Please tell me just one little theory.

Honestly the amount of western artists that are interested in bts and want to do collabs is a huge thing. With so many western artists being interested in bts it will make it a lot easier to break into the western market. If bighit does it right, and keep building on what they have now, they might not even have to make songs in english. 


female awesome meme ▷ [3/10] lead female characters: Nikita Mears

“We all wear masks. Everyone, everyday. Sometimes we wear them so much we forget who we really are. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, someone comes along and shows us who we really want to be; who we should be.”

Hold On

Summary: You’re stressed over everything you have to get done in the last week of school, but Shawn manages to calm you down, even from the other side of the country.



Everything at your university is getting kind of crazy right now. It’s getting close to Christmas, but yet you’re so stressed about your final exams, presentations, and papers that you don’t even want to think about Christmas. You’re excited to go home in a little over a week, but for some reason, you’re feeling really overwhelmed tonight. There is this uneasy and anxious feeling in your chest, and you can’t describe why.

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And again about the PJO Girls and Their Long Hair

They would look fucking majestic with short hair okay? And here are some pictures to prove that

Thalia? We already know, magestic

Clarisse? Majestic

Annabeth? So majestic

Hazel? Amazingly majestic

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Don't tell Wrench that he's cute..

Wrench.exe has stopped working

concept: anne and max are sitting outside somewhere when a storm rolls in and it suddenly begins to rain. anne takes off her hat and puts it on max’s head to shield her in any way possible, then lifts her face to the sky and smiles, feeling safe and happy with max by her side (◡‿◡✿)

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Why would anyone hate on the twins' names I think they're so awesome!!! Like their naming game is strong

Who knows? Because people are jealous assholes? Because they think they’re entitled to an opinion on what their celebrity crush names their kids? I have no idea why people are jerks.

For the record, I love the names. I love that they’re unique and I can’t wait to hear Jensen talk about them.

Soooo I tried to do an edit of Rosalya’s new character sprite with her old skin palette!  I feel like my edit’s a little shaky in some places (I’ve literally never done a palette swap before, oh gosh), but I did my best!

I can’t wait for the rest of the girls’ redraws! ♡ Chino’s art has come a really long way and I may have a little shading envy at this point.