okay it’s … i’m going to get quite personal and soppy and cheesy here, so … if you wanna ignore this, then please feel free to.

i think i can speak for all the muslim fans within the skam fandom, when i say the following:

but i feel like today is the last day of my life, before my entire life is going to change, irrevocably.

sounds ominous, very grand and exaggerated, doesn’t it?

we know the impact s3 of skam had: worldwide, dominant, powerful, sort of revolutionary, to be honest. 

and now with s4 just mere hours away from starting, the finale season of a series, who’s going to bid farewell to us through the eyes of a muslim woman of colour, in a world where every single muslim woman of colour’s voice has been repressed, misidentified, misrepresented, silenced, reduced down, dismissed, disrespected,

in a world where the religion of islam is so heavily misunderstood, so easily hated, so conveniently pinpointed and scapegoated. in a world where the current political climate does not care about us, does not care about our suffering. in a world where my brothers in islam are called violent and cannot be trusted and are judged before their names are even known, by the colour of their skin and clothes they are wearing. in a world where my sisters in islam live in fear simply because they willingly want to choose to wear the hijaab. in a world that thinks they can speak on behalf of us, and so they tell everyone that “you see these muslims? these muslim women? they are oppressed. they are not free. how could they be free when they wear that cloth around their head?”. in a world where my religion, that i hold so dearly in my heart, isn’t called what it is (islam), instead, it is called the religion of terrorism, radicalism, extremism and jihaad, a non feminist religion that endorses domestic violence and mistreatment of it’s women, a “bad religion”, a religion of intolerance, “a sad religion”. in a world where if i was to speak out and defend my religion, i would be the one who’d end up being insulted. in a world where i see my fellow brothers and sisters being killed mercilessly, yet nobody talks about that. in a world where the holy book of islam, the qur’aan has been mistreated so disgustingly, that it has been stepped on and set on fire and flushed down the toilet. in a world where …. my islam feels like something i try so hard to protect daily, but fail to do so, and everyday feels like a new battle and volatility, because i don’t know what to expect when i wake up, in terms of what the world will say about my islam today, 

along comes a show that is wanting to make a change. loud and clear, and bold and brave. it wants you to glance deep within your soul, within your heart, by making you stand in the shoes of sana, a muslim woman of colour, and be her for the next 10 episodes, and see the world from how she sees it, it wants you to feel that pain and discomfort that every single muslim feels around the world, and it wants you to feel that sadness and hurt, and that anger and annoyance and aggravation we feel. but it also wants you to see what islam really is. what islam brings to every muslim that follows it. it wants to tell you that “see, it’s not all that bad at all, actually.”, that islam brings peace, and happiness, and direction, and faith and resilience and strength. it wants you to see for yourself, reassess yourself, where you are, in terms of how you view islam. it wants you to understand the hardships of the existence of muslims, who must also live in the western world too. it wants you too feel the highs and the lows, the goods and the bads, the happy and the sad. it wants to celebrate, and awaken you. it wants to you to simply get a small glimpse into our lives, and to understand. that’s all. just, understand us.

that’s all we want. understanding. understanding of our religion, that forms such a huge part of our identity.

and allah only knows, 10 episodes from now, how the scope and shape and the angles of the world will be. how our thoughts will be.

but one thing that they won’t be, is the same.

a change is coming. a huge, revolutionary change is coming. i hope to see you there, insha’allah.


Tbh Sprouts, Whole Foods, etc are goldmines–

🌿first off, they tend to be in wealthier neighborhoods so SAs aren’t as experienced with busting lifters.

🍃Secondly, they sell a FUKK TON of different types of items: cosmetics, toiletries, home goods, apparel, you get the idea. So easy! So convenient! I’ve always been obsessed with natural hair and skin care and these stores have awesome brands

🌱from what I’ve heard, a lot of these stores have garbage business practices (WHOLE FOODS uses suppliers that are reliant upon PRISON LABOR-wtf)

Rob these places blind and feel like a fucking nymph in the process, y'all- you deserve it


Imagine Jared Leto is Your Best Friend’s Dad: Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Night & Day

I woke up in Mr. Leto’s arms. Faint rays of sunshine from the early morning peeked through the window, forcing me to open my eyes. I searched the room, blinking myself into he reality of awareness.

The navy walls of his room were the essence of lush against the finest mahogany dressers and night stands to match. I turned to the nightstand on my side of the bed. A carved wooden lamp sat in elegance. There were carvings and designs that would take hours to truly appreciate in its entirety. My eyes followed the corner of his room that led to his dressing area.

