Thanks to all the christmas stuff on my dash I now want some mshenko christmas/winter stories.

Spacer!Shep spending his first winter on Earth at the Alenko orchard, and getting so caught up in watching the snow fall that he pulls the couch over to the window and refuses to move. So Kaidan has to start a fire and pile blankets on top of them because the window lets in a little draft even after they repaired it, and they eventually just fall asleep right there.

Earthborn!Shep taking Kaidan around he city he grew up in as the snow swirls around them, and the cold, sharp wind bites at their ears. When they make a stop on Shepard’s favorite rooftop, they huddle together while he tells his childhood stories about hiding up there and dreaming of the stars, and Kaidan listens and wonders how Shep ever made it out.

Colonist!Shep explaining to Kaidan how they celebrated the holiday on Mindoir, reminiscing about he family and friends he lost, but smiling because it’s not as much of a burden as it used to be with Kaidan there. They go hunting for the perfect tree, and Kaidan’s parents are there to sweep them up into hugs and give them too much eggnog, and Shep gets overwhelmed by it in all the best ways.

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I've literally never cared for Colin farrell till following you, I'm literally looking at his IMDb page to binge watch a bunch of his movies!

Just Kickin' It
  • Just Kickin' It
  • Xscape
  • Hummin' Comin' At 'Cha

Classic track,lol I miss this era of music plus I swear back in the days it was always some nice flows to get high to. You can deff smoke some greenery to this track.

“Just Kickin’ It”

[Verse One (Kandi):]
Every man wants a woman,
Where him and her can just go hang.
Just the two of them along, kick back,
Doing their own thing.
And every man wants a woman,
That can always keep him in the mood.
And I’m that kind of girl,
So this is what I tell my dude.

I tell him to kick off your shoes and relax your feet,
Party on down to the Xscape beat.
Just kick it.
Just kick it, just kick it.
[Repeat x2]

[Verse Two (Kandi):]
Every man wants a woman,
That can cook him up a good meal.
A woman he can treat like his homie,
And take her out on the Ave. and just chill.
Every man wants a woman,
That ain’t good for just laying on her back.
[LaTocha]:And I’m that kind of woman,
[Kandi]:So before me and my man get in the sack…

“should i caption it ghostagram?”

“erin, please.” 



In which little Peggy Carter’s dreams to be a knight rescuing princesses might have become reality. In a way.

(Note: I never imagined Ana Jarvis to be white and I can’t bring myself to start drawing her any different now. So yes, this is Ana.)