I miss the way you looked at me.

The way you looked at me.

You looked at me.

No one else has ever looked at me
the way you looked at me.

You looked at me.

I miss the way you looked at me -

Not looked at me -

You looked in me,
and looked through me,
and then you saw me.

I miss the way you saw me.

The way you saw me.

You saw me.

No one else has ever seen me
the way you saw me.

You saw me
as a better me
than I have ever seen
and have ever felt I’ve been.

I miss the way you saw me.

You saw me.

What did you see?

What were you looking at
when you looked at me?

I miss the way you looked at me.

—  Don’t Look at Me like That //d.h.

The man who lived with sand and sea,
Amid the gulls and brine,
Had seen not one man through the years,                                                
For kinship he declined.

Each night he slept to lilt of waves
The voice of surf and shore,
The musing tone turn’d sea to sound,
The ocean’s tempting roar.

The man was scared by this new voice,
The voice then calmed him down,
“I have so much to show you yet,”
“Things small and those profound.”

Each night it was this voice he heard,
As he lay down to sleep,
It swore such gifts and promises,
The treasures of the deep.

The voice told him to come to it,
And walk into the sea,
To dip his feet into the surf,
And let his heart be free.

The siren myths he had been told,
So he pushed forth with dread
But caution was soon thrown to wind,
As words filled up his head.

The first night he submersed his toes,
And felt the wintry bite,
The scent of salt rode in on gales,
Beneath the wan moonlight.

Before he could drudge in too far,
His acumen held stern,
He cursed his curiosity,
But knew he would return.

The second time the voice did call.
He stepped in to his knees.
But gelid waters daunted him,
He turned from the cool breeze.

The sun did rise and in the morn,
He found himself alone,
He lost his faith in sanity,
All normalcy had flown.

At dark the moon did rise again,
He trudged into the swell,
The water rose until his waist,
‘Til he broke from its spell.

Each night he did this moonlight rite,
The water reached his neck,
He felt abashed and yet so calm,
His guile a sinking wreck.

“Perhaps this voice does tell the truth,
And holds secrets for me,
It holds such treasures, gold and jewels,
Beneath the shining sea.”

The water slipped over his head,
His breath escaped as froth,
He struggled for a moment then,
Consumed by ocean’s wrath.

The waves no longer spoke that night,
They uttered not a sound,
Their appetite had been appeased,
There were none left to drown.

The man who lived with sand and sea,
Amid the gulls and brine,
Found kinship far beneath the sea
His bone with kelp entwined.

—  The Lies the Sea Told

Effeminate Demon Bikers, corrupting YOUR children? It’s more likely than you think! [voi/void or they/them]

Damn. Hey yall, wassup?

I hope new followers know I write one-shot smut like once every blue moon. I’ll gather them into a NSFW list for easy pickins in the next day or so.

Anywho, most all of my fic is on my AO3. Majority Kimani Trevelyan x Iron Bull, but I started writing for Mass Effect and that’s also on there. ME fic  is also available here. I just started an DAI AU focused on Bull’s decision in his personal quest as well, here. So there’s plenty of stuff if you’re here for fic.

I’m glad we’re all together in sin, in any case. Enjoy ya stay. 

Band application open

I usually shitpost mod johnny, @poorly-drawn-dinopants and I over the beatles, but I realize i usually just put an image of hot pants and diego over 2 members’ faces. The band is a fearsome foursome, so I am opening applications for the band to any of our fellow dailies/badlydrawn jojo blogs. First come, first served. You shall be a part of rella rellas and shitposts galore. Have at it, paizanos. 

-Mod Gyro

Time to Mend


The fire had completely enveloped Drul, and as he felt his mind being literally torn apart, he also found he wasn’t running out of energy. Hell, he was gaining it. The claws on his fingers shortened to their normal length, and he groaned as his fangs returned to what they were. He pictured what he used to look like, wanting to go back to that, yet it had been so long…

Just do your best.

He began to feel that familiar dull ache in the back of his head. Yes!! It’s working! The rush of excitement that provided him only made him fall back to the ground as the fire then split completely, the saturation of the red deepening, while the pale opacity of the white flame returning back to it’s former color. The two, instead of mixing together, now swirled violently around him and through him, coexisting instead of blending.

It was only when the flames died down one hundred percent did Drul finally get up, coughing as he had been lying on his stomach for that whole ordeal. He didn’t feel weak, tired, or anything…

He felt like himself.

The still-bloodstained demon blinked once, tears still streaming down his face as he looked at his best friend, at the love of his life, and genuinely smiled for the first time since he left.

“It… worked..” He breathed.