There hung all of his black suits, an array of dress shirts, and ties - most likely for all those fancy house showings Allegra’s told me about. His shoes were nicely placed. Mr. Leto was a very fancy man. I envisioned him in one of his suits and chills spread all over me.

Everything in his room was neat down to the pictures jutting out from the mantles in his room.

Various pictures of Allegra from various stages of her life stared back at me from across the room. I turned my head to the other side of his room; she was the last thing I wanted on my mind. Next to this photo array, was Mr. Letos perfect bathroom and of course, the full length mirror that I know too well. My eyes brought me back to Mr. Leto next to me.

His eyes were still closed, lost in the realm of sleep. He looked peaceful, almost childlike. It’s so hard to believe he’s 45. Wait, so that means I slept with a…I shook myself out of my thoughts. Reality tried to seep into my mind to make me realize the crazy act I committed last night, but I pushed it away to the back of my mind. It’s not taking away my happiness. It’s like Mr. Leto said last night, ‘their just numbers… and they can be erased…’ I laid down on the bed, staring at the ceiling as I mused over our conversation last night.  

I pushed myself up, getting my bearings together. Soreness in my lower abdomen stopped me, I froze as I tried to maneuver in the bed without feeling it, but I couldn’t. It was a throbbing sensation that crawled up my lower back. No matter how I moved I still felt it. I huffed out I tried to lie back down and try this again, but my stirring woke him. His fingers grazed my arm, his hand as warm as the sheets that engulfed us. 

“What time is it?” he asked. His low and raspy voice caressed my ears. It was the sexiest sound I ever heard. Even waking up in the morning, he was flawless.

He looked back at the alarm on his table. “It’s 8:35, you better head back downstairs, sweetheart. The girls will be up soon.” He stroked my cheek before getting up to stretch. Every muscled in his carved back riveted, he was poetry in motion. I took this moment to take in his back as he stood.

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Suite 424

Heyyo. Finally, I have something. There’s more coming I promise. (ㅠ_ㅠ)

Yay Jin! (I didn’t really edit this. I kinda quickly wrote something.) 

I also fianally figured out how to work Tumblr! Sorta…

-Gongju J

Characters: Jin X Reader (y/n)

Genre: Fluff?

Word Count: 1234

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Such serenity.

It was a night in Los Angeles and tranquil darkness loomed around as you floated on a cloud. You were at complete equilibrium…..

“THUD!” Your eyes shot open, startled by the sudden noise.


“Wah! Taehyung, are you alright?

“That’s why I said no jumping on the bed.” You could hear the voices of the guests in the next room.Reluctantly, you got up out of your nice hotel bed to ask the people next door to keep it down. 

Half asleep, you drag your feet out the door and a few feet to the next suite and knocked. You waited a few seconds until a tall figure opened the door. You couldn’t make out who it was because your vision was too blurry from adjusting to the lights and you didn’t want to lose the sleepiness you needed to fall back asleep.

“Yes?” The figure said. In the background you could hear six other voices mumbling, asking who was at the door.

“Hi.” You begin, barely opening your mouth to speak. “Sorry to bother you, but I had a really long day job hunting, so please try to keep it down.”

“Oh sorry. Most of them were over because I just cooked dinner, but they will be heading to their own rooms now. We will try to be quiet.” He said very sweetly and maturely. 

Without replying, you wobbled back toward your room. The gentleman whom you had spoken to watched as you left, then slowly closed his door with a slight grin on his face.

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Method to Madness || Thomas & Liv

Thomas eyed his phone almost skeptically. So people actually used these things to make calls? How terribly inefficient. Texting was so convenient, so quick! It cut out all the extra chatter.

But Liv only had a landline, and apparently she just wanted him to call the business line, and considering this particular situation was a business matter before a personal one, that wasn’t really a terrible idea.

It had been a few days since the party, but that didn’t seem unreasonable. He’d needed the recovery time anyway, and it was still the same week like he’d promised!

Resigning himself to his fate of using his phone for this strange and unconventional function, he dropped down into his comfortable armchair that didn’t match the rest of the elegant furnishings of his living room, threw one leg over the arm of the chair, and called up the number Liv had given him.


