About spoilers for ch71

So according to the usual person who posts credible spoilers (assuming no one is imitating him,) these are a few of the highlights we could expect for this month’s chapter.

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How To Get Away With Murder Alphabet

Hey guys!! I’m back from my con adventure and have some random tidbits to share from Hayley Atwell’s Q&A!

  • she believes there’s a “quiet revolution” happening for women in television
  • between Chris Evans and Eddie Redmayne, Chris is the better kisser (“he smells good”). Eddie was very sweaty and covered in fake tanner, so it was actually kind of gross (”he was dripping orange on me”).
  • she says Peggy is a modern-day woman in the wrong time 
  • her favourite superhero? “My Cap, of course!” (I may have squealed a little at the way she said my.)
  • she acknowledged that more diversity is needed in season 2 of Agent Carter and she’s constantly giving her own input to the writers (”I’m very opinionated!”)
  • on the dynamic between Peggy and Jarvis, she jokingly says “Jarvis is trying hard to be useful, but he’s really just in the way.”
  • season 2 will be much happier for Peggy
  • when doing stunts, she has special ‘stunt skirts’ that are stretchier and a few inches longer than her normal ones. Her stunt heels are also an inch shorter. (She then proceeded to tell the DMV photo story.)
  • She’s well aware of the fact that people ship Angie and Peggy (she actually used the word ship!)
  • the best prank she ever played on a co-star was while doing a stage show. She ordered 4000 plastic balls online (the kind you use in ball pits) and dumped them all in his dressing room (she even put some in the bathroom sink).
  • she says that she’s much better at video games than Chris Evans, but he’ll insist that he’s the better one (”I’m so glad he’s not here today to challenge that!”)

I really thought I would be nervous to meet her during the autograph session but she’s so approachable, it was just like talking to a friend. I told her that my favourite thing about Agent Carter is when Peggy is throwing guys around while jazzy music plays in the background, and she grinned and said “It’s great, right?”