@weedwitch it’s true that dennys shares some characteristics, being a liminal space and open at the necessary hours. but look at their marketing! so slick, so greasy… never quite feels genuine, or even human. i don’t trust them.


Anonymous said: What do you guys think about your kids?

  DD: Aradia’s a good kid, real smart.
HB: He needs t’ stick up more for himself (an’ talk t’ girls more) but Tavros ain’t a bad kid. ‘Wonder why he likes fairies so damn much though…
CD: Ooh, Sollux is so great!! He’s real smart, and he’s great with computers!! And he pushes me on the swings at the park!!
SS: Karkat I guess ain’t so bad… when he’s not bein’ a PISSY LITTLE SHIT. ((Mun Note: I’d like to apologize for taking a while on this ask, this is my first time seriously drawing the troll kids/stabdad kids so it took me a while to get everyone down. I hope that they look alright!  We’ve also reached nearly 170 followers on this blog!  Thank you so much for following us and favoriting and reblogging our posts, and thank you for all the great asks we’ve gotten so far!))

“I would have loved to ship quinnshot it’s just they have no chemistry”


“Margot and Will don’t really have enough sexual chemistry for me to ship Floyd and Harley”


“I just can’t see them being in love. Will and Margot are not good together romantically for me to see Harley and Floyd together in that way.”


“Their chemistry is much more friendly than attraction.”

aha. yes….friendly…no sexual/romantic attraction whatsoever in their chemistry…

“I’m not racist I just would prefer Harley with Ivy (white) or Joker (white, also ew) instead of Deadshot/Floyd. Why can’t they just be friends?”

Lol. Ok.


This shit NEVER worked for me



I need to know: how exactly was Slick planning on killing LE like I’ve been thinking about this for the last two days like you can’t stab thru those muscles man yoU CAN’T STAB ROCKS, SLICK

  • Fandom:We want a hero!
  • Fandom:One with a tragic backstory (we love those!!)
  • Fandom:Maybe they were an outsider before, even lonely
  • Fandom:But they overcome all of that bc they're so GOOOD
  • Fandom:And skilled! But they're reluctant to fight
  • Fandom:But then they find new friends!!!
  • Fandom:They're really super loyal to these friends :D
  • Fandom:And they confront their fear to save the friends!
  • The Force Awakens:Ok! Here's Finn! He's also Black!
  • White Fandom:...
  • White Fandom:Not that one.