♥ Taehyung.

“ Don’t be trapped in someone else’s dream “ - V

Kim Taehyung (Hangul: 김태형) or mainly known as V is one of the vocalist in Bangtan Boys (Bulletproof Boyscouts).

Despite his adorable looks, he has a very deep voice which shocks people the minute he speaks. Taehyung was born in Daegu, South Korea, on the 30th of December making him the second youngest in the group. He entered BigHit entertainment in the start of 2011 but was kept hidden from the public so it was a shock to the fans when he displayed in the teasers/MV.

He was given the name V because it stands for Victory as in representing Victory as a group. He’s known as the 4D member.


Stage Name : V (뷔)
Birth Name : Kim Taehyung
Hangul: (Birth Name) 김태형
Nickname: TaeTae (friends call him TaeTae~ because it’s easy to say), Blank Tae (because he mostly has a blank expression).
DOB: December 30, 1995
Birthplace: Daegu
Height: 178cm
Weight: 58kg (Last check when their debut)
Shoe Size: 8 (U.S conversion)
Blood Type: AB
Position: sub vocal
Zodiac: Capricorn
Family: Dad, mom, younger sister, younger brother
Labels: Loen Entertaiment
Agency: Big Hit Entertaiment
Favorite color: Black, White


Favorite items: Computer, big dolls, clothes, shoes, accessories, anything unique. 

Ideal type: Someone who becomes more charming by the day ♡, someone who only takes care of me ♡, someone who only loves me ♡, someone who’s chic outdoors but makes me hot chocolate and has a lot of aegyo inside. 

Habits: Biting my nails, opening my mouth, touching anything that’s cute, and saying “Mom?” and “It hurts!” a lot. 

A word that describes him: Monkey. "When I was younger I got spit on by a chimpanzee at the zoo and after that incident, my friends started saying I was the chimpanzee’s rival, a monkey.”

Role models: “Dad. I want to be a dad like mine; someone who takes good care of his children, listens to everything they say, encourages and advises their future plans well, and gets scolded by their wife a lot.”

In 10 years I will be: “Taking my future children Taekwon (male, two years old) and Taegeuk (female, seven months old) to the zoo and feeding the pigeons shrimp crackers and being a cool fall guy.”

( He’s truly a perfect match to me ㅋㅋㅋ )

Random Facts:

- He studied at Korea Arts School.

- Taehyung’s favorite food is Japchae (Korean dish made from sweet potato noodles) and meet, any type of meet.

- Taehyung loves bubbles. ♥

- Taehyung was the last member revealed. He was only revealed when the debut teaser pics were released. Before that, the group was known as a 6 members group.

- Taehyung is the second youngest of the group.

- Taehyung has the habit of biting his nails.

- Taehyung has a kitten called Kkangji (Hangul: 깐지).

- Jimin uploaded a photo of Taehyung’s back a little while before they debut. The fans thought it was Jungkook.

- His favorite number is 10.

- Taehyung is a good person to talk about problems, he’ll always listening without judging.

- Taehyung can play the saxophone.

- He can speak a bit of Japanese because he loves mangas and anime.

- Taehyung said is very close to Jungkook since they are the Maknae line.

- The members said that Taehyung talk, scream and ask for water while sleeping.

- He has never been in a serious relationship.

- Taehyung was named as V because it represents victory for the group.

- Suga explained that why V does weird things is because V thinks of things that other people don’t.

- Taehyung cried when he signed the contract after hugging his parents.