I hopped in my friends studio & made some music about my crush (let’s call her M) & my roommate (she’s a film major) & I are going to be making a music video for the song Iade
& I asked M if she wanted to be the muse (I didn’t tell her the song was about her though like that would’ve been weird probably lmao)
& not only was she down
But she said she wanted to hang out with me & get to know me & idk I’m still wildin’ over the fact that she was like I wanna hang out with u before we even do anything music related & she is like. sTILL TALKING TO ME & sending me hearts and smileys like.

& she gave me her number
I just

But the bad news for today, I had to work another closing shift at work, lost my piercing ball AFTER JUST FINDING IT LAST NIGHT, fucked up at the register to the point that I could’ve gotten FIRED, and left my headphones somewhere there :/
But talking to M still trumps all of the above lol

Just Kickin' It
  • Just Kickin' It
  • Xscape
  • Hummin' Comin' At 'Cha

Classic track,lol I miss this era of music plus I swear back in the days it was always some nice flows to get high to. You can deff smoke some greenery to this track.

“Just Kickin’ It”

[Verse One (Kandi):]
Every man wants a woman,
Where him and her can just go hang.
Just the two of them along, kick back,
Doing their own thing.
And every man wants a woman,
That can always keep him in the mood.
And I’m that kind of girl,
So this is what I tell my dude.

I tell him to kick off your shoes and relax your feet,
Party on down to the Xscape beat.
Just kick it.
Just kick it, just kick it.
[Repeat x2]

[Verse Two (Kandi):]
Every man wants a woman,
That can cook him up a good meal.
A woman he can treat like his homie,
And take her out on the Ave. and just chill.
Every man wants a woman,
That ain’t good for just laying on her back.
[LaTocha]:And I’m that kind of woman,
[Kandi]:So before me and my man get in the sack…

“should i caption it ghostagram?”

“erin, please.” 



In which little Peggy Carter’s dreams to be a knight rescuing princesses might have become reality. In a way.

(Note: I never imagined Ana Jarvis to be white and I can’t bring myself to start drawing her any different now. So yes, this is Ana.)