to break a bone?

Makki would by doing some stupid stunt from the internet and Mattsun would tease him about it for days

who knows best what to say to upset the other?

(I still don’t understand how this question is worded????) these little shits would fake being hurt by the other. but seriously I feel like makki would accidentally hurt Mattsun with a few of his less funny jokes. he’d say he was kidding and Mattsun knows he is, but the sight of Mattsun’s offended face just haunts Makki’s thoughts for days

who is most likely to apologise first after an argument?

they actually do it at the same time, neither of them can really stand being pissed off at the other for too long

who treats who’s wounds more often?

Mattsun. Makki would burn himself while cooking or baking, accidentally slip in the shower, sprain his wrists or ankles from volleyball—basically Makki gets hurt constantly. and Mattsun helps patch him up. he pokes fun at him unless it’s a super serious injury

who is in constant need of comfort?

It’s not constant, but. Mattsun would have one of Those Days™ where he’d feel too depressed to even get out of bed, and Makki would stay and try to comfort him until he gets up to at least eat or take a shower

who gets more jealous?

neither of them get jealous that easily I believe, but! Mattsun does get enough attention from other people and Makki teases him about it by saying ‘how jealous he gets’

but seriously. Makki would actually get jealous. and he’d definitely tell Mattsun bc he’s not the type of person to hide stuff like this and let it get to him

who’s most likely to walk out on the other?

ummm neither of them?????????? what the hekc I hate this question

who will propose?

BOTH OF THEM WOULD TRY TO TBH. they’d do it in the most clichéd way possible because they’re both little shits and as one of them proposes to the other they each find out that they both accidentally bought rings and it’s just a big mess now, but it’s okay because everyone’s happy and they both said yes.

who has the most difficult parents?

Mattsun’s parents couldn’t exactly deal with when he came out for the first time. he’d feel so uncomfortable in his own house that he’d stay at Makki’s for a few days or until his parents decided to accept it. they eventually come around. slowly, but they did it.

who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public?

basically they’d both say this to the other every time they went out:

“dude, you wanna hold my hand?”

“dude that’s really gay”

“…so is that a yeah?”

“hell yeah”

who comes up for the other all the time?

????????? I still don’t know what this question is

who hogs the blankets?

Makki gets cold too easily, so of course he keeps hogging all of the blankets bc his bf is basically a human furnace.

who gets more sad?

Makki. he makes a lot of jokes and Mattsun finds most of them funny, but some of them could be really self-depreciating and Mattsun actually starts getting really concerned. Makki makes a lot of jokes to cover his insecurity and when Mattsun starts hearing jokes like that, it just makes Makki sound so sad. it breaks his heart.

who is better at cheering the other up?

Mattsun. he’d tell/show Makki stupid jokes, make his favorite food, watch a stupid movie with him. he’d do anything just to see Makki with a big dumb smile on his face again

who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?

They both smack the other affectionately when they make jokes, but Makki does it way more just to annoy Matsu haha

who is more streetwise?

Makki knows his way around and how to look out for himself.

who is more wise?

Mattsun is way more observant than most people give him credit for tbh. he looks like he doesn’t give a shit but he’s pretty smart and he knows what needs to be done.

who’s the shyest?

I hc Mattsun as the shyest of their relationship and of the Seijou third years tbh. he was shy when he first met Makki and got comfortable around him after years of friendship. then when they finally got together the shyness started happening again. Makki thought it was too cute and it made him feel a bit nostalgic, and he tells Mattsun he has nothing to worry about, that he doesn’t need to feel so shy

who boasts about the other more?

THEY BOTH DO IT HAHA just to joke around and try to fluster the other. and eventually the boasting jokes turns into actual bragging about great the other is and–

who sits on who’s lap?

they both like crawling and plunking themselves down on the other’s lap, whether they’re watching tv, eating dinner, or at someone’s house and they give 0 shits about personal space or PDA

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to @kapreisun for my this gorgeous bust of Ohka (which I’ll be using as my new avatar for this blog)!

This is my second time commissioning her and I’m always so blown away by her skill and kindness. If you are ever looking for a lovely artist with a hella cute style to commission, I’d highly recommend her!

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A…A fucking Target.

I’m scuttling my way through the shop, looking for a group of annoying kids who yet managed to snatch my iPod from my pocket. It’s kind of my fault for wearing tight jeans who don’t allow things like proper pocket space. Not that I use them for anything important anyway. Except for my fucking iPod. The only way for me to keep a relaxed facade is to cut the noise around.

Now that that’s gone, I feel like I could lose control of my temper any moment now. There’s a baby crying, a little boy screeching. Tons and tons of cart wheels squeaking. Where the fuck is my iPod? I’ve been looking around for an eternity.

During my researches, I accidentally bumped a kid. Barely any taller than four feet. I looked down at it through my mask and hoped a stare would be enough to make it go away and stop the wave of cussing and deprecating that was flowing through its mouth. I kind of hesitate on calling it a kid now- do kids these days talk like that?…

I started walking away without a word, it’s not like that was a big deal, however only five or six steps later I was pulled back by the collar around my neck. The kid’s father, maybe…I turned around to see the imposing figure towering over me. It’s not everyday I get to experience the thrill of people being taller than me, given that I’m about 6'1" and often seen wearing high heels.

I’ve been calm since the beginning of this adventure, but if this person decides to yell at me or force me to speak, I feel like I’m gonna lose it. I remained still and waited for them to speak and hopefully remove their hand from my accessory. However, all they did was point at the frustrated kid-looking teen I bumped in earlier.

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every time I see one of your drawings in my dashboard my day is blessed, I love your art style, and I have to admit that even though I'm a Maui fan, your human Tamatoa became my husband very quickly

~ HAHAAWWW ♥ No, more seriously @exilsor1-1 , thanks SO MUCH for this sweet message, it means a lot to me ??? I’m really glad you like my… Hmh… Kinda weird “Art style” and my Human Tamatoa as well ! Your kind words hit me in the heart.