40 days of positivity day 9

I spent my entire career cooking professionally. For me, food needs to look a certain way, have a perfect doneness, a perfect texture, perfect seasoning. I never let anyone cook with me because there’s an incredible sense of self worth put into my food.

Recently though, I’ve discovered what a joy it is to teach my kids to cook. They actually listen to what I’m telling them and have a genuine interest in learning. They’re fascinated in the transformation from raw product to finished dinner on their plates.

I have already been successful in raising children who are adventurous in their taste, now they’re striving to be tiny chefs as well.

I’m so proud of my little foodies.


my progress from my first month! I know it’s not the most amazing and jaw-dropping transformation but I’m still happy about it. I had some rough times and even decided to stop trying for about a week. But I’ve continued on thanks to you guys. I’m a little bloated but, (at least to me), there’s a difference. Thank you to all the Fitblrs who have been so encouraging and helpful and inspiring.

Photo by iamreneewatkins
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in the spirit of #tbt day 26 of #fourkingdomsyoga is any transformation pose…. I chose forearm stand because I thought it was impossible do to the issues that I’ve had with my arm but I fooled myself because with consistency determination and hardwork I was able to pull it off so from wall support to banana backing to going almost straight up and hollow backing and all I am able to do the one pose I thought was impossible no with no support at all… Show me a transformation you are proud of! Be sure to see @little_hobbitses @vjosaholly and @yogineo for their weeks as well as their interpretations of this week Also follow and tag our sponsors @iamreneewatkins @anasleggings and @liveohmk #rwyoga #aidyncraig #yogamoma — Where Black Yogis Shine! will help you begin your yoga practice for $5 —>

Help me in the next step of my journey towards becoming who I am truly meant to be. Though being assigned female at birth I have come to celebrate who I am, a trans man. Please embark on this journey with me as I transform my body into a reflection of who I truly am. If you have any questions reg…

Alex is a good friend of mine from high school!  I’m so proud of him and all that he has accomplished, and nothing can express how happy I am to see him as the wonderful man he is today!  If you can, please check out his gofundme and help donate a little for his impending chest surgery!  If you can’t, signal boost please so that others can see this as well!

tekarian-r asked:

Hello! You are beautiful! I am proud of you for following your dreams and aspirations in making the you inside fit the you outside! It takes true power to do that! 💙 - R 🐠

Thank you so much! It definitely takes a lot of willpower to chase something this big and make it a reality, but to me, I feel like the real power came from bringing everything into alignment. I feel 100x more powerful now than I did when I was going through my transformation. With mind and body in unison (still a little ways to go, but getting close), I’ve discovered all of this strength and stability I didn’t even know I had, and it’s changed my life in ways I couldn’t have expected!

Kaydee <3

How to get a long with Aries?

Okay Aries are the baby of the zodiacs and that means that they think they are the center of the universe. 1 thing when dealing with an Aries: CHILL. Don’t let them get on your nerves, they are the sweetest but when they are arguing over something they will transform just like the baby form the incredibles, if they aren’t right you have to do what parents do with babies, DISCIPLINE THEM like your not going to hit them but you have to let them clear that their are not correct so they can grow and accept the things in life and not always going to get in their ways. You have to be strong but loving and if they do something right be proud of them because their are just little child looking for love on everyone.

Drama makeup

Last lesson I did a 1920’s makeup look inspired by the famous designer Coco Chanel (who I researched thoroughly before putting makeup to face). As you will see from the pictures the eyes were very dark this was the same for the lips and eyebrows. I came to my first hurdle when I couldn’t find the correct foundation to match the skin tone of my model, so I felt very bad for her having to go to lunch with an orange face. 

After finishing the makeup, I moved onto hair and accessories, I simply put the hair in a low bun with detailing down the side of the head and then curled two small bits of hair at the front. This hairstyle along with a pearl necklace and a fur scarf transformed the look completely, it is amazing what little things can do to a look. 

I was very proud of the work, although a little challenging, I found aspects of it very relaxing and chilled about it. The foundation was the only problem with this look which I thought was a big deal at first but it turned out that you couldn’t really notice in the end. 

Next time I will be getting my makeup done, i’m looking forward to it but unfortunately that means that it is out last lesson of makeup - which is a topic I have really enjoyed because it is so different- Thanks for reading.


The other day my 29 year old daughter phoned me and asked when I would be in as she had a gift for me, me being dubious about gifts from her, expected it to be her dirty laundry or something like that. She assured me it wasn’t and that it was something when she saw she immediately thought of me.

Anyone who knows my daughter knows she’s not one for emotional stuff, so when I got this beautiful little card I was the one who got emotional.

I’m so proud of both my daughters but when I receive little gifts just because it made them think of me I’m even more proud.

Love Marina

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