Finnrey Circus Performers - for my Circus AU fic; done by the absolutely wonderful and SO talented @purrlockholmes! Thank you so much again for this stunning art! I will be staring at this for the reminder of my day <3
{A late Finnrey Friday Modern AU post bc Tumblr messed me around last night!}

I’m late to the spoilers party (if you are, too, you can see all the pictures out on Baidu so far using their viewer and scrolling through here [x] Mutsuki is reminding Akira that protecting ghouls is a felony).

But whoah boy is this going the worst possible of ways?

Let’s remember that over in Cochlea, Eto and Arima supposedly just passed the torch over to Kaneki Ken to be the OEK, leader of hope for Ghouls and Peace.

And here we have three different types of half breeds and Mado Akira, mother figure of a half-ghoul and who worked with the quinx, and this is what they do when they meet.

Tear each other apart.

Good luck with that OEK business, Kaneki. Just. Good luck there.

Oh, and I suppose Suzuya is gonna be on his way. Somehow, I doubt he’ll be fixing things, but hey, it’d be some great character growth if he totally proved me wrong.

There’s birthing pains of a new world, and then there’s “every single person who is supposed to be in a prime position to be better about this is actively making it worse because they are too wrapped up in violence and all the toxic bullshit around them and their own anger and pain to do anything even remotely consolatory about anything.”

Whoever just stands up and screams for all of them to cut this the fuck out and actually think for two whole seconds is my vote for actual leader into the new world order.

pls let it be saiko?

I wonder when we’ll all finally realize that allyship and identity-based privilege politics promote this weird culture of self-calling out and public accountability that encourages more performance and self-indulgence than action.

This post is a call for papers for the Post-Allyship Conference, held in my room, where we plot the revolution and no one is allowed to start a sentence with “um, as a [identity/privilege] [identity/privilege] [identity/privilege] I’m trying to be aware of my own…” (please stop, Timothy, no one needs to know that you’re rich and thankful).

Keep being yourselves 

Keep supporting each other 

Keep loving 

Keep being strong

Keep being PROUD 

Girls get made fun of for wearing tees shorts and vans at concerts girls get made fun of for wearing flannels at concerts girls get made fun of for wearing skater skirts and crop tops at concerts girls get made fun of for wearing dresses and heels at concerts like what the fuck are we supposed to wear????? Our undies???? Go naked???? What the fuck

warm and soft like a fireplace….a heith….

“please leave” banishing powder

for those times when @breelandwalker‘s banishing powder is too kick-ass. instead of a “gtfo,” this is more of a “hi please leave me alone.” because i’m passive as hell.

  • salt (table salt is fine; perfect, actually)
  • coffee grounds
  • chamomile (from a tea bag)
  • a dash of vinegar
  • a dash of vanilla

translation: “go away go away go away GO AWAY please :)”

mix; sprinkle around to get rid of unwanted entities (without being overtly rude*), or put on a taglock to gently push a person out of your life

*there are times when you should probably definitely be rude.


how to be a very cute little duckling as performed by kim namjoon

Percy Weasley