How to Prepare for Your First Day
  • Take a deep breath. College is not a big scary monster - it’s mostly high school, only with such a huge scale that you don’t have to worry about interacting with the people you hated.
  • Make sure you have your syllabi for all your classes today, either on your computer or printed out. Some professors require them in class, which - surprise! - you won’t know until you look in the syllabus. Plus, about 80% of your logistics questions will be in them, so keep the syllabi with you.

  • Make sure you know where on campus you’re actually going. Either walk your routes beforehand, or look at a campus map and figure out where you’re going. No one wants to be the person who winds up in the wrong class.

  • Find your water bottle. Seriously, having a water bottle is so so so convenient and nice. Put it next to your backpack if you might forget.

  • Get your coffee prepared for the morning. If you’re bleary in the morning until you have your caffeine, then prepare your caffeine now. Get the filter ready, make sure you have enough water, maybe even put the grounds in the filter - do as much now as possible to make tomorrow easier.

  • If you care about what you’re going to wear, figure that out now. Seriously, you will not make good clothing decisions if you make them ten minutes before you have to leave. If you care, decide now. Down the path of not caring lies a semester spent in sweatpants and comfy shirts. That can be good or bad, your decision. 

  • Have your instrument packed, if you need to. If your flute needs to come with you, get it ready to do so. 

  • Go to sleep at a decent hour. I will never stop stressing how important a good night’s sleep is. NEVER. Eight hours or bust, baby. So go to sleep at least nine hours before you need to leave for class.

  • Stop obsessing - you can’t worry yourself into a good day. If you’re stressed about tomorrow, drink some lavender tea or do whatever your preferred method of calming activity is. Tomorrow is going to go down no matter what - don’t make tonight a nauseous and stressed out mess because of something you can’t avoid. I believe in you. You’ve got this.

when I was in grade 6, I played runescape a lot and I was poor in the game and had no friends so I’d sit where the new players spawned and ask if anyone wanted a girlfriend and guys would put on their most expensive armour to impress me and id take them on a date to this island and we would go explore the volcano and accidentally happen upon poison spiders who would sting us and we would try to run home and they would die on the way and id pick up their armour and money and continue on and wow oh wow, was it ever convenient that i always just happened to have a bottle of antipoison on me so I wouldn’t die. so convenient.

My Spoonie Survival Set Up

Thanks for letting me submit! I follow this blog and love it, but sometimes even the most basic recipes are beyond what I can manage.

Before I get in to this, I want to acknowledge that obviously we all have different needs (nutritional and otherwise), and that what works for me won’t necessarily work for everyone. I just hope that this is even a little helpful to others.

To give some context- I am actually the same anon who submitted the microwave eggs tip the other day. I’m a dancer trying to maintain a protein rich and low carb diet while managing my disordered eating. I am triggered by feeling too full or bloated, so I tend to eat snacks or small meals throughout the day rather than two or three larger meals. Also- my “kitchen” consists of a mini-fridge with freezer compartment, a microwave, a toaster, and tupperware for cooking in. So most of my go-tos are as low spoon and low materials required as possible.

So anyway, here’s my basic survival pack-


  • Eggs- I mentioned this before, but crack an egg or two with some milk into a tupperware container, microwave until firm, and you’ve got yourself a microwave omelette! I love this recipe because you can customize it any way you want. Personally I like adding shredded cheese and pre-cut broccoli. Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, cook the eggs with cheese and top with salsa and guac for a huevos rancheros inspired breakfast.
  • Milk- In addition to being good to cook your eggs with, milk is also protein rich and a good “snack” if you’re feeling anxious about eating. Also- warm milk may not help you sleep, but it is really comforting, and you can add some cinnamon for extra flavor. 
  • Hummus- I mean, what’s not to love about hummus? So many different flavors, and so versatile. Use it as a dip for fresh veggies, spread it on a pita, it really is the perfect food. It also keeps really well in the fridge- I try to use up a container within a week of opening it, but unopened they can last longer.
  • Fresh Veggies- My go-to veggie is always the pre-cut broccoli. It’s another one of those things that’s really versatile- you can dip it in hummus, add it to an omelette, or even just melt some cheese over it in the microwave for a small warm snack. Baby carrots are another favorite, mainly for hummus reasons but I’m curious to try a glazed baby carrot recipe I saw on here the other day actually.
  • Apple Sauce- I try to keep fresh fruit when it’s in season, but in the winter I get really anxious about my fruit going bad before I can eat it, so I’ve kept stocked up on applesauce instead! Personally I like to buy the squeeze pouches for easy transportation, and also because there’s no clean up required!
  • Greek Yogurt- More good protein in small portions. The ones with the fruit on the bottom have also been filling my fruit void this winter.
  • Cheese- More versatility! Personally I like to keep a bag of shredded cheese for omelettes, pita quesadillas, or just melting over broccoli and other veggies. But I also stay stocked up on those laughing cow spreadable cheese wedges because they’re so tasty and so convenient! White cheddar + pita chips is probably my most favorite snack currently. These also go great on toast, crackers, or anything else your cheesy heart desires. Also- I have an emergency pack of string cheese for my lowest of low spoon days.
  • Pita Bread- I guess you don’t actually need to keep this in the fridge, but I find it stays better that way. For me, Pita Bread and Chips make up the entirety of my starchy carbs. Anything more bready makes me anxious, but pita is really light and also not super unhealthy. The pocket factor of pita bread is also super convenient- just rip it in half, puff it open, fill, and you’re good to go.
  • Pudding- I am ridiculously addicted to chocolate, but it makes me so anxious to eat on its own. Those sugar free chocolate pudding cups are surprisingly really good, and very light. If you’ve got a slightly larger budget there are also chocolate mousse cups that are equally delicious and light. Pudding can also be great to help take meds! 


