Old post in drafts. i JUST KEPT GOING WITH MORE SKetches

More Ageswap AU Mob Psycho 100 - captions on pics


Ikebukuro’s Animate Store today!! ❄❄❄

(pichit, minami and guang hong)


more of the yoi display in Ikebukuro’s Animate Store today!! ❄❄❄

(viktor, yuri and yurio)


Dec 2nd: Youtuber AU

Baz Pitch is a semi famous violinist on YouTube, Simon Snow is a watercolour artist. One day they meet at a birthday party for a mutual friend, they hit it off and plan to make a video together. They exchange numbers and end up talking a lot, dates and cute stuff ensue. A month after the party a new music video is uploaded to Baz’ channel ft. Simon Snow’s original watercolour artwork. People are ecstatic! ‘This is such a beautiful combination!’ they all agree. Well, so do Simon and Baz. They then totally proceed on to charm the world with their dazzling personalities and general adorableness.

Qrowin!Jelsa for @knightsquall and @shinamatsuoka 

I think I just need excuse to draw Elsa in Atlas Specialist uniform

alright guys im signing off here, i’ve been sick this entire night but I wanted to stay up and keep you guys posted so to all of you that had to stay up late at night to watch the show, please get some rest.