An appeal

I’m exhausted. I will be as brief as possible.

For the world, compassion – the saying goes. But one of the greatest lessons is that the world is indifferent. I know that, but nonetheless: I create something, and I dare to share it. Each time it is a risk, because each time there is the chance that someone (indifferent to me and my struggles) will trample over my goodwill and abuse my trust. Editing. Reproduction. Reselling. Unauthorised use.

It happens. It’s happened a lot over the years. I deal with it. Compassion – it’s necessary. People don’t care. Okay. I understand.

I understand, but it is really, really wearing me down.

I am not asking that you behind your screen appreciate that for each drawing I claw my way up the steep blank canvas; that I try to find the best part of myself (such as I can manage); that I sometimes put my head in my hands, hating everything but most of all despising my own lack of ability, defeated. I am not asking for that. I am asking only that you show me decent human courtesy, that when you see a picture that you like, you don’t hurry to do what you want with it but instead endeavour to remember that behind the picture is a person whose back is on the verge of breaking underneath all these straws. That you might take some time to send an email or a message, and then honour the answer when it comes.

I beg: please do not abuse my trust. Please do not redistribute, edit, resell, reproduce or otherwise use my work in any way without my express authorisation. Please don’t ignore me when I say “no.”

Please don’t be the final straw.





imagine high school au yoonmin having to do one of those projects where they care for a fake baby for a week. jimin didn’t expect yoongi to take their temporary fatherhood so seriously, but it’s actually super endearing.

So after about 2 months of having to remake I made it to 1k followers again. I wasn’t able to make this as nice as I wanted to but I still wanted to do this and thank everyone for following me

So here’s some awesome blogs and people that I follow, mutuals are bolded (please let me know if I left you or anyone out)

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And for anyone who wants to read my little PSA 

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I stayed up tonight because I just had to make this. Dost always seemed like a mythical creature. They never seemed odd as a faun, or a mermaid, or whatever they felt like being. Now they just get to be an angel.

We’ll miss you Kip. RIP.

It’s funny but I’ve always had a hard time drawing those curls he loved in his wigs so much, and yet this just felt so easy to make. I like to think I got some help with it.


I am having so many feels from @kadi219 ’s caps of the preview for White Lies Part 1.