  • Frozen Veggies- I know this has been mentioned on this blog before, but those bags of frozen veggies that you just pop in the microwave and steam in the bag are literally life savers
  • Frozen chicken breasts- My mom actually bought these for me, she managed to find some that are like pre-grilled and then frozen so you can just heat them up in the microwave or oven/toaster oven. These could be good with veggies, but if that’s too much for you they’re also good alone or in a pita/sandwich with your condiment of choice
  • Frozen Fruit- A good sweet snack, just defrost and eat, or mix it into yogurt!


  • Peanut Butter- This one is tricky for me, I tend to eat it sparingly and only when I know I’m about to go to work/the studio for a long period of time and won’t be able to snack again for an indeterminate amount of time. It’s reaaalllly good for an energy boost. When I have fresh apples I usually go for a smear of peanut butter on an apple, otherwise off the spoon is good too.
  • Protein Bars- Same as peanut butter, these are my fallback for when I need to ensure I’ll have energy over a long period of time.
  • Canned Soup- For when I just want something warm and comforting. Lots of brands make healthy options now, but make sure you read the label if you have dietary needs because some of the healthy options still have a ludicrous amount of sodium. These also sometimes come in the convenient microwavable container things, bless them.
  • Canned Tuna- Great in pitas
  • Trail mix/nuts- I like to keep trail mix or nuts with me on long studio days so I can grab a handful as needed for an energy boost. Like peanut butter and protein bars I try to eat this sparingly.
  • Dried Edamame- See above
  • Sunflower Seeds- Also see above
  • Pita Chips- Similar to pita bread, just more convenient for dipping in hummus or spreadable cheese.
  • Dried fruit- Because really who needs fresh fruit that’s going to get kind of gross and give you a panic attack anyway? Dried fruit/rasins/fruit leather are fantastic.

That’s about what I can remember off the top of my head, I’m not at home so I can’t check, but on any given day those are the things I am most likely to have in my kitchen! I hope this helps in any way it can for others :) 

1. Xiumin

“Are you sure about this…?”

2. Luhan

*the party don’t start till I walk in…*

3. Kris

“Why a dance club? Why me?”

4. Suho

“No, no…the club’s not a nice place. There are drunk people grinding against each other…I can’t have you there.”

5. Lay

”Alright! A dance club! My time to shine!”

6. Baekhyun

“I’ll show you what I’m capable of on the dance floor, baby!”

7. Chen

*yesss, dance club*

8. Chanyeol

“Why the dance club? Do youw ant to make fun of me again?”

9. D.O.

“What is this all of a sudden?!”

10. Tao

“Are you sure you’ll handle all the attention coming towards me? Cause me in a dance club means that you’ll get jealous…just sayin’…”

11. Kai

*A dance club…so many people…I’ll have to hold her tight and dance like that… convenient…*

“So when are we going?”

12. Sehun

“YOU?! In a dance club?! Alright, let’s go! I needed a good laugh these days anyway!”

This is from Darren Wilson’s testimony to the grand jury.

Look at this moment he is describing.

Yeah, um, I don’t believe this is true. Given the stuff underlined in red, the stuff underlined in blue seems absolutely bizarre. Obviously I wasn’t there. It’s possible that this sequence of events and verbal exchange is perfectly accurate. But it is so cartoonish and it’s so convenient.