Having watched Drul undergo that transformation many times before, Wit was  used to the trapezoid’s reactions during the change. But not this time. Too much was at stake as he kept his eyes on Drul, a hand absentmindedly going to Byne’s shoulder, as if to reassure her that it would be okay. But was it maybe to reassure himself as well?

A knuckle on his other hand found it’s way in Wit’s mouth as he gnawed the skin nearly raw with nervous teeth. It was harder to witness the implementation this time around, telling himself over and over again that Drul would be okay. But Drul’s tears, his cries–this time, it hurt Wit more to watch compared to any previous occurrence, because there was still a chance this wouldn’t work out.

But once Drul stood, Wit sensed that familiar energy again, stronger and stable. Tears of relief? Joy? Sheer bliss flowed down Wit’s cheeks as he saw that favorite smile of his.

Drul was back. And Wit was ready to throw his arms around his best friend, whom he waited so long to see…for whom he’d wait an eternity for.

But…Wit looked back at Byne. And one thought seemed to overcome everything else as Wit’s smiled reflected Drul’s.

“Welcome home, Drul. We missed you.”

And as he said that, Wit’s grip tightened on Byne’s shoulder, pulling her forward and intentionally pushing her in between Drul’s arms and against his chest.

Wit already had a hug from Drul. It was Byne’s turn now, and that goofy goober grin on Wit only grew wider. He felt at peace to see his two favorite people together again after so long.

Drul was mended. Only one thing was left to be mended, and that was Byne’s heart.


Byne’s cold defenses finally chipped away as Drul shouted and screamed through his transformation. Because this time, there was cause for pity, for concern. It was finally truly Drul who was experiencing this pain…

Apprehension filled the air as Byne almost stepped forward into those flames. It had to work. She was sure it was going to work… And it did.

Drul rose from the floor, looking much like his old self, and Byne was left speechless.

Before she had time to process anything, she felt a shove forwards, and let out a small gasp as she was suddenly in his arms, Drul’s arms and she looked up at that face she knew and loved.

She didn’t say anything - she couldn’t, there was such a large and heavy block in her chest. But as she looked up into his eyes (those which were so familiar - not those jagged slits from before) tears started to form in her own.

Her crying was soft - nearly silent - mellowed from three months of restraint. But no more. Those dulled aches of longing, the heartbreak, the shattered trust… it could all finally be washed away.

Byne brought up her arms to hold Drul close, pressing her head against his chest as she took in heavy shuddering breaths.

“…I missed you so much.”


He thought he had finally had a reign in on his flying emotions, until he saw Wit (that sneaky bulb) gently shove Byne straight into him. He caught her, holding her tight as he looked down into her tearful eyes.

I really am back…

He wanted to say that he was always there, but the demon figured it would only ruin whatever precious moment they had at this point. He buried his face in her hair, drawing her in closer as he lost all grip on any attempt of holding back the flood of tears.

His soft cries were partially interrupted by his laughter, full of joy at being able to hold her again.

“I missed you too, Byne… So, so much.”

He brought himself to look up at Wit, smiling through his tears, and leaned forward to pull in his best friend for a long overdue embrace. It suddenly became a very long, highly emotional group hug of three, and Drul couldn’t have been happier.


Wit tried to wipe away the waterfall of tears as they poured down his cheeks upon watching this heartfelt reunion. His joy was only matched by a quivering lip and trembling hands–calming down from the tension of the situation. It was over.

Drul was back.

And the green demon couldn’t be happier for his best friend and his beloved, hands wet from the overflowing tears as he smiled back to Drul. The bulb was about to walk away and let the two have their moment but Wit found himself pulled into an embrace as he joined the group hug.

For the first time in a long while, all their hearts were beating together, their tears and smiles full of joy and reflecting each other’s happiness. Their energies danced around one another in unison, nothing but pure relief and bliss filling the atmosphere.

It didn’t take long at all for Drul’s home to be filled with love and laughter once again.

SNK current situation (at chapter 82)







Light : Alive (at the moment…)
Dark : Deceased
Red : In a huge mess
Gold : Immortal

(I will update this every month and add more (dead) characters soon) 

Can’t wait to see Lila talking bad about Ladybug, and Chloe freaking walking right up to Lila and being like “Excuse me?! What did you say?!”

I want Marinette to be a witness.

Hello Tumblr~!
I just wanted to share with you this beautifull thing I have made by Fuki_ink 
It means world to me. Every single thing in this tattoo is important to me somehow. I dont have to say how much I love this piece of art!It’s gonna stay with me to the end of my days and I’m very happy about that.