earlier this morning, yixing donated a sum of money to help a 9 year old boy diagnosed with leukemia.

however, he didn’t know that this action would be auto posted on weibo by the system, because there isn’t a prompt for donators to choose if they want it to be posted on their accounts.

by the time he found out, his fans and fansites have already started reposting and following what he did, donating money.

he then quietly deleted the post.

he once stated that he didn’t want his fans to donate money for his sake ;__;

in any case, cfans and fansites are all following his footstep and donating money to different diseased kids under the same project.

the cfans hope for this matter to be spread around the international fandom so that the rest of the world can know about what he did ^_^

let’s spread the love and positive energy with zhang yixing.

2 things about this shot.
1: she’s so cute and happy for her new alien friend!!!
2: her tablet is just like… Floating there next to her head. Did the humans not notice?


The X-Files “One Son” Outtake My new favorite thing to watch over and over and over and…

But the first one though…!  David’s stupid face that he’s making and the way he’s playing with her leg is so elementary school playground.  “Hey, I’m gonna pick on you and tease you and pull your hair because that’s how I show you that I like you.  Also, I’m eight years old.”

<3 <3 <3 For ill-show-you-later <3 <3 <3