It’s cartoonish because the guy Wilson is dealing with is, according to Wilson, not a normal human being but a strange person who feels no fear, a person who doesn’t just fail to comply with a cop’s instructions even when a gun is aimed at him and the cop threatens to shoot him, a person who doesn’t back down or hesitate for even a second but instead immediately grabs at this gun the cop has just said he’d shoot him with and which was at that very moment aimed at him. He goes right for it. But that’s not all, as if that kind of insane
reaction wasn’t cartoonish enough, he has to also offer some kind of taunt during his attempt to grab this gun that is aimed at him, a taunt that makes it extremely clear that he is expressly courting/challenging/daring/inviting the man with the gun to shoot him.

I know that a lot of you will think I’m being extremely naive when I say this but what are the chances that someone would act like that in this situation?

What Wilson is describing here is basically a suicidal maniac who spontaneously decided that he would use this particular interaction with a police officer as his chance to beat a cop to death or die trying.

And, okay, I’m not saying that that kind of thing never happens in the world. I understand the concept of suicide-by-cop. I understand that that happens, but how often does that happen when the cop is looking into stolen cigarillos/jaywalking? Maybe that really is the kind of maniac Michael Brown was. But I don’t believe it. The description of Michael Brown offered here by Wilson doesn’t sound like a real person, this guy just sounds like how you’d want the guy you just shot to have acted before you shot him.

He sounds like a hypothetical person you’d come up with by working backwards from the premise that you just shot an unarmed person to death.

As if it was all a thought exercise like: Let’s say you’re a cop and you just shot an unarmed person to death, now, assuming you did not make a mistake shooting this person, what would that unarmed person have been like, how would they have acted? What kind of things might they have done? What might they have said?

You answer:

Um, okay, I assume the person would have attacked me or something. He’d probably ignored my warnings and was acting crazy, reckless, dangerous, etc. I am imagining I drew my gun and said something like “Get back or I’ll shoot you.” Then he probably tried to grab my gun and said something like “You’re too much of a pussy to shoot me!” Wait, does that sound too far-fetched?

Now we do our big events on WWE Network, which you can watch on your iPad, on your computer, if you’ve got Apple TV… which I just recently got, and, so happy with Apple TV. Apple TV is so cool, so convenient and… everybody’s watching things on demand nowadays, you know, nobody sits in front of the television and just sees what’s on. But, WWE Network, it’s $9.99 a month and if you’re a wrestling fan of any era, I mean, there’s so much content on there. And I’m, like, an obsessed wrestling fan so I’ll just sit there for hours and watch old wrestling and I’ll look up stuff and randomly pick something and watch it… you know, you re-live your childhood with the stuff that you watched.

Dean Ambrose, talking about the WWE Network.

Hearing him talk about iPad’s and Apple TV, makes me wonder if he’s not as technology inept as we think…

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for following the style of the tarot/companion cards from Dragon Age? I wanted to make a few for my and my friend's Wardens, but I'm so nervous about getting the style right. I'm not good at figuring that stuff out just by looking at them, so I was hoping you could list some general rules for following that kind of style or something. ;o;

hi anon–

  • strong shapes and lines of action / direction in your composition definitely help (I find that mages/warriors are easier for this reason, staves are so convenient and so are swords, robes and capes, long hair, etc.)
  • repeating patterns / motifs? usually a vertical harlequin sort of pattern and repeating dots
  • halos! you can never go wrong with halos (circles behind their heads is what I mean)
  • you don’t have to leave the background plain, just random shapes that don’t stand out too much do help
  • play around with gradients on overlay mode
  • the basic foundations are the most important but what really gives it that look is usually texture
  • most of the cards are rendered in a flat-ish style with the exception of faces / contrast is usually between the shapes on the cards, not on the surface itself (i.e. cassandra’s cards – there’s contrast between the different elements, e.g. armour and bg, but her face isn’t rendered in as high contrast. see also dorian)
  • when you compose your card try doing thumbnails first; make rectangles smaller than an inch and just lay down the very, very basic lines to kind of get where you want the elements to lie and how you want your shapes to flow (look at the cards that are used in the game and try to break them down into very, very basic shapes and layers)
  • I think the cards are stylized in an angular / geometric sort of way (e.g. dorian / blackwall / cassandra’s cards) but some are softer (e.g. solas, vivienne), and sera’s is just an outlier in general

hope that helps anon /o/